My studio in Sofia, Bulgaria, until 1965 when after being forced out of at that time communist country I landed in Tunisia. In the 1990ʼs a young local sculptor was aloud to use the studio. He subsequently trashed all my works trowing them in a dump.

7 E 17 St

7 E 17 st. the artist New York loft studio from 1991-1989


The studio in 1976 In 1976 Mihail started CAST THE SLEEPING ELEPHANT PROJECT which culminated with the cast of the living elephant in the wilderness of Kenya and took 22 years to complete. The bronze presented by Kenya, Namibia and Nepal stands at the United Nations Headquarters in New York since 1998.


1980 - 1987
The BOATHOUSE Lloyd Harbor, NY, was Mihailʼs summer studio,

Millbrook NY

1998 - 2003
1998-2003 Mihailʼs studio was in Millbrook NY, an old Italian winery owned by of his artist friend John Hersey

Pawtucket RI 2005 -


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