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Pharmaceutical importance . Spirulina is a better of its exceptional nutritional content. The process involves inoculation of spirulina culture in tanks having mechanized agitators to oxygenate the water.The various uses include Food Supplement . The blue-green algae is removed from water surface and allowed to dry before purification and production of powder by spray drying process.proteins and vitamins . Spirulina is a better source of protein than either beef or soybean. meter surface area of water in a day.customer are willingness to pay for the product is premium price and so high end technology can equally viable as in the case low end .It may be produced in organic form or using chemical fertilizers .Hence it has tremendous growth potential .Therapeutic Value . About 20-25 gm of Spirulina grows in 1.WHO and NASA.minerals .A lot of value added health drinks and products can be generated by using this algae. It is also one source of protein than either beef or soybean. PROJECT PARAMETERS CAPACITY Proposed Capacity of the Plant 12000 Kg Dry Spirulina per annum (12 MT) . It can be produced in very low cost and high cost depending upon the quality standard of infrasture facility . The product is currently being hailed as the superfood of the future because of its exceptional nutritional content.blood deficiency . The PH value of the water may be maintained between 8 to 11 .This algae contain essential amino acid .Internationally .production quality parameters and standarization of product followed .It nutritional value is recognized by UNO.Its regular use can prevent lever diseases.NASA recognize this algae as a space food .This is done by using chemical agent in this regards .Organic products fetch better price in national and international level.diabetics etc .0 sq.This alge will grow at a 25 C to 35 C and sunny days are required for the smooth growth.malnutrion . cardiac vascular diseases . one-celled form of blue-green algae that gets its name from its spiral shape.Commercial Production of Spirulina Algae KSIDC PROJECT PROFILE FOR COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION OF SPIRULINA ALGAE INTRODUCTION Spirulina is a simple. MARKET Huge Market Demand existing at domestic and international level.

This may be either through bore well /other natural sources LOCATION The project is proposed to be located at Life Science Park.The land will have adequate water facility for filling the concrete tank .Quality Checking lab .Spray Drying .Vaccum Packing Machine RAW MATERIALS & UTILITIES The main raw material is Mother Culture of Spirulina Algue .5 acres. PLANT AND MACHINERY The major plant & machineries are Concrete Tanks. Filtter Press .Mechanized Cleaning of BioMass. Thiruvananthapuram. Automatic Agitator .Commercial Production of Spirulina Algae KSIDC LAND The land required for constructing concrete pond .Water is the chief utility required for the project MANPOWER Estimated manpower requirement for the project is 30 Nos COST OF THE PROJECT Land Site Development -Earth Work Building Plant & Machinery Concrete Tank 280 Nos Mechanized Cleaning of BioMass & Bio Mass Collecting Vessels PVC Sheet and Rain Guarding Cost Iron Railing Instrumentation and Automatic Agitator Filter Press Spray Dryer Packing Machine Lab Equipments 3750000 1250000 1875000 5180000 950000 1500000 300000 2800000 1250000 1750000 1500000 1000000 .storage house etc estimated to be 2.plant for drying and packing .

trademark.00 SALES TURNOVER FINANCIAL INDICATORS Particulars NET PROFIT in lakhs BREAK EVEN POINT DEBT SERVICE COVERAGE RATIO INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN 221. process. .00 400.10 30 % 1. or favoring by KSIDC or any entities thereof. Reference herein to any specific commercial product. does not constitute or imply its endorsement. service by trade name. which is indicative in nature.10 Lakhs 36.63 17 % For further details please contact Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. recommendation.Commercial Production of Spirulina Algae KSIDC Utilities Contingencies @ 10 % on Above Interest During Construction Pre-feasibility Study Technical Know-how Mis AssetsDeferred Exp on Brand Building Margin for Working Capital Total 3000000 2610500 4000000 250000 500000 534500 5000000 1000000 40000000 Approximate implementation period is estimated to be 1. or otherwise. Disclaimer: The findings contained in this Project Profile are based on the initial information collated through primary and secondary research. manufacturer.00 200.5 to 2 years MEANS OF FINANCE Rs in Lakhs Equity Term Loan Total 200.

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