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Project Report

Stress Management

A SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON “Stress Management” Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirement for Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Session 2008-2010)
Submitted To :MaharshiDayanandUniversity, Rohtak Shrutika Sharma Roll No- 8054 MBA 3rd Sem. Submitted By :-


Project Report

Stress Management


Project Report

Stress Management

 Significance of study  Review of existing literature  Conceptualization  Focus of the problem  Objective and hypothesis  Research methodology a) Research design b) Universe and survey population c) Sample design d) Collection of data e) Analysis pattern  Limitation of study  Organization of study  Annexure  References


While preparing this report. I have not copied from any such copying is liable to be punished.Project Report Stress Management DECLARATION I. The finding in this report is based on data collected by myself. ShrutikaSharma Roll No. undersigned hereby declare that project titled as “Stress Management” submitted under the guidance of Mr. Sunil Kumar is my original work.8054 4 .

Promila Suhag T. I gratefully thanks to my parents and friends for their support and encouragement which helped me to complete this project. DADRI for his continued support and supervision. It was his scholarly suggestions.Project Report Stress Management ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my sincere and deep sense of gratitude to my esteemed guide Mrs. immense interest and moral support that helped in competing the work confidently and successfully. I would also place on record my gratitude to all teachers of KEDARNATH AGGARWAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT. KEDARNATH AGGARWAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CHARKHI. CHARKHI DADRI for their constant encouragement. I am highly obliged to him for providing me the opportunity to work under his guidance.P. 5 .O of.

In the classroom coaching. management students have to work with organization. As being a management student. By merely knowing what management is. As in future. Summer Training is provided to the students to provide the opportunity. For this purpose I joined Jindal Stainless Steel Ltd. 6 .Project Report Stress Management PREFACE SUMMER TRAINING (with any industry) is the essential part to one of the curriculum of any management program. I also had to undergo 8 weeks of training. & I really enjoyed working with Jindal Stainless Steel. they cannot be capable of applying it. but this knowledge does not prove to be adequate. we generally get theoretical knowledge of management. to get familiar with the natural industrial atmosphere through participation and observation.

So.Project Report Stress Management SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The project undertaken by me on STRESS MANAGEMENT proves very significant element to know about the stress level of the employees of JSL Limited. As it concerning the entire spectrum of human resource management functions.. Thus these points assist the management to take corrective action to give Maximum satisfaction to their employees. the study helps me out:  To measure the level of stress of employees with respect to company.  Helpful in reducing the staff turnover. 7 .  To know about the attitude of the employees towards the management.

1988).” This confusion permeates much of the literature. sometimes to denote the effect of these events on work performance. Williams (1994) describes ‘stress’ as “one of the most inaccurate words in the scientific literature” because it is used to describe “both the sources and the effects of the stress process. 1994).” there is “disagreement about how it should be measured” and there is a “lack of understanding about quite how aspects of the environment might actually make a person ill” (Marmot and Madge.” MacLean (1985) remarks that “the word is sometimes used to denote stressful events. The study of stress begins with a difficulty of definition. 1992) when it identifies mental health as one of the key areas needing to be addressed to enhance the nation’s health. Not only is there “disagreement about the meaning of the term. and sometimes to denote an individual’s reaction in terms of disordered health.unmistakable in experience but hard to define” (Teasdale and McKeown. comments that “previous research supports the view that at least 25% of the working population is psychologically stressed at any one time. Occupational stress “has been designated one of the top ten industrial diseases in the US” (British Psychological Society. 1987).” If this is true it has serious implications for the health of society as a whole.Project Report Stress Management Literature review Stress is "a reality like love or electricity . Willcox (1994). a point acknowledged in the government document The Health of The Nation (HMSO. These issues about 8 .

