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1. I had a Bounce-Back Quality; Resilience . I have always believed that some good

1. I had a Bounce-Back Quality; Resilience. I have always believed that some good comes from everything. I looked for the good in each facial, interview, class. My ATTITUDE was good and I kept a good sense of humor.

2. I turned the Nega ve into Posi ve immediately. For example, when some- thing cancelled at the last minute, I made sure I did something posi ve right at that moment to take its place. **Please note: the difference between #1 and #2… the first is the posi ve a - tude I had, and the second what I did about it; the posi ve ac on I took.

3. I Played the Games. I won everything! I allowed the child in me to come

out! Very few of us are $$$ mo vated. Why think you should be? The li le

things we do turn into the big successes in our business.

4. I Worked with my Director. I called her to crow; I called her to cry. I called

her for advise and to brainstorm an idea. I never doubted that she cared for

me and my success. We talked every few days. She was my mentor.

5. I had a Sense of Urgency. I did immediately what I knew was right to do.

Procras na on is not your friend. The task is not done un l you

did what my director told me to do the minute I hung up the phone!

finish it! I

6. I NEVER Quit! I worked un l the last moment… of the last hour… of the last

day… for the goal I set. It didn’t ma er whether I reached the goal… I KNEW I


Follow these guidelines. Be commi ed. Give your best effort. Work your business EVERYday!



(I assemble all of mine at one time)

Face case (mirror , disposable tray & tray insert at bottom of page) Headband Disposable facial cloth


sponge tip applicators


cotton balls


cotton rounds


Lash Love Mascara Wand


Ultimate Mascara Wand


Mini - Compact filled with Strawberry Cream OR Sparkling Cider AND Cinnamon Stick OR Bold Berry as Cheek demos (1 for ivory/beige skin tones & 1 for bronze skin tones)

Compact filled with Honey Spice, Spun Silk, Moonstone, Chocolate Kiss, Silver Satin & Iris as Eye demos

LipGloss or Lipstick sample OR Use 3-4 Full size LipGlosses as demos

Customer Profile Sales Ticket Liquid Foundation & MP Foundation Brushes (Guest can choose which foundation to try)

Pen Business card Thank you gift (piece of hard candy) Beauty Book Team building packet (literature & cd or any team building printout)

Thank you gift (piece of hard candy) Beauty Book Team building packet (literature & cd or




The reason I am calling you is that you have always been supportive of me and the things I do One of my

first goals is to practice makeovers on 30 ladies in 30 days. May I You are going to LOVE the products. Which is better for you,

of week?) (set date… then,…) To get to 30 faces quicker, & to make it more fun for you by earning hostess rewards/ free products, could you think of a few friends to join us & make it a party? GREAT! I’ll call you in

24 to 48 hours to get your guests’ names & numbers so I can call them to ask them a couple of questions about their skin. Thank you SO much!”

WARM CHATTER BOOKING SCRIPTS #1 - “Hi, excuse me, would it offend you if I gave you my business card. I’m a professional Mary Kay beauty consultant & we’ve got the newest products on the market & I can tell you are a woman who loves to take care of herself! I would love to get your opinion. Is there any reason why I couldn’t give you my card?” Hand card to get info , then ask “what is a good time to call– tonight or tomorrow?” then give 2 choices of

, this is

I am a brand new Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics!

borrow your face? ( laugh or giggle)


? (i.e. beginning of week or end






you’ve been so nice to me… OR


you have such a beautiful smile…OR

, I am so impressed with you …would it offend you if I offered you my business card? I am

with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Have you ever heard of Mary Kay? We specially select women that we think would

make great models for us, and because of your

models for the product. Let’s exchange information. Here’s my card with my information, can you write

yours here?”

, I have selected you. I’d love to have you as one of my

Then schedule a time to CALL her to BOOK her!

#3- Pass out 5 Beauty Books with your business card or just our business card, every day and say

“Oh by the way, this is for you. Has anyone ever taken the time to offer you a free makeover with Mary

Kay Cosmetics? (Listen!)

Would it offend you if I asked you for your name and number? (write down her name and number)

LOVE it! I will call and schedule your appointment at your convenience. My name is

call tomorrow.

Great! I think you’d make a wonderful model for my Before-and-After Portfolio!

You will

I will give you a

You’ll be glad you took the time to pamper yourself.”


“Hi this is

check your schedule to see what would be the best time to get together…… the week ?( you are looking at YOUR schedule to give options)”

remember we met at

(yesterday, this am, last night) & I’m calling to

First of the week or the end of


When someone says, “let me go home & check with my friends”. You say: “I can understand,…

what’s going to happen—your going to go home & one is going to want you to have it on Saturday , another one


a date that’s

we’ll be in trouble. So let’s go ahead & get a tentative date today and then we’ll be able to hold that date open for you. You can call me within 24 hours & I’ll count it as holding on the original date!”

