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Risk Management and AS9100

Priority: Risk Management
Aviation Industry…built-in risk associated with products

Quality management – takes risk management out of Quality Control department
• Integrates quality into all phases of design, production, and delivery

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Typical Risk Management Approach
Aerospace industry – manages risk similar to other organizations Each department focuses on own processes – no integration One area may do outstanding…while another not so well

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Integration is Critical
Gaps can expose company to liability Insurance & legal counsel
• Protection after a crisis

Quality Management
• Protection before products reach the customer

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Evolution of Quality Management Systems
ISO 9000:2000
• Although “risk” was a term used, it was always a goal

ISO 9000:2008
• Risk appeared with respect to environment, how organization’s environment influences quality

AS: 9100
• Appeared relative to the risk of meeting customer requirements

ISO 9000:2001
• Focus on corrective & preventative action, internal audits & review • Mitigating risk before product reaches customer
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AS9100, Rev C
Risk management focus

Section 7.1.2 outlines requirements for companies to have a process for risk management

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3 Components of Risk Management
Future root causes
• Event, process, or environmental component that could trigger nonconformance, error, waste, or product failure


• Degree of certainty or opportunity for the future root cause to occur


• Impact on product quality, injury or loss • Company’s exposure to liability

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AS9100, Rev C, Section 7.1.2
Specifically addresses: Assignment of responsibility for risk Identifying the 3 components of risk management Established risk levels and tolerances Actions or modifications required to eliminate/reduce identified risk Steps necessary when risk levels exceed established tolerances

Acceptable risks in organization’s processes

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Focus of Quality Management Systems
Meeting or exceeding customer requirements Risks involved:
• Not understanding customer requirements • Falling short in design & production of products • Not meeting deadlines • Incorrect methods & timelines • Poor customer service

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Failure to Satisfy the Customer
• Risk of losing customers & quality reputation in the industry • Negative publicity from product recalls, injuries or catastrophes caused by product failure
• Regular and social media • Local and around the world

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