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1. Mark the correct statement (a) Kevlar 49 is used in the aircraft (b) Bullet proof jackets can be made of Kevlar (c) Has more tensile strength than aluminum (d) All the above 2. Take off warning comes when (a) Horizontal stabilizer, T.E & L.E. devices are not in their proper position (b) Spoilers are not in there proper position + 1 (c) Rudder & aileron are in there proper position (d) All the above 3. Maximum allowable inflation in the tire when it is loaded (a) 2 % (b) 3 % (c) 4 % (d) 5 % 4. Balance mark on the tire (a) Red dot as the light mark (b) Red dot as heavy mark (c) Yellow mark as heavy mark on tube (d) Green mark as heavy mark 5. Fuel jettionizing is use when the take of weight is (a) > 110 % of landing weight (b) > 112 % of landing weight (c) > 115 % of landing weight (d) > 10 % of landing weight 6. When Reynolds no. increases & the flow becomes turbulent then (a) Lift will increase (b) Lift will decrease (c) Lift will remain same (d) None of above 7. Flash back in the case of welding we do (a) Momentary flow of gases backward (b) Burning of the gases in the mixing chamber (c) As in 1 + will come out after some time (d) In 1 + will not come out confidential 8. Mark the correct statement (a) In the case of biplane stagger angle is useful (b) Wash out is the increase of angle of incidence from root to tip (c) Both 1 + 2 (d) None of above 9. Temperature sensing indicator is defective because of (a) Led defective (b) Wrong indication (c) Moisture (d) All tae above 10. Cutting coolant is not used in composites while drilling

(a) (b) (c) (d)

In carbon graphite laminates In thermoplastics In honey comb All the above

11. when angle if incidence at root is 20 & at the tip is 30 then (a) Wash in (b) Wash out (c) 1 + lift will increase in that wing (d) 2 + lift will decrease in that wing 12. Tail aircraft will have (a) Have good tendency for recovery of spin (b) No effect (c) 1 + weight will also increase (d) 3 + to prevent stall 13. Mark the correct statement regarding outboard ailerons (AMR-365) (a) Flaps & ailerons will operate together (b) Outboard ailerons will work only at low speeds (c) Outboard will work only when flaps are down + 2 (d) All the above 14. Barcol tester is used when (a) Only on aluminum, brass, copper (b) On steels (c) On aluminum & steel (d) All the above 15. Third intermediate state between austenite & perlite (a) Martensite (b) Sorbite (c) Toorensite (d) None of above 16. Copper bearing alloys to increase strength (a) Annealing (b) Hardning (c) Precipitation (d) Anodizing 17. Ground spoilers are used when (a) To increase drag (b) To increase lift (c) To increase lift & drag (d) 1 + deflects more on ground than air 18. Ferise aileron are used (a) Increase drag on up going wing (b) Increase drag on down going wing (c) To produce unwanted yawing (d) 1 + 3 19. In the case of deicing bledd air is used (a) It is compressed (b) Simply bleed air (c) Through pressure regulator (d) 3 + it controls the output pressure as needed

20. To prevent rotating of landing gear we use (a) Torque links (b) Cams (c) Washers (d) 1 + 2 21. In pneumatic air duct system we use (a) Steel (b) Aluminum alloy (c) Plastic (d) All the above 22. When aircraft is flying at subsonic speed then at the wing speed reaches (a) Sonic at some point (b) Remains sub sonic (c) 1 + due to velocity effect (d) 1 + due to pressure effect 23. If not mentioned in the weight & balance which is essential, unless specified by the manufacture (a) Hydraulic fluid (b) Fuel (c) Laboratory fluid (d) Water drains 24. Mark the correct statement (a) Dihedral increases longitudinal stability (b) C.g. forward increases longitudinal stability (c) Stability is when pilot can operate the control the control surface (d) All the above 25. Stabilizer can be operated by (a) Through autopilot (b) Mach trim (c) Electrical (d) All the above 26. Fillers are (a) Used to lower viscosity & density (b) Innert does not react with resin (c) Microballoons, fiber flox are used as filler (d) All the above 27. Mark the correct statement (a) Taper wing means sweep back on the leading edge of the wing (b) Aspect ratio is equal to span square upon area (c) Wash out is decrease in angle of incidence from root to tip (d) All of above 28. Filliform corrosion is (a) On clad aluminum alloys (b) Start from under side of the rivets and goes under the paint (c) 1 + 2 (d) It penetrates the core of the material 29. Bulkheads (a) A heavy structural member in the fuselage that contains the cabin pressure (b) To carry bulk cargo loads