But you know

Wednesday, & because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you won’t hold it at all OR if you find

going to work for you & your friends, guess what? You’ll call me & I'll be all booked up! So


Pre-profile Questions

You’ll need to call your Hostess to get the names and phone numbers of each guest that is coming to her class!


of each guest that is coming to her class! CALL EACH GUEST: “Hi my name is

“Hi my name is

tells me you are going to be attending her Mary Kay party and

a moment so that I can go over a few things with you? Have you ever attended

a Mary Kay skin care class?” Yes or NO say…”I am so excited that you’ll be at

my class & I am looking forward to meeting you and I want you to know that I am not interested in a one time sale. So when you become my client, if you choose to become my client, I will ask you to have a check up class so I make sure you are using my products properly & getting the results you want. Great!

What is your Skin Type: Dry Normal Combination Oily

& I just talked with (hostess name) & she

Do you have

What one thing would you get excited about Learning at the party?

If for some reason you can’t attend the party, would it be ok

if I call you back for a one-on-one appointment so I can teach you about whatever she wants to learn.

Great! If you can’t come would you please call me or hostess name so they we will not hold up the party!

Also, I wanted to tell you that you are under no obligation to buy anything but if you’re tempted, I will bring products with me!

Thanks I’m looking so forward to meeting you

we’ll have a great time!”



Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care
Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care
Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care
Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care
Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care
Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care

Mary Kay personally developed the 4 Point Recruiting Plan when she began holding skin care classes in 1963. By following these easy steps, you can leave each class with personal prospective team members and referrals.





Ask who might be interested

Before every skin care class, ask the hostess, “who is coming today who might be interested in doing what I do?”

Tell your “I” Story

At the beginning of each class, give a brief, heartfelt, enthusiastic talk on why you began your Mary Kay career and what it means to you.

Select at least one person

Offer her your career. She can be the one with the most outgoing personality, the one who buys the most product, the one with business experience, or the one who seems the most interested. At your individual close, let her know you’ve chosen her and make an appointment for you or your Sales Director to tell her more about your career.

Offer the hostess a special gift

for any person suggested by her who is accepted by the Company and becomes a Beauty Consultant. The gift could be a merchandise credit or her favorite fragrance. In addition to the hostess and guests at your skin care classes, you’ll want to consider friends, relatives, co-workers and referrals as good sources for potential team members.

Team Building Guidelines

Follow the Golden Rule. If your prospect is a close relative or established customer of another consultant, allow that Consultant the opportunity to ask her to join her team.

No territories. Mary Kay follows an open territory policy for team building as well as for selling. This means that your team-building effort are not limited to a specific area within the United States, Puerto Rico, the American Virgin Islands and Guam.

A potential team member must be 18 years of age or older.

Avoid conflicts of interest. Your prospect cannot be a Mary Kay Inc. employee or relative of an employee.

Don’t prejudge. Your responsibility is to share the benefits a Mary Kay career has to offer so the prospect can make an informed decision.

Team Building Tools

Mary Kay offers you a wide variety of materials to use in your team-building efforts.

These are available on the Consultant order sheet.

Linda Toupin “Choices” CD’s for you. A Team Building CD & Booklet is available on

Section 2.

As your Director, I can also get


“Thank you for coming to my class, I am

consultant & I am SO excited that you chose to attend my class today & as I told you on the phone,

I am not interested in a one time sale. care program that works for you and

today when you decide to become my customer at the end of the class I will ask you for a schedule of a checkup class.”

I’m interested in working with you to help you find a skin glamour products at the level you are interested in using. So

YOUR professional


Now we have come to my favorite part of the party. This is where you get to find out how to take home these fabulous Mary Kay Products! It’s called The Beauty Essentials Travel Roll-up Bag Set and it’s in the gorgeous Travel Roll-up Bag! OH and before I forget, let me tell you that I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, check or cash. We can even talk about a payment plan or the "husband unawareness plan" during our individual consultation in a few minutes!

(ROMANCE THE BAG) Isn’t this bag great? Let me show you why I love this bag! First, it can be hung in your bathroom on your towel rack or on the door. It also rolls up to fit into your suitcase when you travel. Or you can hang it right in your hang-up bag with your clothing! The best part is this— in the top pocket, I keep my products that I would use in the bathroom. So ZIP! (Rip pocket #1 out) It comes right out and stays on my bathroom counter until time to travel. Then ZIP, right back into the bag and we’re ready to go! No more forgetting my cleansing products when it’s time to travel. Isn’t that fun? I love this bag!” (HAND OUT THE TIMEWISE OR BOTANICAL CLOSING SHEET SET) “The beauty of this roll-up bag is you can create your own bag by choosing different sets to fill the bag. The Set on the left of the page contains EVERYTHING you tried today! By purchasing this set, you will receive the Roll-Up Bag FREE, a $30 value and get products for FREE! The next set contains all you tried today with the exception of the glamour. Again, you will receive a FREE Roll-Up Bag and FREE product with this set! The next set is the Miracle Set/Full Botanical Set. No Roll-up Bag with this set but you do get some FREE product! The last set is the TimeWise Basic/ Botanicals Basic Set which is a great start for skin care! I do want to remind you that our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Isn’t that reassuring to know that if you are not satisfied with a product, you are backed by this phenomenal



skin care program for you. Does anyone need to leave early? OK, let’s start with you.”

