MCQ 2001 May RECALL QUESTIONS MEDICINE In which of the following diabetic ketoacidosis most commonly presents with .1 Undiagnosed IDDM .1 Undiagnosed NIDDM .2 Known IDDM when stopped Insulin .3 Known IDDM with foot infection .4 Which is correct for NIDDM .2 Genetic factor is more important in IDDM then NIDDM .1 They will never require insulin .2 of IDDM need hypoglycaemic agents 10-20% .3 Abdominal fat is the risk factor for NIDDM .4 Papillary necrosis Except .3 Analgesic nephropathy .1 Alcohol Nephropathy .2 Medullary sponge kidney .3 Diabetis .4 Picture – girl Acne and hirsutism on the face. Presented for the first time .4 Antibiotics .1 Antibiotics and retinoids .2 steroids cream .3 (antiantigen(Danazol .4 cypropterone acetate .5 5a. Picture with 3 lesions- with raised border Granuloma annulare .1 Erythema multiforme .2 picture –AMC book – leision on the face .3 Mycrosporum canis .4 What is not true about parkinsons disease .5 can stop while walking involuntary .1 tremor at sleeping .2 rest tremor .3 affect one side more than the other .4 Mycoplasma pneumonia not true .6 severe cough .1 high fever .2 [pleuratic paing .3 AMC MCQs 211 Recall Paper AMC MCQ EXAM OCT 1999 Surgery A young patient present with a lump in the arm. You are unsure about its .1 nature. What do you ask to help to establish your diagnosis? Choice what is the ?best response ?A. Is it painful ?B. Is there any lump in other side of the body ?C. Is there any change of bowel habit ?D. What do you think cause of the lump ?E. How long it present ?What is the common cause of bone tumour in the pelvis of young adult .2 A. Metastatic Tumor B. Osteoma C. Osteosarcoma D. Chondroma .E ?(What is the common cause amaurosis fugax (transient mononuclear vision .3 ?A. Stenosis of internal carotic artery

B. Giant cell arteritis C. Vertebral artery occlusion .D. Embolism to middle cerebral artery .E A women developed tinnitus and sensory neural deafness decreased sensation .4 ?in trigeminal area. What is the most likely cause .A. Acoustic neuroma .B. Brain stem infarction .C. Vestibular neuritis .D. Vasculitis .E. Meningioma ?What is true about carcinoma of lip .5 .A. Usually in upper lip .B. Usually squamous cell in origin .C. Metastasis to cervical lymph node .D. Exclusively occur in men AMC MCQs 158 AMC MCQ recall-paper October 2001 Medicine A 18 yrs old lady came with hypertension. She has a history of enuresis up to 13.1 ?years. WOF is the most likely diagnosis a) Reflux nephropathy b) Hypertension (c Erythema nodosum can occur in all of the following condition except .2 a) streptococcal infection b) TB c) Rheumatic fever d) SLE e) Leprosy A picture of scalp with hairless round area.3 a) Tinea capitis A picture of hand with scaly shiny things on it .4 a) Psoriasis ?How can we monitor heparin.5 a) INR (b) APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time c) Fibrinogen A pt with von Willbrand’s disease . What is the most likely she has.6 a) Prolonged bleeding time A 62 yr old man has a long history of COPD and dyspnoea, blood gas showed.7 pCO2 68 mm Hg pO2 60 mmHg. He was given28% O2 therapy. After an hour the blood gas showed 7.37, pO2 80mm of Hg and pco2 40 mm of Hg but the pts clinical condition didn’t improved. WOF IS NEXT THERAPY a) Bronchodilator b) Hydrocortisone c) Intubations and ventilation ABOUT AMYLOIDOSIS all of them are associated except.8 a) Leprosy b) TB c) Multiple myeloma AMC MCQs 102 MAY 2006 PT comes to u with dec breathing sounds on the right middle lobe and .3 consildation and dullness in percussion Bronchiactasis 1 PL effusion 2

pulmonary collapse 3 Peumothorax 4 Picture of Psoriasis Anthology book and ask about the RX .9 topical steroid 1 oral steroid 2 Erythromycin 4intralesional steroid Patient with dilated pupil and history of pain in the eye with nausea and .11 vomiting apply topical acetazolamid 1 Topical pilpcarpine 2 check the eye to look for foreign body4 apply atropine 3 an old male C/o of short history of malaise anorxia when he was in a short .12 trip to Balli His wife think he is jundised now he C/o chills and inc bilrubin, inc A L P sligh inc in AST AND ALT the diagnosis is a1 cholangitis viral hepatitis 2 Malaria An old man with chronic renal familiar His MCV count is of (80-90) it falls even.16 after some time when he is started erythropoiten therapy when he stopped he ?became also anaemic what is this due to Iron def. anaemia 1 2bone marrow fibrosis folic acid def 3 red cell atypia 4 . You are called to solve a fight between head nurse and a psychiatric patient. 24 On your arrival the patient tells you that he should be allowed to remove the IV line as he has private ensurance & you being a doctor would understand this because you will also have private insurance you wouldn't be like these nurses who are without private insurance .what is the patient trying to do regression 1 projection 3 splitting AMC MCQs 49 AMC MCQ 2005B2 ‘Recall, Adelaide, ‘Version alter, off handwritten original ,days after Normal Vaginal Delivery came with 38oC fever 4 .1 .a. Unsutured vaginal tear b. DVT c. Endometritis d. Mastitis e. Breast Engorgement Which one is normal in new born .2 a. fever b. HR less than 70 c. Breast enlargement Best to know gestational age .3 a. US at about 8 wks b. US at about 18 wks Common side effect of olanzepine .4 a. Nuetropenia b. Hypotension c. Sexual dysfunction d. Weight gain e. Parkinsonism Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia .5 a. Carbamazepine b. Nortriptyline Not in MS .6 a. 3rd heart sound

8m. Set fire and get panic attacks e. in labour with some complain (cant remember properly). what is the most appropriate next step in . On examination you find a tense anxious woman in spite of her daily dose of benzodiazepine.reason except 1 AMC MCQs from Web PSYCHIATRY A lady with a previous divorce now comes to you with a seductive behaviour. Borderline In Australia bush fire are common either accidentally or some people lighting.done. She had a past history of going to many doctors and being treated for .3 a.3 paraesthaesia and swelling of fingers and hand. Which is true regarding pyromaniacs a. factitious disorder e. calcification 38wks gestation. next step a. rupture membrane c. CS A pg women of 32 wks of gestation will report to the hospital for all of the .d. Munchausen syndrome b. Conversion disorder c.b. As they like to play with fire d.7 . a neurologist for her epilepsy. the pass rapidly to the brain and to the blood e.many disorders. better absorbed with meals b. What is the most appropriate diagnosis a. more resistant to be metabolized by the liver d. Done for notoriety or publicity b.2 ?fire deliberately. She has been treated by a rheumatologist for aches and pains cardiologist for her palpitations and gave her propanolol without improvement.5 a. There are scar from appendectomy and ?hysterectomy operations. Ecstatic religious experience c. promptly binds with free fatty acids c. PV . blurring vision with ankle edema AMC MCQs WebWare. Hypochondriasis .4 distension.1 Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia ?Radiograph Colles fracture – what is an important step in assessment of this fracture . show b. patient complains of . PV b. To hide their acts c. For satisfaction Depersonalization may occur in. Schizophrenia b. Depression d.8 . Neurotic anxiety Many psychopharmacologic substance are lipophilic the advantage is. a drug which has a long life and needs to be given once a day daily July 2005 AMC MCQ Recall Topics PICTURES ?Kaposi’s sarcoma x 2 on arm – most likely cause of cough and dyspnoea in the patient . Histrionic c. Narcistic b.1 a. All of the above A middle aged lady present to you with nausea dyspepsia abdominal.2 Assessment and documentation of median nerve function Radiograph Colles fracture – after reduction and casting. profuse bleeding d. CTG c. Post traumatic disorder e.

What is the most likely diagnosis Psoriasis TOPICS Jaundice.10 Pain at night along lateral 2.5 fingers ?Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy.8 ?keratin scaling.12 ?the site of the lesion Brachial plexus Patient with symmetrical distal wasting of small hand muscles bilaterally.4 FBC and diff shows anaemia with elevated WCC (predominantly lymphocytic). metronidazol Ulcerated nodular skin lesion on the dorsum of hand with variegated pigmentation. Where is .8 ?commencement of triple therapy Urea breath test Elderly man complains of non bilious vomiting on a background history of treated .6 This deformity is more likely to be found in rheumatoid arthritis than osteoarthritis Completely round clearing in the hair of a child. What is the . only one in focus.atypical lymphocytes in young student.and segmented monocytesnucleus and reduced PLT ?What is the most likely diagnosis Pernicious anaemia ?Which of the following conditions is not associated with erythema nodosum .sorethrought .5 diff show anaemia with macrocytosis. elevated ALT. What is the . Clearly defined borders. othrwise fine What is the most likely diagnosis Gilbert’s syndrome year old man complains of lethargy. On examination no jaundice. On examination pale and splenomegaly present.13 ?most likely diagnosis Syringomyelia . What is the most likely diagnosis Malignant skin lesion ?Hand showing a swan neck deformity on index finger.2 lymphadenopathy and investigations reveal mildly elevated ALT.3 ?unconjugated and no significant history. mildly elevated bilirubin. What is the most likely ?diagnosis Infectious mononucleosis Young medical student with scleral icterus. 65 . What is the most likely cause of his vomiting Sequelae of chronic duodenal ulceration ?Which of the following is characteristic of carpal tunnel syndrome .9 ?duodenal ulcers.4 ?antibiotic combination in this patient a)Flucloxacillin and penicillin b)flcuxacillin and gentamycin c) ampicillin.7 ?defect Decreased AFP What is the most appropriate test to monitor eradication of H. FBC and . cervical . .11 Rarely requires surgical intervention Patient with wasting of all small muscles of one hand including thenar ones. What is the ?most likely diagnosis a)CLL b )CML d)lymphoma Elderly lady complains of lethargy. What is the most appropriate . no ulceration. which of the following is true .6 Rheumatic fever Which of the following results would be inconsistent with a diagnosis of neural tube .1 ?most likely diagnosis Viral Hepatitis Young student complains of malaise. What is the most likely .?management Split cast along both sides Lower limb cellulitis in a diabetic man. gentamycin . lichenified with silvery .5 ?notably arcs of melanin surrounding central nodule. mostly .pylori one week after . No satellites. Erythematous macular lesion. On examination pale and glossitis present. Which of the following is true .7 ?diagnosis Tinea capitis Two skin lesions.

Define incidence .21 No thrombolysis with a normal ECG and cardiac enzymes Which of the following drugs is least likely to cause serotonin syndrome in a patient on .17 In general. which of the following is false . What is the most . Which electrolyte abnormality is most likely to cause .31 ?likely diagnosis Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Child with vomiting and diarrhoea.28 Persistence of anaemia ?Hyperpigmented man with small testes and diabetes. What is the most .15 Axillary nerve ?What is the best choice for pain relief during reduction of a dislocated shoulder .34 ?appropriate IV fluid for replacing losses Hartman’s solution Male patient complains of retroorbital headache that awakens him during the night . what is the most important component of her . incomprehensible speech.21 and PO2=68 and PCO2=40 (alveolar arteriolar . What is the diagnosis . US shows empty uterus. and gradient = PAO2 – PaO2 32 ?Regarding the Mental Health Act.33 ?the diagnosis Infantile spasm Elderly man with symptoms and signs of small bowel obstruction.24 ?gestation Ectopic pregnancy GCS score estimation – withdraws to pain. which of the following is true . what is the next most common cause of death in the .20 ?follow up with regards to possible malignancy Serial hCG estimation ?Which of the following is true regarding managing chest pain .19 ?general Australian population Malignancy In a patient with a molar pregnancy.30 (Ferritin (liver biopsy is NOT a given option Child vomiting. Characteristic folding over whilst watching television.35 . morphine is safer than pethidine . arrange for laparoscopy What is the least likely diagnosis for right iliac fossa pain in a woman at 17 weeks .?Which nerve is most likely to be involved in spiral fracture of the humerus . elevated hCG.32 ?convulsions Hypernatraemia Child seizing occasionally.(oxygen tension difference from PAO2 = FiO2 x 760-47 – (PaCO2/0.pain 8 Find the PA-aO2 given FiO2=0.25 .27 May save lives in the mentally ill ?Regarding splenectomy in patients with spherocytosis. what is the most ?appropriate next step in management Recall patient immediately.14 Radial nerve ?Which nerve is most likely to be involved in anterior dislocation of the shoulder . reviewing the results of a woman after an episode of vaginal . What is . eye opening to . Findings – endometrial hyperplasia.18 Number of new cases in a period of time After cardiovascular diseases.23 bleeding.16 Fentanyl and midazolam ?Which of the following regarding narcotic analgesics is true except .22 ?a SSRI :Moclobemide ?? Other options are L-tryptophan Citalopram Amitryptyline Working as a pathologist. electrolyte derangement high K low Na and low Cl.26 . Considering the female patient has been discharged into the community.29 Haemochromatosis ?What is the most appropriate test for diagnosing haemochromatosis .

38 ?following investigations will be most useful in reaching a diagnosis Examination of thick peripheral blood film A child complains of a clean laceration on his scalp. diagnose -7 a) Meniere b) Vestibular neurinitis c) Acoustic neurinoma ?Baby was delivered with forceps.Ray. diagnose -8 a) Erb’s palsy (Picture of a man arms raised (AMCQ book -9 a) Retrosternal pressure b) Cervical rib c) Subclavian steal Young man wakes up with pain behind one eye. Which of the . coli A patient with recent travel history to Nairobi complains of cyclical fevers. Has not been vaccinated. Pneumonia b) Listeria c) Mycoplasma d ?Hypnagogic hallucinations occur in -6 a) Schizophrenia b) Delirium c) Normal sleep ?Patient with vertigo and tinnitus. send her home ?Picture of lesions on dorsal hand (blisters). What is .36 ?successful resuscitation Reversal of pupillary changes Which of the following organisms is most likely to cause diarrhoea from a patient with . as oral contraceptives where do they function -1 a) Endometrium b) Ovaries c) Hypophysis d) Hypothalamus Mental Health Act -2 a) Same in every state b) Restricts liberty c) Saves lives ?X. Which of the following ?medications will be appropriate for use in this patient Methysergide In cardiopulmonary resuscitation.41 /a patient presents with distal weakness and atrophy ob small muscles of both hands . what other symptom would you expect -12 a) Supraclavicular lymph node enlargement . no deafness. arrogant. initial management -3 a) Plaster elbow and wrist b) Plaster wrist & hand c) ORIF d) Check median nerve ?Same X. it was put in plaster. cause of his pneumonia -5 ? (a) Strep. management -4 a) Release distal part of the plaster b) Remove plaster c) Pain relief.42 syringomyelia ?whixh of the following ia most appropriate for EDC . patient feels pins & needles. not moving one arm.Ray of wrist showing Smith’s fracture.Sonogrophy at 8 weeks Recall Questions 18 July 2005 ?Oestrogen and Progesteron.43 a. diagnose ? (a) Migraine b) Cluster headache c ?Which is not characteristic of Rheumatic Fever -11 a) Erythema nodosum ?Malignant cells in ascitis. pain spreads to same side of his head. little empathy for others. -10 ?lasts one hour. . considers himself special.37 ?recent travel history to Indonesia ET E.40 ?What is the most likely psychological disorder in this man Narcissist ?What is the treatment of choice for migraine . which of the following signs is the best indicator of .accompanied by watering nasal mucosa and tearing from one eye.39 ?the most appropriate management DTP vaccine A man who is grandiose.

