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Shemot 2013
This week we begin on a new adventure as we start our studies in a new book during the Torah cycle, we’ve now entered into the book of Exodus or Shemot. This portion, Shemot/”Names”, covers Exodus 1:1-6:1 and not only does the title of “Shemot” apply to the portion itself, but the entire book as well. This portion begins with the children of Israel enslaved in Egypt under a Pharaoh who “knew not Joseph” and we find that this becomes the pattern for today as well. Joseph has been forgotten not only by the world leaders of today but by those who call themselves believers as well, yet the bones will be gathered again in anticipation of the deliverer! Exodus 1:1 -

‫ואלה שמות בְֵ ישראל הבאים‬ ִ ָ ַ ֵ ָ ְ ִ ‫ְ ֵ ֶ ְ ֹ ני‬ ‫– מצרָמה את יעקב איש ו ֵ ֹ באו‬ ‫ִ ְ יְ ָ ֵ ַ ֲ ֹ ִ ביתו‬

Ve’elleh shemot beney Yisra’el haba’im Mitsraymah et Ya’akov ish uveyto ba’u. In Hebrew there are 11 words and 44 letters (44 = 11 x 4), and the total value/gematria of the entire verse = 3,161 (3 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 11). 11 = ‫ כ‬palm of the hand, soles of the feet, represents authority; carries the same meaning as Strong’s #6446 pac ‫ פס‬flat of the hand or foot, palm, sole (*This term is normally translated as “colors” as in Joseph’s coat of many colors/pas) →44 = ‫ מד‬mad (#4055) measure, cloth garment – Could this be dealing in some way with a “garment” representing the authority and power then resting upon the wearer, just as Joseph’s coat marked him as the one who had been invested with the authority to direct the house in Torah? And it is those that choose to come up under this garment that are then counted as being in the lineage of Israel! 11 = the number that marks disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration; yet in the midst of the slavery and bondage that Israel finds themselves within that has brought disorder to the house, we’re reminded of Yahweh’s intent to restore the authority! *As we continue looking at the number 11, it’s interesting to note that Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob, the one who wore the garment and that is “unknown” to the current Pharaoh. He also spent 11 years in Potiphar’s house (sold when 17 years old, 30 years old when he stands before Pharaoh, spends → 30 – 17 = 13 years, 13 – 2 years spent in prison = 11 years in Potiphar’s house). 1

Genesis 39:11 – 15 Left: Strong’s #5800 ‘azab 1 ‫ )עזב‬to leave, loose, forsake 2) to restore, repair; to loosen bands, to let go a beast from its bonds → Joseph leaves/forsakes one “garment” in order for another to be restored and repaired, and by doing so he becomes released from his bonds! Here we find Israel as well, it seems, being prodded to remove one garment (their bondage in Egypt) in order for something else to be restored! *1st reference of ‘azab ‫ עזב‬is in Genesis 2:24 – “Therefore shall a man leave/’azab his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they be one flesh.” – the whole purpose of their coming out and “leaving”/’azab this behind is in order for them to cleave unto their true husband, becoming one flesh. The term ‘azab ‫ עזב‬shares the same root as #2101 zowb ‫ זוב‬a flow, discharge, issue (menstrual flow); from #2100 zuwb ‫ זוב‬to flow, gush, issue (*1st used in Exodus 3:8 – “And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing/zuwb with milk and honey.”) →The failure to remove this garment leaves the Bride in a state of uncleanness, with a menstrual flow/niddah, but if they will be obedient the promise is to bring them to a land that flows with milk and honey instead! Milk: Strong’s #2461 chalab ‫ חלב‬milk, sour milk, cheese; from #2459 cheleb ‫ חלב‬fat, the best part, fat was Yahweh’s part of an offering) → ‫= חל‬ profane, common + ‫ = לב‬heart; a profaned heart; Psalm 119:70 – “Their heart/lev is as fat as grease/cheleb; but I delight in thy law/Torah.” *How could one with a profaned heart, who has ceased to delight in the Torah be brought to the land that flows with milk and honey, given the best part? Gematria = 40, number associated with trials and testing, a purging – already foretelling the 40 years in the wilderness that would test and purge the house in order for their hearts to become pure again! Honey: Strong’s #1706 debash ‫ דבש‬honey; symbol of richness and fertility; 2 letter root ‫ = בש‬shame; gematria = 306, same as ‘ishshah ‫ אשה‬wife & kephowr #3713) ‫ )כפור‬cup, bowl, basin → ‫ = כפר‬to cover, purge, make reconciliation, make an atonement; inserted in the middle is the ‫ = ו‬the Messiah who becomes the connector. *At the culmination of the 40 years, they would then be ready to become the ‘ishshah/the Bride of the Messiah, having their shame removed and having been kaphared/covered with a new garment! 2

