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BlackBerry helps people make the most of every moment by enabling them to share and collaborate in real-time. It’s this spirit we want to capture in our creative. This guide describes all the tools you’ll need to express the BlackBerry brand. With care and consistency, we’ll make that spirit come to life.

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BlackBerry Brand Guidelines

Brand story – Overview

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Brand story
What we believe Brand personality

Brand story

The BlackBerry brand is the total set of beliefs that sums up who we are, what we do and what we stand for. From a communications standpoint, it’s that distinctive, recognizable personality that customers should see and experience at each touchpoint – advertising, online, retail environments, packaging, everything. This section explains the ideas that will bring the BlackBerry brand to life for your audience.

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines

Brand story – What we believe


What we believe

They say opportunity is rare – that it only comes around a few times in a lifetime. The truth is you probably pass a hundred opportunities every day. Opportunity can appear at any moment. So you need to be ready to grab it when it comes along. Making the most of these moments got us to where we are, and this is the foundation of our belief. A belief that opportunity is everywhere for those who are ready. Everyone who works for BlackBerry, and everyone who uses a BlackBerry, shares this belief. It’s why our products are designed to help people collaborate in real-time to unlock opportunity. And it’s why we will always have a role in people’s lives. Because we help them seize opportunities, and make the most of them. So let’s seize it, make the most of this moment, here. BlackBerry.


to reinvent. We lead the way. 10 Brand personality 11 Dynamic Purposeful Fearless Open We are a brand of action. to challenge. it doesn’t have a place. We are clear and always happy to bring people with us. to take things on. to boldly go. If something doesn’t have a purpose.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Brand story – Brand personality All of our design elements relate to different characteristics. . Never afraid to start. to crossing boundaries. We’re constantly moving forward. to try. Always open to new ideas. but collectively add up to express the full BlackBerry personality.

you’ll discover the tools and techniques available to help you capture and express the BlackBerry brand in all its nuances. for all its audiences.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Principles – Overview 12 14 16 13 Principles BlackBerry for creatives Open space Principles You’ve met the BlackBerry brand. In this section. Now let’s talk about how the brand personality translates to design. .

If you’re writing a short piece. Unless you’re writing for a technical audience. clean. informed voice that advises and inspires. and go easy on the adjectives.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Principles – BlackBerry for creatives 14 BlackBerry for creatives Be precise Choose the fewest number of graphic elements to create the most impact. Think in terms of classic design: open.“minimalist” doesn’t mean “empty. be a trusted friend to your reader. 15 Be authentic BlackBerry users are passionate about what they do. avoid acronyms. Create layouts which capture and celebrate that sense of commitment. dynamic. limit the message to a single benefit.” When it comes to copy. chunk the information into short sections for easier readability. Be purposeful Stay focused. State the benefits of the technology in real. Keep your sentences brief. choosing only the ones that reinforce the message best. As you compose your layouts. write conversationally and keep it concise. human terms and outcomes. . As you write. weigh each element carefully. For longer pieces. Demonstrate that you understand their needs. Speak with a sincere. Stick with one clear concept per piece. Just remember.

In that spirit. Think of it as Design Zen: open space is the silence that lets people hear the message loud and clear. 16 17 Open space . incorporate lots of open space and reduce the number of elements in your layouts to only the most relevant. Space separates the different elements of your design and positions the message you’re working on more clearly.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Principles – Open space BlackBerry users focus on what really matters.

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Overview 18 Basics 20 24 26 28 30 32 Logos Colors Gradients Palettes Typography The grid 19 Basics The BlackBerry brand identity combines a few basic elements that do most of the heavy lifting. and they’ll work hard for you. . those elements work best when their individual integrity is respected. And like a group of individuals who work well together. Use them correctly.

make it count. but a powerful one. Most often. It can also provide a striking graphic on the back of a brochure or white paper. and should never be altered in any way. 1 inch or 72 pixels Minimum size: Do not use the logo smaller than 1" wide in print communications or smaller than 72 pixels in digital communications. If you’re going to use it. It should never be altered. service or communication. It should always appear with both elements in the correct position and proportion. white and gray. the logo symbolizes our brand promise. The logo should appear on every piece of creative you develop. when the only other content consists of legal and trademark information. Recognized the world over. you’ll see the emblem on BlackBerry products and accessories. Clear space: The height of two data packets determines the minimum clear space around the BlackBerry emblem. Give it some breathing space. Apply the emblem no more than once per execution. it’s a simple element. . The emblem is available in the Toolkit. provided in black. Clear space: The cap height of the BlackBerry “B” determines the minimum clear space around the BlackBerry logo.Logos 20 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Logos 21 Our logo immediately identifies a product.