..... Young man had MVA, opens his eyes to stimuli -13 ?What blood levels would you expect to find Answers included five different O2, CO2 and pH levels ?Lady is HIV positive, which statement is correct -14 a) She has a life long disease Which of the medications below would cause a serotonin syndrome when used together -15 ?(with SSRI(except a) Tryptophan b) Olanzapine c) Meclobomide d)halopridol Man has a recently darkened skin, lethargy. Ferritin, Iron, AST and ALT levels are -16 (elevated, diagnose?(what is the best diagnosis? a)ferritin level b)serum Iron c)TIBC a)Haemachromatosis Young man has neck rigidity, headache, fever. CSF results: Protein: N, Glucose: lower -17 ?end of normal range, also PMN cells, diagnose a) TB meningitis b) Viral meningitis c)bacterial meningitis yr old pregnant, P2 G1, 38 weeks and she is in labour. She is 150cm tall. On exam, 24 -18 ?her pelvis looks small but cervix is 4cm dilated, next management a) Pelvimetry b) U/S c)Caesarian d) Trial of vaginal delivery ?Reason for UTI in pregnancy -19 a) Dilated ureter b) Dilated ureter&calices c) Immune deficiency ?Which statement is correct regarding Hyperkalemia -20 a) Calcium gluconate given to reverse ECG changes occurred due to Hyperkalemia A few Qs regarding facial oedema, proteinuria, haematuria and differential diagnoses -21 .between Nephrotic synd, AGN, etc ?Old lady with unilateral headache, tenderness, ESR elevated, treatment -22 a) Aspirin b) NSAID c) Prednisone (15)25mg d) Prednisone 75mg ?For what age group is mammography most useful -23 a) <35 yrs b) 35-50 c) 50-65 d) All ages ?Boy with a small clean cut to his scalp, he is not immunised, management -24 a) Toxoid b) Clean, send home c) Immunglobulin d) Toxoid & Immunglobulin ?Picture of Dupuytren contracture, location of the lesion -25 ?(a) Distal flexors b) Digital extensors c ?(Facial nerve damage is most likely to occur in(except -26 ?(a) Parotitis b) Parotid Ca c) Temporal fracture d ?All expected in Post splenectomy except -27 a) Normal life span of erythrocytes b)persistant anaemia c)postive osmolarity fragility test ?Child sits unsupported, can weight bear with support, how old is he -28 a) 7 months b) 5 months c) 9 months d) 11 months Patient with exacerbation of COPD, in respiratory failure. O2 given at 28L/min, ABG: -29 ?O2: 48 CO2: 58. Next management .a) Mechanical ventilation b) Stop O2, repeat ABG in 30 min She had 3 miscarriages from first partner, 2 miscarriages from second partner. Most -30 ?likely cause ?(a) Chromosomal abnormality b) Cervical incompetence c ?yr old man with Hx of Duodenal Ulcer, lost weight, pale. Most likely cause 50 -31 ?(a) Duodenum Ca b) Gastric Ca c

?Picture of scalp, area of hair loss, psoriasis-like appearance, diagnose -32 a) Alopecia areata b) Psoriasis c) Trichotillomania d)Tinea Capitis A few Qs re differentiation of hepatic and gallbladder diseases -33 Q re neurosyphilis -34 a) tabbes dorsalis ?Picture of large goitre in which condition does the surgery requiered -35 a)airway constriction Values of osmolality and sodium in urine and plasma given, differential Dx between -36 SIADH and D Insipidus MCQ Exam – 18th July 2005 RECALL QUESTIONS – Pictures – SU Q-19 (AMC) book 1 Man presented with a neck swelling and a feeling of dizziness when reaches upwards – (Retrosternal goitre (venons obst from the ext: of goitre On the dorsum of hand 2cm irregular margin, skin lesion, black brown 2 malignant melanoma of skin – Two brownish – red large (2cm) size lesion with ceratitis – back of a young man – Kaposi 3 sarcoma (suggestive of AIDS (HIV – Hair loss on the scalp of a child 4 Taema Capitis – Two lesions with scaly lesions over – look like silvery scales 5 ?Psoriasis – Index finger – extruded and flared at distal Interphal joint – what is the lesion? (Trigger 6 (finger Nerves or tendon affected • Flexion or ext: deformities • More in RA than osteoarthritis • A diabetic man with severe redness of one lower limb with some hair follicles infection – 7 whole lege below knee to ankle – cellulitis with infection. Not sensitive to any drug – :treatment – many options Flucloxacillin & penicillin • Gentamycin & ampicillin & metronidazole • Amoxicillin • Ampicillin & Gentamycin • .An old woman fell on her out-stretched hand – X-ray – wrist 8 # Diagnosis – Colle’s (Same picture in 2nd paper) 9 Patient complains of severe pain and swelling of fingers and redness – immediate ?management Repeat X-ray • Refer to the nearest GP • Review after 24 hrs • Split both sides of the plaster • Antibiotics • Patient with fever, pleuritic pain – dull or percussion (R) side, bronchial breath sounds 10 on (R) side. Most consistent with .Consolidation (R) lung – Picture of a lady with large swelling neck – visible as multiple modules 11 .Multinodular goitre – (All the pictures probably from ‘the Anthology of Medical Condition’ (AMC publication Confused patient in ED after the trauma assess the level of consciousness 12 Glasgow Coma Scale – Patient with wernicks encephalopathy – treatment options 13

IV thiamine & glucose infusion – In a hypertensive patient – thrombolytic therapy. Investigation most important 14 .PT, APTT. FBC INR, Bleeding time Nephrology – 1 question 15 ?Which condition will lead to chronic hepatitis 16 Hepatitis C Liver disease – ALT/AST/bilirubin elevated. Patient with fever. Dark urine – most 17 ?suggestive of Acute Hepatitis B Haemochronatosis – most favourable diagnostic test 18 Eg. Ferritin, TIBC Serum transferrin binding Prothrombin time A man had bike accident – fractured end of tibia, 3 cm over the skin – pierced 19 (compound #). Most appropriate treatment TT & immunoglobulin & Antibiotics – yr old child fell down – with minor lacerations on scalp – no H/O immunisation – what 2 20 ?will you do Give DPT ?yr old child with severe diarrhoea convulsion – cause 5 21 Hypernatraemia = Na+ 165 wk child with forceful vomiting, mild dehydration. Elecholylis Na+ 119, K+ 7.5, Cl+ 6 22 .110 Likely diagnosis Cong: adrenal hyperplasia – yr old child with morning headache and vomiting for 3 months – last six weeks he had 7 23 ?ataxia family H/O migraine and school epidemic of chicken pox – possible diagnosis Posterior fossa tumouse yr old child with severe cough, recurrent resp: infection. Failure to thrive – what test is 2 24 ?important Sweat Chloride Test month old infant brought with funny turns, sudden flexion of upper and lower limbs – 6 25 for 1 week Infantile spasm – yr old child with wheezing on one side of lung for two days – investigation 2 26 Inspiratory and expiratory lung x-rays A child – rolls from side to side, sits for some time without support, grasp things with 27 palm – assess the age – development yr – 18 months 1 10 ,(7) ,3 ?New born baby – first step in resuscitation – on the baby 28 Pharyngeal suction, naloxone injection. Intubation, oxygen mask, nasal suction A child can’t see writing on the board – in the class but can use computer. What is he 29 ?suffering from Hypermetropria, Ashigmatism, Myopia. Cataract, Presbyopia yr old lady returned from Bali, after holidays, with diarrhoea with no blood – 21 30 ?Diagnosis Toxogemic E. Coli A medical intern from other country, colleagues noticed yellowish discolouration of her 31 eyes – she has no other symptoms – Probable diagnosis Early Hepatitis • Mild jaundice • Iron deficent: anaemia • Acute Heaptitis B • Patient with H/O snake bite – no bit mark – no symptoms of poisoning 32 Send him back home – nothing wrong • Observation for 24hrs • Open the area, apply tourniquet in tight, antibiotics • Inject polyvenom • ?A case of temperal arteritis – Management 33 Otoselerosis 34 Appearnance of tympairic membre • Narrow eustachian tube •

the knee joint affected septic arthritis ? osteomychitis ? Question about reifer’s disease 36 One case of growth & development retardation 37 X-ray wrist and other investigation yr old boy – height and weight m……. WOF to be considered 52 Bromocryptive.. oestrogen.. with BP 150/76 19 38 Check BP 24 hours • Blood test • Check the BP cuff size • Antihypertensive treatment • ?Lady with weakness of small muscles and of forearm bth hands. pain and swelling of (R) knee – pain at upper end of tibia – mobility of 35 . Diagnosis is 39 Vertibrobaislar artery • Multiple sclerosis • Syringomyelia • Bilaterial ulrase nerve palsy • Meuieves disease • – Dislocation of shoulder 40 what is the Anaesthetic used to correct this dislocation Spiral # midshaft of humerus which structure affected 41 Radial nerve Paralysis of small mucles of hand. combine OCP.Deafness • Merrieres disease • A boy with fever. 42 (hypothenar ulnar nerve injury above wrist Carpel tunnel syndrome 43 survery usually not required -For major surgery – antibiotic is given 44 ) • 1 hour before operation( time of incision • hours after operation 12 • hours before operation 24 • Undescended testis – bring down this testis and fix 45 Orchidopexy Inguinal swelling that disappear when lying down 46 direct inguinal hernia (Breat engorgement in a male baby (new born – 2 days 47 normal condition ?Fistula is – correct description 48 A man with claudication (calf) pain. progertrone month old boy with recurrent sticky eye since birth – 1st time responded to antibriotic 3 53 – what is the diagnosis Chlamydia infection • Gonorrhoea infection • Cong: duct blockage • Herpes infection • -:Sensory supply to ant: 2/3 of tongue 54 Trigeminal N. danasol. IXth CN . wrist flexion affected (except …. forced to stop after 100 metres – investigation 49 Arteriogrphy • Doppler method • X-ray • Ca – don’t metastasis to brain 50 Ca prostate ?WOF Ca mostly metasise to bone 51 Ca Stomach Breast Bladder Rectum Oesophagus – Patient with mastalgic – failed conservative treatment. interrossie.

Antibiotic treatment year old female with hypertension and history of enuresis.Facial N. Urinalysis ? Blood culture. Mother had colorectal Ca – advise for him – he is scared 40 63 Do colonoscopy for him ? – ® serum Na+ and changes with 〈64 Patient with urine osmolality SIADH Diabetis insipedus Hyperlipridaemia – Adrenalhyperplasia Child with H/O noe day fever and reashes on face – what investigatrion to be done 65 Throat swab.35 • post menopausal over 65 yrs • yrs 64 – 50 • unmarried young ladies • Bloody discharge from the nipple 70 duet ectasia • Intraductal papilloma • Breast abscess • Intraductal carcinoma • A lady with H/O 3 abortions at 8 – 10 wks period – no other abnormailities detected – 71 – had abortion now at 10 wks gestation – what is most likely cause retroerted uterus • fetal infection • pelvic infection • foetal abnormalities • cervical incompetence • ?A women with greenish mucopurulent discharge from vagina – WOF condition except 72 Trichomonase vaginatis • Cegtomegatovirus • Ca cervix • Vag: Bacteriodosis • year old lady – found to have 3 ovarian cysts – of less than 5cm size – asymptomatic. IIIrd CN A patient with duodenal ulcer after treatment for erradication of H-plori – most accurate 55 ?test to prove irradication Endoscopy – biopsy Urease test. 25 73 – not pregnant. serolgy. breath test ?A newborn developed cyanosis and breathing problem. Her 2 sisters have the 18 66 ?same problem – Diagnosis vesico – ureteric reflux A male with grandiose sense of self-importance and preoccupied with fantasies of power 67 – – not sympathetic to others narcisstic personality ?A patient with suicidal ideas – WOF will cause his safety least likely 68 Unemployment. Best plan of management . poor Plan for suicide No relationship with others Possessing a gun ?Mammography is benefitted mostly by which group 69 yrs old 45 . What is the cause 56 Fallol’s tetrology – VSD • Pul: hypertension • Transpositon of GA • How will you differentiate – finding in ASCITES with large ovarian tumour 57 Diabetic man with ulcer sole of foot (toe). Associated with 58 Venous ulcer • Arterial supply decreased • Peripheral neuropathy • Patient with tension Pneumothorax – Large bore needle in the 2nd space anteriorly 59 ?Side effect of depo-provera – Except 60 Contraceptive effect (action) of microgynon-30 61 One question about CTG 62 year old man came with H/O.

well 30 92 effaced. Trytophan • Citalopram • Clonipramine • Haloperidol • Dejar phenomena is a psychiatric finding – in WOF this phenamin is seen other than 87 psychiatric disorder porphyria. breast abscess Vesicular mole 90 Old women – using pessary (baginal) for a long period – what will be the complication 91 year old woman – FT.1gm..liver disease • Hyperlipidaemia • Migraine with H/O thromboembolism • . Head at high level. alcoholism Patient with hypertension and weakness of (R) arm and hemparassis 88 site of lesion in brain year old lady with confound. Vag: exam reveal short pelvic ……. thrombosis – treatment 85 Warfarin • Aspirin • ACE inhibitors • Calcium channel blockers • ?Serotonin syndrome – causing drugs – least likely 86 Meclobemide • L. protein 1. mass in the breast 45 89 fibroadenomia. contractions + raptured membrane. Ca breat. firm. Cx 4 cm dialated. How will you manage the ?case Start oxytocin drip • Observation for – 12 hours • Caescarian section • ?Which vitamine is deficient in breast milk 93 About leukaemia in an old aged man 94 ?Absolute contraindication of OCP 95 C/. discrete. frontal lobe trauma. fibrocystic mass.Short course contraceptives • Laprotomy for removal • US exam after 4 weeks • Tumour marker • ? Question about placenta previa – associated 74 H/O bleeding at 26 and 30 (32) weeks Patient in lithotomy position – injection given (pudental block) which muscle involved 75 ((affected Couple adopted a baby with Down’s Syndrome – chances of recurrence of Down’s 76 ? Syndrome in future his mother 0• at least 2% • 10% • 25% • 50% • Anorexia nervosa 77 secondary amenorhoea A child 2 years with multiple new bone ossification in different sites 78 non-accidental injury Qs about mental heatlh act 79 Child jittery and fitting at home – management 80 Schzophrenia 81 Polycystic ovarian disease – true 82 can be cured by multiple cyst removal by laparotomy • associated with LA: FSH ratio of >3:1 • treated with chomiphene citrate always • only occur in obese women • causes hirsulism due to peripheral andogen production • Immature defence mechanism 83 CSF findings – 50-100 lymphocytes. glucose normal 84 viral infection ?Hypertension. tenporal lobe trauma.

FLUCLOXACILLIN AND AMPICILLIN PIC of swan neck deformity.4 A.WHAT IS TRUE.CAUSED BY RUPTURE OF PROXIMAL FLEXOR TENDON PIC of displaced colles fracture manegement.1 A.MUTINODULAR GOITRE PIC OF SKIN LESIONS MOST LIKELY ASSOCIATED WITH.LEGIONELLA PNEUMONIA .:THERE R SOME QUESTIONS OF WHOM I DO NOT REMEMBER ALL OPTIONS…SO U CAN LOOK FOR THEM PICTURES .some crusting.INFECTED SEBECOUS CYST C.TINEA CAPITIS C.MORE IN RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS AS COMP TO DEGENERATIVE OSTEOARTHRITIS B.PENICILLIN B.ALOPECIA AERATA B.KERATOCANTHOMA B.CAUSED BY RUPTURE OF DISTAL EXTENSOR TENDON D.Treatment. acute nephritis • ?Women with gestational diabetis – management 97 Question about dementia 98 Acid-base balance 99 Mesentrie arterial occlusion 100 Ulcerative colitis 101 PAPER COMPILED BY: AYESHA MALIK PAPER : JULY 2005C TOTAL QUESTIONS RECALLED=157/250 PICTURES=8 PEADIATRICS=28 PSYCHAITRY=17 OBS & GYNAE=35 MEDICINE=44 SURGERY=25 NOTE.Thrombophlebilis • Hypertension • 〈96 A women 16 wks gestation with hypertension.2 A.redness.broken hair.PSORIASIS PIC of scalp showing a patch of hair loss.THYROTOXICOSIS B.MALIGNANCY PIC of streptococcal cellulitis. slightly creatinime and urinalysis shows protiens +++ most likely cause Pre-eclaiysia • She can continue preg: without complication • Pre-existing renal disease • Essential HT.PLASTER IMMOBILIZATION FOR ATLEAST 10 WEEKS ????B.CLOSE REDUCTION PIC of diffuse swelling in thyroid gland MOST LIKELY.PSORIASIS PIC of a lesion on dorsum of hand.6 A.PIC with plaques on it.3 A.7 A.STREPTOCOCCAL PNEMONIA B.5 A.IT IS ALMOST ALWAYS ASSOCIATED WITH ULNAR DEVIATION C.8 A.


WHEN ABDOMEN IS CLOSED D.12 absent.14 A.15 Na 168 .o/e bowel sounds r. serum osmollality200 mlMOST LIKELY A.16 Na 117.BARIUM ENEMA D.WOF IS TRUE A.CA RECTUM A woman has h/o tingling at night in her right hand o/e flexion is weak there is wasting.CA MAXILLARY ANTRUM B.2.MOST LIKELY CAUSE IS .SODIUM DEPLETION C.DIABETES INSIPIDUS C.13 cancer.WATER INTOXICATION A pt is admitted in hospital has electrolytes.PERFORATED DUODENAL ULCER C.CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME B.Cl 86.SIADH In intestinal surgery when to give antibiotics.CA RECTUM C.5%DEXTROSE WATER BEFORE OPERATION A ot has undergone craniotomy his electrolytes r.u have diagnosed a nerve compression.2 C.HE SHOULD HAVE FECAL OCCULT BLOOD TESTING TWO YEARLY C.WIDE BORE NEEDLE AT 2ND INTERCOSTAL SPACE ANTERIORLY C.DIVERTICULOSIS B.MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION B.he is 45 yrs old.20 A.2 HRS BEFORE SURGERY Acute pain in abdomen LEAST LIKELY.REASSURANCE IN intestinal obstruction what is correct.INTERCOSTAL TUBE DRAINAGE B.ONE DAY BEFORE SURGERY DURING SURGERY.ULNAR NERVE WEAKNESS Postope rative pt who was underwent surgery on hip ???/ is now complaining of.11 A.FECAL IMPACTION B.22 unilateral weakness.HE SHOLUD HAVE COLONOSCOPY E.HE WILL HAVE ANNUAL COLONOSCOPIES FROM 50 YRS ONWRDS B.2000 ML OF HARTMAN SOL BEFORE OPERATION B.THYROTOXICOSIS ????C.21 of abductor pollicis MOST LIKELY A.ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE An old man c.DI B.MESENTERIC ARTERY OCCLUSION A pt mother has colon cancer at 65 yrs.19 A.he thinks he also has colon./o colicky abd pain which has become generalized now.18 A.K 3.on p/r reddish tinge on fingerMOST LIKELY A.ACUTE APPENDICITIS .SIADH B.Immediate manegement of tension pneumothrorax.INJURY IN EYE Commonest cause of diarhea in bed ridden patients.D Unilateral exopthalamus MOST LIKELY.17 A.serum osm 900 A.2000 ML HARTMAN SOL DURING OPERATION C.


