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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Employee State Insurance Act, 1948 – An overview

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Employee State Insurance Act, 1948 – An overview Introduction The Employee State Insurance Act, [ESIC] 1948, is a piece of social welfare legislation enacted primarily with the object of providing certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and also to make provision for certain others matters incidental thereto. The Act in fact tries to attain the goal of socio-economic justice enshrined in the Directive principles of state policy under part 4 of our constitution, in particular, articles 41, 42 and 43 which enjoin the state to make effective provision for securing, the right to work, to education and public assistance in cases of unemployment, old age, sickness and disablement. The act strives to materialize these avowed objects through only to a limited extent. This act becomes a wider spectrum than factory act, in the sense that the factory act is concerned with the health, safety, welfare, leave etc of the workers employed in the factory premises only. But the benefits of this act extend to employees whether working inside the factory or establishment or elsewhere or they are directly employed by the principal employee or through an intermediate agency, if the employment is incidental or in connection with the factory or establishment. Related Legislations: ESI (Central) Rules, 1950 and ESI (General) Regulations, 1950

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a commercial establishment. Leave Management 16.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H. (vi) preserving or storing any article in cold storage. employees will receive medical relief. 1860.09 to 31. There after the scheme was implemented in a phased manner across the country with the active involvement of the state governments. 1948. oiling. contractors and auditors establishments. For Maharastra state . Revised minimum wages &D. (iii) generating.1948 6.Access information of 26. or otherwise treating or adapting any article or substance with a view to its use. trade or profession or work in connection with. brokerage or produce exchange is carried on. Factory means any premises including the precints thereof .. transforming or transmitting power. transport. which employ 10 or more employees and carry on a manufacturing process with the aid of power and 20 employees where manufacturing process is carried out without the aid of power. or incidental or ancillary thereto is carried on and includes a society registered under the Societies Registration Act.Equal Remuneration Act 1976 10. and in any part of which a manufacturing process is being carried on without the aid of power or is ordinarily so carried on. 4. or (b) whereon twenty or more persons are employed or were employed for wages on any day of the preceding twelve months. establishments employing more than 20 employees are covered by the Act. eating houses. 12.html 8/9/2012 . 1960 Labour Law Articles Overtime work Probationary employees http://statuatorycompliance. 12. maternity and employment injury.000/ 4. insurance. printing by letter press.(i) making. 1954 means any premises where goods are sold either by retail or wholesale or where services are rendered to customers. lithography. or (v) any gratuity payable on discharge Applicability: The ESI Act extends to the whole of India. warehouse or workhouse or work place.blogspot. 19. declare to be an establishment for the purpose of this Act. used in or in connection with such trade or business but does not include a factory or a commercial establishment. Changes in Professional tax slab in karnataka: 3. But does not include a mine subject to the operation of Mines Act. repairing.f-feb-09. “Commercial Establishment” means any premises wherein any trade. for an employee under disability 15.means all remuneration capable of being expressed in terms of money which would if the terms of the contract of employment express or implied were fulfilled be payable to a person employed in respect of his employment or of work done in such employment and includes house rent allowance but does not include (i) the value of . but does not include a shop or a factory registered under the Factories Act. or incidental or ancillary thereto.20 lakh workers. whether in the same premises or otherwise. which carries on any business. and charitable or other trust. 