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We critically looked onto the negative experiences shared as well.our own families. 1. and to enable us help in relating and teaching the value of respect in the different ministries and communities we all belong and serving. or preference. give. Letter to Families: Year of the Family (2 February. III. Makati: Pauline Publishing House. We have observed that none of us belongs in the same community or organization. share. write… For this reason. we should not overlook that even before our academic years started. the group assumes the main objective of this project is “To inspire the family in making the Home as a school for Human Enrichment”. Each group members expressed the intention to work on a project that they can bring home to their own families and furthermore can help in the ministries we are all serving.I. is the basic condition for every authentic educational process. or even we know or do not know a person. 1994.respect is a kind of value that is expected from all of us in how we relate to others. 2 . Furthermore. The group observed and decided that it is the value of respect that is seen as the root cause of all that is happening and changing. All that we learn on how to relate. all our learning journey started at our own homes. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT This project is carried out with the hope that it will. 1994). and love comes from teachings passed onto us since we are still younger and not able to walk. the recognition and respect due to man precisely because he is a man. this project would like to propose to solve the problem of disrespect that is evident in each own families. MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT “The "principle of giving honour". BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT The members of the group are either direct workers or volunteer workers of different community and parish ministries we belong. read. being guided by the same principles to help form stronger Pope John Paul II. TITLE OF THE PROJECT RESPECT: A DEGRADED MORAL VALUE OF CATHOLIC FAMILIES IN URBANIZED AREAS II. IV. 1 Enrich our Trinitarian faith. or status in life.”1 Regardless of religion. But. From every experience of each member of the group. All of us have in one way or another learned to relate one another from school from our kindergarten or pre-school years all the way through our college years and eventually into our choosing of our own career and then in our workplaces. we have a similar point of reference. talk. However. We all shared discussions and recounted both positive and negative experiences of each individual in his or her own family. Each of us agreed that there is indeed a degrading of respect as a moral value that is critical in forming a strong Catholic family life. we looked into what is already happening not only to our own families but what could be also similar to other Catholic families in urbanized areas of today.

the information gathered here pertains only to our own Catholic families situated in the urban area. Respect . please be guided of the following terms used: 1. DEFINITION OF TERMS Again for the purpose of this project. Ultimately.A group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head 3 .An act of giving particular attention (consideration) .This comes from Latin word moralis. 4.Expressing or teaching a conception of right behavior . 2. which means servant . from famulus.From Latin word familia.Capable of right and wrong action . VI.The quality or state of being (esteemed) 2. V.Basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children . Help in how to better relate with the people we encounter in the ministry or community we are serving.From past participle of Latin word valēre.Something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable 4. 3. high quality . share this project to our own families.Of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior . Family . act of looking back . mos. be strong . This means that we are not covering here the families of other religion or faith and those living in rural areas. 5. Communicate how the Eucharistic love is continually given in each families.A relation or reference to a particular thing or situation .Relative worth. this means household (including servants as well as kin of the householder).Perceptual or psychological rather than tangible or practical in nature or effect 3. Value . from mor-. SCOPE AND LIMITATION For the purpose of this project. which means to be worth. Contribute to nation building as family is the basic society of our of families. literally means.A high or special regard (esteem) .Worth. which means custom .This comes from Latin word respectus. or importance . Moral .

or teachers. Rely on others to idolize such as models.A group of persons of common ancestry (clan). common affiliation (fellowship) 5.g. relatives. relating to. single parents. Urban . etc. with relatives. common stock (race).Of. Substitutes this with time with friends. e. interracial marriages) Little time ( or no time) with children especially for both parents working here or abroad Confusion of youth of what is wrong and right in regards with traditional family of peers Little time ( or no time) with parents due to many school or after school extracurricular activities Rely on others for parenting such as teachers.. relatives.From Latin word urbanus.No single definition because of national differences. Group’s Observations From the discussions of the group members we were able to come up with the following observations and classified them into both internal and external factors affecting the parents and their children especially youth: PARENTS YOUTH INTERNAL FACTORS Not traditional family due to economic. or constituting a city . this means city . etc. artist. (substitutes material technology. Failing to communicate things for time.There is a different way of life and usually a higher standard of living than are found in rural areas. METHODOLOGY The situation-based analysis is used by the group through SEE-JUDGE-ACT methodology for this project: A. misperceptions formed) Less or no opportunity to practice Catholic traditions that would bond the family (e.g. money. SEE I. characteristic of. different countries define according to size or density of settlement in the area . VII. or social concerns (e.g. or other people available to spend time with 4 .

g. wants to get „more‟ Mirrors the bad example PARENTS YOUTH EXTERNAL FACTORS They want to keep up with high lifestyle of their peers. blogs. too much materialism Youth tends to communicate more in social media (facebook.g. twitter. they want to choose for themselves Lack of appreciation for the effort done by the youth to interact with the parents (e. etc.Attending Holy mass together.g. meal table) them Different conflicts of interests (e. livelihood) Lack of appreciation for the positive side of things given to them only sees the negative side. serving them or being with them) Bad example (in the way of living e. vices. and misperceptions formed) Media shows „getting more‟ means success The media shows that disrespecting parents is okay nowadays Examples Shown in Media are the following: 1. plans) with their children Does not want to be „forced‟ into something. Modern Family 5 .

