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Not everyone is equally concerned about the historical record, but at least one student of history compared the

parade of events in Turkey with their subsequent dismissal and acted on a cynical conclusion. “Who, after all,
speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians,” Hitler declared as he announced his own plans for genocide to
his Supreme Commanders on 22 August 1939. “The world believes in success alone.”

The Blight of Asia, By George Horton

The long out of print, well known book "THE BLIGHT OF ASIA" was published in 1926 in the USA and written by the
American General Consul in Smyrna in 1922, who was an eye witness of all the perils of that city and of its Christian
inhabitants. This testimony comes from a high-ranking American diplomat, who served in this capacity in that part of the
world for about 30 years, and was therefore a knowledgeable and impartial source.
This book is made available in web format thanks to S. Georgiadis, a Rear Admiral of the Hellenic
Navy (Ret). [March 2001]

Ambassador Morgenthau's Story, by Henry Morgenthau

Henry Morgenthau was United States ambassador to Ottoman Turkey between 1913 and 1916. He witnessed the Ottoman
entry into World War I and the genocide of the empire’s Armenian population. Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, first
published in 1918, was an indictment against the Ottoman leaders for their entry into the world conflict and the mass murder
of over a million Armenians. His account was written with the authority of a first-hand observer and remains one of the
classic accounts of World War I.


[Κύρια Ιστοσελίδα/Main][Σμύρνη/Smyrna][Πυρπόληση Σμύρνης/Destruction of
Smyrna][Πρόσφυγες/Refugees][Εθνικό Ξεκαθάρισμα/Ethnic Cleansing][Συνδέσεις με σχετικές
In May 1919, the armies of a a free and independent Greece entered the glorious and long
suffering city of Smyrna. For a brief time it appeared that the extermination of the Hellenic race
had ceased. During the First World War, the Young Turks began to murder the Hellenic
populations in Asia Minor, along with the Armenians and the Assyrians.

Ultimately, Mustafa Kemal Pasha became an instrument of western imperialism and as such
Turkish racism earned the unconditional assistance of the United States, Great Britain, France,
and Italy. The murderous psychopath Mustafa Kemal was aided by the western powers while the
Greek Army in Asia Minor was cut off by an embargo imposed by the western powers.
In September 1922, beautiful Smyrna was conquered by the Kemalists and burned. Over 100,000
Greeks and 30,000 Armenians were slaughtered.
Ongoing Crimes by the Turks against humanity should not be rewarded.
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Paolo, Brazil.
Ο Μητροπολίτης Σμύρνης Χρυσόστομος, ΕΠΕΣΕΝ ΥΠΕΡ ΠΙΣΤΕΩΣ ΚΑΙ
ΠΑΤΡΙΔΟΣ. Αρνούμενος να εγκαταλέιψει την Σμύρνη, εκτελέστηκε από
τους Τούρκους.
Special mention must be made of Metropolitan Chrysostom of Smyrna.
This brave and noble Greek Orthodox Cleric supported the Greek
liberators in 1919, and was a voice for the aspirations of a nation that
had been enslaved, humiliated, massacred, and denigrated for
centuries. When the news broke that the Kemalist aggressors would
retake Smyrna, it became apparent that the Greeks and the Armenians
would not survive. Metropolitan Chrysostom was offered refuge by the
French Consulate. This Saint refused the offer of safety and chose to
share the fate of his flock. Metropolitan Chrysostom was handed over to
a fanatical Muslim mob by the crazed and sadistic Kemalist General
Noureddin Pasha. He was humiliated by having his beard cut off, and
then his eyes, ears, nose, and hands were cut off. Metropolitan
Chyrsostom was canonized as a Saint by the Orthodox Church of Greece
in 1992. (He is very much AXIOS and deserves to be remembered
and prayed for).
Πατήστε την φωτογραφία για να δείτε τη μεγένθυνση.
Η μόνη διέξοδος για τους Έλληνες κατοίκους της Σμύρνης ήταν η
θάλασσα. Στην φωτογραφία το πλοιάριο βυθίζεται λόγω
υπερφόρτωσης. Η φωτογραφία λήφθηκε από Αμερικανικό
αντιτορπιλλικό πλοίο που ευρισκόταν στην περιοχή, μαζί με άλλα 26
συμμαχικά πολεμικά σκάφη, τα οποία όμως δεν έπραξαν απολύτως
τίποτα ούτε για να αποτρέψουν την καταστροφή αλλά και ούτε για να
βοηθήσουν τον Ελληνικό άμαχο πληθυσμό που ικέτευε για βοήθεια.
The only way out for the Greeks of Smyrna was the sea. In the photo
you can see a small boat sunk from the weight. This photo was taken
aboard a US destroyer ship which was cruising the area as part of an
allied fleet of more than 20 warships. The allies did absolutely nothing to
help the Greeks and the Armenians despite the numerous pleas for help.
Instead the Americans were only taking photos of the ensuing genocide.