18. refitting.Factories Act 1948. godown.. "wages". cinemas. Minimum wages for punjab as on 1/3/09 is 3302 per month and Rs 127. Delhi shops and Establishment Act 15. Rates of Minimum Wages w. finishing or breaking up ships or vessels. with effect from 1-2-2009.3 per day. Delhi High Court approves child labour abolition action plan Download Acts. “Establishment” means a shop. by notification in the Official Gazette. To begin with the ESIC scheme was initially launched on 2nd February 1952 at just two industrial centers in the country namely Kanpur and Delhi with a total coverage of about 1.Payement of Bonus Act.R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State Ins. ornamenting.2010. breaking up. According to Section 2 (h) of The Minimum Wages Act. or theatres.000 Factories in Gujarat online ! 9. 16.5. It applies to all the factories including Government factories (excluding seasonal factories). altering. a store-room. restaurants. Page 2 of 16 Origin The Employee State Insurance act was promulgated by the Parliament of India in the year 1948.(a) whereon ten or more persons are employed or were employed for wages on any day of the preceding twelve months. business or profession or any work in connection with. washing.w. journalistic and printing establishments. 2.e. 10. According to Section 2 (k) of Factories Act.e. Panjab Shops and Establishment Act 14. Under the Act. 13. 1948.Industrial Dispute act 1947 11.EPF interest 2008-09. residential hotel.(a) any house accommodation supply of light water medical attendance or (b) any other amenity or any service excluded by general or special order of the appropriate government. 1954. theatre or other places of public amusement or entertainment to which this Act applies and includes such other establishment as Government may. No equal pay for daily wager and regular employee: SC 17.Uttar Pradesh shops and Establishment act for chennai from 1.ESIC new ammendment for Sub-code in different region. Enhancement in the wage ceiling for coverage under the ESI Act. and includes an office.Exemption from Profession Tax for salary income upto Rs.ESIC Act 2. Definitions According to Section 2 (m) of Factories Act. 3. cash benefits. Special allowance Maharastra Jan 09 to june 09 7. 8.Himachal pradesh shops & Establishment act. Payement of wages Act1936. repairing. whether registered or not. 17. packing. 1952 or a railway running shed. 01-01-2009 in State of Haryana 6. THE KERALA SHOPS AND COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS ACT. 7. 8. Contract Labour Act 1970 9. stocks and shares. 1952. demolishing. or (iv) composing types for printing. (iii) any traveling allowance or the value of any traveling concession. “Shop” according to the Delhi Shops and Establishment Act. eating-house. (iv) any sum paid to the person employed to defray special expenses entailed on him by the nature of his employment.Panjab labour welfare fund Act.F Act. finishing. or. According to the Delhi Shops and Establishment Act. pension to dependents of deceased workers and compensation for fatal or other injuries and diseases. clubs or other places of public amusements or entertainment. maternity benefits.ESIC new inspection Policy. Generally. E. water. Minimum wages rate of Himachal has been revised.P. sale. "manufacturing process" means any process for . delivery or disposal. and premises in which business of banking. shops and Latest News 1. cleaning. photogravure or other similar process or book binding.Minimum Wages Act. and in any part of which a manufacturing process is being carried on with the aid of power or is ordinarily so carried on. Form 01 – Employers’ 1. The act also applies to shops and establishments. Revised minimum rates of wages for delhi. restaurant. sewage or any other substance. educational or other institutions run for private gain. 11.3. Enhancement in the scale of cash benefits under ESI Scheme 14.Andhra Pradesh shop and establishment Act. quarries and mines not governed by the Mines Act.f. 13. Handling Disciplinary Matter Legally & Efficiently. Payement of Gratuity Act1972 5. lra6 ] [ lra-7 or lra-7 ] (v) constructing. (ii) any contribution paid by the employer to any person fund or provident fund or under any scheme of social insurance. Changes in Professional tax slab in karnataka: 5. Objectives: The ESI Act is a social welfare legislation enacted with the object of providing certain benefits to employees in case of sickness. or (ii) pumping oil. reconstructing.4. residential hotels.