gray and black options are also provided in the Toolkit. For specialized treatments such as varnish effects or embossing. However. but always ensure that there is enough contrast with the background to make the logo readable. The BlackBerry logo should be used primarily in white. These wordmarks combine the BlackBerry logo with the name of the product family. consult with your BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team contact. Clear space: The cap height of the BlackBerry “B” determines the minimum clear space around the BlackBerry logo. The BlackBerry logo can be used in a subtle way. use the appropriate logo.Logos 22 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Logos 23 Each BlackBerry product family has its own name and wordmark. There’s no need to create your own. you can find the product logos in the Toolkit. . If a piece focuses on a single product family. Like the BlackBerry logo.

339 C:95 M:0 Y:90 K:0 R:0 G:169 B:92 #00A95C PMS. and use the palette to create brilliant communications for any customer in any market. black makes every other color in the system glow. 2995 C:95 M:5 Y:5 K:0 R:0 G:168 B:223 #00A8DF 367 C:50 M:0 Y:95 K:0 R:140 G:199 B:71 #8CC747 632 C:90 M:0 Y:40 K:0 R:0 G:175 B:173 #00AFAD 2726 C:85 M:90 Y:0 K:0 R:77 G:63 B:153 #4D3F99 2925 C:95 M:50 Y:0 K:0 R:0 G:115 B:188 #0073BC . 715 C:0 M:55 Y:95 K:0 R:246 G:139 B:40 #F68B28 711 C:10 M:100 Y:100 K:0 R:218 G:33 B:40 #DA2128 1925 C:5 M:100 Y:60 K:0 R:226 G:27 B:82 #E21B52 225 C:5 M:95 Y:0 K:0 R:225 G:41 B:145 #E12991 108 C:0 M:5 Y:95 K:0 R:255 G:231 B:16 #FFE710 248 C:45 M:100 Y:0 K:0 R:154 G:37 B:143 #9A258F COOL GRAY 11 C:50 M:40 Y:40 K:75 R:50 G:53 B:53 #323535 429 C:20 M:15 Y:15 K:30 R:152 G:154 B:155 #989A9B 877 METALLIC SILVER SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR PRINTED MATERIALS PANTONE WHITE C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0 R:255 G:255 B:255 #FFFFFF It all starts with black. From there. CMYK and RGB swatch exchange (. That way. Pick your colors carefully and deliberately.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Colors 24 Colors 25 PROCESS BLACK C:60 M:50 Y:50 K:100 R:0 G:0 B:0 #000000 BlackBerry users come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Clean. strong and grounding. you’ll have lots of options to keep the brand fresh over time. Our color palette reflects that multifaceted diversity. Consider your audience carefully.ASE) files are available in the Toolkit. you can choose just the right color to convey the emotion you want to communicate.

INDD) files in the Toolkit. you can also crank up your design with gradients. Reflecting the dynamic energy of the brand. c:10 m:100 y:100 k:0 Midpoint 55% c:5 m:95 y:0 k:0 c:95 m:5 y:5 k:0 Midpoint 45% c:85 m:90 y:0 k:0 c:95 m:5 y:5 k:0 Midpoint 55% c:90 m:0 y:40 k:0 CMYK and RGB gradient swatches are available as InDesign (. Gradients Once you’ve chosen your palette. Like the color swatches.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Gradients c:0 m:5 y:95 k:0 Midpoint 50% c:10 m:100 y:100 k:0 c:0 m:55 y:95 k:0 26 c:0 m:5 y:95 k:0 Midpoint 40% c:10 m:100 y:100 k:0 27 Midpoint 50% c:95 m:0 y:90 k:0 c:50 m:0 y:95 k:0 Midpoint 55% c:95 m:0 y:90 k:0 c:10 m:100 y:100 k:0 Midpoint 60% c:45 m:100 y:0 k:0 Don’t use more than one gradient at a time. Apply gradients to headlines horizontally. . so finding the right one is easy. they’re based on classic color theory. these vivid and vibrant treatments help emphasize key content.

