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The Blue and Gold

Malden High School Our 94th Year
Volume 94 Edition 2 November 2008

Barack Obama Becomes 44th President Malden High
Ayoub Kourikchi

Head Copy Editor

Ashley Ngo

Head Copy Editor

David Riemer

Head Copy Editor

Howard in conjunction with
the City Council, proposed an
additional $22 million to the $55
million plan in renovating Malden
High School. The plan aims to
improve the overall conditions of
MHS over the short course of two
and half years.
The City Council introduced
their initial idea in 2000 to Flans-
burg Architect Inc. and began
A smiling Barack Obama gives speech at Nashua South High school in Nashua, N.H. Jan. 8, 2008. Photo by E. Chiavelli construction during the 2007-2008
school year when they replaced
windows and renovated the
Ayoub Kourikchi senator John McCain after obtaining 147, however, the popular vote was
main staircase outside the Jenkins
states such as Indiana, Virginia, and very much alike-52.3% to 46.4% in
Head Copy Editor Florida, voted Democrat. Obama’s favor.
With a fairly large design
As the 44th president of the As the first African American

team, MHS renovations’ architect
FTER 14 GRUELING months of United States of America, Obama, president, Obama’s historic cam-
Bill Beatrice thinks the construc-
campaigning, attack ads, and has earned his place in the Oval paign has broken numerous records.
tion is making good progress;
debates, Barrack Hussein Obama office after attaining a heavily lop- According to Michael McDonald
with the finalizing of drawings
won the presidential election with a sided victory in the Electoral Col- of George Mason University the
and keeping the team in commu-
landslide victory against republican lege with 349 delegates to McCain’s Continued on pg 11 nications, the project is underway.
MHS renovations’ structural
malden high football near top of gbl engineer Mehul Dhruv also adds
that “50% of the plans are com-
Haley DeFilippis pleted and will be finished by
next year.”
Reporter Extensive remodeling will

W ITH A 4-4 RECORD so far, Continued on pg 6
the season has been a success,
despite room for improvement. The
team has statistically beaten their LOCAL NEWS Page 5
opponents by a number of yards. WORLD NEWS Page 9
Teams like Everett, Cambridge, and ENTERTAINMENT Page 12
Bedford with high profiles are dif- SPORTS Page 14
ficult opponents that the Tornadoes
“All are challenging, some just
Parker’sWorld Page 4
more than others,” said head coach
John Lopresti. Lopresti has been
head football coach for three years
now, and a coach for seventeen con-
secutive years prior to his current
“We’re very competitive,” Lo-
presti explained. Practices consist of
stretches, warm-ups, and condition-
ing. The team then breaks up to indi- Football team huddles up before game against Melrose. Photo by E. Chiavelli
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2 Editorials The Blue and Gold
November 2008

Malden High School
T ODAY IS THE DAY, November 4, 2008. Today,
polls close for Election Day and results will soon
cas fall in this 35% of non-voters, it is evident that
most of them are occupied with life engaging
The Blue and Gold be available for this so-called “historic presidential
contest” between Democrat Barack Obama and Re-
situations—school, work, travel, experiencing new
experiences, etc. so maybe registering to vote isn’t
77 Salem St. publican John McCain. Today on this historical day, exactly their number one priority.
Malden, MA 02148 one friend asked me, “Should I vote? I don’t think I Then, for others it might be because of igno-
will. It’s not like my vote will even matter.” To me, a rance; they have not yet been educated on knowl-
17-year-old girl who missed the voting age require- edge relating to elections or voting and their lack
ment by a few months would kill to be in the position of knowledge on elections and voting imply lack
to vote. Along with being on jury, I find voting, may knowledge on the issues involved in these things.
Nicole Dhruv
it be choosing people to run courts, schools, towns, For many new “ignorant” voters, this is a common
Malisa Saksua
states, nations, or countries, to be a vital power for feeling, so most pass up the opportunity of vot-
all people to exercise at some point in their lives. It is ing. On the contrary, for those who are involved
our civic duty, a privilege given to us. Take it away, in education or activities centered in a learning en-
Cynthia Rodriguez
and we would be in a dictatorship. I, however, ques- vironment are constantly in an environment filled
tion subsequent to hearing comments such as the one with political information, thus they gain a clear
made by my friend, why is it that at least a third of all understanding of such issues, enabling them to de-
David Riemer
Americans feel contrary to my opinion on voting? velop their own personal political thoughts—these
That night when I got home I headed to the can be called the more habitual voters.
computer to check on election updates, and I found It could also depend on family—it is evident,
Ashley Ngo
myself beginning to think more about the third of that if parents happened to be habitual voters, the
America who are non-voters; I found myself typing in chances for their child to vote are much higher at a
the Google search bar, “non-voters in America” and younger age as opposed to a child of a non-habitual
Paul Collins
came across some interesting facts. I read up on Penn voter.
State political scientist Eric Plutzer, who says there When I took a second to gather my thoughts
are “different types” of voters: “habitual voters” who and reflect, I obtained a better sense of “voter
Alfonse Femino
vote for elections which are not expected to be close, types,” but I never really answered my initial
such as presidential elections, midterm elections, and question about people who are apathetic towards
school board elections. Then, there are the “periodic voting. Now, with my newly obtained knowledge,
Tzivia Halperin
voters,” who generally vote in presidential elections I can answer this question; I start to answer by
Ayoub Kourikchi
but fail to vote for any other elections. The rest are beginning with another question, if I were a non-
not even registered to vote. That’s a whopping 35% voter, what would be my reason for not voting?
of all eligible people in America. Honestly, once I put the question into that
An Holmqvist
I find periodic voters just as ridiculous as non- perspective, I saw its answer clearly; I never re-
Brittany Foley
voters. As I continued reading this research, I grew ally got involved with voting and elections—or
Nidale Zouhir
more and more frustrated, I began asking more anything political until I learned about it in a more
questions; one in particular that stuck out—who are “hands on” way rather than the usual, reading the
these people who don’t take their voting privileges facts and retaining the information way. I attended
Emily Chiavelli
seriously? a workshop in which we participated in group
I found out, within this 35% of non-voters, the activities which, indirectly, represented elections
age group that ranges in this percentage is 18 to 30. and voting. It was very visual and a very differ-
Joao Nascimento
Obtaining that knowledge, I found myself asking ent learning experience. Also, for me, participating
Lynn Tran
even more questions—why is this? How do voters in similar activities such as mock elections and
or non-voters turn into habitual voters, periodic vot- other school organization and club elections, give
ers, or stay non-voters? I wanted all the knowledge I a realistic feel of what voting would be like—it’s
Kimberly Lombard
could get, enabling me to strengthen my opinion on preparation, so, when it comes time for actual
this matter. voting, ignorance will be the last thing to worry
As I asked myself these questions, I began for- about. It all depends on the how a person obtains
Brandon Knight
mulating my own personal opinions and possible knowledge on voting—they have to find the right
Cera Nolan
answers. And as I kept reading on Plutzer’s research, learning fit for them. Now obvious, non-voters are
I found that I share many similar views, one strongly following a learning fit wrong for them.
centered on the assumption that most young Ameri-
Kimberly Lombard
Brandon Knight
Editorial Policy Nicole Dhruv
REPORTERS The Blue and Gold is an open forum for Co-Editor-in-Chief
Haley DeFilippis student expression. It is produced by students
for the school and the community. The views
Michael DiGregorio
presented in this paper are not necessarily those
Jacquelyn Dillon of the advisor or the school administration. The
Alexander Gennigiorgis views presented in the editorials are those of the
Dan Holmqvist editors-in-chief or guests. The goal of The Blue
Shannon Howe and Gold is to inform and entertain students as
Barbara Jerome-Athis well as the community regarding issues that we
Omar Khoshafa feel are important.
Erica Marangos We strongly encourage readers to respond
Alexandra Mathieu to material printed in the form of signed letters to
Patti McClenthen the editors. No libelous, malicious, defamatory,
obscene, or unsigned material will be printed.
Brittany McFeeley
The Blue and Gold reserves the right to edit the let-
Paul McWhinnie ters. Names may be withheld upon request. Not
Joan Morabito all letters will be printed.
Linda Nguyen Although The Blue and Gold appreciates the
Paula Suarez-Salmanca support of advertisers, we may refuse any ad-
vertisement that violates the above policy or that
ADVISOR promotes products questionable to student use.
Ryan Gallagher Any correspondence concerning this publi-
cation should be directed to Mr. Ryan Gallagher’s
Established in 1915 room in C333 or to his mailbox in the main of-
Check out our online edition: The Blue and Gold
c/o Malden High School 77 Salem Street
Malden, MA 02148
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 Opinion 3

state letter to the editors
income My name is Kamisha Heri-
veaux and I am a student in the

tax PACE and Access program. Being
a teenager in a wheelchair can
have some challenges. I have a

rejected positive attitude. In my life I want
to explore, create, educate, write
and help others. I know I can reach
Emily Chiavelli any goal and any dream. I know
I can even when I am faced with
Head of Photography
overwhelming challenges.

