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RAWLS 3058 T/Th 08000920 Dr. Henry R. Feeser (Hank) e-mail: Class Web Site: Office hours: Before/after class café area second floor Rawls Hall

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Introduction: The Oxford University Press defines global marketing as “marketing on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives.” This course is about "management" of such efforts on the part of both US-based and Foreign-based companies without country of orgin bias. We will indeed "Think Global" while acting locally in this course. Course Overview & Objectives: The course will provide students with access and in-depth exposure to firms that are actively grappling with Global Marketing Management. We will employ cases, readings, open class discussion, and work with two Indiana-based companies that are in the throes of

their respective startups and are considering global possibilities at an early stage in their development. The course seeks to address these questions by providing students with: 1. In-depth knowledge of the various Global Marketing issues faced today including the advent of Mobile and its impact on Marketing and mLearning. 2. A set of analytical tools and frameworks that will help you understand/analyze as well as impact these issues; and 3. Experience analyzing firms and/or organizations currently developing new business models (or reforming existing ones) in line with Global Marketing development. The concept of “Global” is evolving, adjusting, and morphing in front of our eyes. New corporate structures to cope are coming to the forefront; social - Occupy Wall Street, distance - revolutions are broadcast from cell phones, and social communication –many forms of social media. Understanding this new world is what this course is all about; having fun while doing so is also a central tenant of the course. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Grading: (1) (25 pts) Working in teams, students will present their analysis of an assigned Global Marketing Case. Case assignments by team are provided in the schedule below; student team assignments are provided by link in the Admin area. (2) (25 pts) Midterm: Working individually, students will prepare and present an Infogram which includes an embedded QR Code of their vita/resume on an assigned local startup. Midterm guidance link: (3) (40 pts) Final Exam. See for details concerning the final exam. (4) (10 pts) Since we only meet for seven weeks, it is extremely important that you “are there” for every class, on time, ready to go with all assignments completed. Final grades will be assigned in accordance with Krannert’s Guidelines. Total points: 100. Conduct of the course: All sessions will be held as scheduled in Rawls 3058. See the course web site for special presentations on 7/28 and 7/30. Be there!

Class Web Site: All assignments, readings, and video links will be maintained on the course web site, This site will be kept current and used for all class assignments. Should conflicts arise between this syllabus and the web site, the web site takes precedence and is to be followed. The site is programmed in HTML5 and should be rendered correctly on all Smartphones, tablets, and PCs, regardless of their brand and/or operating system(s). Keep in mind that some of the landing links are NOT HTML5 so less than optimal viewing may result for portable device users; all sites and links should display correctly on PCs. Also note that a minimal number of videos use flash codices and WILL NOT display correctly on Apple devices which DO NOT support Adobe’s Flash. [Note: The $4.99 app iSwifter available from iTunes does support flash and is suggested should difficulties in viewing subject matter arise. It is my intent to use as much HTML5-sourced video as possible.] Jetpack: A course Pack available via the Purdue-sponsored app [available for iOS and Android-based devices – search for “Purdue Jetpack Reader”] Jetpack will be available for student’s use. The MGMT649 course pack contains pertinent links and readings assigned for the course. Load the Jetpack app on your device, then tap the “Catalog,” then load the Pack MGMT649 to “My Packs.” After doing this, you will be able to view most readings and course material without the need to redownload or have a Wi-Fi/cell connection. All course material will also be available via hot links from the course web site, Material hosted on remote sites such as YouTube requires WiFi to play properly.

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MGMT64900 Syllabus Fall 2012 (this document) Team Seating Assignment Fall 2012 RAWLS 3058TBP MGMT64900 Teams Membership, T=1..T=5 TBP S1-Brief Course Overview - Stages S2-MGMT649-Global Model by Hank S3-Mid Term Evaluation Sheet MGMT64900 Mid-Term URL MGMT64900 Final Exam URL S4-Team Case Presentation Eval Form Case Presentation Guidelines URL S5-MGMT64900 Peer Evaluation Form S6-Secrets of Compelling Presentation Design

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Before class starts: o Read > First Class – R1-Ghemawat: SemiGlobization & Competitive Strategy o Read > First class –R2-The Globalization of Markets by Levitt Secrets of Compelling Presentation Design Key Learning Objectives: o Background of what “Global” is all about o Head start on expectations for presentations o Good basis upon which to build for remainder of course

