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André Kevin and Tony

DEC 10 (21)

Dependence on advanced technology
Introduction Every day, millions of people turn on their cell phones, log on to their social networking sites, and spend hours out of the day texting, messaging, and blogging. In this way, technology draws in unsuspecting users, destroying what makes them human. Modern man’s dependence on technology, paired with the rise of technology, is a detriment to humanity as a whole. Dependence on advanced technology affects both children and adults because it leads to a variety of social and environmental impacts. Besides that, it will also have negative effects on the economy, due to the fact that technology is being used to access private information to make more and more money. Action is therefore urgently required. This report will identify the impacts of the problem of dependence on advanced technology, analyse the causes, and suggest possible solutions. Impacts The impact of dependence on advanced technology involves social issues in terms of mental disorder, lack of communication skills and social unrest. Firstly, mental disorder usually happens among victims after accidents related to advanced technology, especially nuclear reactor accidents. Havenaar et al.(1997)states that long-term mental health effects may have occurred after a dramatic increase in thyroid cancer among exposed children being demonstrated after the Chernobyl disaster. It is also shown in another survey that Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster might remind people of the nuclear bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, especially for grandchildren whose parents suffered from the bombs (McCartney in Palgi et al., 2012). This reminder may consequently lead to psychological problems. Secondly, the addiction of virtual world including television, smart phone, computers and the internet may lead to isolation from the real world among teenagers, making them unable to communicate properly in the future. Lastly, the development of industrial robots and other automation equipment used in everyday

more and more companies put their database in digital devices. The most important economic impact is loss of wealth. In Guiyu. It is suggested that we provide more and more private information nowadays when we use communication websites like Facebook and QQ or play games like Angry Birds. especially e-waste have damaged health of citizens and nature. In recent years. Wang and Guo 2006. c. river and soil are heavily polluted (Wong et al. Leung et al. There is rapid development of new tools and existing ones are incessantly being updated to enhance them further (Hogan and Quan-Haase. which provides a potential of being invaded. cell . In addition. it is affecting everyone. there are also economic impacts. dependence on advanced technology can also lead to severe environmental outcomes. Causes The causes of dependence on advanced technology are inter-related and focused in a social context. Technology is rapidly becoming smaller and faster. which are harmful for economical sustainability. Besides social and environmental impacts of dependence on advanced technology. As well as these social impacts. and it has become almost a necessary for people to have computers. and loneliness and social difficulties. the air. 2008 in Li et al. These two kinds of loss of information could both lead to loss of wealth.André Kevin and Tony DEC 10 (21) business like shopping and banking has decreased the number of employees required in today’s economy. due to the speed at which technology is advancing. distance relationships. 2011). 2007b. They can be summed up under four headings: quick advancement of technology of the time. merger of computing and home entertainment. The rise of unemployment rate caused by this may lead to social unrest. Many Chinese people have experienced being defrauded after the QQ accounts of their friends or relatives are stolen by others. 2011) and the level of cadmium (Cd) of pregnant women and their neonates (infants) is significantly higher than standard (Li et al. Wong et al. 2007a. the world’s largest e-waste recycling site. including health problems and unbalance of ecosystem. 2010). This means that the overuse of natural resources and the increase amounts of waste.

The new video games. etc. because of the large number of people using technological devices. “It is most important to provide them experience of a lifestyle without the Internet. entertainment and business. but the most important ones are: communication. more people become dependent on it. For some children which grow with technology. It is a cycle. internet. users of networking sites enjoy the ability to stay in touch with their family and friends. the games. a counsellor at a Korean camp that provides outdoor group activities for Internet addicts. and therefore making a phone call has become much easier due to wireless devices (Browne. is loneliness and social difficulties. progressive scan sets. in which some people use the internet. In addition. the faster technology advances. listening to online music and watching movies via the internet. 2010). become a central part of their lives and many have trouble finding other things to do. At the same time. According to Browne (2010). 2007) Finally. Young Koreans don’t know what this is like. remarked. Another area that has helped to make technology addicts is the combination of computing and home entertainment. because of globalization.” (Silverberg. There are several reasons for this necessity. According to Silverberg (2007). The establishment of relationships is a people's need or desire to stay connected with others. which can be considered a cause of the dependence. or even different countries are pretty common. companies are investing more and more in these products and as a consequence. different states. With the increase of availability and convenience. high definition screens and countless other kinds of technologies. to interact with other .André Kevin and Tony DEC 10 (21) phones. but which also affects adults. Korea ranks number one for playing internet games. with the computer or the cell phone. an aspect pretty common between children. This cause is mainly related to internet addiction. Cell phone capabilities are changing and becoming more advanced due to wireless communications. movies and internet. relationships between people from different cities. technology is being used to maintain these relationships. Lee Yun-hee. superseded devices are being recycled by poorer countries which are having more access to technology. gives an incredible experience for activities without leaving the TV room.

These solutions can be divided into three main aspects: social. there is the social unrest caused by unemployment. e-mail and internet to communicate rather than use face-to-face talking. Two possible solutions for this problem could be the aid from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help unemployed people to get a stable work. To mitigate these impacts. actions could be taken by both the public and governments. and at the same time. it is suggested to identify the hours spent by children and to limit the time for them using computer (Grumbaker. environmental and economic. mental disorder.André Kevin and Tony DEC 10 (21) people and share information and emotions. and the development of organic agriculture which could provide more occupation opportunities. Grumbaker (2012) also mentions that more communication may be required between children and parents. This would in a certain way force them to do something else. instead of spending hours in front of the screens. a viable solution may be suggested for them to go see a doctor. 2012). for communication’s problems. this eventually leads to lack of real-life communication skills as we mention above. The negative environmental impacts which are health problems and unbalance of ecosystem could be addressed with governments and companies taken on their responsibilities. governments should invest money in the construction of new museums showing details about nuclear accidents. so they go online. should occupy a very important place in the priorities of everyone. loss of communication skills and social unrest are three main impacts that occur among today’s society. With this victims would commemorate their hometown and express their homesickness in an approach which may be more psycologically healthy. According to Farber et al. For people with mental disorder. Also related to the society. Possible solutions Possible solutions for both the dependence on advanced technology and its impacts. (2012) Sometimes teenagers prefer to use cell phone. The reason for this dependence on these technological devices with internet access is that they cannot make friends. In addition. However. cannot fulfil their desire of social communication. being . As mentioned before.

Conclusion The causes of dependence on advanced technology are many and anchored in deep social changes including fast development of technology. 1981). However. professional process of recycling is recommended to replace family-run recycling workshop. governments could provide better health care and protection facilities. environmentally and economically. Finally. anti-virus software. Lastly. therefore solutions for this problem are very important. Firstly. keep economic orderly development. . the dependence on advanced technology leads to various impacts on global economy. the problem must be addressed because the current trend towards the increase in dependence on advanced technology is unsustainable.André Kevin and Tony DEC 10 (21) the agents for a sustainable development. those without it don’t (Shinn R. Internet threats can cause loss of wealth. NGOs and families. which has been a huge problem for both the population and several companies. One possible way to solve this issue would be for everyone who uses the internet to improve the internet security. It could reduce threats from internet successfully. electrical key and security certificate in their devices. Reversing the trend will require the joint efforts of governments. socially. Those with technological power have the know-how to get more power. globalization and change in the approach of entertainment and communication. Secondly. companies. manufactories could improve the design of products to make them more environmentally friendly. hence.

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