17 A.PROPRANOLOL C.CHOLEDOCHOLITHIASIS Student 18 yr old is feeling vague has icteric eyes.GIVE SALBUTAMOL B.o/e bibirubin is increased.CA RESONIUM C.PH 7.STAPH AUREUS C.DRUG OF .rest of the.TOPICS Hyperkalemia immediate NEXT STEP.13 A.MOST LIKELY A.PANCREATIC CA D.GLUCOSE AND INSULIN ORG involved in food poisoning.E COLI B.BEHCET DISEASE B.CARBAMAZEPINE D.STONE LEFT AT CBD Hepatitis likely to become chronic.PROSTATE CA A bisexual man has several mouth ulcers .11 A.DIALYSIS D.15 diarhea.Which tumor never metastasize to brain.ANEMIA PERSISTENCE C.mostly occurs in morning.HEP A BHEP C C.B.also has h/o.RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS D.8 examination is normal.arthritis.MOST LIKELY A.12 A.OSMOTIC FRAGILITY B.h/o lacrimation.AOF is true EXCEPT.PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS A man has h/o unilateral headache.14 A.BREAST CA B.ATROPINE Postsplenectomy hereditary spherocytosis.SALMONELLA A pt sedative overdose what is typical blood picture.1 PO2 70 PCO2 80 .HEPATITIS A C.18 A.LUNG CA C.sausage fingers.16 CHOICE A.CALCIUM GLUCONATE E.PRESENCE OF SPHEROCYTES IN PERIPHERAL BLOOD Alcoholic ketoacidosis EXCEPT.GILBERT SYNDROME B.9 pain.35 PO2 70 PCO2 80 B.PH 7.MOST LIKELY A.HEP B D.HEP E MCQS FROM OTHER MISC.NORMAL ANION GAP .HEPATITS B A woman had cholecystectomy 3 months ago now she is having right upper quadrant.ACUTE PANCREATITIS C.ANKOLYSING ARTHRITIS E.REITER DISEASE C.10 A.NORMAL LIFE SPA OF RBC D.ERGOTAMINE B.

SLE B.THIAMINE WITH GLUCOSE C.WARFARIN SHOULD BE GIVEN ????B.AORTIC INCOMPETENCE B.30 A.MOST.DUE TO VALVE MOBILITY A child with suspicion of meningitis.IPSILATERAL INTERNAL CAROTID ARTERY STENOSIS Opening snap in mitral stenosis denotes.VIT B1 Ankolysing spondylitis LEAST ASSOCIATED.POLYCHROMASIA Question on alpha 1 deficiency.28 Amouroxis fugax CORRECT.SYRINGOMYELIA Weakness of all muscles unilateral in hand.ataxic.…has h/o alcohol.????MOST LIKELY A.23 ?=PaO2 ?=PaCO2 ?=Inspiratory O2 A.????MOST LIKELY.B PT with atrial fibrillation what is CORRECT.decrease sensation of touch.DIMINISH WITH ATRIAL FIBRILLATION B.26 A.SERO –VE ARTHRITIS A middle aged woman has c/o mouth ulcers.MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS B.o/e reflexes r.nystagmus.diplopia.21 A.SYRINGOMYELIA ?????.WERNICKE ENCEPHLOPATHY Treatment of wernicke encephlopathy with low plasma sugar.morning stiffness of joints…it gets better.A pt is brought to ER he is confused.THIAMINE B.RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS Alveolar exchange difference.24 A.22 with day….ALCOHOLIC HALLUCINOSIS B.DECREASED HAPTOGLOBIN B.20 A.19 LIKELY A.27 A.EMPHYSEMA A man with h/o flaccid paralysis of lower limb over a week.31 A.29 A.…B12 B/L weakness of hand muscles.ECHO VIRUSES B.9 ????.IV 5%GLUCOSE D.RISK OF STROKE Diff between hemolytic anemia and anemia due to chronis blood loss.32 diminished.???? MOST LIKELY .ULNAR NERVE LESION C.BRONCHIACTASIS C.TUBERCULOSIS B.LP lymphocytes increased.25 A..27 A.BACTERIAL Polycythemia and cor pulmonale MOST LIKELY ASSOCIATED WITH.

29 A.37 A.ISCHEMIC B.41 A.40 A.UREA BREATH TEST In manegement of COPD recent improvement in health is due to.38 A.43 A.RHEMATOID ARTHRITIS A pt came with fever.D. HOME OXYGEN THERAPY ROLE OF T LYMPHOCYTES.CROHN DISEASE What is true regarding myocardial infarction.INCRESING PULSUS PARADOXUS B.MOST LIKELY.42 A.LEPROSY C.tenesmus.MULTIPLE MYELOMA .TUBERCULOSIS B.VESICOURETERIC REFLUX Heparin is measured by.INCREASE MUSCLE TONE ULCER at third matatarsal in DM MOST LIKELY.2 sisters also have same problem MOST LIKELY.THROMBOLYTICS ARE NOT GIVEN IF ECG IS NORMAL .39 Indicator of good prognosis in asthma.IRRITABLE BOWEL DISEASE B.DECREASING INTENSITY OF WHEEZING C.INFECTION A girl has c/o colicky abdominal pain associated with diarhea.HORSE SHOE KIDNEY B.INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS A female h/o enuresis.34 abnormal lfts.A.HYPERTENSION B.33 A.NEUROPATHY C.CYANOSIS C.splenomegaly.APTT BEST method of detecting H PYLORI eradication.on bllod report.atypical lymphocytes r presentMOST LIKELY A.CHRONIC ACTIVE HEPATITIS E.ACUTE POLYNEUROPATHY Amylodosis can complicate all EXCEPT.36 A.o/e lyphadenopathy.PT B.INCREASING PaO2 and decreasing PACO2 CO2 retention is associated with EXCEPT.35 A.ACUTE POLYMYOSITIS B.HERIDITARY NEPHRITIS C.

A woman has c/o not gaining weight.B.PARATHYROID ADENOMA B.HIGH CHO DIET C.e :A 9 days old infant with h/o forceful vomiting for 2 days.o/e fecal masses.7mmol/l CL 80mmol/l HCO2 18mmol/l MOST LIKELY A.there is anal fissure.URINE CULTURE Parents have one child with phenylketonuria.o/e there is.Phenylketonuria c.MOST LIKELY A.What is immediate next step A.5 having phenyl ketonuria A.BLOOD CULTURE D.1 IN 4 REGARDLESS OF SEX C.most likely a.G6PDH ?? d .What is the chance of their another child of.1IN 2 REGARDLESS OF SEX B.constipation.2 Na 125mmol/l K 7.GORD A mother came with 6 weeks old infant h/o repeated non forceful vomiting.ABD XRAY Child with type 1 DM mother calls u on phone and says he is not feeling well.1 IN 2 IF IT’S A GIRL .DO CHEST XRAY .GIVE HIM HIS INSULIN B.DUODENAL ATRESIA D.blood.CONGENITAL ADRENAL HYPERPLASIA C.REASSURANCE IT IS NORMAL VARIANT C.Next immediate step A.wt loss.serum PO4 normal.RENAL FAILURE C.OESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA D.O/E child has bilateral cataracts.PYLORIC STENOSIS B.APPLICATION OF ANNUSOL CREAM ON FISSURE D.o/ unable to gain enough weight.NO RADIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED C.PYLORIC STENOSIS B.Galactosemia b.there is no weight loss.urine calcium increased.7 glucose is 1.6 r palpable.E.1 and is mostly drowsy.AS IN GEN POPULATION D.1 IN 2 IF IT’S A BOY A mother came with 3 yr old child h/o bleeding afterstool on toilet paper.CONGENITAL ADRENAL HYPERPLASIA C.o/ examination is normal.LAXATIVE HIGH FIBRE DIET B.METASTATIC DISEASE PAEDRIATICS A mother came with complain that her child is not feeding properly.44 serum Ca increased.serum urea and creatinine deranged.1 mmol.3 weight loss most likely A.What is correct A.4 .The elctrolytes are .GORD A mother came with a 6 weeks old infant who has h/o repeated vomiing after meals.GIVE HIM GLUCOTHON???RUB IT ON GUMS .

10 MONTHS B.OESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA B.INTUBATE ??D E A mother with a baby of Down syndrome wants to know foture risks other than.IF BIOPSY IS DONE IT WILL SHOW MOSTLY GLOMERULOSCLEROSIS .MOST LIKELY A.6 MONTHS D.Next step 14.3 A.12 MONTHS week old infant on routine examination one testis is not palpable.EPILEPSY A child came o/e periorbital edema.OPTIC GLIOMA D.B.URGENT SURGICAL REFERENCE FOR ORCHIDOPEXY A child with h/o vomiting mostly in morning.HOP ON ONE LEG .DRAW A RECOGNISABLE MAN .ASPIRATION OF PHARYNX C.8 Most likely A.AMBYLOPIA D..10 congetital heart diseases EXCEPT A.LEUKEMIAS D.HYPOTHYROIDISM E.B.IS ASSOCIATED WITH PNEUMOCOCAL PEROTONITIS YR child can do 12.DRESS WITHOUT SUPERVISION C.STRABISMUS A baby with aphyxia first line treatment.During jerks arms r.Most likely A. ascites proteinuria +++ all is true EXCEPT.B.11 MONTHS E .9 A.REVIEW IN 6 WEEKS B.NEUROBLASTOMA A 6 months old baby h/o repeated jerks mostly multiple in a is associated with headache.CONDUCTIVE DEAFNESS C.11 A.can stand with support and plays with toys around him and.GLUCAGON School going child cannot see blackboard .D.REVIEW IN 2 YRS D.PETIT MAL EPILEPSY B.Age A.There is decline in milestones as well.MYOPIA B.D.INFANTILE SPASM D.o/e there is.HYPERMETROPIA C.POST CRANIAL FOSSA TOMOUR C.16 flexed and limbs r drawn up.He can easily see computer and uses it daily.CALL AMBULANCE E.O2 BY MASK B.REVIEW IN 6 MONTHS C.13 can roll over by himself.D.6 A.BENIGN SPASMS .CLIMB STAIRS A child can sit unsupportedly.7 MONTHS C.INFANTILE COLIC C.MOSTLY HAS GOOD PROGNOSIS .TREATMENT OF CHOICE IS HYDROCORTISONE .15 ataxia.MIDDLE CRANIAL FOSSA TOMOUR .

18 A.FOREIGN BOBY .PENICILLIN A 7 yr old child fell from tree now he has c/o fever.23 .THYROTOXICOSIS A boy came with h/o persistent cough and wheeze from one day.o/e there is tenderness.FEMALE WITH ENLARGED CLITORIS B.MOST LIKELY A.height is 140 cm which.REPEAT HEARING TEST C.SEPTIC ARTHRITIS B.22 A.VARICOCELE week old child with persistent unilatetral discharge.MALE WITH ENGORGED BREAST An 8 yr old child o/e wt is 48 kg w/c is more than 98 percentile.26 was done when he was 10 months old what is next step A.INFERTILITY B.25 DIAGNOSTIC TEST A.FRACTURE TIBIA D.20 A.pain in knee.D .TICS OCCUR SEVERAL TIMES IN A DAY E.CORPORALIA IS SEEN IN LESS THAN 10% .All is true about Tourette syndrome EXCEPT.MALIGNANCY D.BLOOD CULTURE FULL BLOOD COUNT Mother of 18 months old child says that the child is not babbling.NASOLACRIMAL DUCT OBSTRUCTION .10 still recurring A.DTP D.treated with antibiotics.HYDROCELE E.FULL BLOOD COUNT D.DIRECT INGUINAL HERNIA C.TETANUS TOXOID B.TETANUS IMMUNOGLOBIN C.GONOCOCCUS B.BEST.PRIMARY HYPERALDOSTERONISM D.audiological assesment.What is normal for a infant.17 .CHEST X RAY more than 90 percentile.24 members have also got cough.OSTEOMYELITIS C.INCREASED BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL C.C.o/e wheeze and fine crepitations.but it is 21.CXR B.IT IS NOT DISTRESSING FOR PATIENT D.ADVANCED BONE AGE B.Two of the family.19 in upper part of tibia.Treatment of choice.IN THIS THERE R MULTIPLE VOCAL AND MOTOT TICS B.SPUTUM EXAMINATION C.A.otherwise is normal.FIRST INVESTIGATION A.FRACTURE PATELLA Unilateral undescended testis in a child is associated with.SWEAT CHLORIDE TEST C.ARRANGE AUDIOMETRY .ALWAYS START LESS THAN 18 YRS A 3 yr old child has mild dirty wound on his scalp.REASSURANCE B.D.CHLAMYDIA C.CHEST XRAY IN FULL INSPIRATION AND EXPIRATION A 8 week old child h/o persistent cough.WOF IS CORRECT A.

TRANSPOSITION OF GREAT VESSELS A new born is born by forecep delivery.HYPOMANIA D.5 A.NARCISSTIC PERSONALITY C.2 .FALLOT TETROLOGY B.How would u differentiate SCH from Delirium.HALLUCINATION C.he is unable to move his forearm MOST LIKELY.7 A.INSIDIOUS ONSET SSRI can be caused by all drugs except.HALOPERIDOL D.they want to know the risk of their own.2.ERBS PALSY B.PDA D.2 .4 A.A baby born at term collapsed in cot after 10 days o/e central cyanosis no peripheral.CLONAZEPAM E.MOCLEBEMIDE A man has h/o grandiose ideas .6 A.most likely A.LEVEL OF CONSIOUSNESS A good prognostic factor in SCH.DURATION OF SYMTOMS B.17% E.PRESENCE OF AFFECTIVE DISORDER LACK OF PPT murmur.28 A.27 pulses.MOST LIKELY.8 .FRACTURE HUMERUS PSHCHIATRY Immature defence mech.L-TRYPTOPHAN B.FLUOXETINE C.DRUG EFFECT Prodomal features of SCH.ANTICIPATION D.IDEAS OF REFERENCE B.C MENTAL HEALTH ACT.LEFT HYPOPLASTIC HEART DISEASE E.daughter of having SCH % A less than 2 B.LEVEL OF CONSIOUSNESS C.HUMOR B.ALTRUISM C.she has SCH.40% D.BORDERLINE PERSONALITY B.WHAT IS TRUE.6% Female throws bottles on people.3 A.REPRESSION Parents have adopted a girl.PULMONARY HYPERTENSION C.1 A.NIL C.PROJECTION E.

THEMSELVES A patient with suicide risk all is imp EXCEPT.15 getting up earlier than his usual time.TEMPORAL LOBE TUMORS C.A.COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THEARPY .SCH C.DELUSION B.DEPRESSION C.OVARY B.IRRTIBILITY AND OUT BURST OF ANGER B.12 A.APPROPRIATE TREATMENT A.REFER HER TO GYNAECOLOGIST D.ADVISE HER TO HAVE HOLIDAYS E.16 A.ANY RECENT SUICIDAL PLAN B.BEZO DIAZEPINES B.STRANGERS D.14 living in rented home she cannot afford to go for holidays.OCCUR IN BOTH MALES AND FEMALES .ENDOMETRIUM E.he is very detached from her.REFER HER TO PSYCHIATRIST B.REFER TO PSYCHOTHEARAPIST In panic attack except.11 A.DEMENTIA D.UNEMPLOYMENT Proverb explanation is done in assessment of.C.Who r affected most by this violence.SIBLINGS C.10 A.CERVICAL MUCUS The most appropriate OCP for a 24 yr old on phenytoin is.AVIDANCE OF SPECIFIC FACTORS IS RECOMMENDED DURING TRAETMENT De ja vu is found in.9 A.DYSTHYMIA B.WOF MOST LIKELY.POOR FAMILY SUPPORT C.SCH C.She has 2 children and is.1 A.ALCOHOLISM In memtal disorders people mostly have violence.has h/o menorragia her hb was given???Next step A.PANIC ATTACK Hypnogogic hallucination what is TRUE.PARIETAL LOBE TUMORS GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS COC work at level of.SEND HER TO MARRIAGE COUNCILOR C.PARENTS B.PITUITARY D.SIMILAR IN EVERY STATE A bank manager was robbed 3 weeks ago.MAY BE LIFE SAVING B.FRONTAL LOBE TUMORS B.17 A.ANXIETY Woman 35 yr old h/o she feels detached from her husband.B.HAVE A INTERVIEW WITH HER HUSBAND A woman comes she is concerned about her husband.13 A.IT CAN HAPPEN IN NORMAL SLEEP D.2 .HYPOTHALAMUS C.he is.

