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We understand how frustrating it is to browse with your dear iPhone in slow network circumstances, while also being mindful of your data usage. Thats why were so excited to launch UC Browser Version 8.9 for iPhone, which provides you with great online video viewing capability and a powerful downloading function which can be used in a much more data efficient way.

Are you in a difficult position of balancing your favorite downloads, having limited phone storage and using an unstable network? Our powerful Cloud Download helps you out of this bind! Using your UC ID to log in, the Cloud Download makes it possible for you to download extremely large files onto the Cloud server fast, and it doesnt use any data usage from your phone.

The first devices to run a mobile edition of UC were the Psion Series 5, Psion Series 5mx, Psion Series 7, and then Psion netBook. They ran UC Mobile 3.6, released in 2000. UC Mobile was ported to the Windows Mobile UCting system in 2003.

Version 6.0 was the initial release. On June 25, 2003, the first update came in the form of version 6.01, which was a minor update, mainly correcting bugs.

Version 6.10, released on October 27, 2003, introduced several user interface and usability improvements, considerably optimized

performance, and slightly improved page rendering. It was also the first version to support proxy servers, WAP pages, and the first one to be released in localized versions for 9 different languages.

On July 13, 2005, almost two years after the previous iteration, version 8.0 was launched. This version was the first to require Symbian OS 7 (previous ones could function in Symbian 6.1). This version introduced the UC Mobile Accelerator, a technology that used an UC-run external server to slim-down the pages' content to reduce the traffic to the phones. This was also the first version to support dynamic HTML, and greatly improved compatibility with several web standards.

On November 14, 2005, version 8.5 was introduced. This version introduced password management and form auto-filling functionality, added some more languages for localized versions, and made some improvements to stability and reduced-screen rendering quality.

On April 5, 2006, version 8.6 was released and was also the first version to support Symbian OS 9. New to this version is the ability to support multiple browsing windows, support for Scalable Vector Graphics, introduction of URL autocompletion as well several changes in the customization aspect. It was also the first version of UC Mobile that allowed for the possibility to configure it as the device's default browser, allowing for it to be launched whenever a web page was requested to be opened.

Version 8.65 was released on August 29, 2006, which was mostly a welcome makeover and optimization to the then considered mature 8.60.

On February 5, 2008, UC Mobile 9.5 was announced and has been given several estimated release timeframes, each of which has been silently ignored with a new one being set after it. An initial beta version of UC Mobile 9.5 was released on July 17, 2008, although the only platform supported by this version was Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile. It also adds support for Windows Mobile Standard (non-touchscreen) handsets.

On March 16, 2010, UC Software released the final versions of UC Mobile 10.

On May 11, 2010, UC labs released a preview build of UC Mobile 10 for Maemo. The preview build has the same features available in UC Mobile 10 for other platforms but uses UC's new JavaScript engine (codenamed Carakan), as well as the new vector graphics library (codenamed Vega).On October 15, 2010, UC Software released UC Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android to the Android Market, the first public build for Android.

On March 22, 2011, UC Software released UC Mobile 11 for Android, Symbian S60, Maemo, MeeGo, and Windows.

On February 27, 2012, UC Software released UC Mobile 12 for Android, Symbian/S60, Windows Mobile (10), Maemo (labs), MeeGo (labs) smartphones.

UC Browser HD 2.2: New features and improvements for the best web browser for Android tablets.
The smartest and fastest web browser for Android tablets has been upgraded! UC Browser HD 2.2 enhances your web browsing experience with new features and improvements. Get the most out of mobile internet on your Android tablet with UC Browser HD 2.2. Heres whats new in version 2.2:

QR Code Located in the URL bar, the QR code scanner allows you to scan QR codes using either your devices camera or on a webpage, giving you the ability to download apps and get to webpages quicker.

Night Mode Go easier on your eyes by using Night Mode, which is perfect for when you use your device in dark conditions, like during some late night reading.

Select and Copy Just long press the text on the page and move your cursor to select it, then you can copy or paste it, making formatting, navigating, and sharing content more convenient than before.

Save Image Collecting and sharing your favorite images is now made easier. Save your images by long pressing the image, then clicking save in the menu.

