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Yorkshire dentist | Edition 2 | April 2013


Yorkshire Yorkshire

13-15 September 2013

From Curitiba, all routes lead to Leeds

MJDF Yorkshire Tuition Group 2013

New lead tutor (and new dad) Aman Bharti explains the MJDF tuition timetable in Yorkshire.
The new, streamlined MJDF qualification focuses on real-life dental situations and practical ways to deal with them. Our experienced tutors have an excellent track record of helping candidates pass the MJDF. We guide you towards MJDF success over four (2x2) peer review/revision evenings in 2013. These will focus on passing part 1 and part 2 of the exam by covering essential reading materials, revising past MJDF exam questions and giving you experience of SCR and OSCE situations under simulated exam conditions. Price: 297 for FGDP(UK) members, 397 for non-members (this includes two MJDF study evenings, our annual study day with Newton Fahl on 13 September 2013 and core CPD evenings in late 2013). One-off evenings are available for 150.
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Fahl Aboard!
Book to see a Brazilian maestro play Leeds on Friday and Sunday, 13 and 15 September (Saturday workshop now full). Pages 7 and 8

Newly-elected Director of FGDP(UK) Yorkshire, Nick Lane, shares our vision for membership of FGDP(UK).
We are often asked Why become a member of the FGDP? In years gone by this may have been difficult to answer. But we have taken your feedback on board and in Yorkshire are determined to provide members and the general dental community with excellent learning opportunities at all levels, and at affordable prices. Our fees are structured to ensure that members can make the most of local events so that, as much as possible, your membership will pay for itself.

Case in point

Prize-winning foundation dentist Simon Cronshaw shares his case presentation dealing with perio and endo treatments. Page 6

Keep in touch with the Faculty in Yorkshire at or better still come and get involved at the next AGM in September.

National Parker

FGDP(UK) Yorkshire is lauded as one of the most innovative divisions in the UK. Find out how we help contribute to decision-making nationwide. Page 4

Big name benefits

2013 Dates

MJDF Part 1 preparation on Tuesday 3 September 2013 MJDF Part 2 preparation on Tuesday 23 April and Tuesday

8 October 2013 The annual study day on Friday 13 September 2013 with Newton Fahl (see page 7 and 8) Core CPD evenings in late 2013 (dates and topics to be confirmed)


Central to this we will run an annual study day with either a big name international speaker or a useful update on current topics. By now you will know that Newton Fahl is coming to Yorkshire in September 2013 and his workshop days are already filing up, so dont miss out. We will provide free core CPD for delegates who attend the study day. Most recently we have run IRMER and Radiography courses, so keep an eye out for news about free core CPD as part of your event booking on our website.

Looking ahead

Diploma in Restorative Dentistry

September 2013 London and Manchester cohorts
The FGDP(UK) Diploma in Restorative Dentistry is a parttime course with hands on modules, designed for the busy practitioner. It will enable you to develop advanced skills and knowledge in an environment which supports workplacebased training. State of the art facilities for contact learning modules. Expert tutor support during and outside contact learning modules. Opportunity to take a special interest module in Periodontics or Endodontics. Completion of the Diploma can lead to entry on to an MSc course.

MJDF and DCP support

The Faculty continues to evolve and respond to our members feedback. A case in point is the new look Primary Dental Journal is a considerable improvement on the old publication and will continue to focus on subjects which are relevant to all of us who work in primary care. 2013 provides us with an opportunity to establish Yorkshire as a model for how dentists can work together and respond to changes in our profession. This means encouraging everyone to play a part in the future of dentistry in Yorkshire. Its an ambitious target but one which we hope will benefit us all.

Get more info and book places on our MJDF study group at

Get in touch
Full board contact details are available on our website For FGDP matters: Nick Lane, Director, For events and courses: Andrew Miller, For enquiries: Angie Denton, For MJDF tuition: Aman Bharti, For UK-wide information: Liz Smith, Divisional Coordinator,

In 2013 we will continue to provide MJDF training for part 1 and part 2 exams, and have an excellent track record assisting graduates through this process. The group fee for both tuition evenings includes admission to the annual study day. Also in 2013 we will organise a parallel study day for DCPs which we hope will bring as many benefits as our Newton Fahl study day and workshops or dentists. So please make the most of the day and bring your whole team to the event.

Wed like to thank

Mark Willings, our outgoing Director, for his years of tireless service and the wisdom and advice that he continues to provide.