Again the definition of shops and establishment will vary from state to state depending on the shops and establishment act of that particular state. for a further period of 3 months. temporary or contract employees drawing wages less than Rs 10. Administration of the Act The provisions of the Act are administered by the Employees State Insurance Corporation. The medical benefit council. whereas as the employers contribute 4. The apprentices under any scheme as the name suggests come to learn the tricks of the trade and may not count much so far as the output of the factory is concerned. the certification for purposes of the grant of benefits and other connected matters.06. to which this Act applies. No benefits can be claimed under the Maternity Benefits Act. delhi. In the event of change of employment. The responsibility for payment of all contributions is that of the employer with a right to deduct the employees share of contribution from employees’ wages relating to the period in respect of which the contribution is payable.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR View my complete profile Search This Blog Search Followers MY OTHER BLOGS http://www.mishra@gmail. Page 3 of 16 Registration Form also requires a copy of the registration certificate or licence obtained under the Shops and Establishment Act to be attached along with this form. which must be quoted in all documents and correspondence. the central and state government. Registration The employer should get his factory or establishment registered with the ESI Corporation within 15 days after the Act becomes applicable to it and also obtain the employer’s code number. Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram.. the apprentices are exempted from the operation of laws relating to labour unless the State Government thought otherwise. Apprentices covered under the Apprenticeship Act are not covered under this Act. shall continue to be governed by its provisions even if the number of workers employed falls below the specified limit or the manufacturing process therein ceases to be carried on with the aid of power subsequently. India Human Resource Professional. Rules of Leave Management METHOD OF CALCULATION OF PENSION CONSTITUTION OF SUPPERANNUATION TRUST(SCHEME) The concept of basic wages under EPF act. Where a workman is covered under the ESI scheme.75% of the wages. Since medical benefit is also available to the families of Insured persons.10000 with effect from 01. No equal pay for daily wager and regular employee:. with that end in view. ESI scheme is a selffinancing health insurance scheme. Minimum leave entitled under West Bengal Shops and Establishment Act 1963 WH AT I S SE X DI S CRI MINA TIO N AT WOR K? W HAT I S WR ON G FU L T ERMI NA TI O N? About Me Satyam mishra http://satyammishrahr.blogspot. Areas Covered The ESI Scheme is being implemented area-wise by stages. The act does not apply to any member of Indian Naval.R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State The ceiling limit has been raised from Rs. Employee State Insurance Act. employers. representatives of parliament and medical profession. the world over.7500 to Rs. The contribution is deposited by the employer in cash or by cheque at the designated branches of some nationalized Blog Archive ► 2011 (1) ▼ 2009 (180) ► November (10) ► October (24) ► September (19) ► August (15) http://statuatorycompliance.10.. The identity card bears the signature/thumb impression of the insured person.. the insured person is given a permanent ‘family photo identity card’ in exchange for the certificate. Application should be made in Form 01 and after having being satisfied with the application form. BHU varanasi.. Personnel management and industrial Relation. constituted by the central government.html 8/9/2012 . Sikkim.. A standing committee constituted from amongst the members of the corporation. satyamhr. Tripura. Contributions are raised from covered employees and their employers as a fixed percentage of wages. acts as an executive body. There are two contribution periods each of six months duration and two corresponding benefit periods. Employees earning less than and up to Rs..000 per month are covered. A factory or establishment. All employees including casual.. the particulars of family members entitled to medical benefit are also given in the identity card affixed with a postcard size family photo. The identity card serves as a means of identification and has to be produced at the time of claiming medical care at the dispensary / clinic and cash benefit at the local office of the corporation. besides. Presently covered employees contribute 1. Manipur. Compensation under the Workmen's Compensation Act cannot be claimed in respect of employment injury. a duplicate card is issued on payment as prescribed. On registration every insured person is provided with a ‘temporary identification certificate’ which is valid ordinarily for a period of three months but may be extended. is another statutory body that advises the corporation on matters regarding administration of medical benefit. The Scheme is being implemented in almost all union territories and states except Nagaland.. if necessary.75% of the wages.Regional Director ESIC v. From this it is quite evident that ESI Act will be applicable to shops and establishments. 1948 – An overview Provident Fund Full Details 'Post' and 'vacancy' Delhi High Court approves child labour abolition a.blogspot. “apprentice” means a person who is undergoing apprenticeship training in pursuance of a contract of apprenticeship. If the identity card is lost. Employers’ / Employees’ Contribution Like most of the social security schemes. Within this period. 50 per day are exempted from payment of contribution. blogspot. Military or Air Forces. the regional office will allot a code number to the employer. According to Apprenticeship Act 1961. it should be produced before the new employer as evidence of registration under the scheme to prevent any duplicate registration.hrdjunction . Cash benefits under the scheme are generally linked Early retirement When can you suspend an employee? Relieving Letter formate Women and Industrial Law : Maternity Benefit Act 1. payable to the insured persons. It comprises members representing employees. Identity Card An employee is required to file a declaration form upon employment in factory or establishment to show that he is covered under the Act. M/s Arudyog 1987 (1) LLJ 292.-.