Try to match your selection to the mood of the piece you’re working on. cool colors or neutrals. Like a well-crafted BlackBerry device. the colors should feel just right. The finishes. C:95 M:5 Y:5 K:0 Midpoint 45% C:85 M:90 Y:0 K:0 c:0 m:5 y:95 k:0 Midpoint 50% c:95 m:0 y:90 k:0 . 2995 C:95 M:5 Y:5 K:0 R:0 G:168 B:223 #00A8DF 339 C:95 M:0 Y:90 K:0 R:0 G:169 B:92 #00A95C 367 C:50 M:0 Y:95 K:0 R:140 G:199 B:71 #8CC747 2925 C:95 M:50 Y:0 K:0 R:0 G:115 B:188 #0073BC 108 C:0 M:5 Y:95 K:0 R:255 G:231 B:16 #FFE710 Use colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Here are a couple of possible color palettes. 29 632 C:90 M:0 Y:40 K:0 R:0 G:175 B:173 #00AFAD Choose analogous colors and imagery to achieve subtle. Go to the Examples section to see how this theory works in practice. They all add up to a sophisticated experience. The materials. you can’t help but notice the details. The shape of the keys.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Palettes 28 Palettes When you look at a BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. harmonious effects. For example. Your color choices should reflect the same sensibility. warm colors.

but not slick. Trade Gothic Next Regular can be used if technical constraints dictate. Typography makes a powerful design element. review the sections on Open space and The grid. You can even stack it. 30 31 Typography The BlackBerry brand speaks with a clear. but not cold. Trade Gothic Next Bold should be reserved for emphasis. . That’s why Trade Gothic Next is the chosen typeface. professional. Arial is an acceptable substitute. color and weight to help lay out information in a clear. interesting way. You can orient it left to right. Use size. For thoughts on organizing information. It strikes a balance between a classic feel and modern lines – clean. confident voice. Condensed Condensed Italic Light Light Italic regular Italic Bold Bold Italic When system fonts are the only available option. or up and down. and see the examples throughout this guide. The complete licensed typeface is available upon request from the BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team. You’ll need to organize your type hierarchically. but avoid overuse.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – Typography BOLd regular LIGHT Trade Gothic Next Light is the preferred typeface for all communications materials.

What makes BlackBerry so popular is that it brings people together. 33 The grid Grids are vast and varied in their design. A grid works much the same with design elements. Use it to create dynamic layouts. You can download sample files as your starting point. As a general rule. Visit the Examples section to see finished artwork on set grids. . even when they’re apart. It gives you the freedom to create dynamic layouts. Avoid checkerboard arrangements. with the confidence that an underlying structure is in place to keep things in order.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Basics – The grid 32 A grid provides a framework for exploration. choose an even number of columns equivalent to about half your document’s size in inches or feet.

The brand comes with elements that will help you convey the full range of experiences that BlackBerry has to offer. going beyond smartphones and tablets to applications and services. . BlackBerry lets you take life to go.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Elements – Overview 34 Elements 36 38 Multistreams Supergraphics 35 Elements Only BlackBerry gives you a complete social experience.

sophisticated effects. Multistreams . 36 Multistreams represent the smooth. other options are available and can be used as appropriate. Let it bleed off the edge of the page. Use cool multistreams whenever possible. 37 You can scale and crop the multistream to fit your page. Use the provided multistreams to create rich.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Elements – Multistreams Use the multistream as a full-page background only. be sure to include at least one complete packet. constant transfer of information. However. but it should never be sliced up or altered. which makes them a unique and powerful background element. When you crop it. You can find both high and low contrast multistreams in the Toolkit.

Check the Toolkit for the latest. 39 . Like any other BlackBerry asset. don’t alter a provided supergraphic in any way. app or service.Supergraphics 38 The supergraphics library is constantly growing. Hence. Just ensure enough of the graphic is visible to make it identifiable. it’s okay to crop them. and make sure it’s the appropriate one for the service or feature being promoted. supergraphics. Sometimes a big idea deserves a big graphic. a supergraphic is a piece of art that promotes a particular BlackBerry feature. It’s the star of the layout. In BlackBerry terms. Go ahead – make it big! BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Elements – Supergraphics Since you can use supergraphics like photography. the dominant visual element. Only use one supergraphic at a time.

