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Remarks / Reasons i) Percentage of Projects Completed & Pending Projects - 85% achived and Balance 15% to be Achive (Annexure Attached)

Out Put / Target Achivement

ii) as per monthly planning I have completed the Approval of Planned Project for Dispatched before only. iii) reference mail is attached for Appreciation given by Boss & Collegues for doing on time completion of work assigned. i) as per PO Terms for Submission of DBR and P& ID , Against PO receipt within 15Days to be Submit - we have Met this type of Deadlines for All Projects.

Meeting Deadlines

ii) BOSS & Collegues Commitments given to customer for submission of Drawing or Documents is achived on time. iii) After Receipt of Drawing from Purchase Dept . on the same Day i have submitted the documents for Approval i) TRF - Barh Project :- as per Approved DBR Solenoid Valve size - 125NB but I have disscussed & Convienced NTPC for 100NB Size got Approved by saving approximately Rs. 50,000/.

Cost of Readuction

ii) TKII - OP Jindal :- as per R2 DBR Duplex Strainer was Considered , but we have discussed & replaced the Y - strainer instead of duplex Strianer by saving approximately Rs. 2,00,000/-. iii) For all NTPC Project :-I have got the approval of 15 NB bib tap as against the 32 NB as per technical specification. By this I have bench marked the improvement in reduction in cost for all the NTPC projects. This reduces the annual bib tap purchase cost by Rs. 2, 00,000/- approximately for all NTPC related projects. i) On time Submission as per the Targeted dates .

Quality of Work

ii) Getting on time Customer Approval with less Number of Submission. Iii) To speed up the process of manufacturing activity for ALL the projects, I am Cross Checking Manufacturing Drawing with Approved Drawing before release to Shop Floor for Production activities. i) Ability to Handle More Projects ,

Growth in Production

ii) Less number of travell to customer places by getting more number of ontime approvals of submitted documents - 12 Visits have been done in the year 2012 ( Pune, Chennai , Noida , Kolkata , Coimbator & Udupi) iii) Sharing the Knowledge and work with Team & Dept Members to increases the quality of work inturn increasing the sales. i) for Tecpro Project :- I have done P & I D on Flow Daigram for easy understanding & better clarity.


ii) For All NTPC Project :- I Have submitted Data sheets & Drawings for NTPC with Endorsement sheet for quick Approvals thereby reducing the time lag. iii) for attending every comments given from customer on Data Sheet/ Drawing, without creativity it cannot be possible to attend.

Status of Projects Handled - 2012

Sl. No Projects TRF, Vindhyachal (NTPC) - Other Systems TKII, Anpara PP Bhushan Steel & Strips TRF Barh - Other Systems TRF Mauda - Other Systems Tecpro- Pakri Ph1 TKII- OP Jindal TRF - Kalinganagar Projects PO Value (Lakhs) Total Doc Total Sub Total Apvd

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Total Percentage of Documents Approvals Pending Documents Approval

520 57 465 585 405 320 322 303 2,977

73 32 18 36 24 22 36 10

73 32 18 36 24 22 36 0

72 32 14 32 24 8 33 0

Balance to Submit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 10

Balance to be Apvd 1 0 4 4 0 14 3 10 36

85.6574 14.3426

Total Approved V/S Balance to be Approved


Total Approved Documents 86%