in/2009/07/employee-state-insurance-act-1948..S. in the revised format of Returns of Contribution. 8. EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT WARNING NOTICE SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT REQUEST FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITHOUT PAY NOTICE OF DISMISSAL What is Employment Law? Overtime work Probationary employees Early retirement When can you suspend an employee? Relieving Letter formate Women and Industrial Law : Maternity Benefit Act 1.S.blogspot..R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State Ins. ► June (81) dispensary/hospital.N-12/13/1/2008-P&D to include certain details to be mentioned in the Return of Contribution to be submitted by employers.I.. submission of Declaration Forms. 2. the dependants are entitled to family pension. The employer should not dismiss or discharge any employee during the period he/she is in receipt of sickness/maternity/temporary disablement http://statuatorycompliance. to the E..I... 10. Self-declaration by Employers regarding maintenance of records and registers. ▼ July (31) Construction workers covered by ESIC and EPF Act Employment Law Questions & Answers DISCIPLINARY NOTICE EMPLOYEE NON-DISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREE. office. Benefits under the Scheme Employees covered under the scheme are entitled to medical facilities for self and dependants. The employer should furnish a Return of Contribution along with the challans of monthly payment. He should arrange for the allotment of Insurance Numbers to the employees and their Identity Cards. Kerala HC: Educational institutions are industrial. 4.. He should make arrangements for first aid and transportation of the employee to the hospital. and obtain the employers Code Number.. He cannot justify nonpayment of E. vocational rehabilitation. Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act. the inspection book and the accident book. 3.html 8/9/2012 . free supply of physical aids and appliances. his liability under the Act cannot be disputed. Model Forms & Precedents Employees' Pension Scheme. 3. The insured women are entitled to maternity benefit for confinement. Page 4 of 16 with contribution paid. 5.. The employer should cause to be maintained the prescribed records/registers namely the register of employees.I. 6. the duration of benefits and contributory conditions thereof are as under: Medical benefits Sickness benefits Extended sickness benefit Enhanced sickness benefit Maternity benefit Disablement benefit Dependants benefit Other benefits like funeral expenses.1st October to 31st March. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOT MANDATORY FOR AVAILING .. Instructions for a member while sending applicati.... if he has been issued the prescribed certificate. The employer should report to the E.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H. Contribution period . authorities of any accident in the place of employment. Employee State Insurance Act.. 2. 9. The salient features of amendments made in the Returns of Contribution are as under:1. 1995 ....I. He should also furnish to the authorities such further information and particulars of an accident as may be required. contribution due to non-availability of finance. INTRODUCTION OF DOMESTIC ENQUIRY What are the periodical returns to be sent by an e. Certification of Return of Contribution by Auditor Regulation 26 of Employees’ State Insurance (General) Regulations. Where death of an insured employee occurs due to employment injury or occupational disease. The employer should deposit the employees’ and his own contributions to the E...S.. The Chartered Accountant should certify that he has verified the return from the records and registers of the company. immediately. employees engaged directly or through immediate employers and wages paid to the workers.. whether he has sufficient resources or not. What is the procedure to be followed by the member.1st April to 30th September.. 1992.S. 1948 – An overview Provident Fund Full Details 'Post' and 'vacancy' Delhi High Court approves child labour abolition a. No equal pay for daily wager and regular employee:. The Employers employing less than 40 employees will have to provide selfcertification without any certification from the Chartered Accountants in Return of Contribution.. The employer should get his factory or establishments registered with the E. The employer must not put to work any sick employee and allow him leave.I. 1950 was amended by Notification No. in case of death of any employee. Account in the prescribed manner. Contribution period . its corresponding Cash Benefit period is 1st January to 30th June of the following year. within 30 days of the end of each contribution period. 7.S.Updated as on 01. The employer should not reduce the wages of an employee on account of the contribution payable by him (employer).. Corporation within 15 days after the Act becomes applicable to it. 19. The employer should inform the local office and the nearest E. The employer should obtain the declaration form from the employees covered under the Act and submit the same along with the return of declaration forms. Forms under Apprenticeship Rules . preventive health care and medical bonus. They are also entitled to cash benefits in the event of specified contingencies resulting in loss of wages or earning capacity. All the Employers employing 40 and more employees shall have to append a certificate duty certified by a Chartered Accountant. within 24 hours or immediately in case of serious or fatal accidents.I. This notification has come into force with effect from 01-04-2008. Various benefits that the insured employees and their dependants are entitled to. its corresponding Cash Benefit period is 1st July to 31st December of the following year.S. Obligations Of Employers 1.