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Overview Photography 42 46 50 52 56 Device imagery Lifestyle Photoshoots Usage Contextual 40 41 Photography BlackBerry device imagery is photorealistic. you’re witnessing the passion of someone who is immersed in the moment. Add lifestyle. eye-level look into our customers’ experience that we strive for in every piece of communication. usage and contextual imagery to bring the BlackBerry story to life. doing real things. They show people in real situations. It’s that compassionate. to highlight the thoughtful design and attention to detail. Which is why BlackBerry images look and feel so photojournalistic. . When you watch a typical BlackBerry user.

That’s why our images show BlackBerry devices at their best.Device imagery 42 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – device imagery 43 BlackBerry smartphones and tablets drive the BlackBerry experience. and use them according to these guidelines. . Respect them. sophisticated products are the link between our customers’ ambitions and reality. These sculpted.

as shown throughout this guide. Composite images In instances where you need to stitch two images together. Avoid distracting lighting effects such as lens flares. but the front view is preferred. Check out the Toolkit to find samples you can use as a starting point. gray or white background. There are multiple image angles for every device. Use a background that provides enough contrast to make the device visible. Be sure to accurately depict relative scale. Check the Toolkit for the latest selection. . You can also add subtle atmospheric background lighting to suit the layout. just don’t alter or distort it. You can feature a device on a black. feel free to add realistic shading to indicate device overlap and depth. Devices can also be artfully cropped and used as a supporting element.Device imagery 44 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – device imagery 45 Close cropped You can close crop an image.

. always moving forward with passion and energy. That sense of purposeful momentum should be captured in every lifestyle image you select.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Lifestyle 46 47 Lifestyle BlackBerry people are doers.

doing. and the imagery you select should reflect that. laughing. BlackBerry images have a narrative. BlackBerry users aren’t passive.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Lifestyle 48 Lifestyle 49 Every image should capture a moment – sharing. Even in a group shot. an individual story should always stand out. .

not heavy. it should be in sharp focus. Backgrounds should be unobtrusive. a narrative feel and a depth of composition that includes fore. coach the model to gently cradle it. Location Locations should represent BlackBerry users in their natural environments. restaurants. offices.Photoshoots 50 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Photoshoots 51 If you’re directing a shoot. If it’s part of a larger composition. lighting effects or lens flares. polished but not slick. Makeup should be natural. ambient look. streets. But the device should still be recognizable. urban transportation and concerts. think reportage: natural lighting. . Avoid grasping “claw hand” poses. a slight blur is fine. Lighting Use strobes or available light to achieve a natural. Devices When a device is the subject. Styling Choose casual or business wardrobes that reflect BlackBerry users: urban. homes. When showing a device in hand. Keep the locations universal: cafés. put-together. the setting should contribute to the story. middle and background. Urban and contemporary. Avoid strong color casts.

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Usage 52 Usage 53 Usage imagery is similar in tone to lifestyle photography. These images should showcase BlackBerry products as a conduit to collaboration. but it’s focused on devices. .

. use shallow depth of field and interesting composition to isolate and accentuate BlackBerry devices. with devices as the focal point.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Usage 54 Usage 55 Usage images should have a candid feel. In keeping with all other BlackBerry photography.

let contextual photography advance the story or idea. 57 . It’s a great way to give your layout an editorial feel and some added visual richness.Contextual 56 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Contextual When you’re creating a longer piece. Just don’t use contextual images alone.

Choose images that feature natural lighting and avoid a staged. Use contextual photography to advance a narrative – it doesn’t take the place of lifestyle photography. stock photo look. .Contextual 58 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Photography – Contextual 59 Organic compositions and artful cropping will complement the precision of the underlying grid.

environmental and more. .BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Overview 60 Examples 62 70 74 78 82 84 86 90 92 94 96 98 Posters Single page brochure Small brochure Large brochure Vertical collateral Stationery Environmental Packaging Presentations Promo items Digital marketing Before you press Submit 61 Examples Let’s see BlackBerry design in action. Use these as a starting point to guide your way. This section shows examples of tactics across the spectrum – print. Please note: the text included in these examples is placeholder only. you can find a complete set of support files for many examples in the Toolkit. When you’re ready to begin. with all the pieces working together.

