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Dear student, Please complete the following questionnaire with regard to the evaluation of YSMUs learning resources and

student support services. The questionnaire will allow us to develop the procedures for improvement of educational quality. Record your: faculty _____________________________ course _____________________________
group _________________________________

1. When you entered the university which resources did you use for information about professional programs, departments, opportunities, teaching staff, which exist at YMSU.

Dimord application guidelines from other students studying at YSMU YSMU teaching staff from YMSU official web site other mass media ____________________ Do you ever need and use the student support services (i. e. dean office as an advisor, career center, student parliament advisory, official web site, etc.) during your studies at the YSMU?



If yes, in which below-mentioned situation

preparation for examinations and inquiries elective choice of subjects provision of scholarships and student grants participation in international programs specialization choice educational literature and on-line resources use

employment while using educational literature and online recourses other _________________________________________________________________ 4. Are you informed about your rights and responsibilities according to university regulations? yes

no 0-I have no idea

Do you possess the following information: (5-very well

about it) a. student assessment regulation 5 4 3 2 1 0 b. educational programs and their learning outcomes 5 4 3 2 1 0 c. studying regulations 5 4 3 2 1 0 d. educational fees and their collection procedure 5 4 3 2 1 0 e. rules about participation and absence from classes 5 4 3 2 1 0 f. educational scholarships and student grants awarding process 5 4 3 2 1 0 g. regulations for the use of library and on-line resources 5 4 3 2 1 0 h. regulations for the use of educational resources 5 4 3 2 1 0


From what sources have you acquired the above-mentioned information

dean office teaching staff students university official site other sources ____________________________________

Do you feel you have definitively decided on your future profession? no If yes, whom has helped you to arrive at this decision

yes 8.

dean office teaching staff parents medical professionals your own independent decision 9. How often do you use library recourses

beginning of each semester for requested literature rarely, when I need additional literature for special assignments very often, either library and reading hall 10. Does the acquired from library literature satisfy your educational and

informational requirements yes


no In your opinion

a) Existing literature in our library is contemporary no b) You have easy access to the library no c) You have access to consultations with librarians no d) You have access to the materials required by your department no





In your opinion, which department isnt sufficiently represented in the YSMU

library ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 13. How often do you use on-line recourses?

never rarely, couple of times pursuing my own interests often, when I need to prepare some material always 14. In your opinion, yes yes

- are online resources available no - is the information from on-line resources effective no

15. In all departments, have you been exposed to all technical learning resources (projectors, computer-based resources, and literature-based) and the practical learning resources (simulations, laboratories) during the teaching process?



16. Are you satisfied with the practical skills you have acquired during your education in all departments yes no

17. If no, please mention the department and resource which you found to be insufficient department______________, resource ____________________________________________ department______________, resource ____________________________________________ department______________, resource ____________________________________________ department______________, resource ____________________________________________ department______________, resource ____________________________________________ department______________, resource ____________________________________________ 18. If you do not use educational resources (laboratory, library, online, etc.) please describe the reason resources are absent resources are outdated and nonfunctional the time allotted for the subject is insufficient resources were unnecessary based on the nature of the specific subject sufficient resources were available, but they were not used 19. In how many departments are lectures and practical classes are conducted using educational resources: all departments most departments some departments 20. Is in all departments, teaching staff aware of the educational resources and able to explain how to use them? If no, please specify which departments have failed in this matter.

____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 21. Do you take part in planning of learning resources? yes no

22. If yes, then in what way? you make suggestions to appropriate units you raise concerns about the way resources are being used or unused other________________________________________________________________________ 23. Practical skills acquired during your education, as you think, will be sufficient to meet the requirements of your future profession? yes no

24. What percentage of the material was presented to you with using educational resources? On theoretical departments_______________________% On practical departments_________________________% 25. As of this moment, what percentage of your theoretical knowledge, as you think, can you use in your professional practice? ________________________% 26. Which of these fields do you want to improve and how? libraries ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ online resources ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ scientific, research and educational advice ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

career advice ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________