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Civics  and  Economics  AAP  2012-­‐2013  

Mr.  Ross  Bosse  

Civics  and  Economics  Course  Description   Civics  and  Economics,  taught  in  eighth  grade,  includes  basic  knowledge  and  understanding  of   the  concepts  and  processes  of  democratic  government,  the  American  economic  system,  and   the  role  of  geography.  Students  learn  the  meaning  of  individual  rights  and  responsibilities;  the   ideals  of  liberty,  justice,  and  equality;  and  the  rule  of  law.  Students  develop  an  understanding  of   public  and  personal  economic  and  financial  decisions.  In  addition,  students  are  required  to   fulfill  the  FCPS  and  LJMS  service  learning  requirements.    Meaningful  service  learning   (community  service)  plays  an  integral  part  in  the  development  of  civic  mindedness.         The  8th  grade  Honors/Advanced  Academics  Civics  course  extends  the  Program  of  Studies  in   depth  and  complexity,  emphasizing  opportunities  to  develop  critical  and  creative  thinking  and   problem-­‐solving  skills.  The  students  will  be  engaged  in  the  regular  Program  of  Studies  in   addition  to  more  complex  and  varied  activities.    The  activities  emphasize  the  development  of   high-­‐level  thinking  skills,  discovery,  inquiry,  advanced  writing,  and  decision-­‐making.  This   course  will  prepare  students  for  advanced  coursework  in  high  school.     Text  Book:    Glencoe,  Civics  Today  (Online  Edition)     In  Civics,  students  will  be  constantly  challenged  to  use  their  critical  thinking  skills.  We  will   incorporate  technology  and  investigation.  You  will  debate  issues,  analyze  controversial  topics,   use  creative  problem  solving  techniques,  and  conduct  research.  Knowledge  of  current  events   will  be  expected.  We  will  be  using  New  York  Times  Upfront  on  a  regular  basis  in  class,  but  I   encourage  you  to  read  the  daily  newspaper  and  watch  the  national  news  as  well.  Active  class   participation  is  expected.  Written  reflection  and  analysis  of  class  readings  and  activities  will  be  a   significant  part  of  the  class.    Daily  class  expectations  are  that  students  will  come  to  class   prepared  to  learn  with  their  binders,  completed  homework,  pen/pencil  and  paper,  and  a   positive  attitude.  Students  are  expected  to  be  respectful  and  courteous  to  themselves,  their   peers,  and  the  teacher.  I  promise  to  do  the  same.    I  expect  that  you  will  advocate  for  yourself  if   you  have  any  questions  or  concerns.     Grading  Policy   All  tests,  quizzes,  projects,  class  work,  writing,  and  homework  will  be  assigned  point  values.     Grade  categories  are  weighted  as  determined  by  the  Social  Studies  Department.  The  grading   scale  follows  FCPS  guidelines.  Parents  will  receive  grade  updates  in  the  form  of  electronic   progress  reports  approximately  every  2-­‐3  weeks.    At  anytime,  feel  free  to  contact  me  directly   for  updates.    Students,  once  again  you  need  to  advocate  for  yourself  if  you  notice  a  mistake  in   your  progress  report.        Notify  me  of  any  mistakes  at  an  appropriate  time  during  class.     Remember  to  save  all  work  that  I  return  to  you.  

  Homework  serves  various  purposes,  such  as  reinforcing  daily  objectives,  helping  determine  if   you  have  learned  the  content,  and  helping  to  prepare  for  future  class  activities/discussions.   • Student  Planners  are  the  first  and  best  way  to  keep  track  of  assignments.  Every  student   has  a  study  buddy  to  call  for  help  if  needed.  I  will  use  Blackboard  to  post  assignments   and  announcements.  Other  helpful  resources  will  be  posted  on  Blackboard  as  well.  You   can  access  Blackboard  through  the  FCPS  website  or  the  LJMS  website  by  clicking  on   “24/7  Learning”.   • Late  homework  submitted  before  the  end  of  the  academic  unit  will  receive  a  50%  grade   reduction.    Missing  work  must  be  turned  in  by  the  next  grade  report  or  will  receive  zero   credit.     Students  are  allowed  to  attempt  an  upgrade  on  all  major  assessments  (unit  tests  and  major   essays)  in  which  the  grade  earned  is  a  D+  or  less  –  the  goal  is  student  success  in  all  areas.    To   earn  the  privilege  of  an  upgrade,  students  must  complete  all  homework  assignments  related  to   the  assessment,  whether  or  not  they  receive  credit  for  the  assignment.    Students  must  make   arrangements  with  the  teacher  to  come  during  PAWS  class,  or  at  another  assigned  time,  to  do   corrections  on  the  previous  assessment.    They  must  then  study  and  review  the  corrections,  and   schedule  another  day/time  to  retake  the  assessment.    This  must  be  completed  in  the  time   frame  assigned,  usually  two  weeks.    The  retake  grade  will  replace  the  previous  grade.    This   policy  is  generous  and  is  not  to  be  misused.         LJMS  Department  Grade  Weighting  for  Civics  and  Economics   Assessment             55%   Class  work             15%   Projects/Writing           20%   Homework             10%     How  to  Contact  the  Teacher  to  Get  Help     I  am  available  after  school  on  Tuesdays.    Please  sign  up  in  advance.    Contact  us  any  time  with   questions/concerns.    Email  is  preferred  as  it  is  easier  to  reply  in  a  timely  manner.    I  will  try  my   best  to  respond  to  voicemail  within  24-­‐48  hours.     Ross  Bosse   703-­‐678-­‐7236