The phrase “milk and honey” is often used specifically in reference to the Promised Land. The 2 terms together in a verse are seen a total of 22 times – just like the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alephbet! (22 = 11 x 2). Since this is dealing with the land, it’s important to note that the land (just like the Temple) forms a man laid out on the earth. What we know as “Israel” today forms the head of the man, his legs would be formed by the twin mountains of Horeb and Sinai in Saudi Arabia. →The man laid out on the earth is pointing towards the Messiah, the Word made flesh (AlephBet) who became the ‫ ו‬or connector that would cover us/kaphar. So we find that by taking them out of Egypt, He’s bringing them to the land → the Messiah in order for them to cleave and become one flesh! In order for this to happen their Egyptian garment is being removed (just like Joseph) in order to put on the language/garment of His WORD! He’s taking the Bride whose heart had grown dull, the one who had profaned herself and become clothed in shame and sending her through a time of testing and purging (40) in order for her to become fertile and reconciled to Him again! Notice the connections that are beginning to evolve – the land that flows with milk and honey, the Messiah (man laid out) that would offer a new garment, and the Hebrew language (milk and honey seen in 22 verses) are all intricately connected! Is it any wonder that the plan of the enemy is to divide the land of Israel? In other words, to divide the covering of the Bride exposing her to shame and once again causing the language/the Word that brings order (22) to chaos (11) to be removed. *By the way, the 11th chapter of the Torah deals with the language (the garment) being divided (Gen. 11 – Tower of Babel). It’s also interesting to note that with the plan being to divide the land (symbolic of the garment/covering), the physical garments of the Messiah also had a potential to be divided, yet instead lots were cast for it. John 19:24 – “They said therefore among themselves, Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be: that the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, They parted my raiment among them, and for my vesture they did cast lots. These things therefore the soldiers did.” Psalm 22:18 – “They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.” *Notice the 22nd chapter of Psalms = 22 letters, this verse has 29 letters in the Hebrew → 2 + 9 = 11 Part: Strong’s #2505 chalaq ‫ חלק‬to divide, share, plunder, allot, apportion, assign


