Brief History of OA Framework ….

and its future
How did OA Framework Evolve Why did OA Framework Evolve Why is it still evolving Changes in Fusion

htp. htp.script. htp.htmlClose. .Brief History of Self Service in EBS.htmlOpen.formClose. htp. htp.formOpen. htp. its evolution and reasons for direction PL/SQL Web Cartridge PL/SQL stored procedures build HTML tags and returned the HTML document. htp.comment. API's within pl/sql package htp/htf were provided.anilpassi. A package named htp can be used to generate HTML tags.headClose. htp. htp. Some examples are htp.title. Presentation and data were within the same layer [much like java servlets] Even the simplest possible change required changes to PL/SQL Code http://oracle. htp. htp. htp.headOpen. and the resultant HTML is shown on the browser Disadvantages Both static/dynamic Content & validations were programmed within the PL/SQL.formText etc A pl/sql procedure builds HTML tags.formCheckbox.base.bodyOpen.

To overcome some of the limitations imposed by PL/SQL Web Cartridges • Oracle introduced a metadata concept in form of AK Developer • Item properties like required/prompt/LOV etc became configurable • This meta data was stored in tables. . The names of these tables begin with AK_% • Reduced the programming effort when making minor changes to the application behaviour.

its evolution and reasons for direction AK Developer with PL/SQL and other technologies  In AK Developer Regions and Region Items can be defined using Screens.  “AK Developer” separates Data Layer from Presentation Layer. Examples of Customizations to AK Developer are Changing the prompt of the field Making a fields Mandatory Hiding/Rendering fields Horizontal/Vertical alignments Enabling Descriptive Flexfields by rendering ATTRIBUTE columns Attaching an LOV to a field.Brief History of Self Service in EBS. Uncheck this field to hide it from screen http://oracle.  Important tables in AK Developer are AK_REGIONS and AK_REGION_ITEMS.  Regions within the screen and their fields can be defined using AK .

the changes done to Region/Region Items were globally reflected in all the screens/responsibilities that reused those regions/region items. For shared regions.anilpassi. . its evolution and reasons for direction AK Developer with PL/SQL and other technologies There were different subset of technologies that were used alongside “AK Developer”. Disadvantages of using AK Developer Any changes made to Region Item AK_REGION_ITEMS properties like “Prompt” or “Required” or “Displayed” etc were lost during subsequent patches. Hence implementers had to reapply the AK developer changes after Oracle patching. but referenced AK Metadata iProc with "XML Regions that were mapped to AK Regions" iStore with JSP pages that internally used AK Regions as Metadata. HRMS with PL/SQL Cartridges. as Oracle patches would reload the AK Definitions with their changes.Brief History of Self Service in EBS.

only to find their changes wiped off when Oracle’s patches re-issued new AK Definitions • This limitation was overcome by adding few more tables to the AK Application. These tables would store customers changes .anilpassi.So. what was biggest issue with AK Developer? • Customers would change the Meta Data.

personalizations are allowed and are stored in AK_CUSTOMIZATIONS.Brief History of Self Service in EBS. This solution was delivered by Oracle to overcome the disadvantages whereby patches undid the AK Developer Changes. its evolution and reasons for direction OA Framework + [AK Developer as Meta Data] + Personalizations in AK A combination of OA Framework + AK Developer. Hence part of the design/development happens in jDeveloper and the rest in AK developer AK is a proprietary technology Very limited number of item styles were supported http://oracle. Hence changes done to Prompt.anilpassi. AK_CUSTOM_REGIONS and . Still there were Limitations and Disadvantages AK Developer is standalone and is not integrated with jDeveloper. rendering etc property were retained during patches/upgrades. In this case.

OA Framework with MDS [Meta Data Service] [CURRENT TECHNOLOGY]   Regions are created as XML but then loaded into Database into JDR% tables. Oracle made a provision to migrate all the AK Definitions to Meta Data Service. that holds the structural definition of OA Framework pages into database tables The meta-data is defined as XML at design .anilpassi. Automatic migration path provided by Oracle to migrate AK Regions into JRAD/MDS Modules that were migrated from AK to MDS. will have profile option “FND: Migrated To JRAD” set to Y at Application Level    http://oracle. which is latter loaded into JDR* tables in the database.

OA Framework – Current Version Advantages  Completely integrated within jDeveloper for design and development purposes.   MVC Industry Standard Architecture Highly extensible architecture .

for example you can’t M o s simply drag the Webservice control CO tatthe . e th Standards as yet Not fully based on Open e er h W  Lot of coding is required.anilpassi. What you see isenot what you get for layout m co r N ove  No drag and drop for designing layout e the Page.OA Framework – Current Version Disadvantages Declarative design of screens. for example in Controller class. Screen navigation logic & integration is neither designed nor visible in Business Flowchart style  http://oracle. O of SI l b FU wil E  No out of the box integration withnWebservices. onto i EL imi W el  MDS [Meta Data Service]s is still proprietary.

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