19 August - 25 August 1. Tues 8/23/11: Introduction to Global Marketing Management
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Discuss Video: Opportunities for Brands in Mobile (54:08) Discuss R3-Kotler Chapter 12 Designing Global Marketing Offers Browse R4-What Global is all about Key Learning Objectives o Get our feet wet in global waters o Get to know one another o Set the course, goals and requirements for the adventure ahead

2. Thur 8/25/11: Market Selection & Entry Strategy+ Integration of Business Strategies & Marketing Strategies, Worldwide
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Discuss: R5-Kaell Robinson - Read summary: R6- Porter's The Competitive Advantage of Nations Discuss Case: CP Boots PLC: Japan Market Entry ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION Boots o Can/should an English firm founded in 1849 enter global markets via a JV? o Why hasn’t Boot expanded outside the UK up to now? o How different is Japan’s market from what Boots is serving now? o Is Boots’ direction potentially lucrative for them? Key Learning Objectives o An understanding of the issues firms face when entering global markets o An appreciation that both very old and very new firms can “go global” o Insights into particular culture traits that companies often face in new markets

26 August - 1 September 3. Tues 8/30/11: Multiple Country-Market Assessment
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+Intro to Arcamed (Final Exam topic) SKIM London & Hart: R7-Reinventing Strategies for emerging markets..... Read R8-Looking Abroad for a Bigger Boost in Business - WSJ article Resource Key Learning Objectives o Via today’s readings, gain insight into issues to be considered when entering foreign markets o To provide the class with a background from the CEO of Arcamed for the final exam o Insights from a company in the throes of getting up and running in an industry that has considerable global possibilities

4. Thur 9/1/11: Local Market Expansion
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+Intro to Skyepack: Read: R9-Taking a Purdue innovation to global markets Skyepack via SKIM: R10-Caligiuni & Colakoglu: A strategic contingency approach to expatriate assignment management Key Learning Objectives o Via today’s readings, gain insight into issues involved in expansion and management of global efforts o Provide the class background on both the subject for the Mid-Term, Skyepack, and the industry in which it will compete, the global mobile market

2 September - 8 September 5. Tue 9/6/11 Global Product & Pricing Strategy
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SKIM: R11-Prahalad & Lieberthal The End of Corporate Imperialism Team 1 CP Zotter - Living by Chocolate presentation ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION-Zotter o Put yourself in Zotter's shoes. Should he continue to strive for growth (at what cost?) or be content with a nice, profitable "boutique" business? o On a global basis (This IS Global Marketing Management!), where is it most advantageous for Zotter to develop target markets? Why? Support with research-based data!

Nothing was mentioned in the case about the 100 pound gorilla in premium chocolate, Godiva. How can Zotter most lucratively compete against Godiva? o In general, address Zotter's musings at the beginning and end of the case. Key Learning Objectives o “Everybody” loves chocolate – how should Zotter best compete in a market dominated by much bigger players? This is a challenge many companies face in considering global markets o To get us up and running aggressively with team presentations o Broaden our prospective on global brands and pricing challenges

6. Thur 9/8/11: Global Distribution Strategies
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Read:R12-Arnold: Seven Rules of International Distribution Team 2 CP Cherries With Charm: Turkey's Alara Agri presentation ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION - Cherries o Should Taner engage in consumer research for Alara Agri’s prepackaged cherries or should he attempt to persuade German and Belgian retailers to conduct some test marketing in their stores? o If you think consumer research is appropriate, what are the specifics of your research plan? o If you think test marketing by retail customers is appropriate, what are the specifics of your research plan? o Do you have any other recommendations for Mr. Taner? Key Learning Objectives o An understanding of the issues and challenges facing global firms in managing distribution channels o Continue working on presentation skills and teamwork

9 September - 15 September 7. Tue 9/13/11: Global Branding
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Read/Skim: R13-Aaker & Joachimsthaler: The Lure of Global Branding Team 3 CP Launch of Fiesta Diesel presentation ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION - Fiesta Diesel o How do you evaluate Ford's decision NOT to introduce the Fiesta Diesel in the United States? o What can we learn by comparing Ford's decision regarding the Fiesta Diesel with Toyota's decisions regarding the Prius?