Πατήστε την φωτογραφία για να δείτε τη μεγένθυνση.

Άποψη της προκυμαίας της Σμύρνης με πολλά Ελληνικά κτίρια, όπως
το κτίριο της Εθνικής τράπεζας της Ελλάδας, εμπορικά καταστήματα,
θέατρα, κλπ. Όλα έγιναν στάχτη τον Σεπτέμβρη του 1922.
Πατήστε την φωτογραφία για να δείτε τη μεγένθυνση.

Η ιστορική και αρχαιοτάτη πόλη της Σμύρνης παραδίδεται στις φλόγες

την 13η Σεπτεμβρίου 1922. Η φωτιά κατακαίει ολόκληρο τον
Χριστιανικό (Ελληνικό, Ιταλικό, Γαλλικό, και Αρμενικό) τομέα
συμπεριλαμβανομένων Σχολείων, νοσοκομείων, κρατικών κτιρίων, κλπ.
The ancient and historic town of Smyrni is burned by the Turks on the
13th of September 1922. The fire burns the entire Christian section of
the city (Greek, Italian, French and Armenian) including Schools,
hospitals, theaters, and public buildings.

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The ancient Greek town of Smyrna in flames in September

of 1922. The photo was taken from one of the Allies ships
that did absolutely nothing to help the Greek population of
Smyrna during the destruction.
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Helpless Greeks civilians waiting on the docks of Smyrna
harbor to be evacuated in September 1922. The allies never
helped the Greek population although they had 26 navy
battleships in the vicinity observing the destruction.

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Πατήστε την φωτογραφία για να δείτε τη μεγένθυνση.

The entire Greek population of Smyrna was Ethnically
Cleansed by the Turks in September 1922. The Allies, whom
Greece has always provided assistance in all major conflicts,
not only abandoned the Greek population to be slaughtered
by the Turks, but actively assisted in the defeat of the
Greeks by enforcing an embargo against the Greek Army
fighting in Asia Minor and by providing unconditional
support to Mustafa Kemal.

The fire in Smyrna begun in the Armenian quarter.

Πατήστε την φωτογραφία για να δείτε τη μεγένθυνση.
Smyrna in ashes after the destruction of September 1922.

Οι Τούρκοι άναψαν τη φωτιά μέσα στον Αρμενικό τομέα

της Σμύρνης την ώρα που φυσούσε δυνατός άνεμος προς
το Χριστιανικό τομέα της πόλης, και μακριά από τον
τουρκικό. Ο τουρκικός τομέας της πόλης δεν επηρεάστηκε
καθόλου από την καταστροφή, ενώ κατα την διάρκεια των
πυρκαγιών, των λεηλασιών, και σφαγιασμών των
Χριστιανών, ο τουρκικός τομέας ήταν φωτισμένος και εκεί
γίνονταν εορταστικές εκδηλώσεις με χορούς, τραγούδια,
και γλέντια.
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As the destroyer moved away from the fearful scene
and darkness descended, the flames, raging now over
a vast area, grew brighter and brighter, presenting a
scene of awful and sinister beauty. Historians and
archeologists have declared that they know of but one
event in the annals of the world which can equal in
savagery, extent and all the elements of horror,
cruelty and human suffering, the destruction of
Smyrna and its Christian population by the Turks, and
this was the demolition of Carthage by the Romans."

During the same conversation Miss Mills told me of a great

throng of Christians crowded into a street the head of which
was guarded by Turkish soldiers. The flames were
approaching and the soldiers were forcing these people to
go into the houses. An American automobile passed and the
poor wretches stretched out their hands, crying: "Save us!
The Turks are going to burn us alive." Nothing could be
done, of course, and the car passed on. Later two Catholic
priests came up and said to the Turks, "This is a fiendish
thing you are doing," and they allowed an old woman to
come out of one of the houses."

The following typical incident illustrates the perfect

harmony prevailing in naval circles in the Harbor of Smyrna
resulting from international discords and how punctiliously
the amenities were observed: An admiral of a battle-ship
had been invited to dine with one of his colleagues. He
arrived some minutes late and apologized for the delay,
which had been caused by the dead body of a woman
getting tangled up in the propeller of his launch."

[Κύρια Ιστοσελίδα/Main][Σμύρνη/Smyrna][Πυρπόληση Σμύρνης/Destruction of

Smyrna][Πρόσφυγες/Refugees][Εθνικό Ξεκαθάρισμα/Ethnic Cleansing][Συνδέσεις με σχετικές
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες επικοινωνήστε μέσω ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου με τον Κωνσταντίνο Χολιαστό.
Για τεχνικά προβλήματα σχετικά με αυτή την ιστοσελίδα επικοινωνήστε με τον Χρίστο Α. Νεοφύτου.
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