developed in the late 1980s.. 1986). presents great methodological difficulties. The OSI asks a total of 167 questions dealing with sources of stress. however. Cooper and Williams. is adamant that “the individual’s subjective assessment is the only valid measure of wellbeing available. general behaviour.” Similarly. 1992).” the available evidence being based to some extent on cross-sectional studies where key variables are measured and linked only in terms of self-report (Kasl. leading Cox (1993) to comment that “sadly.” Cox (1993) draws attention to the importance for general health of a state of balance between needs and demands. It has been impossible to identify and agree upon a criterion. much of what is currently published on occupational stress and health is weak methodologically. an experience felt by the person. citing the World Health Organisation’s definition of well-being: Assessing this “dynamic state of mind” however. Levi (1992). One such widely-used and validated instrument (Robertson. 1991. Lazarus and Folkman (1984 ) argue that “ given the centrality of internal events and processes . Cooper and Williams. we are in favour of this method despite its scientific defects. life events. 9 ..” Cox and Griffiths (1995) appear to apply this belief specifically to stress research when they argue that “the measurement of the stress state should be based primarily on self-report measures which focus on the appraisal process and on the emotional experience of stress. or a transactional phenomenon created by the process of the person interacting with the environment” (Schuler and Jackson. 1990. for identifying the presence of a state of stress and then calibrating its intensity and duration. or more appropriately a set of criteria.Project Report Stress Management the fundamental nature of stress preoccupied many researchers during the seventies and eighties as they tried to determine whether stress was a ”characteristic of the environment. Rees and Cooper.” Instruments for collecting such self-report data in a systematic and rigorous way have been developed. 1991) is Cooper’s Occupational Stress Indicator [OSI].

Project Report Stress Management control/influence. coping behaviour and job satisfaction. .” Conceptualization 10 . 1994). Computer software is used to analyse the answers to produce a coefficient index (see Willcox.

P. he commissioned a Pipe Unit Jindal India Limited. which he aptly applied to enhance production of his industrial.Project Report Stress Management COMPANY PROFILE ABOUT JINDAL GROUP LATE SH. He visited several foreign countries to elicit latest industrial technical development and know-how. 1930 to a farmer Late Netram Jindal of village Nalwa of district Hisar in Haryana. He acquired a great deal of knowledge. Jindal always had the conviction that India should be self-reliant in every sector of industry. there are twenty factories under the flagship of the Jindal Organization.O. He started his industrial career with a small bucket-manufacturing unit in Hisar. 11 . followed by a large factory in 1969 under the name Jindal Strips Limited. Since his childhood the young Jindal had interested in technical work. In 1964. Jindal was born on August 7. (KNOW JINDAL STAINLESS LIMITED). which are worth over US $ 8 Billion. under whose umbrella thousands of families directly or indirectly benefit themselves... Sh. At present.P JINDAL JI (A MAN WHO TALKED TO MACHINES) Shri Om Prakash Jindal more popularly known as O.

An exclusive complex for manufacturing stainless steel for razor and surgical blades has 12 . is the fact that everything from the conversion of raw material into blooms and slabs to hot rolling of strips and plates and cold rolling is done in-house. The present production capacity of plant is 6.000 TPA. lies India's only fully integrated Stainless Steel plant. Jindal from a farmer's son to a successful industrialist.000 TPA which is expanded to 7. The life journey of Sh. a philanthropist. 00. O. Success of Jindal Stainless Ltd. Jindal's mantra was “where others saw walls he saw doors ”. Sh.. a politician and a leader would serve as a great source of inspiration for generations to come. Jindal was conferred the prestigious "Life Time Achievement Award" for his outstanding contribution to the Indian Steel Industry by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Jindal has been ranked 13th amongst the richest Indians of the country and placed 548th amongst the richest persons of the world. Jindal was the Chairman of the Jindal Organization.20. Hisar Plant (Haryana) At Hisar. Then whether it was opening doors or breaking down walls he always led the way. O. In November 2004. MANUFACTURING PLANTS.P. According to the latest Forbes' List. Sh.P.Project Report Stress Management Sh. Sh.