Group’s Encapsulation of the Project (thru Film Excerpt) Anak is a Filipino film that debuted to cinema houses last May 2000 and is said to be a tribute to the considered „modern heroes‟ of our country the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) that sacrificed their being away to their own children in order to give the best of providing for the needs of the family. whom is most idolized by the youth of today. This is in a way makes one „cool‟ as the message is coming from Bruno Mars. you‟ll just have to wait Oh yes. I said it! I said it „cause I can! Lazy Song is a popular song playing now in our radio that subtly says and empowers the youth or the children in a family that is „just okay‟ to not follow always your parents. Lazy Song by Mars Bruno Today I don‟t feel like doing anything I just wanna lay on my bed Don‟t feel like picking up my phone.Modern Family is an American television comedy series that first debuted September 2009 that depicts how modern families are coping nowadays in challenges of both traditional and non-traditional families in this age of technological advances. I might mess around And get my college degree I bet my old man will be so proud of me But sorry pops. II. I said it. So leave a message at the tone Cause today I swear I‟m not doing anything. 6 . inter-racial marriages and same-sex marriages. Yeah. 2.

(John 10) The child grew and became strong. praising God. To describe briefly a dysfunctional family. Family as First School The family is a community of persons. JUDGE After reflecting on the current family situation in most families in the urban areas (which may also apply in rural areas). Art. Family as Communion of People in Trinitarian Aspect Our Christian families. and they had their meals together in their homes. and enjoying the good will of all the people. Church Documents We also referenced Catholic Church documents regarding families and how it should be taken care of. 3. participating in the development of society. And every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved. Every year the parents of Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Passover Festival. share in the Communion of Persons and Love of the Blessed Trinity (CFC 1015. II.The excerpt of the film shows the actual confrontation between both the protagonist Vilma Santos (mother) and Claudine Barreto (her daughter) [as shown in the picture]. the conclusion is that it results to a dysfunctional family. Word of God The group sourced out the „Word of God‟ in what should be done with how to make a strong family not only in the „old times‟ but even today in our contemporaries. the following issues are evident: a) Broken relationships b) Communication Gap between parents and children c) Differences in perceptions resulting to misaligned expectations In finding ways to solve these difficult situations in the family. Honour your father and mother (Exodus 20:12) But you remain faithful to what you have learned and believed. 2. The group has selected some references to remind us how families are important to the Church. PCP II 575) 7 . CCC 2205) The family is. 576) It is where we come to exercise the daily Christian virtues. A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. the domestic Church (LG 11) The Church in the home. because you know from whom you learned it. the first school of discipleship (PCP II Decrees. (Luke 2: 40-42) Day after day they met as a group in the Temple. the group referenced two sources for this project: I. and sharing in the mission of the Church (CFC 1010. 2. and that from infancy (2 Timothy 3:14-15) I am the good shepherd. B. the basic unit of Christian life. so to speak. eating with glad and humble hearts. they went to the festival as usual. like the Church itself. 1. 421. serving life through the procreation and education of offspring. The mother is demanding at a minimum respect from her children if they cannot love her back in return in spite of the sacrifices she‟d done abroad. (Acts 2:46-47) 5.48. PCP II Doc. 1. and God‟s blessings were upon him. 4. he was full of wisdom. When Jesus was twelve years old.

dialogue. (21 November. Church Documents Catechism of the Catholic Church (for the United of America copyright @ Libreria Editrice Vaticana. John Paul II. Citta‟ del Vaticano. 18) C. a modern depiction of the “Prodigal Son” through a movie skit was shown to the participants. Letter to Families: Year of the Family (2 February. 2. and gradually transforms it. ACT With the groups‟ goal of making the home a school for human enrichment. Exercise greater control over the family use of media and time. Makati: Pauline Publishing House. Vatican II. Develop Christian peer environments for the young Parents should become pastors to their children To support the importance of respect in the life of parents and children. 3. justice and love. Makati: Pauline Publishing House. generous and repeated forgiveness and divine worship in prayer. 1. 6.14) Let prayer. John Paul II. Art. generous service. 1981). (JPII Letter to Families. Let the family members learn endurance and the joy of work joy. Live more fully the principles of Christian personal relationship Make the home the center for family life. 4. Apostolic Exhortation on the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World Familiaris Consortio (22 November. Understand the spouses‟ commitment to the sacrament of matrimony.77) Do not be afraid to take risks. guarding and transmitting the social virtues and values of respect. Family in Difficult Circumstances We can realize how important prayer is with families threatened by division (JPII Letter to Families. 7. RELATED LITERATURE A. Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Lumen Gentium. fraternal love. 1994. one will find the practice and an excellent school of the lay apostolate (LG 35) 3. The tag line “Home is not a place.The family constitutes an irreplaceable school in developing. Art. recommended steps are endorsed in building a strong family life. (Familiaris Consortio. 1964). 8 . The educational power of the Eucharist: Christ given himself to us as food and drink. the source of light and strength and the nourishment of Christian hope never be neglected. (CFC 1019) Christianity pervades the mode of family life. it is a feeling” to reiterate that family members would enjoy going home after their daily activities outside because of the joyful and loving atmosphere. VIII. Art. 1981. God‟s strength is far more powerful than difficulties. 1994). 5. 1994).

Catechism for Filipino Catholics (6 Books I. Primary Source Sacred Scriptures.Merriam-Webster. NAB II. Secondary Source www. 9 . B. Catholic Bishop‟s of the Philippines. Manila: Claretian www. 1997).Catholic Bishop‟s of the Philippines. 1991). Acts And Decrees Of The Second Plenary Council Of The Philippines (January 20 – February 17.

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