UC Browser for Java 8.9: Now with more convenient features

We always like to hear our users feedback, because it allows us to keep building a better and better browser with each version! Weve heard what you asked for, and now with UC Browser Version 8.9 for Java, we got some great new features to enhance our users browsing convenience. Heres what weve put in this update to improve your b rowsing experience on Java phones:

Incognito Browsing For your convenience and privacy, when you activate Incognito Browsing your browsing history will not be recorded while its active.

Improved Search Bar The search bar is now better than ever, with tabbed search engines and a dropdown menu offering your previously search terms as you type your query into the search box. This allows you to quickly switch between different search engines for different content, like between YouTube and IMDB, and get more relevant search suggestions.

Select and Copy The Select and Copy function has been enhanced, allowing you to see how many characters you are selecting in real time. This can help with sharing content where character limits are an issue, such as on Twitter and when sending an SMS.

Optimized Text Input Better support for inputting non-English text and for inputting text via Java phones with QWERTY and virtual keypads.

Android Mini 8.2: Small Browser, Big Advantages.

The new UC Browser Mini for Android 8.2 is out, and weve made several improvements to enhance our users browsing convenience. For this version, weve focused on enhancing the privacy, scrolling, and high resolution features of the browser. Heres whats new in this version:

Incognito Browsing For your privacy and convenience, weve added an Incognito Browsing mode. When you activate Incognito Browsing in the Settings menu your browsing history and data input will not be recorded.

Improved Page Scrolling For quicker scrolling of a page, you can activate the Top/Botton buttons in the Setting menu. A page up and down button will now appear on the side of all webpages, so you can quickly move up and down a page.

High Resolution Optimization For those with high resolution phones, the User Interface has been optimized, making them more comfortable to use.

UC Browser v2.8 for Windows Phone : New Improvements for WP7 and WP8 Users.
Good news for our many Windows Phone users: we have a brand new version for you! This update contains several new improvements and features to both the WP7 and WP8. So, heres Whats New for the version:

Rendering Optimization For those who enjoy a beautiful browsing experience, HTML5 is now fully supported by default, letting you take advantage of its full features. If you prefer a faster mode but with less content, you can activate Speed Mode.

File Syncs and Ports for WP8 For those who prefer to keep things organized, the new version helps you to make it! The downloaded musics now will be automatically synced to the Video+Music Hub. So if you have downloaded a bunch of your favorite songs, you can also transfer them to PC.

Find in Page Get focused on your interest by using Find in Page: you can now easily search for text on a page.

Special Optimization for the Nokia Lumia 920 UI We have heard that some of Lumia 920 users had a problem when using our browser with this model of phone. So we have specially optimized the UI for the

Nokia Lumia 920 and enjoy a purer experience now! Your every comment is valuable for us, and we will try our best to fix it.

UC Browser for iPhone 8.9 Reshape Your Mobile Browsing Experience!

(Go to watch the video on Youtube!) We understand how frustrating it is to browse with your dear iPhone in slow network circumstances, while also being mindful of your data usage. Thats why were so excited to launch UC Browser Version 8.9 for iPhone, which provides you with great online video viewing capability and a powerful downloading function which can be used in a much more data efficient way.

This new version can reduce data costs by up to 90% with advanced compression technology by our Cloud servers, which reshapes your mobile browsing experience. Heres what weve have added to make UC Browser for iPhone ever better:

Watch Offline Ever come across an online video and its so great you want to keep it? Weve made this possible! With this new version users can cache online videos, then watch it later on your phone without an internet connection. Say goodbye to slow video loading in bad network environments.

Cloud Download Are you in a difficult position of balancing your favorite downloads, having limited phone storage and using an unstable network? Our powerful Cloud Download helps you out of this bind! Using your UC ID to log in, the Cloud Download makes it possible for you to download extremely large files onto the Cloud server fast, and it doesnt use any data usage from your phone.

You can then can export download files later on your phone with a faster and more stable network connection, such as WiFi. Its a smart way to reduce your traffic costs. Whats more, UC Browser can be your smart download manager. Improvements added: Download in the Background and File Format Detection.

Shake to change theme Find it cool to shake your iPhone to switch the currently playing song? You can do more with shaking in this version of UC Browser. With a shake, you can change to night-mode, to day-mode or to change to a totally new skin. Shake to make your browser different any time with over 20 different skin choices.

UC Browser for Symbian 8.8: Look, Share, and Browse Better on your Symbian Device!
2013-01-16 From: UCweb Inc. Were always looking to make big improvements to our browser with each version, and now were here to deliver! The new UC Browser for Symbian 8.8 contains several new features to enhance the look and feel of browsing on your Symbian device.

