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</body> Staples Parent Compan y Staples Office supply Categor chain y store Lifestyle and Sector Retail Tagline

/ That was Slogan easy Low prices, guarante USP ed STP Office Segmen going t people Influence r and people from purchase departm ent of office

Target Group

Low prices for office supplies, electroni Position cs and ing furniture SWOT Analysis 1. Over 2,000 stores worldwid e in 26 countries .

2. Sells office machine s, promotio nal products , furniture , technolo gy and business services both in stores and online. 3. Staples do business exclusive ly with enterpris es in multiple Europea n countries as Staples Advanta ge. 4. More than 1,00,000 employe e worldwid e. 5. Creative advertisi ng and branding has enhance d its Strengt brand visibility h

1. Still hasnt made penetrati on into the emergin g economi es 2. Strong competit ion means market share is less compare d to Weakne global leaders ss 1. Global penetrati on into emergin g economi es 2. Incorpor ation of recycled content gives an edge over and above its competit or in a society.

Opportu nity

3. Better customer relations hip will help to achieve more Opportu market share. nity 1. Expansio n planning in offerings by Staples may dilute focus on core compete ncy 2. Intense competit ion 3. Changin g govt policies and regulatio ns on Threats FDIs Competition 1. WalMart 2. Office Max 3. Circuit Competi City Stores tors