M ASSachusetts residents made the I think almost everyone that
responsible decision on Tuesday I've met, if they really get to know
when they darkened the little oval next me, they stick to me like magnets!
to the word “no” on the back of their Making friends is really easy for
ballots under initiative question 1 and me. I really think my attitude
slipped their votes into the ballot box. helps me with that. I think I have
The first Massachusetts ballot ini- a really good attitude towards my Heriveaux poses for the camera. Photo by D. Frim
tiative was a plan to eliminate the state disability. I feel lucky that I have cure. Occasionally you can have surgeries,
income tax, which currently takes away really great teachers. They all inspire me and but there's no permanent cure or anything.
5.3 percent of residents’ yearly income. teach me new things. After dealing with it for so long, you can get
The idea was that in January 2009, the In my life, I just try to do the best I can. frustrated, like with any other thing in life. I
income tax would be reduced by half- My mom helps me with that. I have a brother have to really push myself a lot harder than
to 2.65 percent of yearly income- and named Gerry and I have two sisters. One of any able-bodied people. Stop in the PACE
be eliminated completely in January them is my twin her name is Tanisha and my Program and meet me and my friends. Maybe
2010. A similar question was placed on other sister’s name is Sabine. My mom is a I will inspire you to have a positive attitude
the Massachusetts ballot in 2002, and single mother and is the best. like me. Life will bring along challenges but
gained 45% of the popular vote at the Let's face it, for cerebral palsy there's no nothing we can’t overcome.
time. A group called the Committee Send your letter to the editors to
for Small Government, lead by Carla
Howell, raised well over the required
11,099 signatures necessary to place
a question on the ballot in Massachu-
And while eliminating the state in-
come tax would put, on average, 3,700
dollars a year back into the pockets of
workers, it would have devastating
affects on the state’s budget; approxi-
mately 40 percent of Massachusetts’
fiscal budget comes from this revenue.
For example, next year’s budget, which
is currently prospected to be about 28
billion dollars, would be cut by 12 bil-
lion dollars.
What would be one of the hardest-
hit areas if this initiative had passed?
Public schools. The state sends about
four billion dollars a year to cities and
towns for their public schooling sys-
tems; taking away 12 billion dollars of
that budget would mean massive lay-
offs of teachers and staff. In Malden,
16 percent of the school budget comes
from the revenue generated by the state
income tax, but there are some cities
that are even worse off-Somerville, for
example, gets 89 percent of its school
budget from the state income tax.
The state would have to find even
more ways to cut back on spending,
which means, more than anything,
a lot of people would lose their jobs.
Twenty-nine percent of Malden’s city
budget would be lost, meaning layoffs
in government jobs. However, even if
the state laid off every single govern-
ment employee-which is, of course,
unrealistic- it would only save 5 billion
dollars a year. Every service run by the
state government would be cut back
beyond belief.
Although tax payers were prob-
ably tempted by the prospect of more
money on hand, especially in this
rough economy, but luckily 70 percent
of Massachusetts residents realized
that the negatives would outweigh the
positives if they had chosen to elimi-
nate the state income tax.
Designed and compiled by L. Tran
4 Opinion The Blue and Gold
November 2008

MHS Mock Election results marijuana decriminalized
compare to state results Tzivia Halperin
Opinion on the results of ballot initiative # 2
Head Copy Editor

public officials including Governor
Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha
of monetary waste, especially striking in
a deteriorating economy. Fortunately, this
significant amount of money can now be
Coakley, marijuana was decriminalized in used in a more relevant context- for the
Massachusetts following the elections on more violent crimes that should actually
Nov. 4, 2008. This vote very much reflects necessitate arrests and prosecution. Fol-
the beliefs of Malden High school students lowing the vote, those caught with an
who overwhelmingly voted yes to decrimi- ounce or less of marijuana will face only
nalization- 628 to 331 no at their own mock a $100 civil fine.
election. As Whitney Taylor, chairwoman It is also vital to note that no con-
of the Committee for Sensible Marijuana clusive evidence has been offered that
Policy, so succinctly put it, “The people suggests that greater usage or a spike in
were ahead of the politicians on this issue; harder drugs results from decriminal-
they recognize and want a more sensible ization. Until such occurs, reducing the
approach to our marijuana policy.” severity of punishments on marijuana
The decision affecting marijuana seems can only aid Massachusetts. The deci-
overwhelming logical given the fair amount sion therefore appears overwhelmingly
of evidence attesting to decriminalization’s reasonable because at the core of the issue
positives. According to a 2007 study by Har- “there is little evidence that decriminal-
Question 1: Should the state income tax be repealed? vard economist, Jeffrey Miron, Massachu- ization of marijuana use necessarily leads
Question 2: Should marijuana be decriminalized? setts police departments spend upwards of to substantial increase in marijuana use,”
Question 3: Should Greyhound racing be terminated? $29.5 million yearly for arrests and prosecu- according to the National Academy of Sci-
tion for the possession of less than an ounce ences, Institute of Medicine.
of marijuana. Those are startling statistics

parker’s world

Parker Stallworth

greyhound racing eliminated
racing. The results of Malden High innumerable injuries such as broken same opinion as me.”
Tzivia Halperin Greyhound racing as an in-
School’s own mock election agreed legs, paralysis, cardiac arrest, and
Head Copy Editor with the statewide consensus as the diseases, many or all of which re- dustry has been further declining,
majority of students opted to elimi- main untreated. The dogs have also where Wonderland Greyhound

T HE DECISION of the Nov. 4, 2008 nate dog racing 550 students to 394 tested positive for cocaine use and Park alone owes Revere “$755,000 in
election eliminating greyhound and the results appear conclusive. steroids. In a worst case scenario, overdue property taxes,” according
racing in Massachusetts effectively Dog racing has found a unique these dogs may be “dispatched” or to the Oct. 29 edition of the Lynn’s
protected the humanitarian inter- niche within Massachusetts soci- killed merely because they no longer Daily Item. If the single positive of
ests of the dogs at the expense of lo- ety, fueling the economy by offer- provide profit. Katie Lopes-Raftery, the greyhound racing, aiding the
cal parks: Wonderland Greyhound ing and providing a number of a senior at MHS, concedes that she economy, is no longer relevant, its
Park in Revere and Raynham Park in jobs- the development of an entire is “glad that it was ruled out.” She necessity in society dwindles to
Raynham. While always an issue of industry, even. Whether or not the states, “If I could have voted, that mere nothingness. The decision to
great debate within Massachusetts, greyhound racing augments our would have been my choice. I didn’t dispose of greyhound racing in Mas-
civilians’ compassion overwhelmed economy is immaterial however, as think it was fair to have the animals sachusetts was one of great foresight
their economic rationality, voting this industry has proved to be dis- race under such harsh conditions, so that ultimately proved that man is
57% over 43% to eliminate the dog solute at best. The dogs suffer from I’m glad that Massachusetts held the dog’s best friend too.
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 Local news 5

fear fest frightens the public
Cera Nolan

O N OCT. 25, 2008, the fourth annual Fear Fest
had a great turnout. This year’s Dracula’s
Crypt-themed fund-raiser, created by the Na-
tional Honor Society and Fine Arts Club, could
not keep the crowds away. The halls of Malden
High School came alive when tour guides led
groups through the haunted trail.
While attendees waited for their turn to go
through the horrific tour, in the packed audito-
rium the Grudge was shown. Although some
did not find the event scary, it received great
feedback and many thought it was worth the
five dollar admission fee. “It was insane, like
nothing I’ve ever seen before,” explained MHS
freshman Emily Hoffman. “I got nailed in the leg,
but other than that it was good,” she continued.
The crowd was pleased and many returning at-
tendees found it the scariest it has ever been. “It
was so nutty; I just loved it so much,” claimed
Shafrieka Williams excitedly.
After a warning from a construction work-
er, the group was led deeper into the school,
they eventually reached Frankenstein’s lab
where a ghastly operation occurred. In a maze
through the halls, monsters waited behind tarps
draped from the ceiling and jumped out to give
a scare. Going down the stairs into the basement,
three witches stood on the staircase warning
the group about the reawakened Dracula. The
group then entered the Auto Shop of Horror.
Auto shop students set up the Auto shop of Horrors. Photo by L. Tran
continued on pg 7 A gargoyle watches over the visitors.

MHS Marching Band Going for a Crescendo

MHS An Holmqvist
Copy Editor
The Golden Tornado Marching Band kicks up
their sound as the season comes to a close.
Faculty Fall Follies
November 14th
A S THE SEASON CAME to a close, the Malden
High School Marching Band received a gold
medal earlier this month at the New England Scholas-
have changed for the band this season compared to the
previous one. Armed with new uniforms, new music,
and at least 20 new members, the band has experienced
tic Band Association (NESBA) finals. Excited judges quite a shift this year for better or worse. The quality
Midsummer Nights’ praised them, ultimately giving the band the score of their music has skyrocketed according to drum major
Dream of 89.9 with scores of 90 in almost every area. Also Keith Newman who says that the guidance
November 21st and that same weekend, the band scored a solid 84.6 at of Band Director Matthew Tavares has
22nd another NESBA competition in East Bridgewater. helped them immensely.
The marching band is currently in Division With trust in their director and the
III competing on the same level as bands from all whole-hearted help of the band parents,
Crafts Fair around Massachusetts, including King Phillips the students believe that they are head-
November 22nd from Wrentham, and Shepherd Hill Regional ing in the right direction. According to
from Dudley. The band has around 60 members sophomore and tenor saxophone player
Pajama Day with a wide variety of instrumentation. Maya Rogers, “Marching band has been
November 24th The last few competitions have a lot work, and I think I speak for
been a little rough for them despite the entire band on this, but
Wacky Tacky Day a solid start in early October when it’s been a rewarding
November 25th they scored an 89 in music in their experience. I think
first show. On Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008, we’ve all grown as
the band performed in Lowell at musicians and as
Blue and Gold Day the Massachusetts Instrumental individuals.”
November 26th
and Choral Conductors Associa-
tion (MICCA) Finals. The band
Powder Puff Game scored four stars in percussion
November 26th (the drum line), three stars for
Music and General Effect (mu-
Thanksgiving Day sical performance), and two
Football Game for Visual (marching). The
scores at the NESBA com- Kevin Chan prepares for the
Home vs. Medford tournament.
November 27th petition were a shock to the
band members considering
the scores from the Lowell
competition a week before.
Indeed, many things Photo by An Holmqvist
6 Local news The Blue and Gold
November 2008