How can managers deal effectively with events such as "Peak Oil" that are guaranteed to happen, but the timing of which is extremely uncertain? o Think about Cap and Trade and its potential impact (positive and negative) on such decisions as Ford has made concerning the Fiesta Diesel. Politics also..... o IF Ford were to introduce the Fiesta Diesel to the US and BRIC nations, outline a marketing plan for them to do so. Key Learning Objectives o Ford is certainly a global brand, but does this always play in Peoria? o Understanding of branding on a global basis and how it doesn’t always lead to successful businesses

8. Thur 9/15/11 Mid Term Exam in class
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Details are linked from class web site and are also here: Key Learning Objectives o To gain experience in identifying global marketing opportunities o To become adept at displaying these opportunities in Infographics o To become adept at using extant tools for personal competitive advantage

16 September - 22 September 9. Tue 9/20/11: Managing Global Portfolios
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SKIM R14-Ghemawat: Distance Still Matters Team 4 CP Global Branding of Stella Artois presentation ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION - Stella o Does it make sense for Interbrew to develop a global brand? o Does Stella Artois appear to be the right choice as the company’s flagship brand? o Interbrew’s strategy has focused on developing cities as markets rather than on the more traditional view of countries as markets — what are the pros and cons of this approach? o What would Interbrew have to do to succeed with Stella in the major urban market closest to where you live? Will these requirements vary much between major cities? o Consider the broader question of what role the Internet should play in developing Stella Artois as a global brand. Key Learning Objectives o A feel for the issues facing companies with operations spread geographically o How firms cope with portfolios that are great distances apart


How present day technologies are impacting these operations

10. 9/22/11: Rationalizing Global Marketing Operations
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Read R15-Bartlett & Ghoshal: Going Global: Lessons from Late Movers Team 5 CP 7-Eleven in Taiwan: Adaptation of Convenience Stores to New Market


ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION-7-Eleven o How has the convenience store concept evolved in the US? o Is the concept universal across all countries, including Taiwan? o How do 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan compare with their counterparts in the US? o Has localization of 7-Eleven in Taiwan strengthened – or weakened – the concept of convenience stores? o Does the service differentiation offered by 7-Eleven in Taiwan deliver competitive advantages to the store chain? If so, how? o Can the operational format of 7-Eleven in Taiwan be expanded to other countries? Why or why not? Key Learning Objectives o We’re at a point in the course where we need to start putting it all together o Insight into just how “portable” concepts are from country-to-country

23 September - 29 September 11. Tue 9/27/11: Organizing for Global Marketing Operations
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Read R16: How to Create an Adaptive Marketing Organization Entire Class (Team 1&2 lead) Discuss CP Meli Marine ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION o What are the most significant factors affecting the attractiveness of the container shipping industry? o What strategy does Meli Marine have for competing in this industry? o How has Meli Marine performed compared to its key competitors: Evergreen Marine, Wan Hai Lines, and Yang Ming Marine? o What recommendations would you make to David Tian? Key Learning Objectives o More than any other single factor, the advent of container shipping was the technological breakthrough that has made global trade possible. Without it, globalization would be decades behind where it is now. This case was chosen


to provide students of Global Marketing Management a background into this fascinating industry. A quick background of this industry is on wiki. R21-ContainerShipping -provides the above link in pdf format

12. Thur 9/29/11: Making Global Marketing Work
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Entire Class (Teams 3, 4 & 5 lead) Discuss CP Tequila Mobile SA ISSUES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION-Tequila o Where should Tequila Mobile focus their marketing efforts? o What balance should they seek between serving developed and developing markets? o How and do developed markets pull developing ones? o What’s going on in the mobile game market globally? Read R17-Kadzban & Motwani: How to integrate & refine global operations Key Learning Objectives o The world is embracing smart phones at a very rapid rate and global marketers have to have a handle on the ramifications of this phenomenon. o A feel for how products (and services) can flow from place to place o An understanding for how technology-based products are marketed across global boundaries

30 September - 6 October 13. Tue 10/4/11: Course Review & Prep for Final   

Read R18-Organizing for an emerging world Read R19-Measuring marketing’s worth Read R20-The global company’s challenge

Key Learning Objectives o Be in a position to “put it all together” regardless of firm size, location, market, or product/service o Answer any last minute questions or concerns about the final presentations o Obtain feedback from the class 14. Thur 10/6/11: Arcamed presentations and course wrap

Key Learning Objectives o To gain experience and insights into what is involved in the global marketing management of an actual Indiana-based medical-products company

o o o

To hone your analytical and presentation skills To have the opportunity to gain valuable “real” experience working with a “real” company To apply the concepts and theories studied and discussed in class

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