Andhra Pradesh. the company also exports Ferro Chrome to various developed countries. Besides supplying to the domestic market. Vizianagaram. Vizag Plant (Andhra Pradesh) the Ferro Alloys plant is situated at Jindal Nagar. A coin blanking line has also been installed. JSL expects to start the xx125 MW power plants soon followed up by setting up of other Ferro alloys units of Ferro-manganese and silicon. 13 . Distt. This stainless steel plant will ultimately have a capacity of 1. To meet the full requirement of power. The plant is also equipped with an ultra modern testing laboratory to ensure world-class quality standards.000 tonnes to 30. These strips are produced in narrow 20-Hi mills in the precision cold rolling unit.000 metric tones per annum of high Carbon Ferro Chrome.6 million tones per annum. The production capacity of the precision strip unit is also being increased from 15. Kothavasala. India At Hisar. Hot rolled and Cold Rolled Coils. The installed capacity is 40.Project Report Stress Management been created. The operation of XX 60 MVA Ferro-chrome furnace have already started and the production has stabilized. Jindal Stainless will also be setting up a 500 MW captive power plant. Green field Project at Orissa Jindal Stainless is setting up a Greenfield integrated Stainless Steel project in the state of Orissa which would involve mining of Iron. • Precision Strips the company produces stainless steel precision strips in various grades. 60% of which are exported worldwide. Jindal Stainless has India's only composite stainless steel plant for the manufacture of Stainless Steel Slabs.manganese. Hisar Plant. Blooms. Manganese & chrome ore for production of ferroalloys and Stainless Steel in the melt shop and rolling mills.000 tones.

14 .2010 To be amongst the top 10 stainless steel producers in the world To gain international recognition for cost leadership. JINDAL STAINLESS VISION. Product innovation and Customer Satisfaction To be admired as a socially responsible Corporate and a sustained value creator for all its stakeholders.Project Report • Stress Management Blade Steel The Company is the exclusive producer of stainless steel strips for making razor and surgical blades in India.

(USA). including cold rolled sheets/coils. Austenitic Creations Limited. Group’s strength: The Group’s strength lies in its constituent companies. Ferro alloys and other value added products. The Group comprises of Jindal Stainless Limited. seamless tubes.P. Various products: From mining of iron ore. PT Jindal stainless Indonesia. sponge iron. multi-national and multi-product steel conglomerate. billets. Jindal Architecture Limited. Motto: 15 .Jindal.Project Report Stress Management jindal groups The Jindal Group. the group today is a multibillion. Jindal United Steel Inc. (USA). The Jindal group has manufacturing unit across India. Saw Pipes Inc. South West Port Limited. JSW steel Limited. Jindal Stainless Steelway Limited. Founded by Mr. Jindal Architecture Limited. rails. hot rolled coils. Southern Iron and steel Company Limited and Jindal steel and Power Limited. US. Indonesia and marketing offices across the globe. has emerged as one of India’s most dynamic business groups. over the last three decades. Jindal Thermal Power Company Limited. the group produces various products in steel and stainless.O. Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company Private Limited. submerged arc-welded pipes. galvanized sheets/coils.

The Group is expanding. amalgamating and growing. 16 .Project Report Stress Management Growth has been a way of life for the Jindal group and its motto along has been ‘Growth with a social conscience’. integrating.

plates and sheets and specialty products. This stainless steel plant will have an installed capacity of 1. cold rolling and down stream value added facilities.6 million tons per annum. in each of the 200. The plant is also equipped with an ultra modern product testing laboratory to ensure global standards. flat bars. India) The Ferro alloys plant is situated at Jindal Nagar. From Mining to Manufacturing HISAR PLANT (Haryana.000 metric tons per annum to produce high carbon Ferro chrome. ferro chromes facilities and stainless steel melting. exists India’s only fully integrated and the largest Stainless Steel plant.300 and 400 series grades.Project Report Stress Management Jindal stainless: Jindal stainless is India’s largest integrated stainless steel manufacturer and its facilities include own captive chromites mines. An exclusive complex for manufacturing cold rolled Stainless Steel for razor and surgical blades has been created. fully integrated stainless steel project in the state of Orissa which would involve mining of iron. for commercial and industrial applications. blooms. hot rolling. VIZAG PLANT (Andhra Pradesh. The company manufactures and sells broad range of stainless steel flat products including slabs. GREENFIELD PROJECT (Orissa. The plant has an installed capacity of 40. manganese and chrome ore for production of Ferro alloys and stainless steel. 17 . The company manufactures and sells broad range of stainless steel. India) Jindal Stainless is setting up a Greenfield. Andhra Pradesh. hot rolled and cold rolled coils. Additionally a coin blanking line has also been installed. India) At Hisar.

