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Radhakrishna Foodland Private Limited (RFPL)

Experience - Expertise - Enthusiasm - Efficiency - Effectiveness

Radhakrishna Foodland Private Limited (RFPL), the pan-India Supply Chain Management Specialist, is the industry leader in the Supply Chain Management of Food, Near Food, Agri-Services and Pharmaceuticals. With over 35 years of rich and varied experience in the Foodservice, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Distribution and Logistics businesses, RFPL has evolved into a consolidated, single point SCM solutions provider to some of the worlds largest companies in India.

RFPL is committed to delivering seamless, customized and functionally excellent Supply Chain Management solutions in terms of cost, service and schedule to every customer that is Fit to Purpose. Our customer service orientation and the ability to anticipate, adapt, evolve and innovate with each customer or situation has enabled us to emerge as the trusted partner to some of the world's most prestigious brands.

With a carefully managed growth strategy and agile adaptation to our customers' needs, we have successfully established a leading position in one of the most demanding growth markets in the world.

Our commitment to operational excellence applies across every sector in which we operate and is underpinned by an ongoing program of product and service development to anticipate the future requirements of our customers.

RFPL is backed by sound pan-India experience in: Sectors:

Food Services Commercial : Hotels/QSRs Institutional

Retail FMCG Pharma Agri Others


Supply Chain Management Solutions (End-to-End) Warehouse management Ambient/Temperature Controlled, Shared/Dedicated Transport Management Ambient/Temperature Controlled, Primary/Secondary Copacking: breaking bulk eg: staples Contract Manufacturing

Kitting and Packing Fresh and Chilled: Produce/Meat/Fish/Poultry/Delicatessen Processing Bakery Operations Project Management & IT Implementation Agency Representation Services Agri Services Value Added Services

Import / Export

Our Forte:

Work with world leaders both as customers and partners We understand and imbibe the systems, criteria and quality mandates of global super brands. We partner with them to enable faster business growth that is both profitable and sustainable.

Game changers have moved the industry from the unorganized to organized sector Managing large number of people and enhancing their employability Our consistently enthusiastic approach to the supply chain business that comprises largely of mundane activities. Our two pronged approach :

SCM Process

People Operations

Infrastructure QHHSSEMCC-ITC: Adherence to highest standards of Quality, Health, Hygiene, Service, Safety, Environment, Maintenance, Compliance, Contingency Planning and In-the-Community approach. Technology : networked on SAP Customers Reach: Pan India, Across Formats, On-shelf Availability, Promotions Support, Service Levels to customers, point of sale outlets Profitable Sales Growth

Our Value Proposition to Customers:

Brand protection Maintain business continuity National Footprint ensuring reach and scalable, profitable, sustainable growth Total System Cost Management: fit-to-purpose

Trace-Track-Tally : on time, real time, use of technology to improve capacity utilization, productivity and minimize waste, error, theft (WET) Service Orientation is in our DNA.

Through our wealth of pan-India experience, we at RFPL understand the nature and many facets of successful Supply Chain Management Solutions. RFPL is focused, dedicated and committed to serve the Agri-Food, Consumer, Retail, Pharma and Food Service sectors to emerge as the leading end-to-end SCM solutions provider and the preferred partner in the industry.

Warehouse Management
Our range of warehouse solutions is amongst the most diverse in India. It encompasses dedicated, shared-user, automated and multi-temperature operations. We deal with all types of products -- from raw materials to finished goods. A unique combination of engineering, IT, human resources and supply chain skills enables us to provide functionally excellent solutions that are Fit To Purpose. By working in close partnership with our customers, we identify the optimum operational model based on variables such as product type, customer geography and technology requirements. Our trained, certified, experienced, motivated and empowered unit managers and teams deliver operationally excellent service standards. RFPL has responded adeptly to modern supply chain challenges with a comprehensive range of transport services, which cater to local, regional and national requirements. We add value and build in flexibility through advanced solution design and supply chain modeling where required. We effectively leverage technology to optimize routes, track consignments and maximize driver and vehicle efficiency. Systems integration ensures total visibility whilst transport is managed across multiple depots and state lines. Our team of experienced drivers ensures that the integrity of the products is maintained. They are trained and motivated to ensure they make accurate and timely deliveries.

Value Added Services

RFPL offers organizations various standardized options in their logistics solutions through collaborative services across the entire spectrum in the supply chain. Whether it is flexibility, pay-as-you-go warehousing space, shared transport to optimize capacity or a co-packing facility, our width of experience makes us the ideal shared-user partner for all businesses-small, medium or large. Our in-depth understanding of each project's unique characteristics coupled with our ability to challenge and reengineer existing solutions, enables us to differentiate our service offerings and bring additional value to our clients. Our in-depth understanding of each project's unique characteristics coupled with our ability to challenge and reengineer existing solutions, enables us to differentiate our service offerings and bring additional value to our clients

Project Management and Consultancy

RFPL offers Project Management services to the Supply Chain Industry by providing a renewed approach to Supply Chain solutions. We present independent and non-conflicting services based on our experience garnered over three

decades of work across industries. We have specialists in conceptualization, design, engineering and commissioning of National Supply Chain networks that allow clients to optimize their supply chain through Supply Chain Improvement Programs, Network, Warehouse Design, Supply Chain Planning, Transport Management & Systems Optimization. Our understanding of the critical areas of the supply chain allows us to effectively identify key areas for improvement that impact the cost effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of the entire supply chain network.