More than just the usual suspects

To find out more, email or call 020 7869 6775 quoting reference DR13SC

Mailing addresses
FGDP(UK) FGDP(UK) FGDP(UK) More on our website

FGDP(UK) Yorkshire Vincent House, Queen Street, Horbury, West Yorkshire WF4 6LP t: 07717 189367 | w:

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4 77 2

6 96 9 5

The Yorkshire Board was joined by a host of new faces in 2012 including recent graduate Simon Cronshaw, respected hygienist Donna Schembri, returning member Sanjay Gautam and events organiser Andrew Miller. See the full board details on our website. FGDP(UK) The Royal College of Surgeons of England 35-43 Lincolns Inn Fields London WC2A 3PE t: 020 7869 6754 | f: 020 7869 6765 | w:

Life on the National Board of the FGDP(UK)

Fresh from the corridors of power, Craig Parker, Yorkshire Representative, shares a glimpse into the inner workings of the FGDP(UK) nationally.
In June 2012 I had the great privilege to take over from Steve Byfield as the Yorkshire Representative on the National Board of the FGDP(UK). I have just returned from my third board meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons and continue to be inspired by the tireless, dedication of, and enormous contribution, made by my fellow Board members to the FGDP(UK)s aims of furthering standards, education and research in primary dental care. Strong leadership Leaner in future
The Board is responsible for governing the Faculty and elects a Dean and two Vice Deans to provide leadership. It is currently made up of elected representatives from each of the 21 national divisions and also eight other nationally elected members. Ironically one of the current activities of the Board is to democratically reduce its own size to approximately half the number of representatives. This should create a leaner, governing body, facilitating accelerated decision-making and implementation of Faculty strategy, an essential pre-requisite for effectiveness in our rapidly changing profession.

Recent courses and study days Study Day 2012 Radiating positive reviews
The Yorkshire division played its part in the FGDPs 20th birthday anniversary celebrations in 2012 when more than 180 dentists, hygienists, foundation dentists and trade experts descended on the De Vere Village Hotel in Tingley.
They gathered to hear two of the UKs rising stars, Paul Baker and Avijit Banerjee present on periodontics and minimally invasive dentistry respectively. Divisional Director Mark Willings also welcomed the new Dean Trevor Ferguson on his whirlwind tour of the UK as well as colleagues from Scotland, Northern and East Anglia. During the day, the board made presentations to our local VT case study winners Richard Nichols and Simon Cronshaw. In 2012 FGDP(UK) Yorkshire organised the first of our free core CPD evenings. IRMER expert Graham Hart positively radiated an enthusiasm for his topic. His engaging and entertaining style made what many feel is a dry topic both interesting and highly informative. Grahams comprehensive opening lecture covered Radiation, X-Rays and Radiology, Ionising Radiation and its effects and Digital Radiography and Specialised Techniques. He followed this up by focusing on X-Rays and The Law and practice requirements for IRR99 & IR(ME)R. Grahams presentations encompassed a full range of radiography issues including an examination of the benefits of digital versus analogue radiography and the importance of record keeping.

Free CPD!
Yorkshires core CPD and events guru, Mark McAlister, explains how to get free CPD as part of your study day booking.
Anyone booking places on the annual study day on 13 September qualifies to attend FGDP(UK) Yorkshires core CPD evenings in 2013 on a first-come, first-served basis. Core CPD training helps to improve your skills and the service you provide for your patients. In 2012 and 2013 we ran courses on IRMER and radiology which were free to anyone booking a study day place. We also timetable them so you dont have to take time out of practice. Which of these core CPD topics would you like us to cover in 2013?

Our current dean is Trevor Ferguson ( pictured ) who was elected in June 2012. Trevor is a strong character with an uncompromising attitude to the need for change and has great ideas for the strategic development of the FGDP(UK). He chairs three meetings of the Board each year. At these a wide variety of issues are initially discussed by interested parties and agreement reach by informal consensus in areas of lesser importance, although votes are taken for major or contentious subjects.

Each board member is likely to be invited to be active on one or more of the eleven committees of the FGDP(UK). My responsibilities are with the Education Committee. We meet via regular teleconferences and research, develop and implement strategy for the delivery of the various courses and teaching programmes of the Faculty. The challenges for the Education Committee are immense because, although the FGDP(UK) is internationally renowned for its teaching, the profession and also the market for education is developing at an incredible pace.

Paul Bakers presentation addressed the key assessment stages in the treatment of periodontal disease in practice. He described the factors which influence our decision-making processes and develop into the treatment plan. Pauls understated, personable, authoritative style and extensive knowledge helped to make essential perio accessible and relevant.

Perio - Making the right decisions at the right time

Help change the Faculty

Liaising with national bodies

Board members really do have the opportunity to influence the course of the profession: a daunting but exciting reality! We hold a morning session with various advisors invited from key organisations and opinion leaders, with representation from, among others, the British Dental Association, The Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Armed Forces. Afternoon sessions are held in in-camera, which are confidential and restricted to Board members. More sensitive, strategic issues are discussed at this stage, prior to a later, coordinated and accurate, public dissemination of definitive information.

