1. Indexers are ____ members that allow you to access data within objects.

class data index property 2. An ____________ method is created when you instantiate or refer a delegate w ith a block of _________ code. anonymous, named named, anonymous anonymous, unnamed unnamed, anonymous

3. Which of the following statements about generics are correct? Generics are data structures that guard against reuse of defined C# data type f unctionalities. Generics allow you to reuse the code in a safe manner without casting or boxing Generics are parameterized data structures that can work with reference types o nly. Generics always accept a type parameter, which is a placeholder for the require d data type. 4. The _________ method of the ArrayList class copies the elements of a list to an array while the _______ method also copies elements of a list to an array of type Object. Contains, TrimToSize CopyTo, ToArray TrimToSize, Contains ToArray. TrimToSize 5. The SortedList class behaves like an __________ if you access its elements ba sed on their index number otherwise it behaves like a __________. array, hash table hash table, heap heap, queue queue, array

6. Can you re-arrange the steps given below to implement delegates in C#? A. Declare a delegate. B. Call method using the delegate object. C. Create method to be referred by delegate. D. Instantiate the delegate. A, B, C, D A, C, D, B A, D, C, B A, B, D, C 7. The ___________________________ exception is thrown when the stack runs out of space while the ________________________ exception is thrown when the result of an arithmetic, casting or conversion operation is larger in size than the des tination object or variable. OverflowException, OutOfMemoryException OutOfMemoryException, NullReferenceException NullReferenceException, StackOverflowException StackOverflowException, OverflowException

8. Which of the following statements about Visual Studio 2005 IDE key elements a re correct? The Code Editor facilitates writing, display and editing of form, event, and me thod code. The Dynamic Help window provides a list of topics depending on the active IDE a rea or task. The Properties window displays compile-time properties and events of objects at all times. The Solution Explorer provides an organized view of projects and access to thei r commands. 9. Managing memory and verifying code safety are functionalities of ____________ Common Language Runtime .NET Framework Class Library Common Language Specification Common Type System 10. The Visual Studio 2005 ___________ edition is a proper choice for students, enthusiasts and hobbyists. Team System Professional Standard

Express 11. Which one of the following statement about C# variables is incorrect? A variable is a computer memory location identified by a unique name. A variable's name is used to access and read the value stored in it. A variable is allocated or deallocated in memory during runtime. A variable can be initialized at the time of its creation or later. 12. An _________ method is an inline nameless block of code that can be passed a s a delegate parameter. anonymous named partial unnamed

13. Using the ________ method, it is possible to programmatically force a garbag e collection GC.Collect() GC.Remove() GC.Delete()

14. _________ is a characteristic of an entity that supports a new class from an existing class. Inheritance Polymorphism Encapsulation 15. _________ can be invoked either by creating an instance of the base class or using the base keyword. Base class objects Base class methods Base class constructors

16. The _________ operator returns null if the two types or classes are incompat ible with each other. Is As to 17. Properties cannot be ___________. Static Derived Overloaded 18. The ________ feature of C# resolves ambiguous name references. Data binding Interface Namespace alias qualifier 19. The _______ displays information about classes in .Net framework. Windows class viewer tool WinCV tool window Windows tool class 20. The _________ public method of the System.Exception class returns a string r epresentation of the thrown exception. getString ToString setString 21. The _____protected method of the System.Exception class allows objects to pe rform cleanup operations before they are reclaimed by the garbage collector. MemberwiseClone Finalize GetObjectData 22. The __________ public property of the System.Exception class retrieves the r eference of the object of type exception that caused the thrown exception. InnerException GetObjectData GetBaseException

23. The ______ namespace is imported by default in the .NET Framework and it app ears as the first line of the program. Collections Data Web System 24. A custom namespace is declared using the _________ keyword and is accessed w ith the ________ keyword similar to any built-in namespace. interface, system interface, using namespace, system namespace, using

25. ___________ naming refers to access a class defined within a namespace by it s name only. Fully qualified Partially qualified Unqualified Qualified