Form of annual information on company Employees Insurance Court Any dispute arising under the ESI Act will be decided by the Employees Insurance Court and not by a Civil Court. July 21. Return of Declaration Forms 8. Ledger. Accident Book 6. Sales/Purchase Register. Petty Cash Book. Receipted Copies of Challans 9. or is under medical treatment. EC (Employee’s & Employer’s Contribution) Statement 4. Return of Contribution 7.html 8/9/2012 . Records To Be Maintained For Inspection By ESI authorities 1. Salary / Wage Register / Payroll 3. Attendance Register / Muster Roll 2.. or is absent from work as a result of illness duly certified or due to pregnancy or confinement. Cash/Bank.. & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State Ins. It is constituted by the State Government for such local areas as may be specified and consists of such number of judges. Expense Register. as the Government may think fit..blogspot. 2009 Labels: 1948 – Full details. Employee State Insurance Act 1 comment: http://statuatorycompliance. Employees’ Register 5.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H. Delivery Challans (if any). Page 5 of 16 benefit. Books of Account viz. Important Forms to be submitted under the Act Form 01 Form 01(A) Form 1 Form 1A Form 1B Form 3 Form 4 Form 4(A) Form 5 Form 7 Form 8 Form 10 Form 12 Form 12A Form 13 Form 13A Form 14 Form 14A Form 16 Form 17 Form 18 Form 18A Form 19 Form 20 Form 21 Form 22 Form 23 Form 24 Form 25 Form 26 Form 27 : Employers' Registration Form : Form of Annual Information on Factory/Establishment : Declaration Form : Family Declaration Form : Changes in Family Declaration Form : Return of Declaration Forms : Identity Card Family Identity Card Return of Contributions First/Intermediate/Final Certificate Special Intermediate Certificate Abstention verification in r/o Sickness Benefit/Temporary Disablement Benefit/MB Sickness of Temporary Disablement Benefit Maternity Benefit for Sickness Sickness or Temporary disablement or maternity benefit for sickness Maternity benefit for sickness Sickness or temporary disablement or maternity benefit for sickness Maternity Benefit for Sickness Accident report from employer Dependant's or funeral benefit (Death Certificate) Dependant's Benefit (Claim Form) Dependant's payments) Maternity Benefit (Notice of Pregnancy) Maternity Benefit (Certificate of Pregnancy) Maternity Benefit (Certificate of expected confinement) Claim for Maternity Benefit Maternity Benefit (Certificate of confinement or miscarriage) Maternity Benefit (Notice of work) Claim for Permanent Disablement Benefit Certificate for permanent disablement benefit Declaration benefit and certificate for dependant’s Benefit (Claim for periodical Posted by Satyam mishra at Tuesday. Supporting Bills and Vouchers. Trust deed under EPf act. Page 6 of 16 Anonymous said. (1) Authorities and Powers under ESI Act 1948 (1) Authorities and Powers under PF Act 1952 (1) benifits for employer under ESIC (1) Calculation of overtime rates (1) http://statuatorycompliance. Tutorial word. Professional Tax Formate. 2011 5:47 PM Post a Comment Links to this post Create a Link Newer Post Home Older Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Hi.. Forms and Returns under Minimum Wages A. Source: Free performance appraisal ebooks Best rgs David March 3. 18..Gujrat labour Welfare Form PDF 3..R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State Ins. Partnership Deed. Factories Act Register19.Download Labour welfare PAN India.CONSTITUTION OF SUPPERANNUATION TRUST(SCHEME)9. Labels 'Post' and 'vacancy' (1) 1924 (1) 1946 (1) 1948 (1) 1948 – Full details. (1) 1960 t (2) 1962 (1) 1963 (1) 1970 (1) 1972 (2) 1975 (1) 1976 (2) advantage of ESIC for the employer (1) annualy return under Employee provident Fund..Tax Return Form-3 22. Procedure for workmen compensation act. 6.Procedure for registration of a new prv ltd company. 11-Contract labour Act. 13.Maharashtra Profession Tax Registration Forms 4.f 09 5.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H. Let me show other source that may be good for community.Revised New minimum wages for all states.PF and ESI challans..blogspot.P. 16.Registers and Records under Contract labour.w. 17. 12-Check list shop and establishment Act. 19. 8. Payement of gratuity Act 14.html 8/9/2012 .PDF 2.18. Bonus Act 1965.Group Gratuity Plan 10. Hi Tks very much for post: I like it and hope that you continue posting. 15. 23.21.Welcome to the world of statuatory compliance and labour laws DOWNLOAD JONE..Forms.Forms.Registers and Records under Payement of Wage.Calculation of Income tax 09-10. Tutorial Excel. 1. Excels Keyboard shortcuts. 7. 20.Registers.i... Formate.