Heres the features you can enjoy in this version:

Customized online wallpapers For those who want their browser looking good, we now have a range of customized online wallpapers available on our network for download. If youd like a change from your old default browser background, weve got a bunch of great ones for you to choose from!

Share to Twitter For Twitter fans, you can now quickly and easily share links and images via Twitter. So if you come across a great picture or link you just have to share with your followers, just long press the item, then choose Share.

Improved bookmarks managing on touch phones For those with touch phones who like to keep things organized, weve added new and improved ways to manage your bookmarks. On the bookmark menu you can now drag your bookmarks around to group them how you want, and use the sort function to keep them in order.

Auto-complete of search keywords For those who want quicker and easier searching, our auto-complete function has been upgraded. It now has the ability to give you relevant suggested queries and results as you type your query into the search box.

Clear browsing history on exit For your convenience and privacy, upon exiting UC Browser you now have the option to clear your browsing history.

UC Browser for Java 8.8: A New and Improved Experience for Java users
2012-12-28 From: UCweb Inc. The most popular UC Browser by platform just got an update! The new Java 8.8 contains several new features and improvements, enhancing your browsing, downloading and sharing experience. Heres what weve added to make the popular UC Browser for Java ever better:

Increased download speed The downloading speed for large files has been optimized. Now, when you are downloading a large-sized file there will no longer be a big drop in download speed.

Customized shortcut keys To make accessing your favorite webpages and using common actions more convenient, weve added the ability to bind a webpage or action to a shortcut key. So if you want to get to your Download folder fast, you can set it to any number 09 or a combination of #+number, and pressing those keys will take you there instantly. Sharing on Twitter added You can now quickly share content on Twitter. Long press what you want to share, then select Twitter in the Share menu.

Improved File Manager The File Manager has been enhanced with new features. You can now preview images and create folders for easier sorting of your files.

UC Browser Mini 8.1: Less is More!

2012-12-11 From: UCWeb Inc. We are very proud to announce the release of the UC Browser Mini 8.1 for Android devices. The UC Browser Mini 8.1 is for users who want a lighter and more flexible mobile internet experience. Enjoy a lightweight mobile browser with great functions, fast browsing speed, and smooth operation. Heres the features you can enjoy in this version:

Speed Mode For faster browsing with less data usage, theres Speed Mode. Speed Mode compresses webpages, making their size much smaller, saving you big on time and data usage.

QR Code Scanning For a different way to enter URLs, theres the QR Code Scanner. Using your phones camera, the QR Code Scanner can read a QR code and instantly take you to its URL.

Volume Buttons to Scroll Pages For a convenient new way to scroll a page, theres the ability to use your phones volume buttons to navigate up and down webpages.

Pin Bookmarks to Home Screen For access to your favorite websites fast, theres the ability to create shortcuts on the home screen, so you can get to your favorite content with just one click

UC Browser: Success in India, a Brand New Logo, and an Android Pad version
2012-12-10 From: UCweb Inc.

UC Browser overtakes Opera Mini to become the number 1 mobile internet browser on Google Play India

UC Browser has just reached a major milestone: we are now the top mobile browser on Google Play India according to the latest figures. Apart from Google Play, UC Browser has also risen to become a top 3 mobile browser on Getjar, Windows Marketplace, Nokia Ovi, and the Apple App Store in India. With our growing popularity, UC Browser now has a 40% market share in Asia, and a 25% market share in India, fast approaching Operas 29% in the same market. UC Browsers brand new logo If you look below, you can see that since UC Browsers first release we have changed our logo several times, each time to represent a new direction for the browser. Now, with UC Browsers growing international popularity, we have updated our logo for the international versions of UC Browser. Designed in-house, the new logo retains our company's mascot animal - the squirrel, and has also incorporated UC Browsers three key propositions of Speed, Smart, and Security.

UC Browser reaches the Android Pad

As UC Browser's popularity overseas increases, so to does the platforms it can be used on. UC Browser for the Android tablet has just been released on our official website. Containing some of our users' favorite features from other platforms like the Two-finger Swipe, the Quick Read function, and the File Manager; UC Browser adds the Android tablet to the growing list of devices we support. As always, we look forward to working with our loyal users in further enhancing this version for its later versions.