Keep headlines brief and provide a clear call to action. Don’t clutter the poster with too many details. Track 0 White Legal Trade Gothic Next Light 9. Track 0 White Supergraphic BBM Logo Preferred white version placed bottom right. So stick to one clear message. like online and in-store collateral.5" margins 0. spanning two columns 63 As you design posters for Specs 22"x 28" BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Posters Grid 6x10 1. .5/10.375" gutter Headline Trade Gothic Next Light 160/160. The poster is there to get a viewer’s attention. Track 0 White Call to action Trade Gothic Next Light 31/40. to tell the full story. Allow other media. Track -10 Blue gradient Subhead Trade Gothic Next Light 38/52.Posters 62 Project BBM™ 6 Poster File name BBM6_Poster_Sample_01. remember: the average time it takes a person to pass a poster or billboard is about 3 seconds.

match headline gradients to the product.Posters 64 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Posters 65 Sample device poster 1 Sample device poster 3 Each BlackBerry device comes with its own unique palette. . Check with the BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team to ensure you’re using the correct palette for that particular Sample device poster 2 Sample device poster 4 Device_Poster_Sample_04. When you’re creating a device-specific piece.

zip Supergraphic posters This series of examples shows variations on a supergraphicbased poster. you don’t always have to include a headline.Posters 66 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Posters 67 Sample supergraphic poster 1 Supergraphic_Poster_Sample_01. Note the use of backgrounds and Sample supergraphic poster 2 Supergraphic_Poster_Sample_02. As shown in the BBM poster on the right. If you’re creating a retail poster for an iconic BlackBerry product or . you can let the graphic speak for itself. The brand-approved elements give you the flexibility to go from classic to youthful and create the right mood for your Sample supergraphic poster 4 Supergraphic_Poster_Sample_04. Sample supergraphic poster 3 Supergraphic_Poster_Sample_03.

And be sure to accurately depict relative scale when you stitch device images Sample campaign poster 2 Campaign_Poster_Sample_02. If you’re working on a campaign that uses exceptions to the guidelines. which exist outside of BlackBerry brand requirements. Once they’re approved. background effect and pattern. For example. the BlackBerry PlayBook™ poster (above) features a special gradient. . Campaign posters Some BlackBerry products come with their own campaign Sample portfolio poster 2 Sample campaign poster 1 Campaign_Poster_Sample_01. remember: all the devices need to be in sharp focus. use those unique elements consistently. speak with the BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team for direction.Posters 68 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Posters 69 Sample portfolio poster 1 When you’re creating a portfolio poster.

75"x 8. Project BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 Pre-Purchase Brochure File name Specs 3.375" margins 0. White Logo BlackBerry Curve white version placed bottom right. spanning two columns The gate fold brochure is usually the first long-copy piece a BlackBerry customer will see. Designed to educate about a product or service. Track 0 Purple gradient Subhead Trade Gothic Next Bold 12/14.Single page brochure 70 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Single page brochure 71 Grid 4x8 0. Track 0 White Legal Trade Gothic Next Light 5/7 Track 0 . Track 0 C:45 M:100 Y:0 K:0 Body copy Trade Gothic Next Light 8/14. It provides an opportunity to showcase a new device at actual size.125" gutter Headline Trade Gothic Next Light 46/46. this brochure should be brief and engaging.5" finished .

zip Sample BlackBerry Curve 9360 pre-purchase brochure 4 Brochure_Sample_04. three panel or four panel – you can vary the design according to the amount of content you’re laying 73 Sample BlackBerry Curve 9360 pre-purchase brochure 2 .Single page brochure 72 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Single page brochure Sample BBM Music brochure Slim jim brochures can be single fold. Sample BlackBerry Curve 9360 pre-purchase brochure 3 Brochure_Sample_03.