(1) form d for return of contribution under karnatka labour welfare fund.An overview (1) compliance inder karnatka labour welfare fund (1) compliance under haryana and panjab labour welfare fund (1) Compliances under contract labour (1) Construction workers covered by ESIC and EPF Act (1) contract labour (1) Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act (1) Contribution of Delhi labour welfare act (1) contribution under PF Act (1) Details about provident fund (1) DISCIPLINARY NOTICE (1) download ESIc form for employee (1) Download form 10-C (1) download Form-13 (1) download notification for revised minimum wage for u.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H..html 8/9/2012 ..p (1) e_book (1) EMPLOYEE NON-DISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT (1) Employee State Insurance Act (1) employer employee contribution under Haryana labour fund (1) EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (1) ESIC challans (1) esic forms for employer (1) ESIC return (1) FACTORIES SETUP IN MAHARASHTRA AND BOMBAY SHOPS AND ESTABISLHMENTS ACT ( 1) FAQ ON ESIC (3) FAQ ON PF (4) form -9 and form 31 under epf act (1) Form 10-D and certificate to be submitted by pensioner (1) Form A and Form B under delhi labour fund act. (1) How to handle ESIC (1) Human Relations and Job Evaluation (1) Important judgments of and employer contribution under delhi labour welfare fund act. (1) FORMS / REGISTERS TO BE MAINTAINED AS PER PAYMENT OF GRATUITY ACT (1) Forms and Register under ESIC Act 1948 (1) forms and registers (1) Forms under Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Rules (1) Forms under Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central Rules (1) Forms under Sales Promotion Employees (Conditions of Service) Rules (1) Forms under Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (1) Forms under Payment of Bonus Ruales (1) Forms under Workmen's Compensation Rules (1) group gratuity benefit to employer (1) group gratuity binefit to employee (1) guide to ESIC (1) hand book of esic. 2009 (1) http://statuatorycompliance.blogspot. Page 7 of 16 Changes in PT structure in karnataka (1) COMPENSATION.R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State Ins.