renovations take
school election results
place at malden high
Continued from pg 1
start in the spring of 2009; the construction is currently focused
on the Jenkins and Brunelli Building where they will install new Paul McWhinnie
heating, lighting and air conditioning systems as well as ceil-
According to Beatrice the vast project focuses more on me-
chanical and electrical improvements rather than big time con-
Presidents Kerri
struction. “We are going to try and make things more handicap
Shuman, Stepha-
accessible by installing lifts on the auditorium stage and build-
nie Apollon, and
ing ramps around the school,” Dhruv added. Additionally, the
Jennifer Delacy
project will be transforming a stairwell to an elevator for further
handicap accessibility.
Ward 1 City Councilor Gary Christenson stated that the city
Class of 2009
is currently paying for the project itself until it can be approved
by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. The MSBA’s
funds come from one penny of the Massachusetts sales tax. If the President- Jennifer Delacey
plan is accepted, Malden will be reimbursed for the 90% of the Vice President- Annie Abber and Kevin Vasquez
cost incurred. Malden is fortunate enough to be able to afford Secretary- Caitlin Abber
the remaining 10% of the total project cost since they retired the Historian- Paul Yao
previous debt. Treasurer- Stephanie Tran
“If we had to take new debt on as a new cost, there might
have been much more discussion about the ramifications to the
School Committee Representative- Caitlin Abber
city’s overall fiscal situation,” Christenson stated. Advisors- Paul Famegletti and Maureen Vona
During extensive renovations, teachers and students from C
and D house have to make adjustments by mov- “The Class of 2009 has worked very hard fund-raising the past three
ing into the A and B houses. Although years and they deserve a fun filled senior year that Ms.Vona and I are
several teachers agree that the renova- hoping to provide.We’re looking ahead to our annual fashion show, Mr.
tion is an improvement, the timing is MHS, Prom, Award’s Night, Barbeque, and Graduation.We would like to
still a concern. include a few other events that are in the works.”
English and Play Produc- -Paul Famegletti
tion teacher Sean Walsh, who
will obviously be affected by Class of 2010
the move because of class-
room’s location, expressed President- Stephanie Apollon
a common theme among Vice President- Elaine Tam
staff, “I am all for the Secretary- David Riemer
renovating, it’s a great
idea; I just wish it
Historian- Adil El Karmach
was more conve- Treasurer- Jack Tat
niently scheduled Advisors- Robin Doherty and Jennifer Eby
for the teachers.”
Even with “We are excited about the upcoming year and working with the class of-
the untimely con- ficers.This year will be our biggest year thus far as we take on [JuniorVa-
struction, overall rieties].The class officers and fellow junior classmates have been working
it is agreed that diligently on the script.You will have to wait and see what it is though.”
the renovation is a
much needed ben- -Robin Doherty
efit to the school.
“I’m really glad the Class of 2011
Jenkins building is
being fixed up. It’s President- Kerri Shuman
filled with history, Vice President- Jeff Duong
but I don’t want it to
be history,” junior
Co- Secretaries- Monika Bashllari and Kristina Katz
Robert MacMillan Co- Historians – Portia Johnson and Deanna Smith
proclaimed. Treasurer- Phedorah Rosclair
B House prin- Advisor- Arlene Ceppetelli
cipal Fred Feldman
complies with it be- “I am proud to be the advisor of the wonderful Class of 2011.They are
ing beneficial when a great bunch of kids.We will be making items to sell at the Crafts Fair.
stating “it will be I also expect many of them to help set up, work that day, and sell items
a better working at the table.We are also planning lots of involvement for SpiritWeek.The
environment with freshman and sophomore classes together will be selling Christmas trees
new and fresh tech- this year.We have a Sophomore Leadership Council that will be working
nologies.” hard to plan events and involve as many classmates as possible at each
Although the event. I am very excited about working with ‘my kids.’”
aim for renovating
is evidently neces- -Arlene Ceppetelli
sary and beneficial,
Principal Dana Class of 2012
Brown admits that
during its process, The Class of 2012 has not yet held their elections. Not all fresh-
“it will be exciting men will be able to run for class office positions. Advisors Paul
and challenging at Marques and Mary Ann Seager are looking for active freshman
once.” who are consistent volunteers. The freshmen have a slightly new
system this year, where they have been divided up into eight
Detail of floor plans construction. teams. Every month, a different designated team organizes a dif-
ferent event, helping to fund raise for their class.
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 Local news 7

fear fest continues
to scare students
new club
at mhs
Kim Lombard
Head of Business

Robotic legs fling back and forth in the
Dracula’s Detention Hall, otherwise known as
Senior Danny Pimentel gets his face painted Photo by L. Tran
Club is diving into a new year
of personal goals and creation.
the wood shop room.
Photo by L. Tran Founded by juniors Malik
Blue and David Riemer, the goal
Continued from pg 5 of the club is to teach students how
to create the best possible presen-
Entering Dracula’s Detention Crypt, the tation for the annual competition.
attendees witnessed a realistic scene of a Although it is not currently an ac-
girl experiencing a dreadful decapitation. tual club, the two are striving for
After going through the mini graveyard, the group to reach club status as
the tour ended with a hidden member in its membership grows. The “club”
the group being captured by Dracula. meets every Tuesday for about
Not only was Fear Fest frightening, it half an hour after school to check
was also very beneficial. For every fresh- the progress of each project.
man that attended the event, one dollar The club is currently advised
went to the class of 2012. The rest of the by Greg Hurley and Coreyne
money was split between NHS and FAC Legere, and according to Blue, they
for them to go on field trips and for the “help us better organize our time
clubs in general. Although Fear Fest only and ensure [that] we are headed
occurs once a year, the two clubs discuss in the right direction to complete
how to improve the next one all year quality projects on time.” The ad-
round. “This years Fear Fest was the scari- visors focus on different groups
est it’s ever been, but nothing compared to individually to become more fa-
next years.” Claimed the advisor of NHS, miliar with the projects and help
Paul Marques. the groups on a more personal
Junior Ngoc Doan paints faces. Photo by L. Tran level.
The annual NHD competi-

False fire alarms have tempers
tion itself is a national competition
in which middle school and high
school students alike prepare in

rising depth presentations on the topic
of their choice. They are allowed to
choose from a variety of mediums,
such as a documentary, research
Jacquelyn Dillon paper, exhibit, or website. All of
Reporter the freedom in this competition
gives the students the opportunity

B ETWEEN OCT. 6TH 2008 and to really learn about issues they
Oct. 13th 2008, Malden High are passionate about. The students
School experienced numerous false give their presentations in front
fire alarms. In an attempt to find the of a panel of judges, who decide
perpetrators behind these drills, MHS which projects are worthy of
resorted to a lock down situation. qualifying for the next round. For
When on lock down, both students Malden High School, the competi-
and teachers must stay in their class- tion starts at a regional level, then
rooms and are not allowed to leave progresses onto a state level and
unless notified by the principal or eventually a national level. The
house principals. Once in lock down, top two projects from each round
no one is given the opportunity to are selected to move on.
pull another alarm. Fire Department Deputy Chief Jack Colangeli Photo by E. Chiavelli Riemer and Blue have com-
Principals, staff and students peted in the competition for the
alike are outraged with the sudden in- time is wasted. “We take it seriously.” The firefighters past 3 years and have earned a 3rd
crease of false alarms in such a short amount of time, are always thinking and planning for the worst and place berth for the past two com-
eight to be exact. Freshman Amber Ferguson’s take think that safety is extremely important. “Firefighters petitions at the regional level. This
on what has been going on has been mutual. “Point- lose [their] lives yearly due to these false pretenses.” year they are working with juniors
less. I mean, why would someone do that?” Ferguson “We risk our lives.” Colangeli continued. From Mathew Maggio and Herman Tse
stated. At first, she thought they were scheduled fire the time the Fire Department arrives to the time they and hope to move onto the state
drills, to help new students understand the evacu- leave, another house, place of business or building level competition. Above all, the
ation procedure. “When I learned that there was a somewhere nearby could by burning. members seem to be excited for
reward, I knew someone was pulling the alarm,” she Additionally, each false drill takes a large toll on the opportunity to be involved in
added. MHS’ financial budget. According to Colangeli, it costs this competition. Blue explained,
Not only have the drills infuriated MHS’ staff MHS about $1000 per false alarm. “There is a cost in “I would just like others to know
they have also been angering the Malden Fire Depart- time, gas, and equipment use to the City of Malden that NHD is an ‘extra’ project and
ment. Deputy Chief of the Malden Fire Department every time the fire alarm sounds.” Principal of MHS is a lot of work, but when working
Jack Colangeli has worked with MHS with fire drills Dana Brown stated. with friends on a project that you
for 29 years and believes “whoever is pulling this is Although pulling an alarm may seem like an easy are passionate and interested in,
performing a malicious act.” Their location may be way to get out of class, the consequences can lead to it becomes a lot of fun and when
very close to the high school, but when the fire teams suspension, expulsion, and the assailant might receive completed allows a great feeling
search the school and find nothing, a large amount of criminal charges. of accomplishment.”
8 Local news The Blue and Gold
November 2008

