Beluga, Bears & Blooms

During the summer months of July and August, the Churchill River is home to thousands of beluga whales that migrate into the river to give birth and feed on small fish. They’re known as the ‘canaries of the sea’, and you can experience the beauty of beluga whale songs by boat, kayak or for the more adventurous, get up close and personal on a snorkeling adventure. This unique whalewatching experience will leave you in awe as you are surrounded

July 24 - 29 and August 7-12, 2014

by dozens of whales at a time while out on the water. Travel by air to Churchill where you will have time to explore the unique charming town and visit its many cultural attractions. You even have the opportunity to see the first of the summer polar bears as they begin their migration into the area!

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Trip Details
Price: $3,999 USD + HST per person Shared room, comfortable hotel

What’s Included:
• Meals from breakfast on Day 2 to Dinner on plane day 5 • Return flight from Winnipeg to Churchill • 2 nights at Winnipeg Hotel • 3 nights in Churchill Hotel • All tours as outlined in the itinerary

What’s Not Included:
• Independent flights to and from Winnipeg • Travel insurance (Mandatory • Medical & Evacuation Insurance) • Items of person nature • Alcoholic Beverages • Optional helicopter tour • Gratuities

Your Itinerary
DAY 1 Arrival in Winnipeg

After arriving into Winnipeg (by own arrangement), meet the group for an afternoon tour of Winnipeg. We’ll learn about the city’s unique and vibrant history, beginning with a tour of the historic Exchange District, and then head to the Forks National Historic Site. We’ll visit Winnipeg’s French Quarter with its beautiful St. Boniface Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Western Canada. View Upper Fort Garry Gate, the Legislative Building, and Winnipeg’s 393-acre Assiniboine Park where we’ll have the opportunity to walk through the unique Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. Overnight in Winnipeg.
DAY 2 Tour of historical places

A guided Zodiac excursion into the beluga whale estuary – the largest beluga whale population in the world at surface level! After this exhilarating wildlife tour, we’ll lunch and prepare for our afternoon dog-cart excursion, hosted by a local resident and dog sledding expert. We’ll meet the team of friendly dogs, hear stories and learn dog- handling philosophy. Enjoy a 1.5 kilometre long dog- cart ride through the northern boreal forest. Overnight in Churchill.
DAY 4 Summer Wildlife

Morning flight from Winnipeg to Churchill. This afternoon we’ll enjoy a guided bus tour of local and historical points of interest surrounding Churchill, including Cape Merry, Port of Churchill and the Manitoba Conservation’s Polar Bear Holding Facility. We’ll visit the Eskimo museum which contains one of Canada’s finest collections of Inuit carvings, kayaks and artifacts dating from pre- Dorset, Dorset, Thule, and modern Inuit times. We’ll also visit the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre and walk back in time viewing detailed and exciting wildlife dioramas and fur trade exhibits, leaving chock-full of natural and historical information from the Churchill region. Overnight in Churchill.
DAY 3 Zodiac Excursion

Today we’ll be out on the tundra all day! The best way to experience magnificent summer wildlife including caribou, arctic fox and ptarmigan, is on an authentic Tundra Buggy. The Buggy meanders over a system of established trails, stopping at leisure to enjoy the scenery, search for wildlife, and take photos of the lush flora of the Arctic. Overnight in Churchill.
DAY 5 Boating Expedition

This morning we’ll get back on the water for a boating expedition to see the belugas in the mouth of the Churchill River, then, across the river we’ll tour the Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada, the oldest most northerly stone fort in the country. We’ll depart Churchill by air in the afternoon. Overnight in Winnipeg.
DAY 6 Departure

In the morning we’ll enjoy one of Churchill’s summer highlights:

Depart Winnipeg at leisure.

PLEASE NOTE: This is our intended itinerary. Wildlife sightings and some activities depend on favourable conditions. As with all of our adventures, weather, sea and road conditions are a determining factor and will dictate our itinerary.

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