Much will change with the FGDP(UK) in the coming years, hopefully most for the better. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested to get involved, you really can make a difference, and we really want to get you on board. The Yorkshire Division of the FGDP(UK) is well recognised within the Faculty as being one of the most innovative, proactive and successful regions. So please get in touch!

Avijit Banerjee brought a contrast in style and approach which ensured that delegates were fully engaged, even after a substantial lunch! His presentation outlined patientcentred management strategies for the care of patients suffering from dental caries. The minimally invasive operative approaches he listed drew on the very latest rationale, operative technologies and adhesive materials available to the dental team.

Caries management the MI way

What delegates thought was best about the Yorkshire study day

Medical emergencies Legal and ethical issues Complaints handling Disinfection and decontamination Mouth cancer Other
Email or text 07717189367 with your suggestions (no rude comments please!)

You can contact Craig at if you would like him to raise any issues at a national level.

The speakers - especially the Rowan Atkinson of the dental world, Avijit Banerjee, geek genius!

Perio made simple and interesting

The surprise that staying for MI dentistry was well worth it!

The FGDP(UK) Yorkshire annual study day 2013

Friday 13, Saturday 14 (Sold Out) and Sunday 15 September

Young dentists on the case

Every year FGDP(UK) Yorkshire is proud to support FDs by providing prizes for the best case presentations. Here, one of our case presentation prize-winners, board member Simon Cronshaw, shares a summary of his write-up.
Dental treatment for the ageing population is becoming more complex as the number of edentulous patients declines and patient expectations and awareness increase. Hitherto complex procedures, such as molar endodontics, are now much more common place in day-to-day practice. This case presentation is a simple example of the type of treatment you would now be expected to carry out routinely as an NHS general practitioner.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Presenting complaint, history and examination

My patient, Mrs. H, was a retired 59 year old and was a very compliant patient with a good level of oral hygiene. On presentation she complained of mild localised, short duration discomfort from an upper right molar, which started approximately one year previously. She had no medical history of note, was a non-smoker and drank approximately 20 units of alcohol per week. Extra oral examination revealed nothing abnormal. Intraoral examination revealed healthy soft tissues except for mild periodontal disease, supragingival calculus, a LR7 retained root, a carious broken down UR6 and a plaque retentive LL7 MO amalgam. The intercuspal position was stable and group function present bilaterally on lateral excursion. The UR6 was tender to percussion and did not respond to ethyl chloride.

The following diagnoses were made: localised chronic periodontitis to the maxillary posterior sextants, generalised gingivitis and calculus, UR6 chronic periapical periodontitis, LR6 and LL6 asymptomatic failing endodontic treatments and a plaque retentive LL7 MO amalgam. Treatment options were discussed with the patient in detail. Informed consent was obtained to carry out initial periodontal therapy, leave and review the asymptomatic LL6 and LR6 mandibular molars, and endodontically treat the symptomatic UR6. Following this the UR6 would be restored with an amalgam core and full gold crown.

Dr Newton Fahl is one of an elite band of dental experts who are recognised the world over. His expertise lies in using the best materials with the most up-to-date techniques. This September, you dont have to travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars to see Newton, hes coming to you.
Dr Newton Fahl, Jr. received his DDS degree from Londrina State University, Brazil, in 1987. In 1989 he received the Certificate in Operative Dentistry and Master of Science degree from the University of Iowa, USA. After returning to Brazil, he settled in Curitiba, where he maintains a private practice emphasising aesthetic dentistry.


Hands-on exercises will involve the restoration of a large Class IV build-up and a direct resin veneer (discoloured tooth) on upper central incisors. This will cover correct shade selection as well as efficient material placement to create polychromatic, life-like, invisible restorations. Finishing and polishing procedures including the armamentarium necessary to achieve an ideal match with the restored tooth and the adjacent dentition will be presented. Workshop participants will learn handson how to methodically implement the techniques presented, as they watch Dr Fahl demonstrate the procedures live and follow him step-by-step.

Treatment provided

He is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AAED), and founding member and past-president of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (BSAD). He is a MCG-Hinman Foundation fellow and has published several enlightening articles on direct and indirect bonding techniques. He is on editorial board of the European Journal of Aesthetic Dentistry, and of Practical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry PPA&D.

Radiographic examination

Initial periodontal therapy and reassessment was completed prior to commencing any restorative procedures. During this initial phase the LR7 retained root was extracted and the LL7 defective restoration replaced. Endodontic treatment on the UR6 was then started under rubber dam. The rotary ProTaper file system was used and sodium hypochlorite used for irrigation. After successful obturation by cold lateral condensation, a bonded amalgam nayyar restoration was placed. A full veneer crown preparation was cut and a silicone impression taken in order to fabricate the full gold crown at an external dental laboratory. After occlusal examination and thorough examination of the crown/tooth margins the crown was cemented.