Obama wins mock election
Dan Holmqvist School elections predict winner of the election
Reporter by a large margin.
T HE RESULTS OF THE MOCK election are finally
in; Barack Obama won the mock election with
an astounding 87% of the total vote. The 2008 mock
each student by hand.
Students reported to the auditorium or the library
on Oct. 28 during history block to cast their votes. Mr.
election was held on Oct. 28 at Malden High while Tivian stated that his aim was to make the voting ex-
the real presidential election was held a week later perience “as real as possible” and to “give every kid a
on Nov. 4. feel for what it is actually like to vote.” The students’
The mock election, organized by members of names were crossed off a list at a sign-in table decorated
Project 540 and the Justice and Government Class, in red, white, and blue. Then they were allowed to cast
was led under the direction of Richard Tivian and their vote in small white booths and had their names
Gregory Hurley, both of whom teach history at MHS. crossed off on a separate sheet at the check-out station.
They held the elections to educate and inform the Their votes were subsequently placed in a vintage vot-
students of the high school and also to find out what ing machine and counted later the next day. Students
the students really thought about this election. Stu- that did not have a history class or that had a history
dents voted for one of seven presidential candidates class during period 3 (the period that was missed on
and three initiatives that the day of the mock election) were also allowed
appeared on the real to vote at the end of the day.
City trash bags Photo by E. Chiavelli
election ballots on Sophomore Mandy Liao voted for the
Update on earlier this month.
However, several
Green Party Candidate, Cynthia McKin-
ney. She thought
the trash smaller issues,
like the sen-
that the elections
were very informa-

tax ate race, were
excluded from
tive and stated that,
“before the mock
the mock elec- elections, I didn’t
Brandon Knight tion ballot. even know who was
Reporter On the day running.”
of the school elec- Sophomore
rently in its third week of the Pay
as You Throw (PAYT) program. The
tions, pamphlets
put together by Proj-
Jonathan Sit cast
his vote for Barack Obama, believing that
ect 540 were distributed Obama “accurately represented his views.” He,
plan, which city council members
during homeroom. This pam- along with other students, thought the election ran
took on to save tax payers’ money
phlet included information about policies and stances very smoothly and gave him a “taste of how politics
and recycle more, has been viewed
of the seven presidential candidates on major issues work” but also stated that, “the three initiative ques-
in many different ways.
and the pros and cons of the three initiative questions. tions could have been explained a bit better.”
15 year old Deanna Mann, a
The pamphlet, along with class discussions in history The mock elections presented results that were
resident of Malden, stated that she is
class, helped the students make informed decisions predictable considering the Massachusetts demo-
not a fan of the program, and neither
when they were in the booth to vote. Moses Wasswa, graphic. Barack Obama won the election convincingly
is her mother. “She thinks it’s ridicu-
a member of Project 540, said it was important for the with 791 votes, with McCain placing in second with
lous. She thinks it is to get people to
students to “get to know what’s going on.” 96 votes and Ralph Nader placing last with 21 votes.
recycle more, and she also thinks the
The organizers originally planned to have real Question #1, which proposed eliminating the state in-
trash bags cost too much money for
electronic voting machines, but a memory chip only come tax, was rejected. Question #2, which proposed
only ten bags. Although she is not
allowed the machines to work on the real Election decriminalizing marijuana, was passed and question
fond of the program, Mann states
Day. For this reason, the Justice and Government #3, which proposed banning dog races, was also
that her mother now “recycles like
class was forced to count every ballot submitted by passed.
crazy” and that everything recycla-
ble goes in the blue bins rather than

mass workers take huge hit
the bags. Another Malden resident,
Lee Cordeiro, expressed that he
does not like the trash tax at all. “Its
ridiculous and the city of Malden
needs to realize that and make a Michael DiGregorio Workers struggle to remain afloat during
change,” he stated.
Malden Ward 1 city counselor Reporter economic crisis.
Gary Christenson believes that the
by 2023, by extending this deadline during the winters because it was

new PAYT program has been effec-
N ORDER TO CLOSE the $1.4 bil- two years the state can save up to not originally covered in the exist-
tive so far. He feels, although people
lion gap in Massachusetts’ wallet, $100 million. Also, by forcing the ing budget. The second was the $1.1
are not entirely happy about the
Governor Deval Patrick pitched his state agencies to stay within their billion drop in tax revenues because
new program, they are responsively
plan to eliminate 1,000 state jobs, existing budgets the state can save of the rapidly dropping capital tax
cooperating. The administration has
along with a request to tap into up to $146 million. returns.
stated that 70% are complying and
the states “rainy day” fund for up During the conference, Patrick The $200 million withdrawal
that recycling significantly risen.
to $200 million on Wednesday Oct. warned residents that there will be from the state’s “rainy day” fund
Christenson also stated that an
15, 2008. This plan will also include less police patrols, slower permit- will be taken out in addition to the
estimated $2.5 million was gener-
having state agencies make an ad- ting processes for motor vehicles, $400 million that was already taken
ated from the program, but if resi-
ditional $755 million cut to help de- and less maintenance done to parks and put into the existing budget.
dents continue to put out less trash,
crease the budget gap. Additionally, and other open spaces. This makes a total of $600 million
or skirt the program, Christenson
$52 million worth of voluntary cuts Other departments will also be that is taken out of the state’s sav-
presumes that the projected revenue
were made by the courts, district affected in months to come. Include ings account, leaving only $1.6 bil-
number will come in lower meaning,
attorneys, attorney general, state areas of education and health care. lion remaining in the account. This
and that either cuts will need to be
auditor and other constitutional “Sacrifice must be shared,” stated and about $341 million of Patrick’s
made or the shortfall will prove to
offices. Patrick according to The Boston plan must first be approved by the
be made up in some other fashion.
That Wednesday evening, dur- Globe. state legislators.
On the bright side, aside from the
ing the Statehouse news conference There are two reasons for this Although this plan affects the
$2.5 million, between $400,000 and
Patrick explained how by slowing $1.4 billion deficit. Initially, the state in many departments, there are
$500,000 was projected in savings in
the rate of the pension fund pay- increase in snow and ice removal still parts of the state budget that are
result of less trash being picked up.
ments which would be fully funded left $300 in unavoidable expenses off-limits for the time being.
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 World news 9

economy eats up
family income
An Holmqvist
Copy Editor

T HE DIRE SITUATION of the US economy has dominat-
ed headlines and has been a popular topic on the news
lately. But as Senators John McCain and Barack Obama
have been emphasizing since the breakdown earlier this
October, how is this affecting the average American fam-
ily? How is “Joe the Plumber” going to handle this one
or rather, how will Main Street take this burn from Wall
Street? Not well, it seems.
No, this is not the 21st century rendition of the dev-
astating 1920s and 30s Great Depression. However, tens of
thousands of jobs have been lost this month, and hundreds
of thousands of jobs have been lost over the past year. And
no, they are not coming back - not for a while. So how is
the Average Joe (not Joe the Plumber) handling this?
According to CNN, millions of people currently
cannot afford health care, and now close to half a mil-
lion people are unemployed. According to Malden High
School Business and Advanced Placement Economics
teacher Charles Bowers, the economy’s crash will affect the
well-being of companies and businesses around Malden,
causing their revenues to shrink and forcing mass layoffs
and lower wages. For the average American family this
could be disastrous. “Despite what people may think, the
problems on Wall Street translate very quickly to Main
Street This crisis we are going through has turned into a
financial ‘perfect storm’,” stated Bowers.
This calamity is affecting everyone. “It’s the little
things that cause the pain,” explained Mario Portillo. “For
example, taking the T costs $1.50. People don’t realize that
$1.50 is actually a lot of money.” Senior Mario Portillo thinks positive despite economic hardship. Photo by N. Dhruv
There is more than one elderly couple who may not
be able to find the funds to heat their home for the winter,
or a single mother and her family who probably will not change to pay for books and daily expenses. problems are not going away any
have dinner out for a long time to come. There is more Many middle-aged men and women watch time soon. For these families, change
than one student who will not be able to pay off his school with worry as their 401ks go up in smoke; is essential.
loans in the future, and who can barely find the pocket retirement is no longer a safe option. These

Riding Out the Storm
David Riemer
Head News Writer
Stock market in turmoil as Dow Jones rises and falls