Lot: Strong’s #1486 gowral ‫ גורל‬lot, portion; casting lots was part of the Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement ceremony when the people were covered, and the same phrase “chalaq gowral” is used in connection with the Promised Land as well → Numbers 26:55 – “Notwithstanding the land shall be divided/chalaq by lot/gowral: according to the names/shemot of the tribes of their fathers they shall inherit.” *The land/the language/the garment offered the Bride is to be the inheritance of the shemot/the names listed here that would come out of Egypt! Yet we find that the way the enemy has operated from day 1 was to divide this garment and therefore expose the Bride to shame. 1) In Genesis 3 the garment of light is removed by the serpent, exposing Adam and Eve to shame, and they hid themselves. Hid: #2244 chaba’ ‫ חבא‬gematria = 11 2) Genesis 11 – Tower of Babel, the language is divided, yet the line of Shem (the name) is entrusted with the pure language/the garment! 3) Joseph, the 11th son, is entrusted with the garment (Coat of Many Colors) but the garment is removed by the brothers 4) This Torah portion Shemot, starting with 11 words, opens up with the shemot/the names who are at this point shamed by Pharaoh, yet we find that Yahweh is preparing to restore their garment 5) Yahshua’s physical garment is taken from Him, yet He becomes the man laid out on the earth to bring the atonement/kaphar 6) In the end days the land of Israel will be divided – the garment torn again! Joel 3:1-2 – “For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and [for] my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.” After now looking at the significance of what it means to divide the land, literally it’s the garment being torn again, it’s as if the Vav Man/Messiah is being divided, and as part of the company that seeks to make up the Bride, what then is our responsibility to not be put to shame when these prophecies are fulfilled? 2 names are recorded in Exodus 1 of individuals that dared to disobey Pharaoh and therefore keep Israel alive in the face of one who would have them divided/torn asunder, the 2 midwives Shiphrah & Puah. Shiphrah: Strong’s #8236 ‫ שפרה‬fair, brightness, beauty; related to the term shofar ‫ שפר‬and also contains the root sapah ‫ שפה‬lip → she became the lips that sounded upon the shofar, the sound of the shofar is compared to the 4

voice of Yahweh! Gematria = 585 Puah: Strong’s #6326 Puw’ah ‫ פועה‬splendid; from an unused root meaning to glitter; ‫ פה‬root = peh/mouth & #6463) ‫ )פעה‬to cry out, groan, sounds uttered in the midst of a woman in labor or giving birth Gematria = 161 585 (Shiphrah) + 161 (Puah) = 746, the gematria of Shemot names! In other words, our responsibility, if we’re to not be put to shame by the coming antimessiah, is to become the mouthpiece that sounds the shofar, speaks forth the Word. And if we will be obedient to do so, to speak the Word, then the Shemot/the names will be birthed again and there will be a group that removes the Egyptian garments of shame for the garments of righteousness! *It’s no accident that the mouth of the man that’s formed by the land of Israel is in the portion that was given to Joseph’s sons (Ephraim & Manasseh)! Remember that Joseph is connected with the number 11, for some it will be chaos, disorder, and disunity, but for those that will speak forth the Word it will be a time when the authority is being restored! In order for the house of Joseph to become this mouthpiece, however, and bring order to chaos, it will require him to remove his Egyptian garments. Having already looked at the term “left” let’s look at garment. Garment: Strong’s #899 beged 1 ‫ )בגד‬treachery, deceit 2) garment, clothing; notice the way it’s spelled – ‫ ב – ג – ד‬It’s the first letters of the Alephbet in order yet missing the very 1st letter ‫ = א‬the strong one, the head of the house (*What’s represented by the land of Israel that we know today – the head of the man), it’s composed by using a diagonal ‫ ו‬and 2 ‫’ י‬s – As long as Joseph stayed in Potiphar’s house, he was divided from the Aleph, the ‫ו‬ man who would connect the 2, connecting us to the Father, would remain unknown to Joseph, and the head would be missing its mouth (the land shape → mouth = territories of Joseph) → there would be no one to cry out keeping the shemot from coming to shame! Potiphar: Strong’s #6318 Powtiphar ‫ פוטיפר‬belonging to the sun; Gematria = 385, same as saphah (#8193) ‫ שפה‬lip, border, shore, brim (as in the border/boundaries of a land) & halashown ‫ הלשן‬the tongue → Potiphar is one who will compromise the language/the tongue as well as the borders of the land! *Factors of 385 = 5 x 7 x 11 5

‫שמות‬ ְֹ

If Joseph will be obedient to come out of his house and remove these garments (associated with sun worship), and once again begin to speak forth the Word that brings order to chaos, then though the antimessiah may divide the physical land/compromise the boundaries, the body of Messiah/the Bride will not be found uncovered and shamed! Instead the loins will be gird with truth!!


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