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CHAPTER 1 Introduction Overview of Mentum Ellipse Express Mentum Ellipse software editions Mentum user forum Using this documentation Online Help Resource roadmap Library Search Printing Whats This? Help User Guides Notational conventions Textual conventions CHAPTER 2 Installation Workflow for installing the software System requirements System requirements for workstations Installing Mentum Ellipse Express Before installing the software Installing the software Obtaining a license 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 11 12 13 13 15 16 16 17

CHAPTER 1 Introduction
This Installation Guide contains the information you need to install the Mentum Ellipse Express software. This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Mentum Ellipse Express Using this documentation

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Overview of Mentum Ellipse Express

Mentum Ellipse Express is a new edition of Mentum Ellipse available alongside the Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions. With Mentum Ellipse Express, you can explore the Mentum Ellipse Microwave Link Design functionality in a small project. The Mentum Ellipse Express Edition offers the following capabilities:

a 12-month, standalone license for microwave link design a project size limited to 30 links and 60 sites per project free online trainingGetting Started with Mentum Ellipse" download of free geodata from the Mentum Server support through the Mentum Ellipse User Forum

NOTE: Mentum Ellipse Express cannot be integrated with Mentum Planet.

Mentum Ellipse software editions

In order to provide you with the best solution for your situation, Mentum Ellipse is available in various editions. Figure 1.1 provides a quick summary of the key features of each edition. All editions come with a comprehensive documentation set that includes an online Help system encompassing contextsensitive F1 help and user guides.

Figure 1.1: Software editions

4 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide


NOTE: For additional information, see the Mentum website.

Mentum user forum

Support for Mentum Ellipse Express is offered through the community at the Mentum Ellipse User Forum. Please register at

MentumEllipseExpressInstallation Guide 5

Using this documentation

Before using this documentation, you should be familiar with the Windows environment. It is assumed that you are using a standard Windows desktop, and that you know how to access ToolTips and shortcut menus, move and copy objects, select multiple objects using the Shift or Ctrl key, resize dialog boxes, expand and collapse folder trees. All product information is available through the online Help. You access online Help using the Help menu or context-sensitive Help from within a dialog box by pressing the F1 key. If you want to view the online Help for a specific panel or tab, click in a field or list box to activate the panel or tab before you press the F1 key. The following sections describe the structure of the online Help. NOTE: This documentation covers Mentum Ellipse features and functions and will therefore also include descriptions of features not available in Mentum Ellipse Express.

Online Help
From the Help menu, you can access online Help for Mentum Ellipse Express. This section describes the structure of the online Help. The online Help provides extensive help on all aspects of software use. It provides

help on all dialog boxes procedures for using the software User Guide

NOTE: The online Help does not contain information contained in technical notes, application notes, or release notes. Only the user guide can be searched as part of the online Help.

6 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide


Resource roadmap
When you first use the online Help, start with the Resource Roadmap. It describes the types of resources available in the online Help and explains how best to use them. It includes a step-by-step guide that walks you through the available resources.

Library Search
You can perform a full-text search on all PDF files contained in the documentation library if you are using a version of Adobe Reader that supports full text searches. The PDF files are located in the Mentum\\Help\User Guides folder. You can also perform a search on all online Help topics by clicking the Search tab in the Help window. Type a keyword, and click List Topics to display all Help topics that contain the keyword. The online Help duplicates the information found in the User Guide PDF files in order to provide more complete results. It does not duplicate the information in the Release Notes, or Glossary.

You have two basic options for printing documents:

If you want a good quality print of a single procedure or section, you can print from the Help window. Click Print in the Help window. If you want a higher quality print of a complete User Guide, use Adobe Reader to print the supplied print-ready PDF file contained in the documentation library. Open the PDF file and choose File Print.

Whats This? Help

Whats This? Help provides detailed explanations of all dialog boxes.

MentumEllipseExpressInstallation Guide 7

User Guides
Mentum Ellipse Express comes with a library of User Guides in PDF format. You can access PDF versions of the user guides using the commands from the Help menu.

Notational conventions
This section describes the textual conventions and icons used throughout this documentation.

Textual conventions
Special text formats are used to highlight different types of information. The following table describes the special text conventions used in this document. Bold text is used in procedure steps to identify a user interface element such as a dialog box, menu item, or button. For example: In the Select Interpolation Method dialog box, choose the Inverse Distance Weighting option, and click Next. Courier text is used in procedures to identify text that you must type. For example: In the File Name box, type Elevation.grd. Bright blue text is used to identify a link to another section of the document. Click the link to view the section. Menu arrows are used in procedures to identify a sequence of menu items that you must follow. For example, if a step reads Choose File Open, you would click File and then click Open. Angle brackets are used to identify variables. For example, if a menu item changes depending on the chosen unit of measurement, the menu structure would appear as Display <Unit Of Measurement>.

bold text

courier new bright blue text


NOTE: This identifies a note, which highlights important information or provides information that is useful but not essential.