N O ONE EVER SAID that invest- 5000 (Dow), such as the 778 point mony to the terrible power that the tries to cut back on its expenditure
ing in stocks was the fool-proof slump on Sept. 29, 2008, have forced economy holds over everyone. generally by abolishing jobs or
way to strike it rich. “The stock many to abandon their stocks, cut Historic tumbles and hopeful shaving wages. The employees af-
market is a lot like the ocean,” local their losses, and try to recover and upward bounds have characterized fected by these decisions then need
accountant Gail Mayer stated, “to move on. Even some of the most the stock market climate for the past to tighten their budget, disrupting
catch the best fish, you need to be a stock-savvy quake with fear that three months and there are many their personal contribution to the
smart fisherman.” Over the decades, these 700+ point pitfalls are usher- people who are uncertain as to what economy’s flow. When people spend
hundreds of thousands of hopeful ing in a massive national recession they should do. “The best advice I less money, businesses lose profit,
entrepreneurs set off on a risky voy- on the scale of the devastating Great can give to anyone is to just stick it and the whole situation continues to
age, hoping to reel in a big one, their Depression of the 1930s. out. The professionals aren’t lying worsen. The cycle sends the econo-
vessels made from their desperate To the public’s great surprise, when they say that pulling out of my into a downward spiral and the
last dollars, Christmas bonuses, these deficits proved to be fatal for the market is only making the situ- consumers into a state of panic.
and inheritances. Some have found many traditionally powerful com- ation worse,” Mayer said. “The real With the nation in the state
the stock environment harsh and panies. Fannie Mae and Freddie problem lies in the spiraling effect of economy-induced alarm that it
unforgiving and have withdrawn Mac, two well-seasoned mortgage these things have.” This “spiral” is currently in, it is not going to be
from the market, retreating to safety, companies found themselves in a Mayer mentions is the reason why ominously exorbitant bailout plans
while those with high ambitions and bind when too much money was even an isolated drop in revenue in which are going to calm the fright-
complete faith in gut instincts have lost in unpaid loans, and shocked one business type can wind up af- ened and hiding people. “If the
become stock-legends. their investors and the rest of the fecting a series of other businesses government thinks they have any
Recently, however, the market financial world when they fell. Fed- as well. chance of calming this hysteria,”
has been much stormier than in eral bailouts helped to lessen the fall When businesses begin to re- Mayer says, “they had better start
years past. Tragic, all-time-highest of the two corporations, but even port profit losses for any reason (be with the people.”
drops in the Dow Jones Wilshire then they continued to slip –a testi- it the stock market or otherwise) it
10 World news The Blue and Gold
November 2008

The 2008
BAILOUT Bad Economy Has Home Foreclosures
Nidale Zouhir
Through the Roof
Copy Editor
Patti McClenthen Families find themselves struggling
Stabilization Act of 2008, infa-
Copy Editor to keep their homes.
mously known as “the bailout,”
went into effect Oct. 3, 2008 in re-
sponse to the prior financial crisis
dred thousand
Americans are on the
in September. It authorized the streets, looking for new
United States Secretary of Treasury homes and being forced
to spend up to $700 billion to help to leave their old ones
the nation’s banks by purchasing behind. These people
mortgage-backed securities. are victims of home
The US government bought foreclosures, which
$250 billion worth of shares of na- have quickly grown
tional banks’ stocks and now has in numbers since the
a significant stake in the country’s economy went downhill
banks. In theory, this should in- in March of 2008.
crease bank lending and minimize A foreclosure is a
the chance of worsening the reces- legal process in which an
sion. However, many economic owner’s property rights
analysts believe that the recession are terminated due to a
is so inescapable that it will only default, or inability to
get worse. make payments. When
The act comes after three other a home is foreclosed,
bailouts in 2008: Bear Stearns ($30 there is usually a public
billion), Fannie Mae and Freddie auction held to sell it
Mac ($200 billion), and American again. Homes in Malden. Photo by C. Rodriguez
International Group ($85 billion), Craig Spadafora of the Malden
all of which were helped by the City Council does not think that been foreclosed. “We are heading always voted for its pocket book,”
government, and brought the total home foreclosures have affected into a recession if we are not already he explains. When times are eco-
government bailouts to over one Malden yet. He thinks that it will there,” he states, “and recessions nomically good, the people will vote
trillion dollars this year. hit, however, in the beginning of are associated with higher rates of for the status quo. When they are
The Bush administration, the new year. His predictions for unemployment, which we are see- bad, they vote for change. Bowers
presidential candidates Senators the future of the country are that ing now.” He quickly searched the remembers the Clinton election in
Barack Obama and John McCain, we will hit rock bottom, and then unemployment rate, and there is 1992 when Clinton used the slogan,
72 other members of the Senate, work our way back up. He says, good news for Malden. Compared “It’s the economy, stupid,” to cam-
and 263 members of the House of however, that home buyers are to the country’s disastrous 6.1% paign for change.
Representatives believe that the act lucky. “It is a great time to be buy- unemployment rate, Malden’s 4.7% Bowers knows that the future
will be a sufficient solution to the ing a home right now, just make unemployment rate is considered of MHS students depends on their
economic crisis. sure you can afford the home you quite healthy. Bowers explains that, decisions, and making good choices
However, Malden High are buying.” If you already own “we are not getting hit as bad as the about their home and finances are
School students disagree. “It won’t a home, then Spadafora says that rest of the country, which is good, no exception. He says, “High school
help anybody in the long run,” the only way to avoid getting your but if the recession continues into kids should learn to be responsible
sophomore Rachael Solano stated, home foreclosed is to stay on top of 2009, I would expect Malden’s un- for the debt that they incur, and to
mentioning that with the coun- things money-wise. He says to pay employment rate to go up.” be realistic about their budgets.
try so deep in deficit, the bailout the mortgage on time, and to lower A recession is when a country’s They have to know what they can
would likely be more harmful than the amount of reckless spending. Gross-Domestic-Product rate (GDP) and can not afford, and then they
helpful. “It’s just putting the na- Similar opinions come from goes down two quarters in a row. will be able to avoid foreclosures.”
tion further in debt than it already Charles Bowers, an economics If it continues to go down for a few Whether the economy gets better or
is,” sophomore Michael Solimini teacher at Malden High. Bowers more months, we are considered to worse, future home buyers will have
agreed. explained how the economy has be in a depression. Bowers thinks to watch their bank accounts and
Other MHS students view the affected home foreclosures. Ac- that there is a very strong connec- spend wisely.
act as a bad idea because of the way cording to him, the economy has tion between the economy and the
it has treated the economy; a few risen the count of homes that have presidential election. “America has
more attribute the way the DOW
Jones seems to be on an eternal
roller coaster to the government’s

Zombie Tag is coming to MHS
“Humans vs. Zombies” is a game of tag. A group of
human players attempts to survive a “zombie outbreak”
by not being tagged by a growing group of zombies.
The MHS game is being played this year, with rolled up
socks as the weapon of choice for human survival. The
Freshman Class of 2012 is organizing this event to help
kick off the High Schools’ “Spirit Week”. Any one who
would like to donate new socks to help the “humans”
defend the school against zombies can bring them to the
Main office anytime before November 22, 2008. Later,
all socks will be washed and donated to the Pine Street
Inn, a shelter for the homeless.
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 World news 11
Continued from pg 1
2008 turnout rate is an implausible
64.1 percent, the highest since 1908.
Moreover, this is the first time since
1994, during the Clinton years, that
the democrats have had control of
the White House, House of Repre-
sentatives and Congress. Addition-
ally, his campaign implemented the
widespread use of the Internet in
order to raise millions of dollars in
funds and enlist host of volunteers.
Now that Obama has secured
his place in our nation’s history,
what attempts will he make in order
to restore America to its seemingly
distant past?
According to,
Obama promises a tax cut to 95%
of Americans, and plans to offer
better access to health care for the
45 million people currently without
insurance. Furthermore he aims to
improve teachers’ salaries and aid
struggling school systems. How- Obama fans in Nashua, N.H. Jan. 8, 2008. Photo by E. Chiavelli
ever, lying in front of him is a bud-
get deficit running into hundreds of
billions of dollars a year; a national
debt that has exceeded $10 trillion,
left countless homes foreclosed, ini-
tiated 500-point plunges in the stock
market, and caused food and gas
prices to sky-rocket.
In addition to the financial
crisis his foreign policy challenges
pose an arduous obstacle. Wars in
Iraq and Afghanistan, the prospect
of Iran and several other leading
world powers supporting nuclear
proliferation, the resurgence of the Barack Obama and his wife Michelle kiss before his speech in Nashua, N.H. Jan. 8, 2008. Photo by E. Chiavelli
Taliban and an abundance of prob-
lems that demand urgent attention. that Obama is not experienced in ever, as a graduate of Harvard Law be satisfied,” added McDonald.
According to BBC news, Afghani- handling these lofty tasks. Accord- School and a former community or- Despite countless challenges
stan President Hamid Karzai has ing to BBC news, Daniel Korski, ganizer, Obama’s dazzling speeches, that lie ahead, Obama has already
issued a statement about the over- European Council of Foreign Rela- and nearly flawless campaigning inspired legions of people and has
seas treatment of his people, stating, tions specialist who has held senior strategies, have “emphasized hope changed the status quo. He has
“This is my first demand of the new advisory post in the British and and change, and he has attracted, become a symbol of change and
president of the United States-to put Us government, suggested Obama obviously, millions of supporters will hopefully restore America’s tar-
an end to civilian causalities.” should tone down his rhetoric to whom agree on what change they nished world standing.
Several political pundits feel avoid unrealistic expectations. How- want and hopes they are hoping to