OCPS C.REPEAT USG IN 4 WEEKS B.Next step.DECREASE RISK OF OVARIAN CYSTS Absolute c/I for in labour.CLOMIPHENE Depoprovera has all s/e EXCEPT.TENSE UTERUS C.DEPRESSION C.C.10 A.LAPROSCOPY AND DRAIN CYST C.3 A.lmp was 2 weeks ago.DANAZOL year old c/o abd pain .SHIFTING DULLNESS LATERALLY B.DILATATION OF CALYCES .HYPERTENSION D.NORMAL PULSE RATE Anti D should be given to Rh-ve mother in w/c situation.BETWEEN 28 TO 34 WEEKS B.A.5 A.21 structures.D Ovarian tumor o/e there is.DECREASE RISK OF OSTEOPOROSIS E.DECREASE RISK OF ENDOMETRIAL CANCER D.IGNORE FINDINGS A pregnant female presents to u at 38 weeks with 1000ml blood loss.4mm.BP180/110 D.2.on usg there r 3mm.In your assessment pelvis is 11.DIANE 35 D.CSECT Effect of progesterone in pregnancy.12 A.4 A.7 150cm.MUST BE GIVEN WITHIN 72 HRS OF DELIVERY .WEIGHT GAIN COC decreases risk EXCEPT.What is your mx A.DULLNESS ANTERIORLY AND RESONANCE LATERALLY C.DECREASES RISK OF CEREBROVASCULAR DIDEASES C.head is at station 0.SUPERFICIAL THROMBOPHELIBITIS B.FETAL DEATH B.6 A.RESONANCE ANTERIORLY A woman with mastalgia.INDUCE WITH OXYTOCIN C.WOF is not related.VARICOSE VEINS .OCP D.MIGRAINE WITH AURA C.ALTERED MENSTRUAL CYCLE LEADING TO AMENORHEA B.26 reduced.DILATATION OF URETERS B.MICROGYNON50 C.FETAL HEAD HIGH UP AND FREELY MOBILE E.2cm cystic 8.BROMOCRIPTINE 35 weeks.cervix is 4 cm dilated.DECREASE RISK OF COLON CANCER B.What is next step in management A.Not responding to conventional treatment.9 to placental abruption A.MICROGYNON 30 B.XRAY PELVIMETRY D.CONTINUE TRIAL OF LABOUR B.SHOULD BE GIVEN TO ALL MOTHERS yr old primigravida.

LIVER ENZYMES B.CA CERVIX D..22 A.19 baby weighing 4 kg and it was a difficult delivery and baby has a fracture clavicle.UTERUS C.18 A.PROSTAGLANDIN INHIBITORS B.DO C SECT AT TERM .HYPOTHALAMUS All of folowing could be the cause of greenish yellow vafinal discharge EXCEPT.URIC ACID C.ECTOPIC PREGNANCY CINEVITABLE ABORTION A woman has come in her second pregnancy.A MEASURE HCG REGULARLY UNTIL IT BECOMES NEGATIVE A woman at 18 weeks is complaining of abdominal pain LEAST likely.htn.after the delivery of first u will do all except.SEVERE PAIN IN THENAR EMINENCE About twin delivery .23 A.PITUITARY D.OVARY B.BACTERIAL VAGINISIS C.28 A.CARE OF DM IS IMP AFTER 20-30 WEEKS ONLY A 19 yrs old primigravida at 36 weeks with hyperreflexia.C.In her previous pregnancy she delivered.17 12weeks in size.C.BROMOCRIPTINE .ACUTE APPENDICITIS B.FOREIGN BODY E.E.PER VAGINAL EXAMINATION C.INDUCTION OF LABOUR AT 37-38 WEEKS B.ESSENTIAL HTN .C.She has c/o vaginal bleeding o/e os is open o/e uterus is.CHALMYDIAL URETRITIS Primary dyemenorrhea AOF r used in treatment EXCEPT.TRICHOMONAS VAGINALIS B.PALPATE ANOTHER BABY B.RARELY REQUIRES SURGERY .INDOMETHACIN .LOOK ANY BLOOD COME OUT .DILATATION OF URETERS AND CALYCES YR old primigravida at 16 weeks with BP 180/90 PROTEIN IN URINE+++most likely 13.IT HAS ANTI DIURETIC EFFECT .B A lady is 8 week pregnant.IF PAIN DOES NOT START INDUCE HER WITH OXYTOCIN About oxytocin.B.16 A.PRE EXISTING RENAL DISEASE With regard to carpel tunnel in pregnancy WOF is true.BUN A postmenopausal woman used to have withdrawal bleeding but not any more.LIKELY.14 A.21 CAUSE A.C.15 A.What is true in management .DO A EXTERNAL CEPHALIC VERSION D.PLATELETS E.PREECLAMPSIA B.20 to have all elevated EXCEPT A.Y ou should do all EXCEPT A.CREATININE D.edema might be expected.

NEXT.MOST LIKELY.CA COLON B.LAPROTOMY D.A.27 A.CONGENITAL MALFORMATION NTD AOF is correct EXCEPT.4mm.CHROMOSOMAL ABNORMALITY A woman has h/o recurrent abortion at 6-10 weeks.29 A.READMIT FOR HYSTERCROMY C.AMENOHEA ???C.GIVE FOLIC ACID IN PREGNANCY B.her daughter has fever and red cheeks.PRESENCE OF HS PRECLUDES VAGINAL DELIVERY AT TERM A pregnant female at 26 weeks .D&C.o/e ovarian mass is present.ANTICARDIOLIPIN ANTIBODY Spontaneous abortion at 6-10 weeks.histopathology shows decidualization.LAPROSCOPIC ASPIRATION OF CYST C.READMIT FOR LAPROSCOPY Anorexia nervosa EXCEPT.OCP Secondary ovarian tumor r mostly due to.DO HER COUNCILING REGARDING DISEASE .REASSURANCE B.CSECT AT TERM B.D.LAUNGO HAIR A young girl came with abdomonal pain o/e there are 2mm.2.26 .2cm cysts.24 A.CYST B.35 STEP A.TERATOMA C.REPEAT USG IN 6 WEEKS B.What is management EXCEPT.INEVITABLE ABORTION B.GRANULOSA CELL TUMOR A pt at 26 weeks has herpes simplex.34 A.NEXT STEP.DO AGAIN D& C D.What is TRUE.CERVICAL INCOMPETENCE B.FETAL ANOMALY C.POOR DIET USG at 6-10 weeks is done fior all EXCEPT.C.MOST LIKELY 28 A.30 A.31 A.CA STOMACH A woman has complain of Postmenopausal bleeding.GIVE HER ACYCLOVIR C.25 shows endometrial hyperplasia.REASSURANCE PAPER COMPILED BY: AYESHA MALIK PAPER : JULY 2005C TOTAL QUESTIONS RECALLED=157/250 PICTURES=8 .DO BLOOD TESTS ON DAUGHTER Recurrent abortion.33 A.CHECK MATERNAL RUBELLA ANTIBODY .B.ANEMIA B.MOST LIKELY.32 A.MOST LIKELY A.LOW ALPHA FETO PROTEIN A woman has inevitable abortion.


HE SHOLUD HAVE COLONOSCOPY E.OPENING BETWEEN TWO EPITHELIAL SURFACES FASCIAL nerve palsy LEAST likely in.REASSURANCE IN intestinal obstruction what is correct.5 A.ANTI TETANUS PLUS ANTIBIOTICS D.CHRONIC PAROTITIS Immediate manegement of tension pneumothrorax.4 A.WOMEN OVER 35 YRS B.8 A.ACOUSTIC NEUROMA B.TRAUMA WOF is not related to breast cancer.IF NO CONTAMINATION DEBRIDEMENT IS UNNECESSARY.on p/r reddish tinge on fingerMOST LIKELY A.HE SHOULD HAVE FECAL OCCULT BLOOD TESTING TWO YEARLY C.CONTRALATERAL BREAT CA B.UTERINE CA D.WOF IS TRUE A./o colicky abd pain which has become generalized now.50 –60 YRS C.SAPHENA VARIX C.INTRADUCTAL PAPILLOMA C.WITH FAMILY HISTORY OF BREAST CANCER The most likely for a male who is 22yrs old having an inguinoscrotal swelling which.DIVERTICULOSIS B.12 absent.11 A.LYMPHOMA D.DIRECT INGUINAL HERNIA In management of compound fracture of tibia and fibula MOST CORRECT is.9 A.3 A.WIDE BORE NEEDLE AT 2ND INTERCOSTAL SPACE ANTERIORLY C. B.he is 45 yrs old.DEBRIDEMENT AND INTERNAL FIXATION A fistula is.6 A.BARIUM ENEMA D.MESENTERIC ARTERY OCCLUSION A pt mother has colon cancer at 65 yrs.14 .VARICOCELE B.10 A.The most common cause of bloody discharge from nipple is.INTERCOSTAL TUBE DRAINAGE B.he thinks he also has colon.CA RECTUM C.BREAST CA B.HE WILL HAVE ANNUAL COLONOSCOPIES FROM 50 YRS ONWRDS B.ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE An old man c.13 cancer.PAINLESS B.LESS THAN 30 YRS D.CAN DETECT BETTER THAN SELF EXAMINATION MAMMOGRAPHY is mostly helpful for.EXTERNAL FIXATION C.o/e bowel sounds r.MASTOIDITIS C.BASE OF SKULL FRACTURE D.ARTIFICIAL MENOPAUSE CORRECT about mammography.7 disappears on lying down A.FAMILY HISTORY C.

24 A.MOSTLY ASYMPTOMATIC D.2 HRS BEFORE SURGERY Acute pain in abdomen LEAST LIKELY.SIADH In intestinal surgery when to give antibiotics.SODIUM DEPLETION C.ULNAR NERVE WEAKNESS Postope rative pt who was underwent surgery on hip ???/ is now complaining of.CA MAXILLARY ANTRUM B.21 of abductor pollicis MOST LIKELY A.FLEXOR HALLUCIS LONGUS WEAKNESS B.MOST LIKELY.u have diagnosed a nerve compression.18 A.EXTRADURAL HEMATOMA C.THYROTOXICOSIS ????C.SUBARACHONOID HEMORRAGE D AOF is true regarding gall bladder stones EXCEPT.25 A.2.2000 ML OF HARTMAN SOL BEFORE OPERATION B.20 A.ACUTE APPENDICITIS .INJURY IN EYE Commonest cause of diarhea in bed ridden patients.K 3.THEY R MOSTLY RADIOLUCENT B.MOST LIKELY CAUSE IS A.STONE AT CBD CAUSES SEPSIS OF GALL BLADDER PT h/o vomiting .19 A.DIABETES INSIPIDUS C.serum osm 900 A.SINGLE STONE IS MOSTLY OF CHOLESTEROL C.Cl 86.ONE DAY BEFORE SURGERY DURING SURGERY.WHEN ABDOMEN IS CLOSED D.D Unilateral exopthalamus MOST LIKELY.PERFORATED DUODENAL ULCER C.SUBDURAL HEMATOMA B.2 C.has past h/o duodenal ulcer.2000 ML HARTMAN SOL DURING OPERATION C.DI B.23 sure)MOST LIKELY A.CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME B.A.5%DEXTROSE WATER BEFORE OPERATION A ot has undergone craniotomy his electrolytes r.17 A.BP I (I am not.CA RECTUM A woman has h/o tingling at night in her right hand o/e flexion is weak there is wasting.16 Na 117.MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION B.PIGMENT STONES R HEMOLYTIC E.TIBIALIS POSTERIOR A pt came with trauma o/e iplilateral pupil is dilated.FECAL IMPACTION B.WATER INTOXICATION A pt is admitted in hospital has electrolytes. serum osmollality200 mlMOST LIKELY A.ACHALASIA CARDIA .22 unilateral weakness.bradycardia.SIADH B.SOLEUS C.15 Na 168 .some wt loss.

SESORINEURAL DEAFNESS of the.7 color urine.GILBERT SYNDROME B.BENIGN POSITIONAL VERTIGO W/C IMPROVES WITH AGE LIVER.C.her lfts r deranged .START PHENYTOIN .HEMOCHROMATOSIS ???? B C D A woman came with c/o pain in epigastrium last evening.9 pain.ACOUSTIC NEUROMA A child comes 3yr old h/o room strats moving in a circle and then he falls down .ACUTE LABYRYNTITIS D.ACUTE PANCREATITIS C.CA DUODENUM MEDICINE ENT About nasophryngeal carcinoma MOST LIKELY.STONE LEFT AT CBD Hepatitis likely to become chronic.alk po4 is markedly morning she passsed dark.MOST OF MCQS WERE FROM LIVER Diagnostic test for hemochromatosis.6 A.MENEIRE DISEASE B.10 A.4 CORRECT STATEMENT IS A.BENIGN BUT LOCALLY DESTRUCTIVE B.HEP E MCQS FROM OTHER MISC.B.RULE OUT.2 A.CHOLEDOCHOLITHIASIS Student 18 yr old is feeling vague has icteric eyes.8 examination is normal.MOST.His father died b/c of same cirrhosis.MOST LIKELY.3 A.TOPICS .tinnitus no hearing loss.MOST LIKELY A.MOST LIKELY A.SERUM TRANFERRIN SATURATION A man has h/o impotence.NORMAL TYMPANIC MEMBRANE PT with acute onset of vertigo.1 A.SERUM IRON C.HEPATITS B A woman had cholecystectomy 3 months ago now she is having right upper quadrant.cirrhosis.o/e bibirubin is increased.SERUM FERRITIN B.HEP B D.VESTIBULAR NEURONITIS C.BLUISH TINGE ON TYMPANIC MEMBRANE B.BILIARY COLIC B.5 A.EEG WILL BE CONFIRMATORY B.HEP A BHEP C C.MOST LIKELY A.HEPATITIS A C.ASSOCIATED WITH EBV ANTIBODIES Otosclerosis MOST LIKELY.

20 A.RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS .17 A.Which tumor never metastasize to brain.…has h/o alcohol.14 A.AORTIC INCOMPETENCE B.ALCOHOLIC HALLUCINOSIS B.ANEMIA PERSISTENCE C.CA RESONIUM C.19 LIKELY A.GIVE SALBUTAMOL B.THIAMINE B.PH 7.NORMAL LIFE SPA OF RBC D.PANCREATIC CA D.SALMONELLA A pt sedative overdose what is typical blood picture.PROSTATE CA A bisexual man has several mouth ulcers .PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS A man has h/o unilateral headache.ATROPINE Postsplenectomy hereditary spherocytosis.AOF is true EXCEPT.IV 5%GLUCOSE D.REITER DISEASE C.11 A.THIAMINE WITH GLUCOSE C.SLE B.NORMAL ANION GAP A pt is brought to ER he is confused.BREAST CA B.nystagmus.16 CHOICE A.PH 7.CARBAMAZEPINE D.1 PO2 70 PCO2 80 .sausage fingers.BEHCET DISEASE B.SERO –VE ARTHRITIS A middle aged woman has c/o mouth ulcers.35 PO2 70 PCO2 80 B.18 A.????MOST LIKELY A.CALCIUM GLUCONATE E.WERNICKE ENCEPHLOPATHY Treatment of wernicke encephlopathy with low plasma sugar.ataxic.MOST LIKELY A.ERGOTAMINE B.E COLI B.Hyperkalemia immediate NEXT STEP.arthritis.13 A.15 diarhea.22 with day….also has h/o.MOST.h/o lacrimation.PROPRANOLOL C.VIT B1 Ankolysing spondylitis LEAST ASSOCIATED.12 A.morning stiffness of joints…it gets better.RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS D.LUNG CA C.OSMOTIC FRAGILITY B.ANKOLYSING ARTHRITIS E.diplopia.21 A.DRUG OF .mostly occurs in morning.DIALYSIS D.STAPH AUREUS C.PRESENCE OF SPHEROCYTES IN PERIPHERAL BLOOD Alcoholic ketoacidosis EXCEPT.GLUCOSE AND INSULIN ORG involved in food poisoning.

