NO to Hantz Woodlands - YES to Community Land Trust

What’s the issue?
  Businessman  John  Hantz  is  attempting  to  purchase  1900  lots  (180  Acres)  of  public  land  in  your   neighborhood  for  use  as  an  industrial  tree  farm  -­‐  Hantz  Woodlands.    

What’s the problem?
• Violates  the  state  constitution  and  the  City  Charter.  Hantz  is  purchasing  land  for  $300   per  lot  when  estimated  fair  market  value  is  $2,100-­‐$2,700  per  lot.  Has  Hantz  made  you  an  offer  for   your  land?  Is  it  fair  market  value??   • Sets  a  precedent  for  future  land  sales.  This  is  the  biggest  land  sale  in  Detroit  history!!     Hantz’s  original  plan  was  2,000  acres  –  will  he  stop  at  180  acres?   • Priority  given  to  corporations,  over  community.  Citizens  meet  resistance  from  city  when   buying  lots,  while  Hantz  is  dangerously  close  to  buying  up  1900  lots  in  one  deal.   • No  commitment  to  community  benefits.  Hantz  has  no  obligation  to  the  long-­‐term  wellbeing   of  the  community,  this  generation  or  the  next.   • Negative  health  effects.  Exposure  to  pesticides  can  cause  cancer,  birth  defects,  and  increase   asthma  symptoms!!  Also  environmental  risks.   • Lack  of  awareness.  The  community  has  intentionally  been  kept  in  the  dark.  This  plan  has  been  in   the  works  for  3  years  yet  most  residents  are  unaware.  Now  you  know,  don’t  be  silent!   • Continues  tradition  of  displacement  and  disenfranchisement!!  At  this  point   homeowners  are  not  being  directly  forced  out,  but  there  are  concerns  that  this  could  be  a  long-­‐term   displacement  strategy.  Think  South  Jefferson.      

What’s the alternative?
  Set  up  a  Community  Land  Trust  (CLT)  overseen  by  a  Neighborhood  Council  to  ensure   community  benefits  and  keep  land  in  the  hands  of  the  people.  “CLT’s  balance  the  needs  of  individuals  to   access  land  and  maintain  security  of  tenure  with  a  community’s  need  to  maintain  affordability,  economic   diversity  and  local  access  to  essential  services.”  (Source:  Wikipedia)  

What can YOU do?

Call. Write. Show Up. Speak Out!

**Call  or  write  to  the  Mayor  and  City  Council.  **Sign  the  Petition  by  the  People  against  Hantz  Woodlands.   **Share  YOUR  story,  make  YOUR  perspective  heard.  (Call  313  345-­‐4469  for  a  video  interview)       #WELiveHere                                   #landmemories   Attend  the  Public  Hearing!!!       Monday  December  10th     East  Lake  Baptist  Church     (12400  E.  Jefferson  at  Conner)       Rally  at  5pm      Hearing  at  6pm     Call  (313)  355-­2009  for           transportation  requests        

Be  there  or  be  square!    


Detroit  City  Council  
bold  council  members  are  undecided,  focus  your  efforts!     CHARLES  PUGH  -­  undecided        (313)  224-­‐4510     GARY  BROWN  –  supports  Hantz      (313)  224-­‐2450     SAUNTEEL  JENKINS  –  supports  Hantz      (313)  224-­‐4248     KENNETH  V.  COCKREL,  JRc–  undecided       (313)  224-­‐4505     BRENDA  JONES  –  undecided      (313)  224-­‐1245                     ANDRÉ  L.  SPIVEY  -­  undecided        (313)  224-­‐4841                                     JAMES  TATE    -­  undecided   (313)  224-­‐1027       KWAME  KENYATTA  –  against  Hantz      (313)  224-­‐1198      K-­‐       JOANN  WATSON  –  against  Hantz   (313)  224-­‐4535    

Mayor’s  Office  

Dave  Bing  (313)  224-­‐3400   

Planning  and  Development  Dept  
Robert  Anderson  (Director)     (313)  224-­‐6380  


John  Hantz  

Food  Justice  Taskforce  
against  Hantz,     for  community  land  trust   (313)  355-­2009  



Please, share this information with neighbors and attend the public hearing Dec 10th!!       #HANTZOFF     #LANDGRAB   #DETROITFUTURE