Small brochure 74 Project BlackBerry® Torch™ 9850 Post-Purchase Brochure File name Brochure_Sample_06.3" margin top 0. Track 0 White Legal Trade Gothic Next Light 4/6. .17" gutter Headline Trade Gothic Next Light 18/22.5" margin bottom 0.3" margin inside 0. placed top right Small brochures tend to be saddle-stitched pieces. Track 5 White Logo BlackBerry Torch white version on cover. Track 0 C:90 M:0 Y:90 K:0 Body copy Trade Gothic Next Light 8/ Specs 5"x 5" finished BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Small brochure 75 Grid 6x5 0.3" margin outside 0. rich with information. Track 0 Green gradient Subhead Trade Gothic Next Light 10/12. Use the elements to create dynamic layouts that strike a balance between consistency and pacing.

Small brochure 76 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Small brochure 77 Sample BlackBerry Torch 9850 post-purchase brochure Create an editorial feel by using composites and lifestyle imagery to break up long streams of copy. .

which tend to be produced for enterprise or technical audiences.25" gutter Headline Trade Gothic Next Light 40/42.5" margin top 0. Track -10 Blue gradient Body copy Trade Gothic Next Light 9/12. placed top left This format works best for business-to-business documents. Track 0 White Logo Preferred white version on cover.5" margin outside 0.75" margin bottom 0. Track 0 White Legal Trade Gothic Next Light 5/6.5"x11" finished BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Large brochure 79 Grid 6x8 0. Since these brochures and white papers are often mailed to customers and filed after they have been read. Track 0 C:95 M:5 Y:5 K:0 . Subhead Trade Gothic Next Light 12/15.Large brochure 78 Project Enterprise Brochure File name Specs 8. design them to standard sizes.75" margin inside 0.

Large brochure Sample Enterprise brochure 80 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Large brochure 81 .

5"x11" BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Vertical collateral Grid 4x6 0. infrastructure and small-to-medium sized businesses. Track 0 C:95 M:5 Y:5 K:0 Subhead Trade Gothic Next Bold 16/18. Track 0 White Callout Trade Gothic Next Light 8/11.5" margins 0. manufacturing. “Verticals” refer to specific industries BlackBerry serves. Use relevant stock photography consistent with the photography guidelines. BlackBerry promotes its vertical solutions with creative geared towards each industry.1875" gutter Headline Trade Gothic Next Light 49/49.Vertical collateral 82 Project Healthcare Vertical Sheet File name Verticals_Sample_01. such as healthcare. .zip Specs 8. placed top right 83 Like all brochures. Track 0 C:20 M:15 Y:15 K:30 Legal Trade Gothic Next Light 5/7. government. Track 0 C:20 M:15 Y:15 K:30 Logo Preferred white version. Track 0 C:95 M:5 Y:5 K:0 Body copy Trade Gothic Next Light 9/14. financial services. vertical creative can be content rich.

And avoid a wide column. Word templates are available on go/brand . The stationery system has been designed to project a professional and precise image. Use the standard business letter format for all correspondence. Use it whenever you communicate on behalf of the brand. Choose Trade Gothic Next or Arial as your font. as it makes lengthy letters difficult to read.Stationery 84 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Stationery 85 BlackBerry is a global brand that needs to have a consistent voice.

These high profile pieces need to follow the rules for the space or venue they will appear in. like posters. such as height and placement restrictions. And. BlackBerry colors. any message you include needs to be short and inspirational. typefaces and logo treatments work for environmental creative as well.Environmental 86 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Environmental 87 Environmental creative includes event displays. . booths and installations.

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Environmental 89 Trade show – Enterprise Office environments – supergraphics Special event pavillion – sponsorships Trade show – consumer Public space/retail – demo installation Trade show – Enterprise Retail display Trade show – large installation Trade shows. corporate offices.Environmental 88 As you create environmental installations. . retail settings. bold and graphically simple designs to achieve life-sized impact. public spaces and special events – there are endless opportunities to create a powerful presence with the BlackBerry brand. Explore your options within the brand design system. the location and the event. go for big. Use the appropriate mix of elements to tailor your piece to the audience.

BlackBerry PlayBook packaging (above). . Every surface needs to look and feel like BlackBerry.Packaging 90 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Packaging 91 All BlackBerry product and accessory packaging is designed and approved by Industrial Design and Brand. BlackBerry Curve gift package (right). Every design for packaging should have a three-dimensional flow.