ULNAR NERVE LESION C.35 A.CHRONIC ACTIVE HEPATITIS E.???? MOST LIKELY A.atypical lymphocytes r presentMOST LIKELY A.32 diminished.ACUTE POLYMYOSITIS B.SYRINGOMYELIA ?????.EMPHYSEMA A man with h/o flaccid paralysis of lower limb over a week.TUBERCULOSIS B.23 ?=PaO2 ?=PaCO2 ?=Inspiratory O2 A.SYRINGOMYELIA Weakness of all muscles unilateral in hand.D.28 Amouroxis fugax CORRECT.DUE TO VALVE MOBILITY A child with suspicion of meningitis.POLYCHROMASIA Question on alpha 1 deficiency.2 sisters also have same problem MOST LIKELY.RHEMATOID ARTHRITIS A pt came with fever.on bllod report.IPSILATERAL INTERNAL CAROTID ARTERY STENOSIS Opening snap in mitral stenosis denotes.decrease sensation of touch.25 A.…B12 B/L weakness of hand muscles.VESICOURETERIC REFLUX Heparin is measured by.HORSE SHOE KIDNEY B.Alveolar exchange difference.31 A.????MOST LIKELY.DECREASED HAPTOGLOBIN B.26 A.36 .BACTERIAL Polycythemia and cor pulmonale MOST LIKELY ASSOCIATED WITH.MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS B..24 A.INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS A female h/o enuresis.27 A.MULTIPLE MYELOMA .9 ????.splenomegaly.27 A.TUBERCULOSIS B.B PT with atrial fibrillation what is CORRECT.BRONCHIACTASIS C.34 abnormal lfts.o/e lyphadenopathy.DIMINISH WITH ATRIAL FIBRILLATION B.o/e reflexes r.WARFARIN SHOULD BE GIVEN ????B.ACUTE POLYNEUROPATHY Amylodosis can complicate all EXCEPT.29 A.LP lymphocytes increased.HERIDITARY NEPHRITIS C.30 A.LEPROSY C.ECHO VIRUSES B.33 A.RISK OF STROKE Diff between hemolytic anemia and anemia due to chronis blood loss.

is not gaining weight.DECREASING INTENSITY OF WHEEZING C.PARATHYROID ADENOMA B.e :A 9 days old infant with h/o forceful vomiting for 2 days.METASTATIC DISEASE PAEDRIATICS A mother came with complain that her child is not feeding properly.1 and is mostly drowsy.The elctrolytes are .INCREASE MUSCLE TONE ULCER at third matatarsal in DM MOST LIKELY.o/e.constipation.2 .40 A.INCREASING PaO2 and decreasing PACO2 CO2 retention is associated with EXCEPT.41 A.ISCHEMIC B.HYPERTENSION B.serum urea and creatinine deranged.APTT BEST method of detecting H PYLORI eradication.NEUROPATHY C.29 A.G6PDH ?? d .44 serum Ca increased.PT B.38 A.most likely a.IRRITABLE BOWEL DISEASE B.CYANOSIS C.INFECTION A girl has c/o colicky abdominal pain associated with diarhea.UREA BREATH TEST In manegement of COPD recent improvement in health is due to.wt loss.urine calcium increased.39 Indicator of good prognosis in asthma.A.THROMBOLYTICS ARE NOT GIVEN IF ECG IS NORMAL A woman has c/o depression.RENAL FAILURE C.Galactosemia b.37 A.43 A.tenesmus.MOST LIKELY unable to gain enough weight. HOME OXYGEN THERAPY ROLE OF T LYMPHOCYTES.O/E child has bilateral cataracts.Phenylketonuria c.42 A.MOST LIKELY.serum PO4 normal.CROHN DISEASE What is true regarding myocardial infarction.INCRESING PULSUS PARADOXUS B.

He can easily see computer and uses it daily.1IN 2 REGARDLESS OF SEX B.OESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA D.B.4 .Next immediate step A.there is no weight loss.GORD A mother came with 6 weeks old infant h/o repeated non forceful vomiting.NO RADIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED C.3 weight loss most likely A.1 IN 2 IF IT’S A GIRL .blood.LAXATIVE HIGH FIBRE DIET B.CONGENITAL ADRENAL HYPERPLASIA C.What is immediate next step A.OESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA B.1 IN 2 IF IT’S A BOY A mother came with 3 yr old child h/o bleeding afterstool on toilet paper.ABD XRAY Child with type 1 DM mother calls u on phone and says he is not feeling well.CALL AMBULANCE E.there is anal fissure.Na 125mmol/l K 7.O2 BY MASK B.GORD A mother came with a 6 weeks old infant who has h/o repeated vomiing after meals.URINE CULTURE Parents have one child with phenylketonuria.MYOPIA B.What is the chance of their another child of.AS IN GEN POPULATION D.o/e.STRABISMUS A baby with aphyxia first line treatment.CONGENITAL ADRENAL HYPERPLASIA C.o/e there is.7mmol/l CL 80mmol/l HCO2 18mmol/l MOST LIKELY A.REASSURANCE IT IS NORMAL VARIANT C.BLOOD CULTURE D.10 congetital heart diseases EXCEPT A.6 r palpable.AMBYLOPIA D.1 IN 4 REGARDLESS OF SEX C.APPLICATION OF ANNUSOL CREAM ON FISSURE D.HIGH CHO DIET C.8 Most likely A.5 having phenyl ketonuria A.7 glucose is 1.CONDUCTIVE DEAFNESS .E.9 A.DUODENAL ATRESIA D.DO CHEST XRAY .What is correct A.o/e fecal masses.GIVE HIM HIS INSULIN B.PYLORIC STENOSIS B.GLUCAGON School going child cannot see blackboard .1 mmol.PYLORIC STENOSIS B.HYPERMETROPIA examination is normal.ASPIRATION OF PHARYNX C..GIVE HIM GLUCOTHON???RUB IT ON GUMS D.INTUBATE ??D E A mother with a baby of Down syndrome wants to know foture risks other than.

18 A.11 MONTHS E .EPILEPSY A child came o/e periorbital edema.NEUROBLASTOMA A 6 months old baby h/o repeated jerks mostly multiple in a day.10 MONTHS B.INFANTILE COLIC C.B.MOST LIKELY A.C.C.REVIEW IN 6 WEEKS B.7 MONTHS C.12 MONTHS week old infant on routine examination one testis is not palpable.17 .SEPTIC ARTHRITIS B.INFANTILE SPASM D.HYPOTHYROIDISM E.can stand with support and plays with toys around him and.pain in knee.16 flexed and limbs r drawn up.11 A.IF BIOPSY IS DONE IT WILL SHOW MOSTLY GLOMERULOSCLEROSIS .URGENT SURGICAL REFERENCE FOR ORCHIDOPEXY A child with h/o vomiting mostly in morning.6 A.IT IS NOT DISTRESSING FOR PATIENT D.LEUKEMIAS D.IN THIS THERE R MULTIPLE VOCAL AND MOTOT TICS B.Treatment of choice.HOP ON ONE LEG .OSTEOMYELITIS C.6 MONTHS is associated with headache.Age A.POST CRANIAL FOSSA TOMOUR C.3 A.MOST LIKELY A.ALWAYS START LESS THAN 18 YRS A 3 yr old child has mild dirty wound on his scalp.Most likely A.IS ASSOCIATED WITH PNEUMOCOCAL PEROTONITIS YR child can do 12.C.D.A.DRESS WITHOUT SUPERVISION C.BENIGN SPASMS All is true about Tourette syndrome EXCEPT.During jerks arms r.CLIMB STAIRS A child can sit unsupportedly.o/e there is.PETIT MAL EPILEPSY B.B.OPTIC GLIOMA D.13 can roll over by himself.FRACTURE PATELLA .REVIEW IN 2 YRS D.B.15 ataxia.DTP D.19 in upper part of tibia.o/e there is tenderness.TICS OCCUR SEVERAL TIMES IN A DAY E.FRACTURE TIBIA D. ascites proteinuria +++ all is true EXCEPT.Next step 14.REVIEW IN 6 MONTHS C.D.CORPORALIA IS SEEN IN LESS THAN 10% .TREATMENT OF CHOICE IS HYDROCORTISONE .DRAW A RECOGNISABLE MAN .MIDDLE CRANIAL FOSSA TOMOUR .TETANUS TOXOID B.PENICILLIN A 7 yr old child fell from tree now he has c/o fever.MOSTLY HAS GOOD PROGNOSIS .There is decline in milestones as well.TETANUS IMMUNOGLOBIN C.

CHEST X RAY B.ADVANCED BONE AGE B.SWEAT CHLORIDE TEST C.FIRST INVESTIGATION A.REASSURANCE B.he is unable to move his forearm MOST LIKELY.treated with antibiotics.THYROTOXICOSIS A boy came with h/o persistent cough and wheeze from one day.FRACTURE HUMERUS PSHCHIATRY Immature defence mech.MALE WITH ENGORGED BREAST An 8 yr old child o/e wt is 48 kg w/c is more than 98 percentile.most likely A.FULL BLOOD COUNT D.20 A.o/e wheeze and fine crepitations.PRIMARY HYPERALDOSTERONISM D.NASOLACRIMAL DUCT OBSTRUCTION .Two of the family.DIRECT INGUINAL HERNIA C.INFERTILITY B.HYDROCELE E.ERBS PALSY B.PDA D.FEMALE WITH ENLARGED CLITORIS B.25 DIAGNOSTIC TEST A.FALLOT TETROLOGY B.26 was done when he was 10 months old what is next step A.23 .GONOCOCCUS B.D A baby born at term collapsed in cot after 10 days o/e central cyanosis no peripheral.1 .audiological assesment.CXR B.24 members have also got cough.BEST.PULMONARY HYPERTENSION C.TRANSPOSITION OF GREAT VESSELS A new born is born by forecep delivery.INCREASED BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL C.ARRANGE AUDIOMETRY .What is normal for a more than 90 percentile.otherwise is normal.Unilateral undescended testis in a child is associated with.LEFT HYPOPLASTIC HEART DISEASE E.BLOOD CULTURE FULL BLOOD COUNT Mother of 18 months old child says that the child is not babbling.SPUTUM EXAMINATION C.height is 140 cm which.27 pulses.WOF IS CORRECT A.28 A.REPEAT HEARING TEST C.22 murmur.but it is 21.CHEST XRAY IN FULL INSPIRATION AND EXPIRATION A 8 week old child h/o persistent cough.VARICOCELE week old child with persistent unilatetral discharge.MALIGNANCY D.FOREIGN BOBY .CHLAMYDIA C.D.10 still recurring A.

Also has a H/O URTI. Myelogram c. COPD b.daughter of having SCH % A less than 2 B.DURATION OF SYMTOMS B. The diagnosis .HUMOR B.LEVEL OF CONSIOUSNESS C.2. Ultrasound ECG. The best Investigation a. cardiomyopathy c.3 A.BORDERLINE PERSONALITY B.L-TRYPTOPHAN B. SVT c. CT b.MOCLEBEMIDE A man has h/o grandiose ideas . GORD A 25 yr old construction worker suffers from an L5-L4 disc prolapse after lifting a heavy . RBB .5 a. worse after eating. MRI d.NIL C.How would u differentiate SCH from Delirium.MOST LIKELY. Asthma d.she has SCH.CLONAZEPAM E.4 A. Brisbane After a carotid massage the patients heart rate goes down 50%. Postnasal drip b. Chronic bronchitis c.PROJECTION E.17% E.4 a.A. RBBB .It’s a dry 2 .REPRESSION Parents have adopted a girl.DRUG EFFECT Prod.complains of a nocturnal cough .FLUOXETINE C. WOF 1 a.40% D.cough. VT b.Which of the following is an indication for throbolysis .HALOPERIDOL D. The most likely possibility a.ALTRUISM C. male with a BMI of 31. atrial fibrillation d.INSIDIOUS ONSET SSRI can be caused by all drugs except.HYPOMANIA D..3 object at work.6 MCQ 2006 March. Atrial flutter A 52 yr old obese.6% Female throws bottles on people.ANTICIPATION D.they want to know the risk of their own.5 A.2 .NARCISSTIC PERSONALITY C.

Transverse myelitis d. a. There is a 1.Routine Ct scan on a 62 yr old male. Sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy after 45 yrs of age A patient presents 4 weeks post acute pancreatittis. Rubella c. What would you discuss in regards to . Stick on the contralateral side b. ( dissociated sensory loss). ELISA b.(7%).a. Stick on the ipsilateral side A 9 month old male child.The next step in MX . MND c. presents with vomiting and diarrhea.b. What is the most likely DX a.4 chance of child being a carrier c. syringomyalia b. CMV d. Which of the following positive tests will decide a change in her . What advice would you give him a. Air contrast enema A 31 yr old primipara with 10 weeks amenorrhea .6 ?of touch. Prevelence in the community is 1 :2500.12 raised. Cholilithiasis b. HIV b.small muscle wasting of the hands with loss of pain but no loss. Repeat CT in 6 months c.4 chance of tdevelopment of CF b. haemmorrahage in the duodenum b.shows an AAA of 6.genetic councelling with the parents about the fate of a second pregnancy . The initial investigation a.cancer. He has also passed blood . US d.8 stained stools and is suffering from dehydration.hypertensives . There is a 1.7 . pancreatic duct obstruction d.2 chance of being normal d. Gullien –Barre A 69 yr old patient suffers unilateral osteoarthritis of the hip. Sigmoidoscopy after 50 yrs d.supportive walking stick be used a.On which side should the . Feccal occult blood testing for 2 yrs b. and their Serum Amylase is still .WOF could be the cause a. Colonoscopy after 50yrs c. stool culture c. surgical or .14 a.9 psychiatric problems.has a 65 yr old mother who has recently been diagnosed with colon 11 . Incidence in the gene is 1:25. LBB A man develops bilateral. Angigram and angioplasty b. There is a 1.10 . Syphilis e. Every child born to this couple has a 1:4 chance of being affected A 42 yr old man.13 a. Blood sugar level Cystic Fibrosis is diagnosed in a 5 week old child. Laparotomy d. comes with no medical. duodenal perforation c.3 cms. pancreatitis . chronic pancreatitis c. pseudo pancreatic cyst What is the most commonest complication of ERCP .

What is the initial MX a. Venogram c. He suffers sever burns of the . intubation A young man presents with 15% burns.What is the initial MX a. complains of restriction of movement and pain .MCA A 21 yr old lady previously normal patient complains of Trigeminal neuralgic pain.21 in the dorsum of the hand . Artery repair ?What is the long term outcome in a patient with an Antisocial personality disorders .18 a. What is the initial investigation a.A 24 yr old male on a routine insurance examination shows an increase of urine protein . Failure rate more then 3 per 100 women years A young male. except . Dystonia d.face . Post interiouse n e. affective upto 6 months b. a.24 ?the site of lesion a. d. IVP b. US dopler d.What is the fluid replacement for the next .What is the DX a. horners syndrome . He suffers a femoral artery aneurysm.hand. Baby not allowed to go on solid foods c. Repeat testing of an early morning urine sample .23 ?24hrs A 62 yr old man presents with vertigo. Chorea . What is . XRY A 9yrs old boy initatied a fire after lighting a match. tight band application c. Stop clopidogrel b.c.with blackening ( soot ) on the facial area. 75 % end up in jail b. Median n b. Ant interiouseis n A 65 yr old male patient with a history of MI . US renal .vomiting and ataxia. 30 commit suicide ?The commonest complication of drug toxicity with anti psychotics on day1/2 . No previous neurological deficeits prior to ?onset.25 numbness of the left half of upper lip. Akathisia b. was treated with a stent and is currently .17 ?taking CLOPIDOGREL.OE there is a tender palpable swelling on the dorsum of the .Vertebral artery d.Ant cerebral artery b.15 ?( 2+) but no other significant findings. c.19 a. Dyskinesia c. with . a machine tool operator. b perforating arterys c. MS . 25 % die in jail d.What is the initial management a.Breast feeding as a means of contraception includes all the following benefits.Which nerve is responsible for impaired extension of the wrist .20 a.22 . Radial n c. 50 % return to normal c. Ulnar n d.16 a. D diamer b.

ASD ?In a patient with a mid radial fracture. Menniers disease b. CT scan A child presents with clinical features of URTI. VSD d.The diagnosis is infantile spasm . Pelvic floor exercises A 43yr old female patient presents with a painless 2cm lump in the left upper quadrant .35 ?A photo of HSC. Xray shows pulmonary plethora . He is allergic to penicillin. TGA b.41 a.33 .37 . Normal saline c.27 ?intact. FNAC b. PDA c.34 ?are present. What is the . What is the diagnosis . Mastectomy A young male presents with the complaints of tinnitus. What could be the cause a.roxythromycin b.32 .28 a.the possible diagnosis a. Local biopsy c.. DM ?What is the best investigation for the detection of gallbladder pathology .There were 2 questions in which the Glasgow coma scale has to be calculated .It was treated with penicillian.A question 8 lines long . 4% dextrose A 42 yr old male patient complains of erectile dysfunction. ERCP c.cephalexin c. What is the management? .What is the initial management . What is . vertigo and deafness. What is the initial investigation a.What is the possible diagnosis a. a. Accoustic neuroma c. What is the diagnosis . c.returns after 4 days with no improvement.29 ?treatment of choice a.38 .40 ?In a patient with 15% burn injury what solution would be used .augmentin A 36yr old women comes with the complaint of stress incontinence? What would you . Which nerve is damaged . meningioma A 4yr old child presents with history of ASOM.A CT scan of the brain showing a round low density lesion. US b. . Pupils are normal and reflexes are . Hartmanns solution b.31 . No murmers 12 .30 ?advise her a.?A patient presents with a pnemothorax. The child .42 (( no drugs were listed .36 .What is the management hour old newborn baby presents with difficulty in breathing and cynosis.of the left breast.39 ?What is the initial management of Hyperkalemia.26 A male presents with diplopia and photophobia. b.

immediate c/s A question on pagets disease . What is the initial management . US c.c. On a . CT most accurate investigation of bile duct . she should not get pregnant at all A 42 yr old male with a history of surgery .What would be the ?management a. pituitary d.A patient presents with pre eclampsia fits.46 physically abused by her partner. Manipulation of the breast A 25 yr old primigravida presents with 12wks amenorrhea. sepsis b.She was struck on the abdomen. hypothalamus A near term pregnant women presents to the emergency department after being . ERCP ?What is the most common cause of death in a child suffering from burns . Which of the following could be the cause a.43 ?15 weeks in size. moler pregnancy c. What . Female masterbation c. C section b. induce labour ?In a patient on HRT? Where do they act .a. US b. keep her for 24hrs observation c. twin pregnany b.On examination the uterus is .What advice would you give her . He had surgery a week ago and is suddenly becoming disorientated and believes ?that people are trying to kill him.48 ?initial management a.53 femur. PE b.a. magnesium sulphate c.49 a. FNAC b. respiratory failure An obese women with HT and diabetes comes for advice regarding pregnany. Miscalculated LMP . Pressure method b.45 a. fat embolism .she tested positive for sugar. endometorium c.50 a. A change of life style .5 days post-op suddenly collapses. An OGTT with advice on controlling her diabetes .b. CT c. renal failure c. What is the .52 ?could be the cause a. What is the cause a. ovary b. atelectasia A 35 yr old male who was involved in a car accident and suffered a fracture of the . after a normal CTG send the patient home b.51 ?urine examination.44 a.47 27y woman presents with a 2cm breast lump noticed while showering.