Agriculture also constitutes to provide livelihood. Steel enables us to manage water. employing 42% of the world population. From rainwater storage tanks to complex pumps and pipe-infrastructure. STEEL AND WATER Steel plays a fundamental role in helping to make freshwater accessible for everyone.Project Report Stress Management STEEL & YOU 1. to modern pouching. purification and delivery. From basic hoes. Around the world. steel is in the hospitals we rely on. shovels and forks. from raindrops to ocean waves. and in emergency equipment that gets medical assistance to us rapidly when it counts. 3. It provides us with our food. steel is involved in the entire Process of water collection. STEEL AND AGRICULTURE Agriculture is vital to our modern civilization. our energy. 18 . steel is in many ways that benefit our health. clothing and increasingly. STEEL AND HEALTH From sterile surgical instruments to exercise machines. the pharmaceuticals systems that manufacture our medicines. 2.

manufactures preservation and delivery food would not be possible without steel. The use of steel also reassures us that the can of food we buy in the market will be as fresh and nutritious as the day it was packed. STEEL AND ENVIRONMENT Steel contributes to the health of our planet in many ways. 4. 5. STEEL AND FOOD Steel is part of every step of our food supply network. Total Consumption of SS per month >1000 ton 68% 500-1000 ton 250-500 ton <250 ton 22% 4% 6% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 19 . steel is there every step of the way. steel is most important contribution to our environment is its infinite recyclables. making agriculture easier and more efficient.Project Report Stress Management irrigation system and grain storage silos. Cultivation. However. Steel is also used to construct clean and economical sources of alternative energy. Light weights steel vehicles keep us safe and minimize the amount of fuel we use.

R.S.S.S coils and sheets H.Project Report Stress Management Forms of SS Consumed 8% 2% 30% 60% H.R.S plates C.S coils any other Purchase of SS products 6% 22% 2% 70% JSL Shah Alloys Ltd Salem Others 20 .R.S.

Project Report Stress Management Feedback about prices of JSL 70% 62% 60% 50% 40% 32% 30% 20% 1 0% 4% 0% 2% Competitive Higher than others Moderate Low er than others Feedback about delivery of products Delayed deliveries 3% Satisfactor y 11% Before schedule 7% On time 79% 21 .

Project Report Stress Management Rate about after sale services of JSL 70% 60% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 19% 18% 10% 3% 0% Excellent Good Fair Satisfactory 22 .

439 Basic properties: • • • • • • • moderate to good corrosion resistance increasing with chromium content not harden able by heat treatment and always used in the annealed condition magnetic weld ability is poor formability not as good as the austenitic Common uses computer floppy disk hubs (430) automotive trim (430) automotive exhausts (409) 2.2%). 436. 410S.5% to 28% and with low carbon content. these are well suited for applications requiring high hardness and resistance to abrasion and erosion. EXAMPLES405. These grades are employed in applications where the desired formality.1% to 1. These are magnetic and exhibit a better resistance to corrosion than martens tic grades. Ferrite stainless Steel:Ferrite Stainless Steel grades are non –hard enable plain chromium grades with chromium content varying from 10.Project Report Stress Management Types of Stainless Steel 1.5% to 18% of chromium with relating high carbon content (0. The ferrites can be polished or buffed to achieve high lustier. These grades are magnetic and display fair cold forming 23 .430T:. 430. Martens tic Stainless Steel:Martens tic Stainless Steel grades are plain chromium grades containing 11. 409M. weld ability and corrosion resisting is between those of martens tic and austenitic types.409RC.409.Initially developed for cutlery.