Tainted Chinese Products Infiltrate the Nation’s Food Supply
Omar Khoshafa

tried to accomplish the impos-
sible. She decided to find out if it was
exports. Products range from apple
juice to shoes to cell phones. The na-
tion’s reliance on Chinese products
these tainted products infiltrate our
food supply? These products find
their way into our supermarkets be-
crystallizes and can block kidneys
like a kidney stone would. This will
cause toxic build up in the body, and
really possible to go for a whole year has already proved harmful for the cause the Food and Drug Adminis- if not treated, it may be fatal.”
without purchasing any products US as it did during the tainted toys tration claims they can only inspect The average American con-
manufactured in China. After a few crisis. about 1% of all imported foods. sumer can make several choices
months of executing this “boycott,” About one year after the tainted This is not proportional to the 15% in order to prevent buying tainted
she finally came to realize that living toys incident, another Chinese-made of imported products found in the products. They may buy all organic
on products made in places other baby milk powder was found to average American’s diet. foods (from stores such as Whole
than China is nearly impossible. be contaminated. More than 50,000 “Recent and repeated reports Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, etc.) An-
Almost 75% of the world’s toys infants became ill and at least three of tainted food and product imports other option the consumer has is to
are made in China, and 80% of toys died from this tainted powder. As of are causing fear and uncertainty in rinse foods thoroughly before eating
sold in the United States are Chi- now, nearly a quarter of all Chinese American consumers and harm- them. This will ensure the removal
nese-made. This was a major crisis infants have been fed tainted milk. ing the ‘Made in China’ brand here of bacteria hidden in the food. The
last year, when toys imported from Melamine, a substance banned in in the United States,” stated U.S. case of tainted products is a matter
China contained lead paint, a highly foods, has been found in 33 different Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. of national security, and if it involves
poisonous substance. In Aug., 2007, Chinese products, with the milk for- This is true because consumers now protecting citizens from foreign im-
Mattel Inc., the nation’s largest toy mula being just one of them. Traces have to think twice before buying ports, then keeping people safe from
maker, had to recall more than nine of exported Chinese biscuits, candy, Chinese products. Just recently a toxic consumer goods produced
million Chinese-made products and tainted milk powder have been tainted product has snuck into this in other countries must be a prior-
because of the lead incident. Presi- found in the U.S. year’s Halloween candy list. The ity. Lois Klarevas, a political science
dential candidate Barack Obama Federal health authorities say Pirate’s Gold Chocolate coins have professor at New York University
said, “I would stop the import of tainted products cause about 76 mil- been recalled after testing positive explained, “In an era when inter-
all toys from China. I have to say, lion people to become sick annually. for melamine. Describing the ef- national trade is a given, there is no
that’s about 80 percent of the toys They are also the cause of death for fects of melamine on the body, Mrs. excuse for failing to integrate quality
that are being imported right now.” more than 5,000 people each year, Votaw, a biology teacher, stated control into national security.”
In today’s economic world, the US more than the number of people who “when melamine combines with
is extremely dependent on Chinese die from fires or drowning. How do cyanic acid in the bloodstream it
12 Entertainment The Blue and Gold
November 2008

So you think you can dance rocks boston
Kimberly Lombard
Shean and Boss use their
Head of Business Team dancing to tell an enter-
taining story about a crazy

Can Dance tour danced
through the Agganis Arena
ex-girlfriend and her rela-
tionship with her boyfriend.
The couple spent the entire
on Oct. 29 and 30, 2008. The number dancing through,
popular top 11 dancers from around, and under a door
the show along with two spe- placed in the center of the
cial guests packed the arena stage.
so quickly that Boston was the In between all of the
only stop on the tour that had dances, the show played on
added an extra night. a relationship that Gevorg
Sponsored by Snuggles, Manoukian (Gev) desired
the show highlighted all of all season long with Court-
the fan-favorite dances from ney Galliano. When he was
throughout the season that not dancing, he was on stage
were choreographed by Mia attempting to impress Gal-
Michaels, Mandy Moore, liano, and at the end of the
“Tabitha and Napoleon,” Tyce show, she finally kissed him.
Diorio, Jean Marc Genereux, Those who do not follow the
Sonya Tayeh, and Dioriana show may not see this as a
Sanchez and that incorporated Two of the Top 10 finalists perform a routine during the tour. big deal, however, fans have
all eleven dancers. Each dancer waited the entire season to
also performed a solo accom- Payne and Stephen Boss (more and has completely lost her mobile see this.
panied by a clip reminiscing their commonly known as “Twitch”). The ability. He expressed on the show After the show, fans were rav-
experience on the show. show lasted for about three hours that “her eyes light up when she ing about the dancing throughout
The show was a raging suc- and incorporated everything from sees people dance.” Payne and Boss the arena, and some even spoke
cess. The dances that the top 11 per- quirky moves to choreography that performed the dance beautifully and about auditioning for next season. It
formed were some of the season’s tugged at your heart strings. One soon after the performance, caused is possible, after all, that someone in
highlights, especially Tabitha and particularly emotional dance was the audience to erupt in a mixture of the audience this year could be up on
Napoleon’s hip hop number to “No Genereux’s Viennese Waltz, danced tears and applause. the stage next year, and that makes
Air” and Michael’s contemporary Payne and Boss. The dance was in- In contrast, another extremely the tour all the more worthwhile.
routine to “Dreaming With a Bro- spired to touch Genereux’s daughter popular dance was Michael’s chore-
ken Heart,” danced by Kherington who suffers from Rett Syndrome ography to Duffy’s “Mercy.” Katee

The haunting of molly hartley disappoints
Nidale Zouhir The way Hartley sells her soul and ends
Copy Editor up valedictorian with the rich, popular Jo-
seph Young as a boyfriend makes the direc-

D ESPITE AN attractive
young cast and tolerable
acting, The Haunting of Molly
tor come off as
a Jesus-hating
demon wor-
Hartley was not nearly as excit- shipper. This
ing as its trailers made it out to is enhanced
be. by the way re-
The film (directed by ligious-freak
Mickey Liddell, of Everwood) Alexis seems
is about a high school senior crazy at the
named Molly Hartley (Haley best of times.
Bennett) whose parents sell T h e
her soul to the devil in order to characters in
save her life. If she is not killed the film are
before her 18th birthday, the forgettable
“darkness” will supposedly and mainly
take over. This leads to multiple consist of high
murderous attempts on her school movie
life by her mother (played by clichés, like
Marin Hinkle) and even, at one the popular
point, her first friend at her new jock’s (Craw-
school (played by Shanna Col- ford) jealous
lins). Throughout the movie, girlfriend
Hartley manages to entrance a (AnnaLynne
rich, popular boy named Joseph McCord), who
Young (Chace Crawford), who, terrorizes the
coincidentally, has a girlfriend. She also be- intriguing and odd new girl. These only add
friends the school’s resident troublemaker subplots that the film could do without, es-
Leah (Shannon Marie Woodward). pecially since most are left unresolved. The
The movie starts off with an interesting script does very little justice to the decently
plot involving the deal made between the talented actors, giving Crawford and Mc-
devil and another girl’s parents, but thereon Cord’s characters very few lines; McCord
after, the movie is a boring letdown. Clichéd simply gives Hartley dirty looks throughout
themes like the scholarship student outcast the movie, while Crawford basically stands
and the druggie that the protagonist some- around and looks pretty.
how reforms, along with overused lines (“I In the end, the audience is left confused
know what you are!”) lead to what seems and annoyed at the vagueness of the end of
more like two hours of back story with a ten the film. This, in addition to the lack of any
minute climax and barely any resolution real plot or action, led to what is overall a bad
than a real movie. movie with very few redeeming qualities.
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 Entertainment 13

Senior year starts with a bang
Alexandra Mathieu
complicated dance routines from cially. At
Reporter the waltz featur-
ing Efron and
the begin-
ning of Nights’
Oct. 24, 2008, with an opening
day gross of $16.9 million, High
called “Can
I Have this
HSM, he
was a little
k n o w n
School Musical 3 grossed a total of Dance,” to actor play-
an exten- ing roles
$42 million in the box office. With
such an accomplishment under- sive and in Lifetime November
neath its belt, HSM 3 proved to be intricate original
21st and 22nd
the biggest movie musical to ever hit
the big screen, taking this spot from hip-hop However,
the previous title owner, Mamma routine once the
Mia. in “The first HSM
The third installment of the Boys Are film aired,
High School Musical trilogy follows Back,” he blew up
the drama of a group of friends at- sung by into one
tending a fictional high school in Efron and of the big- Principal Actors:
Albuquerque, New Mexico encoun- Corbin gest young
ter as they prepare for their spring Bleu's adult stars of David Barrows is
musical, prom, and college. The character this generation. Bottom
primary plot focuses on Troy Bolton C h a d Efron is no longer
(Zac Efron), the main protagonist, Danforth. The high the young, wide-eyed
budget also allowed the teen actor he once was,
Bahar Baharloo is
who questions if the future his fa-
ther has planned for him is the one props and scenery depart- but a full-fledged celebrity. Hud- Helena
that he would like to take. Bolton ment to be upgraded, which is best gens, Efron’s counterpart in the HSM
also deals with the decision his girl- noted in the flashy and Broadway- movies, has also seemed to come Keith Newman is
friend Gabriella Montez (Vanessa esque performance of Tisdale and into her own throughout the films. Demetrius
Hudgens) makes for college and Grabeel in the song “I Want it All,” After the mini-scandal on her more
the distance that would be between where there are numerous costume than revealing photo, Hudgens has
them. Accompanying this is a side changes and even the appearance of seemed to grow up, even featuring Jenna Delaney is
plot that circles around Sharpay and the Radio City Hall Rockettes. in a new film called Bandslam set to Hermia
Ryan Evans' (Ashley Tisdale and Two new faces were also added release in theatres in 2009. The HSM
Lucas Grabeel) plan to get the leads to the HSM cast: Matt Prokop as cast is slowly leaving the sheltered Patrick Keough is
in the spring musical and the single Jimmie "The Rocket/ Rocketman" world of Disney and stepping into Lysander
full scholarship to Julliard School of Zara and Jemma McKenzie-Brown the competitive world of Hollywood
the Arts. This plot provides comedic as Tiara Gold. Prokop's character acting.
relief through the antics of the Evans is a new player on the Wildcats HSM 3 lives up to its predeces- Sam Warton is
twins. basketball team who looks up to sors’ greatness as it soars to the top Oberon
Instead of harming director Troy and even hopes to surpass of the box offices. The final scene in
and choreographer Kenny Ortega’s him. McKenzie-Brown’s character the movie shows a drawn curtain Rita Cote is
vision from the previous films, the is a British exchange student who and in front of it, the main characters
change from the television screen to befriends Sharpay with her own in the trilogy. With tears in their eyes
the movie screen helped. The corny hidden agenda. Fortunately the two they smile and take one last curtain
but irresistible lines that made view- additions to the cast do not detract call, holding hands and realizing
ers either hate or love the films were from the movie, but add more (albeit that their time has come to an end.
still present in the third, but with clichéd) drama. Yet HSM fans that have been there
a $13.3 million budget, there were HSM 3 shows just how much from the beginning and even those
a few changes for HSM 3. One of the cast, especially leading man who have just hopped on the HSM
the main changes is that where the Efron, has matured during the film- train will not be disappointed by an
previous two films had dance-along
versions that taught viewers the
ing process for the High School Mu-
sical trilogy. Every person in the film
ending that fit such an extraordinary
trilogy. Place Your
dance moves in the films, the third
will probably not. Instead of the easy
seems to be more self-assured and
confident in their parts now that it is Ad Here
and basic choreography, HSM 3 has their third time around, Efron espe-