(c) A heavy circumferential frame which may / may not be entirely web closed by web (d) Disperse concentrated loads + 3 30. Anti-icing of wind shield heater resistance and voltage is checked by (a) Isolating the over heat element (b) Using ice to prevent thermal shock (c) 1 + supply minimum current (d) 2 + use wet cloth over it. 31. Temperature coefficient of the sensing element of windshield panel (15A/300) (a) Positive temperature thermal coefficient forms 1 leg to bridge which controls the flow currents. (b) Negative temperature thermal coefficient (c) 2 + form one leg of bridge which control the flow current (d) Have a neutral coefficient 32. Mark the correct statement regarding carbon graphite (a) Is non corrosive with aluminum (b) Is non brittle (c) Has more compressive strength than Kevlar (d) All the above 33. A cabin altimeter, the static port is connected to (a) Left open to cabin (b) Exposed to atmosphere pressure (c) Exposed to post maximum turbulence (d) Connection is taken from ASI. 34. Gel coats on polyester fiberglass, honey comb structure used for (a) Prevent moisture (b) Paint (c) Prevent corrosion (d) Act as a primer 35. In HC the tedlar coating is given for (a) Prevent moisture (b) Paint (c) Prevent corrosion (d) Act as a primer 36. Mark the correct statement (Landing gear) (a) Landing attachments are designed primary as per T.O weight (b) Landing weight is more than T.O. weight (c) Total impact on landing divided by the landing weight is landing load factor (d) All the above 37. “H R D” in the case of fire extinguisher is (a) The agent & pressurization gas are released into one second or less (b) 1+discharge at high pressure & pressurized to prevent atmospheric air contact (c) One application is that of perforated rings & tubes with holes to discharge (d) All the above 38. Terminal velocity is (a) Weight is equal to drag (b) Depends upon the shape, size & orientation of the object concern + 1 (c) Terminates free fall at this point (d) All the above 39. Altitude gyro:

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Indicates pitch attitude relative to horizontal Indicates roll & pitch attitude relative to vertical Its spin axis is horizontal All the above

40. In the case of fire detection system, faulty warning comes when (a) Kinked hose, ingress of moisture (b) Unserviceable LCD (c) Unserviceable indicator (d) All the above 41. Wings plates are used for (a) Prevent wing tip vertices (b) Increase parasite drag (c) Increase angle of attack (d) All the above 42. In the supersonic flow through convergent tube (a) Pressure increased, velocity decreases, density constant (b) Pressure decreases, velocity increases, density constant (c) Pressure increases, velocity decreases, density increases (d) Pressure decreases, velocity increases, density decreases 43. In the case of maximum allowable air speed indicator (a) There is a separate needle & needle indication decreases, as altitude increases (b) There is a separate needle & needle indication increases, as altitude increases (c) There is no need of separate needle (d) None of above 44. During turn, load on the spar & strut of the aircraft (a) More than that during level flight (b) Less to that during level flight (c) Equal to that during level flight (d) None of above 45. In the case of anti icing bright light indicates (a) Fully open (b) Fully closed (c) Either opening or closing (d) None of above 46. ROCI is a (a) Differential pressure gage as it show rate of altitude (b) It is not a differential pressure gage as it is taking only static pressure (c) It indicates logarithmic scale + 1 (d) All the above 47. VSI reading depends upon (apart from static pressure) (a) Air temperature (b) 1 + viscosity of air (c) 2 + rate of airflow (d) 3 + density 48. The air port in the unpressurized reservoir of hydraulic fluid is provided (a) TO prevent vacuum in the upper part of reservoir (b) It functions as the anti-breather valve (c) To pressurize the reservoir (d) For fluid entrapment

