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Manipulating Time - China's Extraordainry Human Potential Research

Written By: Danielle Graham

In 2006, I accepted an invitation to visit China and present my experimental research to
an elite yet somewhat mysterious group of scientists. These researchers have dedicated much of their professional careers to the study of extraordinary human potential, driven by a passionate thirst to discover the underlying fabric of reality. Their demeanor was friendly and unassuming yet they held some of China‟s most prestigious and powerful scientific positions. During the first week, I was systematically given a cursory overview of decades of research. Additionally, I chatted at length with Ms. Sun Chulin, asking many questions about her personal experience of the EHF work. Despite considerable language barriers, I was treated as a colleague and granted full access to their experimental research archives, something few if any western researcher has ever been granted. – Danielle Graham

Human ability that defies the known laws of physics has long been of interest not only to the U.S. government, but to other countries as well. During the Cold War years, western intelligence agencies were primarily scope-locked on Russia as a defensive target. However, China was also very active in identifying and exploiting those who exhibited extraordinary skills. Certain factions of the Chinese government had already begun to recognize, select and employ their citizens who were shown to naturally possess exceptional mind-over-matter abilities. But it would be the callous Manipulating Time: China‟s Extraordinary Research Professor Shen Jinchuan and Sun Chulin, Beijing, China actions of the U.S. government during the heinous McCarthy era that would escalate the study of extraordinary yet natural human ability at a national level in China. Between 1936 and 1955, Tsien Hsueshen would receive his PhD at Caltech under the supervision of Dr. von Karmen, develop the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), participate in the Manhattan Project, and earn special recognition as one of the top rocket scientists in the U.S. Despite his brilliant career and obvious commitment, Dr. Tsien was deported to China against his will during McCarthyism. Grant Cooper, the attorney hired by Caltech to defend Dr. Tsien would later state, “That the [U.S.] government permitted this genius, this scientific genius, to be sent to Communist China to pick his brains is one of the tragedies of this century.” As a result, upon his arrival in China, Tsien was immediately compelled to comply with communist party dictates and in doing so, he would become one of the great minds behind

Dr. Often. Chulin Sun. and thousands of papers have been published. Ms. To do this work. Within . everything we know about science is wrong. and began to personally train the best and brightest science students in systems science and problem solving skills to carry out this research.” He was enough of a visionary to recognize the significance of these abilities towards the development of future scientific theoretical models and technologies. It was during this time that Dr. One famous woman in China known for her life-long abilities. “Exceptional Human Functions. “If this [phenomenon] is true. specially trained researchers from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines within China‟s technical Universities have studied the physical phenomena generated by this unique group of people affectionately known as EHF‟s or. formally authorized the study and analysis of these abilities. In the decades since. Following these demonstrations. This task also required him to develop programs and advance university science training throughout the country. Tsien‟s specially trained researchers have monitored and supervised experiments to validate the quality of the data produced. She utilizes her developed abilities to accelerate the germination of specific seeds for the purposes of developing more robust seed stock for China‟s marginal agricultural growing areas. the scientists maintain career-long relationships with EHF‟s as a partnership to jointly explore both human ability and the cutting edge theoretical science this work implies. Ms. Sun puts herself into a deep trance state in which it is observed that she moves into a different time/space. Tsien wisely established special labs within many of China‟s science and technology universities. Tsien was given formal demonstrations by groups of special Chinese citizens who could demonstrate exceptional mind-over-matter abilities. hundreds of elite. has worked in special agricultural laboratories.” The EHF‟s excel in the ability to manipulate matter nonlocally through intensely focused thought.China‟s metamorphosis and advance its technology and science into the 20th century. Tsien stated.

Even more interesting is that the video tapes from the recording of this phenomenon consistently show a time distortion: taped recordings show the seed growth as “jerky”. showing a marked change in their genetic structure. the scientist that personally works with Ms. The researchers agree they are observing repeatable. the more spiritually evolved the EHF is considered to be. and after decades of rigorous observation and documentation. Genetic samples are analyzed from these „mind-interfaced‟ sprouts. hyper-time-space nonlinear macro phenomena that violate the classical and relativistic models in which the nature of physical matter is currently understood. However. 1mm or 2mm of length suddenly appearing on film during the 10 minutes as the 3 to 4 inches of sprout growth. Chu. she is able to advance the time required for sprouting dry seeds from their usual 3 to 4 days to a mere 10 minutes. . the EHF scientists continue to be “perplexed. generating a sprout growth of 3 to 4 inches. Professor Shen JinChuan. while thousands of years passed in the mundane…” It is a commonly understood by these scientists that an EHF‟s personal and individual evolution is directly linked to their individual skills: the greater their capacity to manipulate matter. Sun reports that during her focus.this trance. baffled. This temporal anomaly is still unexplained. but the cameras will sometimes produce only 1 minute of film time.” Additionally near-by clocks will show the full 10 minutes of time passed. is fond of stating that these time/space disruptions have been predicted historically within Chinese folklore as “… seven days spent up in a mountain cave. advisors and consultants. national treasures that are sought after as teachers. the known EHF‟s in China are honored as heroes and celebrities. “the growing sprouts appear as a continuous and smooth motion.” Those who study the physical effects of the EHF‟s mind-matter interface often collaborate on their findings. bewildered. Ms. While westerners who openly demonstrate mind/matter interface are publicly reviled and discredited.