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Weekly Vocabulary- Ive Got It

JR English
1. vandalize 2. instead of 3. suspect 4. manage 5. victim 6. shoplifting 7. evidence 8. crime scene 9. trespassing 10. private property 11. wardrobe 12. punishment 13. admit 14. accuse 15. fault 16. flaw 17. blemish 18. blunder 19. theft 20. case 21. protective 22. skeptical 23. doubtful 24. suspicious 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. litter guilty certain convinced speculated
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to destroy or damage property on purpose in place of : as a substitute for regarded with suspicion to make and keep under one's control a person cheated, fooled, or harmed by another to steal merchandise on display in stores material presented to a court to help find the truth in a matter a place that is being investigated by the police because a crime has taken place to enter unlawfully upon the land of another land or belongings owned by a person or group and kept for their exclusive use a room, closet, or chest where clothes are kept the penalty for a fault or crime to allow to charge with a fault and especially with a crime a weakness in character a small often hidden defect suggests something that affects only the surface or appearance to make a mistake (as through stupidity or carelessness) the act of stealing a situation requiring investigation, action, or consideration giving or meant to give protection relating to or marked by doubt

, not clear or certain as to fact

likely to suspect or distrust in the quietest, darkest hours of the night

25. dead of the night

a messy collection of things scattered about having done wrong known to be true to make a person agree or believe by arguing or showing evidence to think or wonder about a subject

Weekly Vocabulary- Ive Got It

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disclose divulge confess acknowledge offend abused wronged gag rumor anecdote

to make known

() to make public

to make known (as something wrong) to admit the truth or existence of to cause to be angry or annoyed to treat cruelly to make unjust remarks about something said or done to cause laughter a statement or story that is in circulation but has not been proved to be true a brief story about something interesting or funny in a person's life