(1) Relieving Letter formate (1) reliving letter sample (1) Remuneration for Overtime Work (1) REQUEST FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITHOUT PAY (1) Return of contribution under EPF act 1952 (1) returns under contract labour (1) revised minimum wage for u.R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State added benifit (1) minimum leave entitled under West Bengal Shops and Establishments Act (1) Monthly (1) new professional tax rates (1) New professional tax slab in karnataka (1) NOTICE OF DISMISSAL (1) notification and Amendment (1) Overtime and work on public holidays (1) Probationary employees (1) procedure in case of deth (1) procedure in case of pension (1) professional tax in karnataka (1) PROFESSIONAL TAX SLABS FOR STATES IN INDIA WHERE PROFESSION TAX IS APPLICABLE (1) provident fund (1) PT slab in karnataka from 1st of April 2009 (1) rate of karnatka labour welfare fund (1) registers under contract labour (1) Registration process of establishment under ESI Act.blogspot.p (1) SALES REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENT (1) Short Term Incentives (1) STATEMENT SHOWING STATEWISE APPLICABILITY OF LABOUR WELFARE FUND ACT.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H. Page 8 of 16 India and the ILO (1) Is a worker an Employee or Self-Employed ?What information must an Employer give to an Employee when they start ? What information must an Employer give to an Employee when they start ? (1) labour and service news and update (1) labour law articles (8) LABOUR WELFARE FUND ACT (1) LABOUR WELFARE FUND DEDUCTIONS FOR ALL STATES (1) Latest news (1) Leave available to Workers under different Legislation (1) Licensing and Registration of Shops and Commercial Establishments under Himachal Pradesh (shimla) (1) life cover . (1) STATEMENT SHOWING STATEWISE APPLICABILITY OF PROFESSION TAX ACT.1964 (1) THE KERALA SHOPS AND COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS ACT (1) THE PAYMENT OF GRATUITY ACT (1) The Profession Tax Act (1) http://statuatorycompliance.. (1) summary (1) Tax News (2) TDS (2) The application for registration or renewal of registration under west bengal shops and establishment act..html 8/9/2012 .

Page 9 of 16 The Uttar Pradesh Shops and Commercial Establishments Act (1) three minimum requirements for a fair suspension (1) TYPES OF FRINGE BENEFITS (2) WARNING NOTICE (1) What can an employer do if it wants an employee to take early retirement? (1) what is haryana labour fund. Powered by Blogger.html 8/9/2012 .. (1) What is Sex Discrimination at Work? (1) What is Wrongful Termination? (1) Women and Industrial Law : Maternity Benefit Act 1961 (1) Ethereal template.R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State Ins.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR http://statuatorycompliance..

.in/2009/07/employee-state-insurance-act-1948.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H.html 8/9/2012 ..R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I. Page 10 of 16 http://statuatorycompliance.blogspot.

STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H.blogspot. Page 11 of 16 8/9/2012 .R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I.

in/2009/07/employee-state-insurance-act-1948.blogspot.. Page 12 of 16 http://statuatorycompliance.R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I..html 8/9/2012 .STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H.

. Page 13 of 16 http://statuatorycompliance.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H.blogspot..R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I.html 8/9/2012 .in/2009/07/employee-state-insurance-act-1948.

Page 14 of 16 & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I..html 8/9/2012 ..STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H.

blogspot.STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR H.html 8/9/2012 ...R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I. Page 15 of 16

R & LABOUR LAWS: Employee State I...blogspot. Page 16 of 16 http://statuatorycompliance.html 8/9/2012 .STATUATORY COMPLIANCE FOR

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