8 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide


TIP: This identifies a tip, which contains shortcut information, alternative ways of performing a task, or methods that save time or resources.

CAUTION: This identifies a cautionary statement, which contains information required to avoid potential loss of data, time, or resources.

MentumEllipseExpressInstallation Guide 9

CHAPTER 2 Installation
The system requirements outlined in this chapter are general recommendations only and are based on typical usage of Mentum Ellipse Express software. This chapter covers the following topics:

Workflow for installing the software System requirements Installing Mentum Ellipse Express

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Workflow for installing the software

This workflow details the steps you should follow when installing Mentum Ellipse Express. NOTE: In order to obtain and validate the license, you must be online when installing the software. Step 1 If you do not have Microsoft .NET framework (version 4.0) installed on your computer, download it from the Microsoft web site and install it along with the latest service packs. On the Mentum registration page, submit the requested registration information. An email will be sent to you with links to the available downloads along with a PID that is valid for a 12-month period. Step 3 In the registration email, click the Download Mentum Ellipse Express Installer link. Unpack the installation files and install the software. Start Mentum Ellipse Express. You will be prompted to enter the Product Identification Number (PID) provided to you in the registration confirmation email.

Step 2

Step 4 Step 5

12 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide


System requirements
The system requirements outlined in this section are general recommendations only.

System requirements for workstations

The tables below detail the recommended configuration for the Mentum Ellipse Express. NOTE: Mentum Ellipse Express runs on the Microsoft .NET framework (version 4.0). If you do not have this software installed on your computer, you will be prompted to connect to the Microsoft web site to download and install it. To do so requires an Internet connection.

CAUTION: Requirements vary depending on the layout of the network, the number of sites, and the work practices you adopt. Recommended configuration Processor RAM Hard Disk Display minimum Description Core 2 Duo, I5, I7 or equivalent (min 2,4 GHz) 2GB 100 GB SVGA 1280x1024, 32-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. (Windows Server 2003 or 2008). Both 32 and 64 bits for all operating systems. Recommended configuration Network Incoming rate (Application server to PC) Outgoing rate Latency Description Above 256 kbps Above 128 kbps Below 50 ms

Operating System

MentumEllipseExpressInstallation Guide 13

NOTE: You need Adobe Reader to view PDF files contained in the documentation library. You can download the reader from the Adobe web site:

NOTE: Some Automatic Updates can cause your computer to reboot, which may interrupt software operations. It is recommended that you modify the Automatic Updates settings so that they are not done automatically.

14 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide


Installing Mentum Ellipse Express

An easy-to-use Installation Wizard guides you through the process of installing Mentum Ellipse Express. Once the installation is complete, you must register the product in order to validate your license. This section covers the following topics:

Before installing the software Installing the software Obtaining a license

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MentumEllipseExpressInstallation Guide 15

Before installing the software

Mentum Ellipse Express is an enterprise-grade wireless backhaul planning software solution developed on a .NET platform. CAUTION: If you are installing Mentum Ellipse Express on a computer on which Mentum Ellipse is already installed, it will be replaced.

Installing the software

CAUTION: You must have Administrator privileges to install Mentum Ellipse Express.

To install Mentum Ellipse Express 1 2

Run the Mentum_Ellipse_Express_Setup.exe. To extract the installation files, select a destination folder, and click Install. Installation files are extracted and the InstallShield Wizard opens.

3 4 5 6

On the Welcome page, read the introduction, and click Next. Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms of the agreement, choose the I Accept The Terms Of The License Agreement option, and click Next. On the Choose Destination Location page, accept the default location, or click Browse and choose the folder in which you want to install the software, and then click OK.

7 Click Next. 8 On the last page of the Wizard, click Install.

There will be a delay while the software installs.

9 If prompted, choose the Yes, I Want To Restart My Computer

Now option and click Finish.

16 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide


CAUTION: If you install over a network and experience problems, copy the installation to a local computer and try the installation again.

Obtaining a license
Every time you start Mentum Ellipse Express or use a technology or tool that requires a license, the software will verify that you have a valid license on your workstation. If a valid license is not found, you will be prompted to enter your contact information or contact Mentum. For more information about Mentum Ellipse Express technologies and tools, see the Mentum web site at NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet to obtain a license.

To obtain a standalone license for Mentum Ellipse Express 1 2

Start Mentum Ellipse Express. In the Product Registration And License Request dialog box, enter the PID

Click Activation. The software connects to the server, validates your license request, and installs a license on your computer.

MentumEllipseExpressInstallation Guide 17

If you are unable to connect to the Mentum Registration Service, the license request will not be performed and the application will close. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and start Mentum Ellipse Express again. If you are connected to the Internet retry at a later time.

18 Mentum Ellipse Express Installation Guide