49. In the case of level 1, CPCP indicates (a) Minor corrosion (b) Within repairable limits (c) As in SRM & acceptable limits (d) Beyond repair 50. In the oxygen system shut off valve (a) For normal operation the knob which control the valve are sifted to ON position (b) For normal operation the knob which control the valve are saftied to OFF position (c) When opening a valve the knob should be turned slowly to OFF position (d) When charging a component to appropriate valve is OPEN 51. Smoke clearance switches are associated with (a) Pneumatic system (b) Air condition system (c) Fire protection system (d) 3 + but is preset 52. If the travel of an airplane‟s control is correct but cables are rigged exceptionally tight, what will probable effect will this have when flying the airplane. (a) The airplane will tend to fall off on one wing (b) The airplane will be heavy on controls (c) The pilot will be unable to fly the airplane hands off (d) Controls will cause unsteady application of forces 53. Of the following, which lists only desirable properties of a good hydraulic fluid? (a) High viscosity low flash point, chemical stability high fire point. (b) High flash point, low viscosity, chemical stability, low fire point (c) Low flash point, low fire point high viscosity chemical stability (d) Low viscosity, chemical stability high flash point, high fire point. 54. Annealing of steel will cause (a) It will be difficult to machine (b) It will have internal stresses and strain (c) It will be soft, fine grain structure and easily workable (d) None of the above is correct 55. A substance in which chemical composition does not change but have different physical properties is called (a) Isotropic (b) Allotropic (c) Crystallization (d) Hygroscopic 56. In a deicer boot, the conductive coating has broken down. The recommended material to refurnish the conductive coasting is (a) Coal tar (b) Bitumen (c) Neoprene cement (d) Phenolic resin 57. In typical high-pressure pneumatic system, if the moisture separator does not vent accumulated water, when the compressor shuts down, the likely cause is (a) Malfunctioning of check valves (b) Malfunctioning of solenoid dump valve (c) Malfunctioning of orifice check valve (d) None of the above is correct

58. What is the recommended practice for cleaning a fuel tank before welding (a) Steam clean the tank interior (b) Purge the tank with air (c) Flush inside with clean water (d) None of the above is correct 59. What component of a pressurization system prevents the cabin altitude from becoming higher than airplane altitude? (a) Cabin rate of descent control (b) Negative pressure relief valve (c) Positive pressure relief valve (d) 1 + safety relief valve 60. What type of valve in an aircraft hydraulic system to have snubbing effect during landing gear extension (a) Shuttle valve (b) Check valve (c) Orifice restrictor (d) Orifice check valve 61. When an empty shock strut is filled, care should be taken to extend and compress the strut completely at least two times to (a) Thoroughly fabricate the piston rod (b) Show is there are any fluid leaks (c) Force out any excess fluid (d) Ensure proper packing ring seating and remove of an bubbles 62. In a typical pneumatic system, the compressor operation is controlled by (a) The pilot in the cockpit switch (b) Manifold pressure sensing switch (c) Automatically (d) None of above 63. Mark the correct statement (a) IVSI based on the accelerometer principal (b) Mach meter is based on ASI only and has an extra bellow + 1 (c) Mach meter has air speed bellow only (d) All of above 64. The thermal switches of a bimetallic thermal switch type fire detection system are heat sensitive units that complete circuits at a certain temperature they are connected in:(a) Series with each other and in series with the indicator lights (b) Parallel with each other, and in parallel with the indicator lights. (c) Parallel with each other, but in series with the indicator lights. (d) Series with each other but in parallel with the indicator lights. 65. “Ultimate factor” of safety means (a) 2.5 & to provide margin of safety (b) To carry the loads exceeding the limit load (c) To prevent the deformation of primary flying control when subjected to limit load factor (d) All the above 66. A tension regulator in the flight control cable system of large all metal aircraft is used primarily to (a) Increase the cable tension in cold weather (b) Decrease the cable tension in hot weather (c) Retain set tension (d) All of the above 67. Pressure webs (a) A web that primary seals an area in order to retain cabin pressurization (b) A thin gage plate/sheet that when supported by stiffening angles & forming provides great strength