chemical plants. sculpture acid). spindles.Currently. Austenitic Stainless Steel:Austenitic Stainless Steel grades are characteristics by superior corrosion and oxidation resistance. citric etc). exhibit good resistance to oxidizing acids (e. and toughness compared to ferrites and martens tic Stainless Steel grades for similar levels of chromium. There are two broad categories of Austenitic Stainless Steel-chrome-nickel (300 series) and chrome-manganese (200 series). kitchenware. building construction. shafts. 415. consumer durables etc. architectural. pharmaceuticals equipment. chrome nickel is the largest produced Stainless Steel category globally. Typical applications for this category include food processing. Martens tic Stainless Steel grades are commonly used for knife blades. 420.g. weld ability.g. hospitals.Project Report Stress Management characteristics.g. 24 . values and pins. lactic. nitric acids) and fair resistance to mineral acids (e. Ductility. EXAMPLES410. textile. acetic acids. JBS Basic properties: • • • • • • • • • moderate corrosion resistance can be hardened by heat treatment and therefore high strength and hardness levels can be achieved poor weld ability magnetic Common uses Knife blades surgical instruments shafts spindles 3. They effectively withstand attack of organic acids (e.

These grades exhibit high resistance to stress corrosion cracking and chloride ion attack and have higher yield strength than that 25 . copper (upto 2%) and tungsten (upto 2%). excellent weld ability (all processes) excellent formability.05% to . J4 Basic properties: • • • • • • • Excellent corrosion resistance in organic acid.309.This combination of ferritic and austenitic structures is called duplex. Cr-Mn : 201.304LN. fabric ability and ductility excellent clean ability. and hygiene characteristics good high and excellent low temperature properties (high toughness at all temperatures) non magnetic (if annealed) harden able by cold work only (These alloys are not hardenable by heat treatment) Common uses: • • • • • • computer floppy disk shutters (304) computer keyboard key springs (301) kitchen sinks (304D) food processing equipment architectural applications chemical plant and equipment 4. JSLAUS (Ji).204Cu.Project Report Stress Management EXAMPLESCri : 301. Many of these grades contain molybdenum (1% to 5%) and nitrogen (.304.Some duplex stainless steel grades also contain manganese (upto 5%).304H.309S etc. industrial and marine environments.3%).304L.Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel grades contain relatively high chromium (between 18% and 28%) and moderate amounts of nickel (1% to 8%).

These grades are used in marine applications. offshore platforms.Project Report Stress Management of austenistic or ferritic steel grades. 32304 Basic properties: • • • • high resistance to stress corrosion cracking increased resistance to chloride ion attack higher tensile and yield strength than austenitic or ferritic steels good weldability and formability 26 . paper and pulp industry. petrochemical and desalination plants. chemical. EXAMPLES32205.

27 . The person past experience 3.Project Report Stress Management Stress is… …a Thinking. Stress is mostly understood to be negative but it has positive dimension also. The stress experience – 1. Where stress brings out something better from an individual. 4. it is called stress. INTRODUCTION TO STRESS Refer to an individual response to a disturbing factor in the environment and the consequence of such reaction. 2. The presence or absence of social support. Individual difference with regard to stress reaction. Emotional. Physical Response to Internal and/or External Demands and Pressures Preventing Burnout 1. The person perception of the situation.

though initially he/she undergoes stress Social support-the presence or absence of other peoples influence how individual in the workplace experience stress and respond to stressor. Individual difference-individual difference in motivation attitude personality and ability also influence whether employees experience work stress and if they do. Stressor. What is Stress?.writing anonymous letters against the boss or giving false stories published against the boss are common among disgruntled employees over a period of time. Stress.Project Report Stress Management PerceptionPerception refers to a psychological process whereby a person selects and organizes stimuli in to a concept of reality. Past experienceWhether a person experience stress or not depend on his/her past experience with the similar stressor . how there to it. the presence of co-worker may increase an individual confidence allowing the person to cope more effectively with stress . “Employees” perception of situation can influence whether or not they experience stress a simple transfer from one place to another may be perceived by one employ as an opportunity to see new place and learn new things.Moderator-moderator is a variable that causes the relationship between stress and its outcome to be stronger for some people and weaker for others. the boss will get used to such allegations . Eustress? 28 . Definition of Stress.