Course information

Learning objectives for the study day and workshops sponsored by Coltene

Composite Artistry A Nature-Mimicking Layering Approach for Anterior Teeth Newton Fahls two-day course (on the Friday lecture-based, hands-on on either Saturday or Sunday) will provide the dentist with instruction on how to conservatively, effectively and artistically perform aesthetic direct anterior composite restorations. It will be based on the principles of emulating proper form, colour and with state-of-the-art composite resin systems.

Teach the polychromatic layering

Discuss treatment alternatives to anterior

technique to mimic the natural dentition.

Right and left bitewings confirmed caries in the UR6, a plaque retentive restoration on the LL7 along with generalised 15% horizontal bone loss and several subgingival calculus deposits. Areas of 20-30% vertical bone loss were present in the upper posterior sextants. Periapical radiographs of the LL6, LR6 and UR6 identified the following: the UR6 had periapical pathology on its moderately curved mesiobuccal root, the LR6 and LL6 also had periapical pathology due to fractured endodontic instruments and failing endodontic treatments.


Study day for DCPs

FGDP(UK) Yorkshire is committed to providing meaningful CPD and learning opportunities for all members of the dental team. Booking for the Newton Fahl study day is open to all hygienists, nurses and practice managers however we know that his content will apply more to dentists. So we are planning to run a parallel course for DCPs during the Newton Fahl study day. It will be a combination of lectures and practical sessions which will provide you with the skills to keep up to date with all or a selection of the following topics.

Clinical Communication Skills Medico-legal aspects of working Record-keeping responsibilities Team working and Utilising Skills Set Effective Time Management Strategies GDC Scope of Practice and Raising Concerns Complaints Avoidance Introduction to working 4-handed
Full details will be available on our website soon. Join us for the FGDP(UK) Yorkshire DCP study day on Friday 13 September. Contact divisional DCP reps Julia Armstrong or Donna Schembri at
Direct Access in Practice

Following the completion of the treatment the patients periodontal health improved due to a combination of periodontal therapy and improvement in the patients oral hygiene regime. She was able to eat without pain or discomfort and was extremely pleased with how painless and comfortable her experience of treatment was. As a result Mrs. H also had a new favourable outlook upon dental treatment.

ceramic restorations that can elicit superbly aesthetic and long-lasting results. Introduce and discuss ideal physical and colour properties of aesthetic composite restorative systems. Utilise aesthetic principles of composite resin shade matching and placement techniques to improve aesthetics and placement time with composite resin restorations. Discuss finishing and polishing techniques for achieving an enamel-like appearance

Congratulations to 2013s winners: Marianne Henein, Zeeshan Khan and Oliver Pierce. Read all about their success at

Book places for dentists and DCPs at Fridays event and the last places on the linked Sunday workshop run by Coltene at or by using the form overleaf.


Yorkshire study day

The Newton Fahl lecture and workshops
book now for one of the UKs dental events of the year

Yorkshire Yorkshire

Venues: Royal Armouries Leeds (lectures) and Leeds Dental School (workshops)

Study day with Sunday workshop 429 Sub total 199 279 529

September dates: Friday 13th lectures, Saturday 14th workshop (now fully booked) and Sunday 15th Sept workshop (still available). Workshops sponsored by our platinum sponsor. Sub head Fees include Complimentary catering during the day, including lunch and coffee breaks, all course materials, an extensive trade exhibition and six hours of CPD for the study day, 12 hours in total for workshop participants.
Book online at or fill out this booking form, enclosing your cheque, and send it to Andrew Miller, FGDP(UK) Yorkshire, Suite 122, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow, G2 6HJ.

Main booking name: Address: Postcode: Daytime phone: Email: GDC/FGDP(UK) membership No:

Please circle the amount for each category and fill in names. We can give discounts for whole practice bookings, please contact Andrew Miller at to find out more. Category No. Study day Early bird rate (until 30 April) x x x 179 229 129 Study day Reduced rate (1 May-13 Aug) 179 Study day Full price rate (14 Aug-13 Sept)

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If paying by Visa, MasterCard or Maestro complete the following section: Credit/debit card billing details (if different from above): Name: Address: Card number: Postcode: Three-digit security code: Expiry date:

If you book online you will automatically receive a receipt by email when your credit/debit card is charged. If you book by post we will email or send you a receipt. If you have any queries, please phone 07717 189 367.

FGDP(UK) Yorkshire ensures that all of our events relate to general dental practice with an emphasis on practical skills and techniques. We have designed our courses to make them accessible to all members of the dental team. The earlier you book the more you save.
Terms and conditions. Bookings are non-refundable, but delegates may be substituted at any stage. In the event of cancellation by the organisers, liability will be restricted to a refund of the fees paid. For reasons beyond the control of the organisers it may be necessary to make changes to speakers, content or timing of the programme.