(c) Used in the aircraft because of strength to weight ratio (d) All the above 68. To drill the honey comb (a) Template and router (b) Rotary file (c) Hole saw (d) All of the above 69. Fences are used on sweptback wing are designed for (a) To prevent the spanwise flow of air along wing (b) 1 + prevents shock wave (c) 2 + reduces tip stalling (d) None of above 70. A space is provided above the reservoir (a) For fluid expansion & escape of entrapped air (b) 1 + reservoir is never intentionally filled to the top with fluid (c) To stop fuel vaporization (d) All the above 71. Ceramic disc on the oxygen cylinder shut off valve (a) To release the pressure (blow out) (b) 1 + designed to rupture if cylinder pressure rises to an unsafe value (c) Vents the cylinder to the outside of the aircraft in the event of dangerous pressure rise (d) 2 + 3 are correct 72. At the joining of two intersection bends in sheet metal to relieve stress concentration and prevent cracking (a) Relief holes (b) Lightening holes (c) Pilot hole (d) All the above 73. Mark the correct statement (a) Pitot and static pressure is connected to ADC and DADC (b) IVSI is based on accelerometer principal (c) Machmeter uses ASI bellows to indicate machspeed (d) All the above 74. In the case of hard landing we do the required scheduled and check the following items (a) Fuselage upper and lower skin (b) Shock strut attachment point (c) Engine mount (d) All of the above 75. Mark the correct statement related to air conditioning system (a) Absolute pressure is pressure measured along a scale which has zero value at the complete vacuum. (b) Ambient temperature is the temperature of the area immediately surrounding the object under discussion. (c) Standard barometric pressure is the weight of gases in the atmosphere sufficient to hold the column of mercury 760 millimeters high at the sea level (d) All of the above 76. When the CG is forward, stalling speed increases (a) Forward C.G., upward tail load (b) Forward C.G., downward tail load (c) Backward C.G., upward tail load (d) Backward C.G., downward tail load

77. Mark the correct statement: (a) Constant weight, AOA increases then IAS also increases (b) Weight decreases, IAS will be same then AOA decreases (c) Constant AOA, weight decreases then IAS & drag increases. (d) All the above 78. Angle of attack, weight IAS (a) (b) (c) (d) 79. Yaw dampers (a) (b) (c) (d) 80. Ceramic core & eutectic salt used in kidde & fenwal detector (a) Prevent electric current flowing at normal temperature (b) In case of fire/overheat condition the core resistance drops & current flow & energizes the alarm system (c) 1 + 2 (d) None of above

1. MTCS (a) Speed of sound is proportional to the square root & absolute temp. (b) Increasing sweep back raises the critical mach no. (c) Mach no is the radio of true airspeed to true speed of sound (d) All 2. In a semi monocoque construction:(a) Longirons takes the primary bend load (b) Longirons holds bulkheads and formers (c) Longirons and stringers take the banding load (d) All 3. Aircraft structural steel used for bolts, T.B. forks and tirod terminals is :(a) 2330 (b) 2816 (c) SAE 2320 4. Tedlar is used in composite for:(a) To act as moisture Bevier 5. Instruments used both pitot and static pressure:(a) ASI, 6. MTCS regarding „O‟ ring colors :(a) Red – Fuel (b) Blue - Hydrolic (c) White dot followed by a whites dash indicate non-standard „O‟ ring. (d) All 7. Mark ATA-100 zone specification:(a) 100 for lower fuselage to rear pressure bulk head 8. (1) Fiber glass (2) Aramid (3) Carbon/graphite (4) Ceramic and no-5 is? “Boron” (a) Boron (b) Leveler (c) Silicon 9. ATA – 100 zoning:(a) 100 – low fuselage (b) 200 – upper fuselage (c) 300 - empennage (d) 400 – engines (e) 500 – L. wing (f) 600 – R. wing (g) 700 – L / G (h) 800 – Doors. 10. Loading edge flaps when extended? (increase only camber) (a) Increase surface area (b) Increase surface camber (c) Increase surface chord (d) All 11. During amealing process, slow coding is desired, the alternate process is :(a) Burring in “ashes and line”.