US A 23 yr old primi who is 28wks pregnant comes with the history of contact with a . thyroid A question on kawasaki disease .Not previously immunised. What is the management a.62 A 34 yr old male patient presents with history of an injury involving a rusty nail and . blood on stool c. after 6 months a repeat CT scan A fat young boy presents for a routine cheak-up.54 .60 ?are obtained. testicular ca A 42 yr old patient undergoes an MRI and by chance an adrenal mass of small .on further hormonal investigations no abnormality was found.What symptom would be associated with this lesion .59 dimensions is found.There were a few questions on asthma therapy.What could be the cause a. which of the following conditions are seen more . reasuurence c. 24Hr BP monitoring b.65 ?commonly in comparison to a normal pregnancy a.56 ?needle be inserted a. Where should the . On measuring the BP high readings . what will you advise a. a macrosomia b.and re cheak the BP with an adult cuff c.What would be the management a.57 a. termination b. After a . What is ?the management a.66 . pain on defecation b. TT+immunoglobulin + antibiotics ?In a pt with a suspected snake bite …what would you not do .hypertensive medications A 2yr old child presents with short stature and hyperflexibility and mental . The use of preventers and also how to .What condition is commonly associated with it . us . amniocentesis c. discharge ?A photo of varicocele . 3rd mid clavicular b. check cuff size .61 ?retardation.What would you advise a.55 ?the cause A patient presents in the emergency department with pnemothorax .manage an acute attack in a child and in an adult A child presents with a pan systolic murmur and cyanosis in childhood. renal ca b. 5th axillary ?A photo showing a peri anal fistula . prescribe anti. b hydramnious A patient wanted to know her chances of having a down syndrome baby.58 a.63 ?gravel.67 ?patient suffering from rubella . Surgery b.What could be .64 In a pregnant diabetic patient.maternal serum test the following results were obtained Down 1: 200 spina bifida 1: 400 .

What would be the likely ?cause a. A week later. she has no symptoms.m syntometrine d. . Perform abortion A 16-week multipara was found to have bacterial vaginosis at routine this question is often repeated in (different forms a. She was found to have a boggy uterus and a fundal height 2cm above the umbilicus. What ?would you do immediately a. She had a . start her on antibiotics e.72 A photograph of a bcc . tetracycline d. A couple of . metronidazole b. wait till 28 weeks c.72 A photograph of a HUCHINGSON freakle . a broncolitis b. .1 On examination. immediate treatment b.76 O&G A 22 nulliparous woman comes for routine first antenatal visit at 12 weeks amenorrhoea. b pneumonia A 45 yr old patient presents with 3rd nerve palalysis without any changes in the ocular . her cervical .74 A 7y boy presents with a cyst …cant remember the location. 70 ?reflexes.The same question appears again but the patient is 17yrs A question on the physical examination of scabies in a child .A photograph of an SCC on the face .4 previous premature delivery at 34 weeks. macrosomia A woman had a quick normal 6-hour labour and delivery to a healthy baby. Colposcopy and LLETZ excision d. and every thing is fine.71 ?How do you manage the patient a. ?What treatment will you give a. Colposcopy and biopsy c. What is the management. give prostaglandin into uterine muscle c. Hysterectomy b.She has a prior history of a miscarriage. b recheck at 28wks and treatment .68 biochemical results for diagnosis of this condition.?What is the investigation of choice in a patient with a doubtful submundibular cyst . Liver biopsy ?A chest X ray showing diffused lesions. give i. tranferrin saturation b. What is the next course of investigation a.What is the best diadnostic test for haemochromocytosis. DM A pregnant women presents with vaginatis .( please know all the .What is the diagnosis 69 a.73 . incorrect dates d.2 days later she lost 800mls of blood after passing a large clot and is pale and tachypnoea.3 ?smear can back as CIN3. . dilatation and curettage of retained products b. twin pregnancy b. the uterus was found to be 15 weeks gestation. acute polyhydramnious c. intravaginal prostaglandin A nulliparous woman came for routine antennal at 12 weeks.What is the cause a.75 . vaginal pessaries .

7 A 42-year-old woman with 6 months history of menorrhagia with the bleed lasting 8 . What will you tell ?her a. IUCD with nor ethisterone c.13 a. bacterial vaginosis A 37-year-old woman asks for contraception. baby should be breast fed with no supplementation c. night feeding compulsory d. dilation and curettage b.10 dilated on admission.1 a) Peaked P wave and prolonged P R interval Wide b) QRS complex . grab base of scrotum c. no menstrual periods after lochia e.9 relief. do caesarean c. She is ?a smoker. birth in the last 6 months b. mucinous cystadenoma c. give analgesia d. maternal hypotension b. What advise you will not give her . OCP A primigravida woman whose labour was progressing normally was given epidural pain . a metastatic choriocarcinoma of the ovary d.8 ?days every month. What ?will be the next management a. maternal serum test with US d. the cervix was 4 cm . What do you think she has a. she has 50% chance of having child with defect c. foetal cord compression A primigravida in labour with irregular pain and contractions. Mini pill ?A woman with CIN3. What ?could be the cause a. OCP b. set up an oxytocin drip b. intercourse is not more than once a week ?What advise would you give about premature ejaculation . Depo Provera d. woman on the top A 34-year-old woman wants to know what is her chance of having a baby with neural . foetal hypoxia c. US for endometrial thickness d.5 The smear was found to have gram-positive rods and cells that were stuck together as ?“clue” cells.12 a. Management a. . suddenly the foetal heart rate drops to 100 pm and?2 sustained deceleration. What is not correct . hysteroscopy c.14 tube defect as her sister has just given birth to a child with the problem. no problems ?What is the finding in ECG for Hyperkalaemia . leiomyosarcoma ?Breast-feeding provides good contraceptive. chorionic villi sampling at 16 weeks b. pull woman’s nipples b.A women presents with foul smelling green vaginal discharge and a smear was taken. She has children from previous relationship and is now in a new relationship. She was examined four hrs later and her cervix was still 4cm. as she would still like to have children in .6 future. What method would you recommend a.11 a. trichomoniasis b. adenocarcinoma b. rupture the membranes ?What can be found in association with a choriocarcinoma .

3 .d) Increased intake of green leafy vegetables daily (e ?For antenatal care to prevent neural tube defect when and how long to offer folic acid . What will you do next A) Antacid B) Omeprazol .2 a) Promiscuity CA cervix b) Coeliac disease & lymphoma C) EBV & Nasopharingial carcinoma D) Schistosomiasis & bladder cancer E) Nickel & liver ca ?Where you can hear mitral stenosis murmur best . Old man past history of peptic ulcer disease presented with haemetasis on ./day .e) Mi axillery line A man has developed headache (cluster headache) what is the acute stage . What can it be .b) Autoerotic asphyxia c) Frotturism a woman with history of anencephalic baby come for antenatal visit./day b) 10mg. Pylory .6 ?the Dx a) Myocardial infarction b) Pulmonary embolism c) Infective endocarditis d) Heart failure A 45 yrs.7 ?gastroscopy one shaggy ulcer was found. How much of folic .5 a) HbsAG b) HbsAB c) HbcAG d) HBeAB A man has presented with prominent a wave raised JVP and also 4th heart sound what is .D) I/V fluid e) Antibiotic A 16 yrs.8 ?pornographic magazine were found around him at home.c) At the apex d) Rt./day c) .C) Breath test for H.a) 2nd left inter costal space b) Left lower sternal border .4 -..5 mg. trimester .9 ?acid you will advice her to take every day a) 4-5mg. Old boy brought to emergency with rope around his neck. Lower sternal border .4 ?Management a) Ergotamin b) 100% O2 c) Paracetamol d) NSAID e) Relaxation ?Which one of the following indicates carrier state of Hepatitis B .c) Presence of U wave d) Bigemmni . Several . Histology was negative.e) Inverted T wave ?Which of the following is not matched .a) Suicidal attempt .10 a) 3month before conception until ist.

e) He can develop signs & symptoms within 4 hours ?In Lead poisoning you may not find which of the following . after 6 hours he returns to normotensive. old boy took 25 tab. At the emergency he is ? unarousable What could be his ABG a) Pco2 75% Po2 55% P.b) From conception to whole of the pregnancy c) From one month before pregnancy to full period of pregnancy ..50 ? d) Pco2 40% Po2 60% P. he feels nauseated. During . During .15 c) Pco2 90% Po2 89% P. This is .H. What will you do next a) Give O2 b) Intubate c) Iv fluid d) Do ABG to see wheathere intubation is warranted e) Ad minister antibiotics A 65 yrs.H.11 dizziness while he leaves his home.17 a) Lithium carbonate & Carbamezum b) Lithium carbonate & Sertrelline c) Lithium carbonate & Clonazepine A middle aged man presented with central abdominal pain radiating to the back. Old with history of COPD found unconscious by his neighbor. trimester A businessman afraid of traveling of air.45 b) Pco2 100% Po2 60% P.b) Signs & symptoms can develop after 24 hours c) Cerebellar ataxia d) Hepatic failure .16 ?before calling to the poisoning center what you will you next a) Vomiting with ippicahe b) Measure imipramine level c) Activated charcoal d) I/V fluid e) Dialysis ?Which of the drugs cannot be prescribed together .15 a) Anemia b) Neuropathy c) Deafness d) Abdominal pain e) Inflammation of liver yrs. He was coughing out carbonaceous material. sweating and .d) 1 month before pregnancy up to ist.12 was rushed to hospital.14 ?signs & symptoms a) Abdominal pain . 7. He always wanted to be at home. palpitition. of Imipramin and presented to your sugary after an hour.He is brought in hospital.13 transportation to hospital he received 10lit O2 by mask. His vital signs were ?stable. He . 8 .H. What could not be his . What is the ?diagnosis a) Social phobia b) Agoraphobia c) Panic attack with agoraphobia d) Personality disorder A rescuer while working get burned about 45% of his body from a patrol tank blast.36 One child accidentally took 20 iron tab. 7.18 the attack he becomes hypotensive .H. 7. 7.

what you will do next a) USG b) Laparotomy c) Rescan after 6 weeks time d) CT guided biopsy e) Reassure A patient were taking allupurinol. mass on the upper pole of . Is on 50th percentile.slow K+ and also aspirin. simvastatin.c) Give her nutritional supplement like multivit. After 4 days symptoms returned and he completely lost his vision in one eye ?over a period of 6 hours. she is very relactant to take . atenolol.………solids. she was on cow’s milk formula. ht. It resolves without any .24 significance. What will you advice a) Change to a different cow’s milk formula b) Offering solids prior to cow’s milk formula . what can be the cause a) Acute pancreatitis b) Leaking aneurysm c) Ureteric calculus d) Mesenteric ischemia e) Mesenteric adenitis A patient on a routine examination found to have a 5cm.22 a) acute renal failure b) lack of insulin c) Acidosis d) infection e) lack of glucose A 10 months old baby. .?happening for last 6 months. Now he presents with oliguria. Is on 25th percentile. What could be the DX a) Retinal artery thrombosis b) Macular degeneration c) Carotid artery disease d) Retinal & macular detachment e) Vertibrovasilar artery insufficiency . you will say a) My child does not roll over from back to front at the age of 4 months of age b) My child do not smile at 2 months of age c) My child do not sit at 5 months of age d) My child does not have dentition at 10 months of age e) My child does not stand at 11 months of age ? In a diabetic keto-acidosis patient which of the following causes for hyperkalaemia .19 ?right kidney.……development.23 . polyjoule etc d) Give her breast milk e) Give her only solids A middle aged man has flashes of light and shimmering. diclophenac sodium. What could be reason for ?his oliguria a) K + rimipril + atenolol b) Aspirin + atenolol + frusemide c) Slow K + diclophenac sodium + Frusemide d) Slow K + diclofenac sodium + atenolol e) Rimipril + frusemide + atenolol You been asked to deliver lecture in a seminar regarding retardation of child .21 .. frusemide. Her wt.20 rimipril .

Amniocentesis in 15-17 weeks .3 .E A 28 year old lady 16 weeks ceased C. What could be the ?cause of her situation a) Spinal cord injury b) Fracture in the cervical vertebra c) Multiple sclerosis d) Intervertebral disc protrusion e) Spinal artery thrombosis A man has undergone treatment for carcinoma of lungs. Now he presents with pain .usually recovers spontaneously E.treated by marsupialization (During uterus contraction. Now she presents with pain in her increases D.28 ?alongside his left arm and hand. what could be the cause a) Paraneoplastic neuropathy b) Ca involving brachial plexus c) Multiple sclerosis d) Disc prolapse e) Motor neuron disease OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY (About Bartholin cyst which one is correct?(MAY 2001 .it reduces B.looking for fetal abnormality E.except from reassurance what is the best preventive (management?(MAY 2001 A. Her biceps and triceps jerks are normal.what happens to placenta blood supply?(MAY 2001.whith no uterus contraction or severe pain is concerned about her pregnancy.2 A.unchanged . Arm and .Sulbutamol B.observation C. Other tests were normal.26 a) Vertigo b) Hyperemic eardrum c) Nystagmus d) Otorrhoea e) Hypotension A lady had a MVA 6 months before.25 a) Ipsilateral blindness b) Amareousis fugues c) Diplopia.1 A. Muscle power is 6/6 in biceps and 6/5 in triceps respectively.complete bed rest between 16 to 28 weeks . ataxia and visual disturbances d) Contralateral hemiplegia & horner’s syndrom ?Which of the following is the feature of Labyrinthitis . nystagmus.most commenenst cause is Staphylococcus Aureus B.27 hand with disturbed sensation.G3P0 with 2 previous second trimester miscarriage .maybe due to gonococcus C.cervical stitch D.?What are the features of vertibrovasilar artery insufficiency .usually treated by antibiotics D.

slightly increase in prolactin level C.combined contraceptive pills Which of the following is not a benefit of taking combined oral contraceptive pills?(MAY.5 am cervix 3 cm .1:50 B.obese women have more FSH that prevents hotflush (What is the risk of a 38 yr old lady having a baby with Down syndrome?(MAY 2001.primary ovarian failure C.She converts aldosteronedione to estrone C.reduction in incidence of benign breast disease C.which did not respond to conservative.contractions become weak and irregular D.7 management.cervical cancer E.cervix fully dilated .What is your diagnosis? ((MAY2001 A. 8 am .increase in progestrone level E.contractopn 5 min still 2 cm above ischial .prolactinoma B.cervix 5 cm .8 (2001 A.she converts ADHD to estradiol D.5am cervix 3 cm .membrane not ruptured .poly cyctic ovary D.contractions every 5 min E.She also has increased ratio of LH/FSH.membrane broken.4 not have hotflush what is the main reason for her (not having the symptom? (MAY 2001 A.17-hydroxyprogestrone is.contractions started at 1am with interval of every 4-5 min Cervix is 2 cm dilated and effacement is complete.1:1000 A39 vweeks pregnant lady(G1P0)with normal antenatal care admits to the ward with. bromocriptine B.spines B.5 am cervix 3 cm.she has endrogens in fat tissues which prevents hot flush symptoms E.she has enough progestrone hormone that prevents hotflush symptoms B.reduction in incidence of cervical cancer E.Danazol E.endometriosis .membrane broken.5 am.low stradiol level B.Fetus is in LOA presentation(left occiput anterior)In which situation Obstetric consultation (opinion is needed?(MAY 2001 A.breast tenderness and low mood related to her.5 A.Which one of the followings is useful to confirm (that she has premenstrual syndrome?(MAY2001 A.respond to antidepresant treatment A28 year old girl complains of hirsutism and irregular periods.1:100 C.chart her symptoms for 3 months D.1:500 E.reduction in incidence of ovarian cancer A lady complains of depression .contractions every 3 min In a 32 year old lady with mastalgia .membrane not ruptured .what will you offer as a next step (in management?(MAY 2001 A.1:200 D.contractions 5 min C.reduction in incidence of menorrhagia B.clomiphene citrate D.membrane ruptured .10 (normal and DHAS(dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate is slightly increased.6 .Medroxy progestrone for 10 days from day 14 to day 24 each cycle C.reduction in incidence of pelvic inflamatory disease D.9 periods.In a slightly obese 54 year old lady who has been menopaused 3 years ago and still does.

