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Company service Evaluation. (MANG-INASAL) by Geraldine P.

Balbada There’s no doubt that every Filipinos love grilled food like chicken and p ork. That’s why there are so many food company offers these dishes but there’s only one that stood out and reach most of Filipinos senses in choosing a family orien ted restaurants or food chains, the Mang-Inasal. The man behind Mang-Inasal is Edgar ”Injap” Sia II. One of the “Philippine 40th richest” of Forbes Asia magazine and he owns the 40th spot last year. He founded the successful food chain 9 years ago. And it becomes third-largest food-chain i n the country ( Mang-Inasal is one of the fast growing food companies in the Philippin es because of its own uniqueness and ambiance. Unlike any other international fo od companies, Mang-Inasal sticks on its own essentials in bringing different Fil ipino dishes in different parts of our country, especially the ilonggo culinary culture where grilling pork and chicken are their bestsellers. From the Mang-Inasal home page says that; Their Vision is to be the pr eferred quick service restaurant of every pinoy everywhere. This is a truth. Bec ause there are 445 branches of M-I with 10,000 employees nationwide and wherever city you go especially in manila you can expect that there are Mang-Inasal bran ch/es. And their Mission is to consistently provide their customers a great pino y dining experience. The way I perceived Mang-Inasal you can really say that it is a “pang-masa” restaurant because it reminds us and bring us closer to our culture in the kitchen and when we are eating, for instance; eating “ng nakakamay”, using b anana leaves as a rice wrappers, marinates their dishes with local spices and ev en serve Filipino desserts such as sorbetes, sweet lumpia and turon etc. This fo od company really knows what the Filipinos wants and desired. And its ambiance i s great, it’s like you’re in a modern fiesta, the food is local from provinces and y ou can feel at home and not bothering others in seeing you eating with your fing ers. Also in their home page says that; “Mang Inasal is proud to do its share in alleviating the unemployment burden o f the country. It is effectively stimulating economic activities in communities where branches are situated. Local suppliers of calamansi, charcoal, banana leav es, sorbeteros, vegetables, fish, bamboo sticks, and other ingredients, as well as LGU’s, trisikad (pedicab) drivers, and a host of other enterprises are benefite d by the presence of Mang Inasal in their area.” In which I can see is true. They are not only expanding without a cost or benefits to others, especially on the Philippines economy and culture. Their target audience are Groups of people; it might be family, students, workers, lov ers etc. it is all for all age and in all occasion. Their endorsements are pretty good too, Disseminated in places like malls and universities using fliers and billboards. That is effective especially in un iversities and high schools. They also have TV commercials and even see them in Music video like the song of 1 43 “sa isang sulyap mo”.