As you design in Microsoft® PowerPoint® keep in mind . 93 16x9 television screen template 4x3 computer screen template . including 4x3 for computers and 16x9 for flat screen monitors. So make sure the minimum type size isn’t too small – especially if you’re using reverse type. that people often print PowerPoint presentations as hard copy handouts.Presentations 92 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Presentations The Toolkit includes a complete set of presentation templates to suit your project.

Purposeful products that reflect the brand personality and quality. and offer a full range of options to meet your needs. the BlackBerry Promo Shop has a full range of new promotional products designed by the Industrial Design and Brand teams. lanyards to leather goods.Promo items 94 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Promo items From BlackBerry branded t-shirts to pens. The products are designed with the BlackBerry brand assets. 95 blackberrypromoshop. The effort is to ensure all promotional products are ordered from the Promo Shop in order to maintain brand consistency .

Digital marketing 96 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – digital marketing Brand identity module and guidelines for digital marketing are being developed and will be published shortly. 97 .

If nothing stands out. consider omitting it. the layout is probably too busy. here are a few questions to consider before you send your work for review. Keeping that in mind. . To help speed approvals along. ask yourself: does the layout invite viewers in? Does it reflect the brand’s energy? Is the overall tone optimistic and authentic? Does it have an interesting flow? Do the elements work together in a way that leads the eye? Is the copy clear and engaging? If it’s a longer piece. would it still look like our brand? The elements – and the way they’re laid out – should convey BlackBerry on every page. surface or screen. 99 Does it feel like BlackBerry? BlackBerry is open. have you tried varying backgrounds and typography to keep it fresh? Before you press Submit All BlackBerry creative needs to be reviewed and approved by the BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team. So if there’s something you can remove without any loss of comprehension or impact. inclusive and fearless.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Examples – Before you press Submit 98 Does it look like BlackBerry? If the logos and trademarks were removed from your piece. Is every element there for a reason? Here’s an easy test: Look at your layout for five seconds.

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Toolkit – Overview 100 Toolkit 102 Contents and availablility 101 Toolkit Ready to get started? The Toolkit includes many of the elements described in this guide. It also contains working files that correspond to many of the pieces featured in the Examples section. .

supergraphics or a particular swatch? It’s all in the BlackBerry Brand Toolkit. And check back often for any additions or updates. Just email the BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team at brand@rim. approved for access. 103 Lifestyle imagery Device imagery Swatch files Usage imagery Contextual imagery Gradients Logos Multistreams Trade Gothic Next is available upon request from the BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team. Microsoft PowerPoint templates The Toolkit is the place for everything BlackBerry brand related.Toolkit 102 BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Toolkit – Contents and availability Contents and availability Looking for fonts. Typeface Supergraphics Examples .

BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Legal – Overview 104 Legal 106 Approval process 107 Trademarks 105 Legal Throughout this guide. It’ll make for a strong brand. we’ve talked about the BlackBerry brand as a living entity. with its own personality and beliefs. It also has a trusted reputation. . we’re asking politely) follow the instructions in the next section carefully. So please (yes. And it’ll keep our lawyers happy. Trademarks and naming conventions protect that reputation.

.com Region selection will ensure the correct team reviews your and for EMEA. the Middle East and Africa via the automated brand approval system dropbox on blackberryapprovals. trade names or domain names that are confusingly similar to RIM trademarks. Latin America. Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the review process to Research In Motion® (RIM®) owns the BlackBerry trademark and other trademarks. any use of RIM trademarks in a manner that is inconsistent with these guidelines. Any direct queries for NA. by email. is prohibited. LATAM or APAC are to be submitted. These trademarks symbolize our reputation and goodwill. Submit all materials about the use of RIM marks for North America. to brandemea@rim. including the use of for a full listing of trademarks. These general guidelines address the permissible use of RIM trademarks in text by third parties. the BlackBerry logo or imagery prior to it being released. The trademarks to which these guidelines apply are listed on the RIM trademark list. and serve to uniquely identify our products and services. Please visit blackberry. collateral or promotional materials containing RIM marks. Asia Pacific. Europe. to brand@rim. Without express written authorization by RIM.BlackBerry Brand Guidelines Legal – Trademarks 106 Approval process Trademarks 107 The BlackBerry Brand Marketing Team needs to review and approve the content of any advertisement.

BlackBerry. .S.© 2011 Research In Motion Limited. ® All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Research In Motion® and related trademarks.® RIM. and countries around the world. names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.