pressure of enlarged uterus on bladder B.14 A.Do not cause more bronchospasm B.beta blockers should be used for treatment C.she can lose large amount of urine Which one of the following is the main predisposing factor of asymptomatic urinary tract.17 A.what advice will you give to (the patient. It may cause rupture of internal organs D.dull laterally and tympany anteriorly E.galactorrhea D.progestrone is better than combined pills for contraception if she is breast fed E. stress incontinence B.bromocriptine may provoke ovulation D.increased libido (Which one of the following indicates ovarian tumor rather than ascites?(MAY 2001.osteoporesis E.18 A.It is a diagnostic tool for endometriosis .Because CO2 gas can not be fully removed .dull anteriorly and tympany laterally D.A lady is going to do laparascopy because of infertility.urge incontinence can cause premature labour E.shifting dullness B.CA125 C.low immune system during pregnancy C.overflow incontinence D.tympany all over abdomen (Which of the following is not a tumor marker for gynaecological cancer?(MAY 2001.AFP D.innitial menstruation after delivery is usually anovulatory C.steriods should not be used D.12 A.16 (infection in a pregnant woman?(MAY 2001 A. laparoscopy is the efficient diagnostic method for polycystic ovary disease B.high level of oestrogen increase urinary tract obstruction which predispose to infection (Which of the following is not correct ?(MAY 2001.E.13 A.11 of the procedure.Because you can see the surface and do biopsy.inhibin A 54 year old lady who has 3 children complains of need to void many times during the.amenorrhea B.19 .15 day and passing small amount of urine after (micturation .abdominal distension C.she may experience some shoulder tip pain C.change of flora in perineal area during pregnancy E.dilatation of ureter and calyces due to progestrone D.BCA1 B.Infection is very rare and nearly always the result of unnoticed bowel damage (Which one of the following is not related to hyperprolactinaemia?(MAY 2001.dry vagina C.she will pass urine while running or jumping E.What is her diagnosis?(MAY 2001 A.Full breast feeding is a good method of contraception in the first 6 months after child birth B.During discussion about the risk.B-hCG E.progestrone increase milk production (What is true in bronchial asthma in pregnancy?(MAY 2001.salbutamol should not be used for treatment (Which of the following is not true about oral contraceptive pills?(1997. except?(MAY 2001 A.

it reduces the incidence of benign breast disease reduces the incidence of endometrial cancer C.cordocentesis at 24 weeks A 48 year old woman had a CIN lesion removed 10 years ago and has recently had.21 (asymptomatic streptococcus B infection?(1997 A.maternal screening at 16 weeks A 36 year old primigravida is worried about Down`s syndrome .you find that her uterus was completely deformed by uterine fibroids and that her uterus can be felt just under her umblicus.23 investigations is the most specific and at the same time has the (lowest risk for the foetus?(1997 A. oestrogen therapy will be beneficial for her when she enters menopause A 52 year old woman that has had hysterectomy and post-operative DVT .it reduces the incidence of iron deficiency anaemia (Which of the following is protective factor in breast cancer?(1997.A.ultrasound at 11 weeks looking for nuchal thickening E.low dose oestrogen therapy per os D. women with this type of operation have less chance of getting ovarian cancer E.combined oral contraceptive pill reduces the incidence of ovarian cancer D.ultrasound at 11 weeks to look for malformations D.comes to see.24 hysterectomy but has her ovaries left.Which of the following would you recommend?(May (1997 A.treat with IV penicillin during labour A woman that in her previous pregnancy had a child affected by anencephaly is.25 you complaining of hot flushes.ultrasound at 11 weeks looking for nuchal thickness E.and haemoglobin is decreased by 4 gram%.It is part of normal flora which does not need treatment E.oestrogen and progestrone transdermal patches E.progestrone therapy only A 26 nulliparus woman who has recently married and wants to have children comes to.CVS at 12 weeks not treat because 25% of women are carriers C.she will need to do vaginal smear every 2 years B.oestrogen transdermal patches .breast feeding What is your plan of management in a 30 weeks old pregnant lady who has a.50 microgram C.With respect to management of this pregnancy which (of the following is not correct?(1997 A.CVS at 11 weeks C.she will not need progestrone in her HRT D.20 A.Which of the following (treatment do you recommend?(May 1997 A.first child under the age of 34 E.amniocentesis at 18 weeks B.treat for doxycycline till the end of pregnancy and during labour hysterectomy .she will enter menopause sooner or at normal age C.maternal screening at 16 weeks gestation B.nulliparus B.26 you complaining of severe menorrhagia .early menarche C.Which of the following (is not true about her?(May 1997 A. treat the patient with penicillin immediately B.Which of the following.On examination.late menopause reduces the plasma concentration of lipids E.22 pregnant again.amniocentesis at 18 weeks C.

take posterior fornix swab for chlamydia D.What is the most likely diagnosis (May 1997) A.32 . it is a good way to diagnose endometriosis B.days later she developed fever of 37.not engaged.P1) woman who previous had a normal vaginal delivery.endometrial infection E.prescribe her the oral contraceptive pill A young woman with infertility is recommended to do currently.pain in shoulder is common post operatively myomectomy after controlling her anaemia C.then do an open myomectomy D.28 ?vaginal bleeding .occasional follicular hypertrophy D.the girl tends to put her .29 is safer to use roller ball E.deep vein thrombosis D.observe mother .At this time.30 with profuse vaginal discharge.give 3 months therapy with gonadotropin agonists.check mother`s vital sign E.endometral cancer C.33 edxamination you find that the vulva is structurally normal except that it is a little red and there is sign of scratching.27 .cephalic. send cervical smear for cytology A 28 year old (G2.difficult to operate if the uterus is bigger than 10 cm B.early stage of cervical cancer B.B.increase oxytocin dose to accelerate delivery After 10 hours of obstructive labour .treat sexual partner E.wound haematoma stay is usually short A 18 year old female who has had multiple partners during the last few a transcervical myomectomy E.there is a risk for damage to aorta or vena cava which can lead to death rupture the membrane and put the patient on oxytocin infusion.In the.The baby is in longitudinal lie.3.9C (Which of the following is the least likely cause for fever in this lady?(May 1997 A.cause amenorrhea in 40-60% of the patients C.urinary tract infection B.She comes to GP.31 37 weeks pregnant and is admitted for induction of labour due to looking for information about laparoscopy (All the following are true except?(May 1997 A.request HIV test B. can not find or diagnose polycystic ovary disease D.With the firsts uterine contractions the foetus becomes bradychardic.60 beats per minute. do caesarean section promptly (B.engorgement of the breasts A mother brings her 4 year old girl with intermittent yellow vaginal abdominal CTG(cardiotocography C.vaginal atrophy E.oestrogen without progestrone can be used postop D. minimal risk of damage to the internal organs rather than laparotomy A 50 year old woman whose last period was 2 years ago.Which of the (following investigations is not correct?(May 1997 A. do vaginal examination D.anovulatory cycles (Regarding endometrial ablation all is true except?(May 1997.take lower endocervical swab for gonorrhea C.comes with 3 days painless.a woman delivered her baby by caesarian section.What is the next step of (Mnagement?(May 1997 A.

abnormal morphology:86% .180/125 mmHG and she has no oedema (All of the following are true in her treatment except?(May 1997 A.37 :semen analysis.he has slightly reduced fertility can try a normal delivery if it is in frank or complete breech presentation D.IVF will result in pregnancy in 20% E.Management (includes all of the following EXCEPT?(May 1997 A.foreign body B.000 per ml .rubella infection during second trimester B.anticoagulation profile test C.Mg-sulphate IV and other sedative drugs D.35 .weeks pregnant with breech presentation (You should do all the following except ?(May 1997 A.In exam.insemination by transvaginal method (All of of the follwing can cause congenital deafness EXCEPT?(May 1997.Her haemoglobin is 68.caesarian section within 48 hours in all cases C.sulphuonmides should not be given external version A 25 year old married man comes with the complaint of infertility.if RH negative.sulphonamides can cause deafness during third trimester E. start oxytocin transfusion for induction of labour .39 that she has lost approximately 900 ml of blood.candidial infection C.What (advice is best appropriate for him?(May 1997 A.gentamycin treatment during pregnancy C.caesarian section if the baby is more than 4 kg C.ultrasound to see if fetus is alive B.give her betamethasone B.sexual abuse (Regarding Chlamydia infection during pregnancy . number :950.treat with erythromycin D.Her blood pressure is.36 .cefotaxime is usually added to treatment A 30 weeks pregnant woman presents with proteinuria 8g/24 h.the result is as follows volume:2 ml.can be treated with doxycycline C.give immunoglobulin to mother D.all are true except?(May now 33.What is the most likely diagnosis (May 1997) A.blood transfusion and immediate surgery E.syphilis E.38 A.trimethoprim can cause deafness during first trimester A woman in 37th weeks of pregnancy presents with vaginal bleeding.uterus is tender and there is no fetal heart notice.her blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg .intracytoplasmic sperm injection will probably result a successful pregnancy D.gardenella vaginitis D.34 A. motility:10%.give him testostrone and review him after 3 months C.if the baby is less than 3.cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy D.continous CTG cardiotocography A woman who has had a troublesome delivery of a 4kg baby in the x-ray for pelvimetry B.erythromycin can be given if she is allergic to doxycycline B.?hand to the area .8 kg .do ultrasound to measure fetal size and position E.You advise him to do.start Labetolol E.

a progestogen derived from testosterone.5 cm/hour usually means Caesarian section unless improved by oxytocin which needs Onstetrition review.p679) CORRECT ANSWER:C. is effective in treatment of endometriosis and menorrhagia and has been used with considerable success in patients with breast pain and discomfort due to fibrocystic disease .Contractions must continues progressively .p133 CORRECT ANSWER:D.2 CORRECT ANSWER:B . abortions after the 14 th week in which pain has not been a feature.(beischer Obstetrics. reduced dysmenorrhoea.5 Incidence of down syndrome according to maternal age is 1 in 800 birth between 30-34 year old and 1 in 260 birth between 35-39 (beischer Obstetrics.Any circulating oestrogen is synthetized in the peripheral fat by aromatization of androstendione.but its effectiveness is not confirmed.usually because there is insufficient vaginal cervix for ligation .cervical amputaion or Manchester repair.7 Danazol. Transvaginal cerclage between the 14th and 20th weeks of gestation is the usual procedure in case of cervical incompetence.followed by one or more spontaneous.the condition results from surgical procedures such as cone biopsy.which then need surgical drainage like any other abscess.The duct can become obstructed and lead to enlarged bartholin`s cyst.derived mainly from .abnormalities is the main cause of first trimester abortions (beischer Obstetrics.6 This lady is in her first stage of labour.Chromosome .(Gynaecology illustrated.a change in the ratio of oestradiol:oestrone occurs . reduced ovarian and endometrial cancer .Progestrone is also used in treatment of mastalgia . reduced benign breast disease.Classically there is a history of mechanical dilatation of cervix .incompetent cervix being a major contributor.3 It should be noted that about 30-40%of perinatal death occur in pregnancies which terminate between 20 and 28 weeks .OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY CORRECT ANSWER:D.p395-397 CORRECT ANSWER:D. reduced functional ovarian cysts .Occasionally .mild terendelenburg position .If it fails .the adrenal glands with some from the ovarian stroma (llewellyn-jones .Adjunct antibiotic therapy is only recommended when the drainage is cultured for neisseria gonorrhea which is in 10 %of the time.(blueprints in obs &gyn (p98.reduced iron-deficiency anaemia . CORRECT ANSWER:A.Abscess that seems refractory to simple surgical drainage need antibiotic that cover staphylococcus aureus. done.In general.p 319) CORRECT ANSWER :C.8 :The benefits of taking combined oral contraceptive pills are excellent contraception.but sometimes it may get infected .conservative treatment with bed rest sedation .so is used if no other treatment is (useful.any delay or (irregularity needs further investigation.4 After manopause.1 The bartholin`s glands are mucus secreting glands located bilaterally on the labia majora just external to hymenal ring.After 32 weeks.David McKay.transabdominal cerclage can be . reduced menstrual loss .a cervical dilatation rate of more than 1 cm/hour will result in spontaneous delivery.less than 0.p 187-188) CORRECT ANSWER:B.and perhaps progestrone is usual.Bromocriptine has many side effects .bartholin abscess.most of the time it will resolve by itself .oestrone becoming the dominant circulating oestrogen. reduced pelvic .

(Gynaecology.early tubal pregnancy and investigating vague abdominal pain.(Gynaecology.but as a rulethe distinction should be easily made.The woman with hyperprolactinoma develops oestrogen deficiency.LH:FSH ratio increased .hemorrhage.running.A relatively steady state of gonadotropins and sex steroids exists.colposuspension and vaginal vault suspension for vault prolapse.p229 CORRECT ANSWER:C.There is usually history of enuresis in childhood and weak bladder even before pregnancies.Laparoscopy is indicated in infertility investigation looking for patency of fallopian tubes.In 30%of women inappropriate milk secretion(galactorrhea ( occurs.and ascites and tumor may coexist. salpingectomy and salpingostomy.multiple ovarian cysts and also measurement of LH:FSH ratio Laparoscopy and biopsy is not indicated nor diagnostic. ((Gynaecology.ascertaining that there is a symptom-free period after menstruation and ensuring that the symptoms can not explained by some other illness.The suspected diagnosis should be confirmed by asking the woman to complete a daily record of symptoms over three menstrual cycles.(Annotated MCQ book.D.If hyper prolactinaemia persists.A fluid thrill may be elicited from an ovarian cyst .urine appears just after efforts like coughing.(Llewellyn-jones (.resonant over the top of the swelling and dull over the flanks With ovarian cyst percussion note is dull over the top of swelling and resonant in the (flanks.(Llewellyn-jones.12 Most commen cause of hyperprolactinoma is microadenoma of the pituitary gland.following by ultrasound to see .p85 CORRECT ANSWER:E.McKay .ovarian cystectomy.laughing. it can be done in conditions like salpingitis.and post operation pain in shoulder tip because of phrenic nerve irritation.oestradiol levels aresimilar to those in the early follicular phase.McKay.The cause is likely to be a pelvic floor weakness as a result of parturition and/or oestrogen deficiency.but this is probably due to the increased sexual activity and not to (the ingestion of the contraceptive pill.D.other causes include:hypothyroidism.Adrenal glands produce elevated levels of DHAS. McKay.urodynamic .oophorectomy.Also.15 It is necessary to distinguish between stress incontinence and detrusor instability since their treatment is different .In difficult cases.osteopenia and perhaps osteoporesis will (result.D.p322 CORRECT ANSWER:C.p221-222 CORRECT ANSWER:C.complications are more frequent with operative laparoscopy than (with purely diagnostic one.with menstrual disturbances(usually amenorrhoea).division of adhesions.10 Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a functional derangement of the hypothalamo-pituitary ovarian axis associated with anovulation.This leakage is attributed to some displacement of bladder neck so that it cannot respond normally to a sudden increase in intraabdominal pressure.With ascites there is .p 257 CORRECT ANSWER:E.Complications include:perforation of viscus.inflamatory disease The cervical carcinoma incidence is not decreased .13 An experienced examiner will recognise an ovarian tumor by finding midline swelling .Sterilisation.dry vagina and often reduction of her libido.Urge incontinence is defined as a desire to void urine before the bladder contains 50 ml of urine and that is because of detrusor instability . Clinical features are oligomenorrhea.hirsutism and obesity.laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy.14 CORRECT ANSWER:B.p94-95 CORRECT ANSWER:A.rarely infection because of bowel damage.9 The diagnosis of PMS is made after evaluating the periodicity of the physical and mood symptoms.In stress incontinence.It appears to be slightly increased .11 Diagnosis of polycystic ovary is made on clinical grounds .administration of dopamine depleting agents.