Tell the hostess to serve refreshments.

I’ve enjoyed being here today. I hope you’ve had fun. I’m set up in

room to meet each of you for your individual consultations to customize a




After the Table Close (TimeWise &/or Botanical Closing Sheets) & before Individual Consultations, ask the guests “How many of you LOVE FREE product??? I thought so! Do you

see the envelopes in the center of the table with “Deal or No Deal” on the front?

decided to host a party & have just 2 girlfriends 18 or older share it with you, then you get to open the envelope & that gift is yours. Each envelope has a product valued $15 or less on piece

of paper. Everyone grab one! Your gift from me is in the envelope BUT you can only open IF you schedule your party! Go to the most excited guest , with smiles & clapping, ask “DEAL OR NO DEAL?” IF she Deals, she opens envelope! NO Deal remain sealed!

When you

Deal or No Deal labels & product certificates are on our unit website @


#1 - Close the Sale 1) “Did you have fun?” 2) “Did you learn something new?” 3) “ Which sets are you going home with tonight?”

#2 -

Book the party/class

a party!) “Let’s choose the date for your party!”

(if used Deal or No Deal, you already know if they are hosting

#3— Book the Team Building Interview “ Would you be one of my 5 to listen to Mary Kay business opportunity this week?”

Money Management Successful business practices start with a smart approach to Money Management. It’s very

Money Management

Successful business practices start with a smart approach to Money Management. It’s very important to treat your Mary Kay Career as a business. Proper money management is essential to any business. You cannot be a success if you mismanage your money.

1. Suggested accounts for your Mary Kay Business.

A. Checking Account #1—PINK ACCOUNT

1. This account is used for product replacement

2. Deposit 60% of total sales each week

B. Checking Account #2 - GREEN ACCOUNT

1. This account is used to pay for business expenses, loan for inventory, etc

2. Deposit 40% of total sales each week

C. Debit Card for Accounts # 1 & # 2 You will not go into debt using only the funds available from your sales!

II. Develop a budget for your business.

A. Deposit ALL funds collected.

B. Divided 60% / 40% in to specified accounts.

C. Pay bills on time. Avoid finance charges. Maintain an impeccable credit standing for your Mary Kay business.

D. Be aware that ALL expenses are paid from the 40% account. Consistency is the key to your business. NEVER take business expenses from the 60% account. If you do, you are embezzling and your business will decline and most likely die!

and your business will decline and most likely die! It is important to understand that in

It is important to understand that in order for your business to be profitable, you must

have enough inventory on your shelves to give your

til you are fully stocked, more than likely, you will find it necessary to re-invest 100%. The general rule is that $3,600 wholesale on your shelves is a comfortable profit level. Until you reach that level, it is difficult to divide 60% / 40%. You are earning a profit; however, it is wise to re-invest your profit until you reach $3,600.When that level is reached, it is essen- tial that you continue to maintain the 60% / 40% split. Understanding that you are building a business is important. Mary Kay is not a “get rich quick scheme”, however, you are in control of your activity. You can make as much

money as you want to make, based on the activity you are willing to maintain.

customers the service they deserve. Un-

Using more than one avenue of income will increase your profits.


commissions will increase profit immediately as it is deposited into your 40% account. You have opened the door to a multi-million dollar business if that is what you desire. The growth and productivity of your business is up to you. You are the President, Secretary and Treasurer at this point. Treat your business as a business, develop good habits from the beginning and give your business a chance to grow and develop into what you want it to be! Remember YOU control the income by the action you take daily!

Independent Beauty Consultant Expense Tracking Form First Second Month/ Year Third Week Fourth Week Month
Independent Beauty Consultant Expense Tracking Form
Month/ Year
Third Week
Fourth Week
Month Total
Products / Sales / Classes
Product / Section 1 Items
Customer Product Refunds
Dovetail Expense
Hostess Gifts / Section 2 Items
Non-Recoverable Sales Tax
Personal Use Product (w/o tax)
Total Products / Sales / Classes Expenses
Communication / Office
Mary Kay® Personal Web Site Subscription
Preferred Customer Names
Dues / Publications
Letters / Cards
Office Expenses
Postage / Freight
Printing / Copying / Faxing
Telephone / Long Distance
Total Communication / Office Expenses
Events / Entertainment
Air / Hotel / Transportation
Career Conference / Seminar
Meals / Entertainment
Total Events / Entertainment Expenses
Bank Service Charge
Business Loan Payment
Credit Card Processing Fees
Total Banking Expenses
Legal / Accounting Fees
Total Miscellaneous Expenses
Total Expenses

Not all categories represented above reflect items deductible on your individual tax return. Please consult your personal tax adviser.

*For automobile expenses, you may either itemize your expenses or list your total miles driven.

60/40 Money Management



Pink Acct

Green Acct













Loan payable 1st of each month











MK Order S1 / pcp gi s











Career Conf Registra on


60% - PINK Reorder

*S1 products *qtrly pcp registra on *sales tax

40% - GREEN Profit - expenses

*loan payment *credit card payment *co on balls *headbands *Sec on 2 *Hostess gi s *pcp gi s *seminar *career conference