FRINGE Captivates audience with Sci-Fi Theme
Brittany Foley was as mysterious as the scientific Pattern" by Head of Home-
Copy Editor enigmas embedded in its plot. The land Security, agent Phillip
show's creators, Abrams, Alex Broyles, whose character

versations with the dead, and
infants born as adults are only a few
Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, simply
sat down and decided to create a TV
show that was something entirely
is brought to life by actor
Lance Reddick. While try-
ing to solve the mysteries
of the bizarre factors in the new hit new. From that, Fringe was born. of "The Pattern," the three
TV show Fringe that gives it a dra- Anna Torv stars as federal come across countless
matic science fiction edge. The show agent Olivia Dunham in the show, strange happenings and
was created by J.J. Abrams, the writ- who is haunted by her deceased corrupt villains who have
er of the outstandingly popular ABC partner John Scott, played by Mark taken over the minds and
A scene from Fringe.
show Lost. Fringe's rapidly grow- Valley. Dunham, with the help of bodies of helpless victims.
ing popularity has more and more her partner-in-crime Peter Bishop, a Filled with enthralling Although the two shows have many
people glued to the TV on Tuesday down-to-earth character played by mystery, suspenseful story lines, and similarities, they are significantly
nights, yearning to see what hap- Joshua Jackson, and his psychotic acclaimed characters while defining different. Fringe, complete with
pens next in the suspenseful sci-fi science genius father Dr. Walter gripping science fiction, Fringe has science-fiction, crime-fighting, and
drama. Bishop, portrayed by the hilarious been compared to countless other mystery-solving is an overall com-
Fringe was not an entertain- John Noble, works endlessly to TV-shows including The X-Files. pletely unique story. Additionally,
ment miracle; there is no mystery to solve the chain of mysteries that Everett High School senior Shauna the show hits close to home and has
its creation. There was no spark or have occupied in the city of Boston, Schovanec thinks that "in a way, a comedic tone to it that is simple
sudden idea that started the Fringe Massachusetts. They are given the [Fringe] is a lot like [The X-Files], but genius.
phenomenon. The show's creation investigation, referred to as "The but at the same time, it is really not."
14 Sports The Blue and Gold
November 2008

goal after goal they Boys X-Country runs
made it to the top through injuries
Senior Danny Pi-
Alfonse Femino
Paula Suarez-Salmanca MHS Girls Soccer team mentel runs towards
makes it to states Assistant Sports Writer the finish line.

girls’ varsity soccer team’s
family,” Lopez stated.
During the season Lopez re- T HE MALDEN High
School boy’s cross-
country team currently
Photo by L. Tran

hard work finally paid off when ally enjoyed singing songs on the
they qualified for the state meets. bus ride to their away games and holds a respectable two events
The team held a record of 8-7-4 back. Lopez mentioned that even record of 2-2 de- will be the
at the end of their season. Senior when they lost it was fun just to spite the numerous most im-
captains Annie Abber, Tayla connect with the team by sharing injuries that have portant
Plunkett, junior Thamara Eler their favorite songs. plagued the team. for the
and coach Laura Bryson are very Eler enjoyed getting the Head coach cross-
proud of the team. opportunity to grow and play David Londino country-
After their win against Med- with so many dedicated players. thinks the team is t e a m ,
ford in the semi-finals and their “Something that I liked about doing well in spite Londino,
tough game against Somerville the season was that the whole of the injuries. “We however,
in the finals, they actually had a team respected each other and had a lot of injuries feels as
chance to be “the champions”. got along. We also had very good but we’ve not doing though
“In the past years, things communication both on the field bad,” quoted Lon- the team
didn’t fall where they should and outside of the field,” Eler dino on his reaction is ready
have, but the girls really deserve said. to the record so far. to take
it. Throughout the whole season Eler was very excited be- Due to the them on.
the girls never stopped trying, cause this was her very first year number of injuries, “Our Pre-
but kept on working harder,” qualifying for the tournament the remaining run- vious meets
Bryson sated. She was optimistic and felt very happy. This is Eler’s ners have to work have pre-
that the girls would win. third year playing for the school rigorously more to pared us for
Sophomore Jess Lopez also and mentioned that, “never be- make up for the losses. the upcoming
felt amazing to know that they fore have I seen a group of people In practice, the team uses GBL and state
got that far because they did it that committed themselves so a new method of training meets,” Londino
together as a team, with advice much to the team.” called repeat miles, where stated.
from “the best” coach and “the Eler was very confident in they run a mile, rest for five Along with
best” captains. “Although we all the team and mentioned that not minutes, and then run another. strong performances at the impor-
might have mistakes, I believed only were they focused but they Also, the team does speed work to tant meets that lie ahead, Londino
in my team, and what it can also accepted their mistakes and increase agility. In addition to run- has other long-term goals. With a
do. The team has been doing made room for improvement.” ning, the team spends many hours number of talented freshman and
extremely well and we are all On Sunday, November 9 the in the weight room working on up- underclassmen on the team, as well
working together as a team and varsity team had their tourna- per and lower body strength which as experienced upperclassmen,
ment game against Andover, who also helps increase agility. Londino thinks the team is destined
is highly ranked in the league. All the practicing that the team to have success in both the indoor
Despite a good effort, the MHS does contributes to strong perfor- and outdoor track seasons and next
Girls were eliminated from the mances at the Greater Boston League years cross country season.
state tournament with their loss Championship meet, and the Divi-
to this powerhouse. sion 1. Ma. Interscholastic Athletic
Association state meet. These next

Volleyball is set for success
Barbara Jerome-Athis
Volleyball continues to improve, looks ahead to next season

girls’ volleyball team ended the
season with a phenomenal record of
Kirby stated that the team’s
biggest obstacle was her inexperi-
ence with volleyball, but with each
10-4. “I’m very proud of the girls on season, she learns more. The team’s
the team because they gave me an greatest weakness was their offense,
amazing, successful season and I will and collectively, they want to set up
miss them all next year,” expressed more spikes and bring more pow-
senior captain Kethia Mathieu. erful hits. Junior Catherine Asare
The team made progress hit- happily said that “throughout this
ting and spiking the ball across competitive season, we have learned
the net victoriously. Their amazing to integrate our specific talents to be
defense was demonstrated in their equally successful as a team.”
games through blocking and dig- The team ended the remarkable
ging techniques. After being asked season on a good note. Kirby proud-
about how helpful senior captains ly concluded with, “I am very proud
Tina Phan and Mathieu have been of how well our team did this year.
to the team, head coach and science Even though we didn’t win matches
teacher Kristen Kirby exclaimed that from each of the teams we played;
“Tina and Kethia have been great we were able to take some of the
captains. They have the respect of games. I have seen great improve-
the team and were great leaders. ment in individual players, and I am
They also brought a lot of humor looking forward to next year.”
Volleyball team poses before a game. Photo by K. Kirby
to the team, making our games and
practices fun.”
The Blue and Gold
November 2008 Sports 15
girls XC takes
a victory lap boys soccer kicks their
way through adversity
Alexander Gennigiorgis