the best way of family planning is low dose progestrone pills(minipill).(Obstetrics.obesity.AFP.Prenatal screening method is by measuring the alphafetoprotein (AFP) level in the blood at the 16th gestational week often can also be isolated from the rectum in such women.If it is raised in the second sample Ultrasound will be done.nebulized beta (sympathomimetics.late menopause.positive family history (Breast feeding is a protective factor for breast cancer..5 times the median for the week of pregnancy .16 Pregnancy is a predisposing factor for urinary tract infection mainly because of the increased stasis within the urinary tract as a consequence of dilatation of the ureters and the renal pelves.Beischer.often presenting as an idiopathic respiratory distress in premature babies.IV penicillin must be given in labour .(Obstetrics.p239 CORRECT ANSWER:E.first child after age of 34.Beischer.Bromocriptine is usually prescribed for those who do not want to breast feed.17 For the woman who is breast feeding.(Annotated MCQ CORRECT ANSWER:E.341 CORRECT ANSWER:D.she is unlikely to ovulate because of the inhibition of ovulation by elevated level of prolactin.Significant bacteriuria in pregnancy is important for a number of reasons.Clinical pyelonephritis will develop in one-third of these women.and 2)late onset after the first week of life presents with lethargia.but progestron increase cholesterol level.intrauterine growth retardation premature labour and stillbirth.Then amniocentesis is made to measure amniotic AFP .decreasing rate of benign breast disease and also ovarian and ( endometrial cancers.early menarche.Since the combined pill reduces both milk output and total energy content it is contraindicated in the lactating women.and within first 6 months .Beischer.oral and inhalational corticosteroids.p317) CORRECT rule out multiple pregnancies which is another cause of high .If she is fully breast feeding.she should be treated antepartum.21 This gram positive coccus is present in vagina at some time during pregnancy in approxmately 10-25% of women .hypertension.p563 CORRECT ANSWER:D.There is also little evidence of any effect of asthma on pregnancy unless there are prolonged episodes of hypoxia which can contribute .If the serum level is more than 2.if not.D.18 There is no uniform pattern of asthma disease in pregnancy but in general there is a tendency to improve.p373 CORRECT ANSWER:E. to spontaneous abortion .preeclampsiaand perinatal loss.this is only % reliable for about 10-12 weeks.p306-307) :CORRECT ANSWER.Beischer.obstetric complications is more common in these group like spontaneous abortion.jaundice and meningitis.Also established chronic pyelonephritis may happen in these women that needs investigation in (puerperium.If mother is symptomatic.there is 5 chance of ovulation if she mensturate.Management of asthma in pregnancy is similar to the nonpregnant state including.assessment must be done to distinguish these two diagnosis (Gynaecology.Premature labour and premature rupture of membranes are common in these women and in the baby there are 2 main syndromes:1)early onset septicemia and pneumonia.19 The benefits of taking oral contraceptive pills are reducing iron deficiency anaemia .anorexia.(Obstetrics.Serotyping suggests a sexual mode of transmission.the test is repeated.previous breast cancer and .and the baby should be treated after birth (Obstetrics. (blueprints in Obs & Gyn.22 Nural tube defect occurs in 2-5 pregnancies per 1000.20 Among the risk factors for breast cancer are:nulliparous.because it inhibits prolactin secretion so may cause ovulation to (happen.

but also can provide positive clues.cystic degeneration .It is not usually done in women under age of 45..Because of the increase of incidence with age .but transdermal .one third of climacteric women experience no or mild symptoms.26 Fibriod is the gynaecological term for a leiomyomaof the uterus.raised HCG').There is increased risk of internal organ damageLaparoscopy does not .Invasive diagnostic tests like amniocentesis or chorionic sampling are not usually undertaken (because of the risk to the pregnancy.percutaneous or implants are preferred (to minimise oestrogen exposure to the liver.myomectomy can be done.The hot flushes may persist for a number of years after the menopause.decrease risk of organ damage .to look for tube patancy.presence of factor V Leiden or other .Ultrasound at 11 weeks can also show fetal malformations in most centres CORRECT ANSWER:D .one-third have moderate symptoms but usually do not seek medical advice and one-third have severe disabling symptoms. CORRECT ANSWER:D.Most women.There exists data to the effect that up to 20%of women aged 40-45 experience ovarian failure within 3 years of hysterectomy.It is not adignostic tool for polycystic ovary disease.p417 CORRECT ANSWER:B. (Llewellyn-jones OBS (&GYN .1 in 1000 women will develop ovarian carcinoma .There is little place to use GnRH in those who (need myomectomy.but some gynaecologists perform it in older women. contraindication.24 Following hysterectomy for CIN.It develops in the myometrium and is not capsulated .like nuchal thickening which is quite specific.also there is nofunction for ovaries after menopause.Medical treatment with GnRH may give reduction in size in 6 months.but are worse after .23 Incidence of Down syndrome diagnosed by amniocentesis is approximately 1 in 200 at 37 years and 1 in 70 at 40 years.6-monthly smears should be done for the first year and.The question of bilateral oophorectomy of normal ovaries at the time of hysterectomy is contentious.(McKay.thrombophilia defects.but rapid return to normal size follows cessation of this expensive therapy.The main element in diagnosis is biochemical screening between 15 and 17 weeks (lowered serum AFPand oestriol.Women who had hysterectomy in the past will benefit from oestrogen patch without need for progestrone.reaching a peak incidence 1-2 years after the menopause Approximately.p233 CORRECT ANSWER:B.thereafter .In more than 90% of cases there is trisomy 21 and translocation or mosaicism is found in the remainder.25 Hot flushes may begin in the months before the menopause .McKay GYN.multiple pregnancies and other anomalies.followed by ultrasound which not only excludes errors in dates .prenatal screening is helpful especially in older age groups.GYN.p319-320.but in those who wish to be pregnant.Hot flush is caused by lack of oestrogen in body.This can be prevented by hormone replacement therapy.27 Laparoscopy is used for investigation of infertility.p215-217 CORRECT ANSWER:E.p166-167.describe a history of incresing menstrual bleeding and there are some complications like torsion of its pedicle.Hysterectomy is the treatment of choice in older women who are symptomatic.(Llewellyn-jones.History of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary thrombo-embolism which occured during pregnancy or when on the oral contraceptive pills or with anti-thrombin III deficeincy.which is through the uterine a contraindication to HRT A past history of thrombo-embolism without such histories is not a genuine .( 2 years as abnormal cells may be found in the upper vagina signifying vaginal CIN.which is usually diagnosed clinically.Small asymptomatic fibroids need not be treated.The reason is that if ovaries are left.irregular bleeding and dysmenorreha and rarely sarcomatose change.It is the commonest tumor found in women especially after 35 years of age.

placenta .(blueprint of OBS& GYN. (and chlamydia (vaginal swab is not accurate Partners must be treated as well.It can also occur at any time during lactation.30-40% of the babies of women with chlamydial infection will become .possibly mastitis.if the result is well.32 Like any other operation .the cavity of the uterus is inspected with a hysteroscope.Copmlications include.1-1 its occurance increased when there is a poorly fitting part or no engagement at the time of induction.34 In some centres.Pyrexia (may signify infection.31 Preeclampsia is an indication for induction of labour.30 Most cervical infections occur in sexually active women.So the first step in this woman is to do (vaginal exam to look for cord prolapse as a cause of fetal distress.gonorrhea 15-30% and in the remainder the cause is unclear.Roller ball is used commonly in most places.Prolapse of the umblical cord % occurs with a frequency of approximately 0.fetal distress.exogenous oestrogen/HRT(15-25%).The benefits of endometrial ablation are that it is less invasive and painfull than hysterectomy .Before the procedure.the woman is in hospital for 1-2 days rather than 7-10 days and it is less expensive.endometrial hyperplasia(5-10%).Hormonal activity causes an increase in blood flow to the breasts and a sudden increase in milk production.but a relationship to premature labour and premature rupture of membranes is 10 -15 times more common than gonococcus The obstetrical significance of this infection is unclear .Beischer.but itshould be noted that there are -contraindications when there is evidence of cephalo pelvic disproportion.with resulting obstruction to the venous and lymphatic vessels and interference with the flow of milk along the ducts.(Llewellyn-jones OBS& GYN .the better the outcome.Oestrogen is never used to treat (menorrhagia.uterus.previa or vasa previa.Breast engorgement commonly occurs on the third or fourth day.thrombo embolism.(OBS.It is currently thought that chlamydial infection causes 50-65%.perforation of uterus(1%) .but laser or loop resection can be used.(OBS.endometrial carcinoma(10%).abnormal.29 This technique is used for treatment of menorrhagia .and usually follow a sexually transmitted organism aquired from asymptomatic male partner.28 The differential diagnosis of postmenopausal bleeding includes:atrophic vaginitis(6080%).Many gynaecologists prescribe Danazol or GnRH analogue before the operation to reduce endometrial thickness.the endometrial regeneration is prevented and menorrhagia is cured.p226 CORRECT ANSWER:C.usually multibacterial.33 COORECT ANSWER:B.It .as there is risk of cord prolapse Oxytocin should be stopped when there is fetal bradicardia.ileus.p458 CORRECT ANSWER:E.Laboratory tests should be breech presentation.urethral and cervical swabs for gonorrhea .The older the patient.caesarian section has some complications including infection (abdominal wall.uterine and cervical polyps(2-12%).By ablating the basal layer of endometrium .618 CORRECT ANSWER:A.up to 20%of women have cervical and/or urethral chlamydial infection.p216 CORRECT ANSWER:C.the more likely to have endometrial (carcinoma.Tension in the breasts increase.CORRECT ANSWER:D.Beischer.p492.unstable lie.So the smaller the uterus .Cervical smear (pap smear) should be done in any sexually active woman and should be repeated every (years.chest).urinary tract.(Llewellyn-jones.haemorrhage and wound dehiscence. p 288 2 CORRECT ANSWER:C.fluid overload due to absorption of sodium and glycin and amenorrhea in 35-60% of women.

however during pregnancy doxycycline is contraindicated.hepatosplenomegaly.and fracture of the humerus.Standards for a normal seminal specimen have been developed by the WHO .Because of the risks mentioned.this has become uncommon cause -of congenital infection.Usually treatment with penicillin or ceftriaxone or cefotaxime (to cover gonococcal infection is advised.deafness and bone lesions.severe oligospermia defined as less than 5 millon sperm per ml.but usally asymptomatic.She needs to be treated with IV antihypertensives .35 This woman has severe pregnancy induced hypertension or pre-eclampsia.Relative infertility is diagnosed if the sperm count is between 5 and 20 millon per ml.Sometimes IVF is another alternative .The success of vaginal delivery of breech depends on the size of baby and maternal pelvis.Cytomegalovirus is the commonest congenital infection 1%.Severe infertility is diagnosed if severe oligospermia is found.If azoospermia or severe oligospermia is diagnosed .the common features are microcephalus.If FSH level is normal testicular biopsy is sometimes made.p 306 CORRECT ANSWER:B.Llewellyn-Jones . ((OBS&GYN Llewellyn-jones.The mortality .infected.which can be assessed by pelvimetry and ultrasound.Absolute infertility is dignosed if azoospermia and high FSH level are found.At the 30th week of pregnancy 15%of the fetuses are breech.Before the 32 nd week of pregnancy the objective is to keep the fetus in utero until the 35th week if it is possible.So.Oligospermia is when sperm count is less than 20 million per ml.intracytoplasmic sperm injection (OBS & GYN .If the fetus is found to be breech .(OBS and (GYN .intracranial calcification .3 samples should be examined before a prognosis is made.Treatment with testostrone or clomiphene is used in nonsevere oligospermia.cataract.Treatment is .many of the breech presentations are delivered by elective caesarian 35th week the proportion falls to 6% and by term to 3%. the rate of pregnancy in couple is very very low.The infection responds to tetracycline.intra cytoplasmic sperm injection is a method of treatment if spermatozoa can be recovered.If the fetus is less than 3800 g and has extended legs with flexed head .doxycycline or erythromycin.admit her to this man with severe hydralazine and MG sulphate to prevent seizure.measure blood pressure every 4 hours.p126-127 CORRECT ANSWER:E .and more than 2 million sperms per ml .37 Male infertility is the cause of infertility in couples in 30-40 %of cases.Do urine protein test twice daily.p251-254) CORRECT ANSWER: E.A raised level (3 times the normal upper limit) indicates tesicular failure.and jaundice.With sever involvement .Fetal infection is un common when maternal infection is after 20th week of gestation.In a normal analysis.there is >2 ml semen.38 Since the advent of mass immunization against rubella.which is controlled by cardiotocography and ultrasound.36 The frequency of breech presentation falls as pregnancy advances.Presentation in newborn include growth retardation.The main morbidities with breech presentation are :intracranial 35-37 haemorrhage.and azoospermia is when there is very little abnormal sperm.asphyxia.170 CORRECT ANSWER:C.p 164.that is blood pressure higher than 170/110mmHg or presense of marked proteinuria.with >50%motility and>30% normal morphology.Caesarian section can be done if fetus is in distress.blood level of FSH should bve cheked.external cephalic version can be done only after weeks.congeintal heart disease .(Beischer OBS.It affects about 1% of primigravida.Llewellyn-jones.femur or clavicle.vaginal delivery can be tried.the best method is .In severe oligospermia .

and their usage is forbidden during pregnancy.About 10% of asymptomatic affected newborns become deaf later in life.4 a.7 .3 ?mouth. an obese with high level of cholesterol c. hepatic encephalopathy b. tell the legal councl to inform his wife and lover Entering a lab. if she hears voices in the absence of any auditory stimulus c. immediately take some samples for future investigations b inform the coroner immediately c.p662. a..c.8 a. Biescher. begin to do some procedures on other employees d.with the majority of survivors having mental retardation. most pobable cause . Asthma .Trimethoprim is a relative . CCF c.It’s a dry cough. for an elevtive surgical procedure on their child c.2 ?do a.a.Some drugs are teratogenic . What do u. cross sectional A 52 yr old obese. if she drinks alcohol heavily ?which is not an indication for bariatric surgery .Sulphanomides can cause kernicterus in baby if they used in third trimester that high bilirubin level can cause deafness in newborn. in aborting their baby A pt comes to ur office and tells u his intentions to kill his wife and her lover.decrease in money expenditure for admitting patient with swquels of measles b. move the edead body to a safer place to avoid others contact with it ?Your should inform the authorities about which of the following . an obese pt without satisfactory response to deiting b.if they used during pregnancy.6 a. decreases surviellance ?which is useful in the study of morbidity .105-110) ?In which of the following condition. contact ur own lawyer to announce to his wife and her lover d. case contro b. both the spouses should give consent (a)surgical procedure for sterility (in each of them b. if ur colleague is in sexual relationship with on of her patients antibiotic during pregnancy (OBS. u saw a dead body fallen with some petechiae and lacerations around his . Also has a H/O URTI.cerebral palsy . uremia :Immediate change due to elimination of measels . cohort c. Chronic bronchitis c. tell the patint that u ought to inform his wife c.a. worse after eating.deafness and visual impairment. an obese with HTN ?A pt with cough and asterexis. keep confidentiality and don't tell anyone about his decision b.Aminoglycosides can cause deafness.rate is 20-30%. no further need to vaccinate against measels . male with a BMI of 31.5 a. an obese whose arthiritis hasn't responded to other treatments d. Postnasal drip b.complains of a nocturnal cough . The most likely possibility. what do u do .

syringomyalia b. The diagnosis a. COPD b. CT b. keep confidentiality and don't tell anyone about his decision b. MRI d. contact ur own lawyer to announce to his wife and her lover d. which is not an indication for bariatric surgery? a. A 25 yr old construction worker suffers from an L5-L4 disc prolapse after lifting a heavy object at work. immediately take some samples for future investigations.small muscle wasting of the hands with loss of pain but no loss of touch. Which of the following is an indication for throbolysis.WOF could be the cause? a. if ur colleague is in sexual relationship with on of her patients b. ECG. RBB b. The best Investigation a. move the edead body to a safer place to avoid others contact with it 4. u saw a dead body fallen with some petechiae and lacerations around his mouth. ( dissociated sensory loss). RBBB 5. A pt with cough and asterexis. Ultrasound 4. What do u do? a. if she hears voices in the absence of any auditory stimulus c. a. what do u do? a. an obese pt without satisfactory response to deiting b. most pobable cause? a. GORD 3.A pt comes to ur office and tells u his intentions to kill his wife and her lover. hepatic encephalopathy . b inform the coroner immediately c. Entering a lab. MND 2. if she drinks alcohol heavily 5. LBB 6. Your should inform the authorities about which of the following? a. begin to do some procedures on other employees d. an obese whose arthiritis hasn't responded to other treatments d.A man develops bilateral. cardiomyopathy c. an obese with HTN 6. tell the legal councl to inform his wife and lover 3. Myelogram c.d. tell the patint that u ought to inform his wife c. an obese with high level of cholesterol c.

but there is persistence FHT of -2* ?80/m your management a)Fetal scalp pH monitoring b.5 ?HISTORY OF VOMITING O/E THERE WAS SUBCUTANEOUS EMPHYSEMA YOUR DX a)ESOPHAGEAL RUPTURE* b)TENSION PNEUMOTHORAX ?WHAT LL MAKE YOU TO CONSIDER PALLIATIVE TREATMENT RATHER THAN CURATIVE.b.4 a)NO THERAPEUTIC ADVANTAGE* b)FINANCIAL CONDITION OF THE PATIENT. no further need to vaccinate against measels c.USG d. b. cohort c. what s the immediate thing you ll do to stop the bleeding a)Point pressure b)Apply Tourniquette to the leg *c)insert your hankerchief in to the wound d)Elevate the leg A 38 weeks pregnant undergoing labor. Immediate change due to elimination of measels: a.Immediate CS c. uremia 7.3. case contro b. CCF c. cervix is 8cm.c)blabla .Forcep delivery ?WHAT LL MAKE YOU TO CONSIDER PALLIATIVE TREATMENT RATHER THAN CURATIVE.decrease in money expenditure for admitting patient with swquels of measles. 8.4 a)NO THERAPEUTIC ADVANTAGE* b)FINANCIAL CONDITION OF THE PATIENT. decreases surviellance. which is useful in the study of morbidity? a.c)blabla A MIDDLE AGED ALCOHOLIC MAN WAS BROUGHT TO THE EMERGENCY WITH THE*. cross sectional You saw a man who was stabbed in the leg in a pub house . the man is bleeding -1* ?profusely from the stab wound.

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