12. Structural fuse used on powerplant attachment for the purpose of :(a) To loose the engine 13. Induced drag:(a) Can be reduced by increasing the aspect ratio 14. The up moving alerone moves beyond a critical angle:(a) To create drag (b) To reduce drag (c) To create lift 15. Leading edge attached to forward hing of control surface to prevent flutter is :(a) Balance the pressure distribution over the control surfaces as the angle of attack increases. 16. Fatigue cracks in structure is detected by :(a) Ultrasonic 17. MTCS (a) Deflection of spring tab is directly proportional to aerodynamic load imposed on aliron. 18. Epoxy resin mixed with a compound to make it hold available. The compound is:(a) (b) (c) 19. Thermoset resin is:(a) Polyster 20. Landing gear is latterly supported by:(a) Side strut 21. During inspection of oxygen mask:(a) (b) 22. Directional stability is achieved by: (a) Sweep back (b) Adding ventral fin (belly) (c) Dorsal fin and long fuselage (d) All 23. Longitudinal dihedral in an a/c aids:(a) Longitudinal stability 24. Bulkhead carries circumstantial loads:(a) Stringers are longitudinal fuselage member and transmit skin-stress to frames members of wings 25. Surface cracks formed on brake drum is cured by :(a) Heat 26. MTCS auto brake system (a) Pressure applied by A.B.S will be minimum then manual brake system. 27. Purpose of anti-skid system:(a) Locked wheel protection feature, which prevent braking action prior to wheel rotation. 28. Fatigue damage is detail by manufacture in:-

(a) DTR 29. Flap load relief system:(a) It retracts automatically during high speed 30. Fiberglass used in construction of redone:(a) S+R – 3rd Ans (b) - Most (c) E – second Ans 31. In gyroscope:(a) Precession is directly proportional to magnitude of applied force. 32. In a turn & bank indicator, The gyro is used:(a) Rate gyro. 33. In a large turbine engined a/c, the fire detection system comprises:(a) Rate of temp. rise, radiation sensing and over heat. 34. Location of C.P. determined by:(a) Camber (b) Angle of attack (c) Both 35. Differential aileron:(a) Upgoing aileron deflects more than down going aileron. (b) As in (a) and prevent movement of a/c in the direction opposite to that of the intended 36. Primary heat exchanger bypass value:(a) Is located at outlet of primary heat exchanger (b) Modulating type (c) Maintains a constant discharge temp. of 8000 F (d) All 37. Auto-slab-trim:(a) Trim horizontal stabilizer through autopilot (b) Trims longitudinal stabilizer by mach/speed trim system with automatic disengaged. (c) Electric trim/autopilot trim unhibits the mach/speed trim system (d) All the above 38. Fuel tank leaks:(a) Stain, slow sweep, heavy seap, running leak. 39. In altimeter the hysteresis error self eliminates by:(a) Slow decent (b) Slow climb (c) Maintaining a given altitude for an extended period of time: (d) All 40. In a/c ice & rain protection system (a) Chemical repellent should not be used on dry wind shield (b) It is used only time of rain (c) On dry wind shield it can develop scraches (d) All 41. MTCS (a) Quick disconnect valve is used in pressure line prevent-fluid loss