W ITH ONLY ONE meet left,
the girls cross country team is
having "one of the greatest seasons
Senior and team captain, Everton
Mandelli states “we were scared of
ever in girls cross country history," playing, if we were not we would
according to coach Mitch Abbatessa. have won.” Throughout the season,
Led by junior captain Katherine the team lost to tough competitors
Zheng, the girls have been heading that include Medford and Everett
to the MIAA Division I state tour- because they stopped playing cohe-
nament on Nov. 8, 2008. Abbatessa sively.
feels that the girls cross country's 4-1 Subsequent to their loss to Ev-
record is "awesome." He also thinks erett, the team slowly progressed.
that it is great that there are not any Sophomore Ryan Macedo says that
seniors on the team. “every team has struggles but every
Abbatessa also stated that team overcomes them.”
even though injuries have affected Although the team is full of
the team a lot, these are just things young players this year including
one has to overcome in cross coun- “three freshman and five sopho-
try. These kids chose to take the mores” according to Smith, their
challenge by joining the team. "But youth is not a detriment to the team.
this is what cross country is, it all Mandelli runs down the field in pursuit for the ball. Photo by L. Tran The younger players have stepped
depends on injuries. If you get in- up and have taken on big roles.
jured, it is most likely that you are Alfonse Femino in game situations.” They worked Freshman Soufiane Faris claims that
going to be injured for a while and hard in practices, and played hard his experience has been “fun and
Assistant Sports Writer
that you won't be able to perform on in games, but the only thing that is enjoyable,” and although he is a

the field so we have to take injuries HE MALDEN HIGH School holding them back is not being able freshman he always felt as if he was
seriously on both the girls and boys Boys’ varsity soccer team, led to work as a whole unit. a part of the team.
cross country teams," explained Ab- by Coach Jeremiah Smith, currently An example of their lack of The team has significantly im-
batessa. holds a record of 5-7-3 and has over- team work occurred during their proved since the beginning of year,
The team’s motto "Practice come any adversities they had in the game against Everett. Malden was making it close to the state tourna-
makes perfect," is what keeps the beginning of the year. ahead in the first half, with a lead of ment.
team going because they are almost Starting off the season prepared 3-0, but during their second half, Ev-
at the peak of their careers as cross and “in good condition,” Smith says, erett scored a goal and Malden pan-
country athletes due to their prac- “it allowed them to spend more time icked and stopped playing together.
tice. To witness how much these ath-
letes run and how much heart they
put into their running is incredible.
The team weight trains in the gym
crew competes for the
and runs around the city of Malden.
They also do tempo running, where
they run consistent mile time in or-
“head of the charles”
der to improve stamina. Shannon Howe
Zheng is astonished that the MHS students compete in two day regatta
team is doing better than last year,
despite the lack of seniors. Zheng
thinks of herself not as a leader, but
as a helper. She wants people to lis- T HE MALDEN HIGH School
crew team is reaching the end
of a very successful season thanks
ten and agree with her.
to the couches Shauna Campbell,
Sarah Jones and Natalia Santiago.
The Golden Tornado “This season was really good; we ac-
Hall of Fame Inductees complished a lot and it proved suc-
cessful for all of our teammates and
Marion Schulze Rush (Class of 1936) coaches” junior rower Samantha
Power cheerfully stated. Practices
Wilford Bill Blais (Class of 1964) held at the Mystic River in Malden,
where the team is a part of the Gen-
Brian Rutledge (Class of 1980) tle Giants rowing club and consist
of land and water training; and of
Carlos Villatoro (Class of 1997) rate work and technique rowing are
major focuses. Crew team warms up before race. Photo by D. Barrows
1969 Hockey Team - Rick Menard,Bill This year, the girls’ Varsity
Boland, Steve Pini, Jim Coleman, Bernard A team was lucky enough to be a spirit and be motivated for your each race. David Barrow’s senior
Mayne, John Arbo, Mike Giannattassio, part of the “Head of the Charles” team members,” stated junior rower caption encourages the team thus,
Peter Mullaney, Bill Brady, Phil Shea, Peter which is a massive two day regatta. Trang Trong. She explained that they exceed expectations.
Hanifan, Rev. John Knox, Ruffy Mugica, Senior captains Ericka Ribeiro and many do not realize the hopeless- Overall the season exceeded
Sean Rusil, Ron DiSano, Tom Reid, Kristen Tran were part of the head ness a team feels in the middle of a expectations. “I can’t speak for the
Perry Verge, Paul Murphy Joseph Brennan of the Charles; which Tran called, race but that in spite of it, they must whole team but I know that most of
(Coach) Tony Tiro (Coach) “an amazing experience.” Tran and be optimistic and persevere. This is us worked our hardest to show up
Ribeiro were picked out of a lottery the key reason the team is doing so to practice everyday and fought to
The Golden Tornado Club Distinguished and raced against 65 other boats well. bring down our time during races,”
Service Award - Mayor Howard from around the country. Although The co-ed practices enable both Power explained. She concluded
they finished in 60th out of 65, it was the boys and the girls to have quite during the season we’ve all been
Peter Donoghue Memorial Scholarship - a life changing experience and the a successful season. “The teams did doing nothing but improving our
MHS team hopes to be a part of this great and I’m very pleased with times and our form. Individually we
M.H.S. senior, Collen Joyce regatta next year. their improvements” said Jones. The try our hardest to improve and as a
“The races are really long and boys’ Varsity crew team also had a team we help each other improve.”
Golden Eagle Award - Paul Joyce hard. You have to keep up your great season and keeps improving
16 Sports The Blue and Gold
November 2008

MHS Football
continued from pg 1

vidual offense and defense work on
different days of the week. Towards
the end of the week, the team prac-
tices as a whole. One of the most
important parts of the team, and the
strongest, are the lineman. The line-
men block and drive the defense.
Senior captains David Freni,
Mike Gilardi, and Colin Power are
always relied on by the team. They
exhibit leadership qualities by not
only working hard in practices,
games, and in the weight room but
also in their academics as well.
Players invest trust in captains just
as much as Lopresti if there is a
problem. “They take care of every-
thing on and off the field,” Lopresti
Injuries have taken a toll this
year’s team. Players have had to
contribute more, step up, and fill in MHS team defending against the opposing team. Photo by E. Chiavelli
the spots. This year’s team consists
of many new players and Freni had
high hopes. Although full effort
was put into each game, Freni was Power, and Frankie Dun are other On Nov. 7, the team played against for the GBL championship. Freni ad-
still disappointed key players that have helped bring Melrose and when asked how he felt mitted that in order tie in the team
“We definitely have more fun the team to where they are now. Freni commented, “We’ll be com- must, “play a perfect game.”
this year,” Freni says. As one of these For the remaining part of the petitive; they are undefeated, so it’s
seasons’ captains, it is Freni’s job to season, the Tornadoes plan on show- going to be a tough game.”
be a leader and a good role model ing off their training principles and The next game is against the
for the team. Shak Sexemant, Colin trying to play their absolute best. number one ranked team, Everett

Celtics preview red sox disappoint
Erica Marangos doc rivers hopes to lead the Brittany McFeeley
Reporter celtics to win finals again Reporter

O N OCT. 28, 2008 the Boston Celtics held opening night where they
unfurled the banner of their win in the Finals from last season and
a valiant attempt to come back
from three games to one against
made it into playoff contention
since they have never had more
than seventy wins in their previous
had the ring ceremony. The rings were finally given to each player on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Their seasons. Tampa Bay played hard
the team as well as others involved with the team’s success. hard work and effort brought especially in the last two innings
After the rings were given out, the Celtics 17th championship ban- them back to three wins, tying when relief pitcher, David Price,
ner was raised to the rafter of TD Banknorth Garden. The whole team them with the Rays. According to an all-star left-handed pitcher,
helped put the banner up all together with excitement and joy. baseball experts, the Red Sox had pitched the final outs of game
Before the game, in an interview with Rivers, he expressed a strong the second best comeback in Ma- seven in the series. Price, who was
feeling that the team might not play to their fullest because of all the jor League Baseball (MLB) history. last year’s first pick of the 2007
excitement before the game. The Celtics are hoping to make it to the Sadly, in game seven their effort MLB draft, played an awesome
finals and win again with a great season record. was not enough, and the Rays won game and earned a place in the
The Cavaliers came out strong for the first two periods of the game. the series four games to three. championship. The Red Sox may
Pierce took a jump shot and hit it, making the ending score of the first “At first I thought we had the have been unable to win them all
period 28-22. The Celtics still continued to fight and struggle, ending game in the bag and I automati- but they had a prodigious season.
the second period with a score of 50-43, the Cavaliers still leading. Dur- cally thought we would make it to “It’s a disappointment but
ing the third and forth periods, the Celtics stepped up their defensive the series until Tampa Bay started they did well and that’s good
and offensive playing. By the end of the third period, the score was to score and we did not,” replied enough,” stated Watson. The Rays
67-63. With the Celtics still in the lead game, the last five minutes was Juan Watson, a freshman attend- put in excellent effort and made
full of foul shots and time outs, but even with those distractions they ing Malden High School. their way to the World Series.
won 90-85 at the close of the game. “I kept expecting the Red Sox “The Rays clearly deserve a
In second game on the season Saturday Nov. 1, 2008, Kevin Garnett to win because that seems to be spot in the World Series; they won
had 18 points and 14 rebounds, Paul Pierce scored 15 points, but shot what they always do in the biggest the games it takes to get there. They
3-for-15 from the field. Ray Allen finished with 10 points on 4-for-10 games, but they weren't able to get had the second best record in the
shooting. The Celtics had 24 turnovers and shot 21-for-35 from the free- the big hits this time. It was unfor- American League throughout the
throw line. The Celtics suffered their first loss of the season, dropping a tunate for them that David Ortiz year and beat the defending World
95-79 road decision to the Pacers. was not his usual self throughout Series champions in the ALCS.
After having their first lost on the road the Celtics made a great the series and the playoffs,” stated They have a very impressive team
improvement with their win against the Rockets Tuesday Nov. 4, 2008. Ben Max, a history teacher and a and should be right there with
Ray Allen fired off 29 point thin the game, with 11 points in the forth New York Mets fan. the Phillies in the World Series,”
period. Kendrick Perkins scored 15, while Kevin Garnett had 14 points The Rays had a similar goal replied Max. For all those Red Sox
and 11 rebounds. With the final score of 103-99. They currently have to win the playoffs. The Rays have fans out there, there is always next
with a record of 3-1. With two home game wins, I away game win, and never won a championship or even year.
a away game loss.

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