42. During take-off lift can be increased by:(a) Loading edge flap and slat and trailing edge flap 43. Pitot static heating element can be checked for its:(a) Operation by notify the reading on A.SI. and altimeter 44. Dump valve is used in A/c:(a) To relive all positive pressure from cabin 45. The pneumatic system used in a/c is :(a) Primary means of operating system in lieu of hydraulic system 46. Aerodynamic centre pitching movement co-efficient is:(a) Constant, independent of lift 47. Monocoque fuselage construction may be either:(a) Monocoque, semimonocoque or re-inforced shall (b) Monocoque or re-inforced shell (c) Monocoque or semi-monocoque (d) All the above 48. Material used in a/c construction is hardened by:(a) Heat-treatment 49. Emergency exit open only after excessive pressure is applied, the reason is:(a) Paint or primer sticking (b) Binding latch and opens only when a straight pulling with pressure (c) Failure to lubricate mating parts, rubbing surface (d) All 50. In protective treatment process of steel sheradizing refers to :(a) Freating it with a zinc atmosphere 51. Landing gear extension/ re-traction on ground is prevented by (a) A safety switch in strut (b) As in (a) + close after a/c is in air 52. In a windshield electric anti-ice system, the following components are used? (a) Autotransformers, light, switch, control unit. 53. MTCS (a) Pr. relief valve used to control the pump, its relieve system pressure. 54. Regarding fuel tank requirement:(a) Tank should be able to withstand 3.5 P.S.I. (b) As in (a) and be able to produce 125% of excess pressure caused by RAM air effect. 55. MTCS (a) Bulkhead takes the pressurized load (b) Bulkhead contain fluid leaks & takes concentrated loads (c) Bulkhead may or may not be entirely closed by (d) All the above 56. During installation and rigging of control surface on ground: (a) Cable tension should be checked with control surface in neutral position (b) Cable should be jacked-up to level position. (c) A/c may not necessary be leveled during control surface rigging (d) All

57. In thermal anti-ice system, source of heat is obtained from:(a) Combustion heats-bleed air and augmenter tube. 58. MTCS in inspection technique:(a) Less density, more difficult to fly (b) 59. MTCS in inspection technique:(a) When testing aluminium with caustic selection, Brown slain indicates section penetrated deeply 60. MTCS (a) Absolute pressure is measured above complete vacuum (b) Gage pressure is measured above ambient pressure (c) Density is proportional to square of temp. (d) All 61. Nose wheel break system:(a) Will work above is mph. (b) And upto 60 nose steering (c) Both

1. Mark the correct statement:(a) If bearing failure has occurred, the rive shank will be joggled (b) If genuine rivet tipping has occurred groups of consecutive rivet used will be tipped in same direction (c) If rivets show no. visible distortion, investigation is unnecessary (d) If shore failure has occurred, the sheet will be distorted from rivet hole to the edge of sheet. 2. Buffeting is caused by:(a) Incorrect rigging of flaps (b) Unknown forces (c) Unsteady flow due turbulence (d) Unknown forces 3. During straight and level flight, the flight load factor is (a) 41.9 (b) 42.9 (c) 0.9 (d) -1.9 4. Mild steel rivet used for riveting:(a) Nickel steel ports. (b) Al alloy ports (c) Magnesium ports (d) Steel ports 5. IF it is necessary to adjust several pressure regulating valves in o hyd system what particular sequence followed :(a) Units most distant from the hyd. pump are adjusted first (b) Unit with the highest press setting are adjusted first (c) Unit case independent of coch offer there to the no particular sequence is necessary. (d) Unit are adjusted in order it the lowest specify pleasure setting. 6. Stalling speed is related in speed a any that:(a) Forward the i.g. stalling speed increases (b) Rear the i.g stalling speed increases (c) Rear the c.p stailling speed increases (d) Forward the c.p stalling speed decreases 7. Useful load is :(a) Weight of passenger and cargo (b) The difference between max. gross operating and entity (c)