Others used stress to refer to what they perceived as the end result of these repeated responses. mental. or strain. . such as an ulcer or heart attack. stress was their reaction to this in the form of chest pain. He later demonstrated that persistent stress could cause these animals to develop various diseases similar to those seen in humans. Unfortunately. it had noted in numerous experiments that laboratory animals subjected to acute but different noxious physical and emotional stimuli (blaring light. For many. it was not aware that stress had been used for centuries in physics to explain elasticity. shrinkage of lymphoid tissue and enlargement of the adrenals. This created even more confusion when his research had to be translated into foreign languages. stroke. but in humans as well. What it proposed was just the opposite. headache or palpitations. extremes of heat or cold. Because it was apparent that most people viewed stress as some unpleasant threat. Stress was generally considered as being synonymous with distress and dictionaries defined it as "physical. perpetual frustration) all exhibited the same pathologic changes of stomach ulcerations. stressor. namely that many different insults could cause the same disease. in a malleable metal. or emotional strain or tension" or "a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the 29 . the property of a material that allows it to resume its original size and shape after having been compressed or stretched by an external force deformation. syphilis by a spirochete. etc. to distinguish stimulus from response. heartburn.Project Report Stress Management Stress is not a useful term for scientists because it is such a highly subjective phenomenon that it defies definition. such as heart attacks. It’s theories attracted considerable attention and stress soon became a popular buzzword that completely ignored it’s original definition. At the time. There was no suitable word or phrase that could convey what he meant. it subsequently had to create a new word. Tuberculosis was due to the tubercle bacillus. not only in animals. Some people used stress to refer to an overbearing or bad boss or some other unpleasant situation they were subjected to. since he was really describing strain. it was believed that most diseases were caused by specific but different pathogens. anthrax by the anthrax bacillus. deafening noise. kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Such signals also differ for each of us and can be so subtle that they are often ignored until it is too late. individual is able to mobilize. Mental stress (from taking on too much responsibility and worrying about all that has to be done) 4. others are aware that you may be headed for trouble before you are. Physical stress (from physical exertion) 2. Nutritional stress (from deficiency in certain vitamins or nutrients in fat or protein or food allergies) 6. However. However. Not infrequently. after which things go rapidly downhill. so you need to be sensitive to the early warning symptoms and signs that suggest a stress overload is starting to push you over the hump. that point or peak differs for each of us.) 5. including from substance abuse) 3. stress was put in a negative light and its positive effects ignored.Project Report Stress Management As illustrated to the left. personal life goals and so on in general the factor that define whether or not you are happy) 30 . stress can be helpful and good when it motivates people to accomplish more. Emotional stress (from felling such as anger. Chemical stress (from exposure to a toxin in the environment." Thus. Types of Stress 1. fear frustration sadness.Psychospiritual stress (from unrest in your personal relationship or belief system. increased stress results in increased productivity – up to a point.

Sexual harassment e. Group level 3. Lack of cohesiveness c.Project Report Stress Management Stressor-source of Stress 1. climate b. Managerial behavior b. organization life cycle 4. Organization level a. Extra organization a. Extra-organization Individual level stressora. organizational design d. Task characteristics 2. Role conflict d. Role overload c. lack of mobility d. economy c. Workplace violence 3. family b. Intra group conflict d. quality of life 31 . Individual level stressor 2. Organization level 4. Group level stressor a. management styles c. Personality b.

where staff have turned to drink and durgs as a relief from stress. 2. address and resolve related issues. good employment practice. -Cost 1.cost involved in having to manage . The body responds to what it perceives Preventing Burnout Stress Management Stress management is set to become primary strategic and operational concern for all organization because of the direct relationship between decency and humanity.Project Report Stress Management Stress Management • Efforts to control and reduce tension that occurs with a difficult or unmanageable situation • Stress is neither good or bad – it is cumulative & very personal. and there is also a human price among those who work in stressful situation on suffer from stress related injuries and illness. for example . the cost of having staff of sick for stress-related injurires and illness. Stress places a cost burden on organizations in all locations and sectors. -Human factors 32 . and successful business.

Effects of Stress Stress is difficult for scientists to define because it is a highly subjective phenomenon that differs for each of us.Project Report Stress Management Stress has a very stong subjective element. Things that are distressful for some individuals can be pleasurable for others. 33 . -Responsibility Effective stress management brings direct obligations and responsibilies and ttese also have a cost. We also respond to stress differently.some peoples find different parts of work more stressful than others . some eat more while others grow pale or eat less. Some individuals take in there stride what other find extremely stressful . There are numerous physical as well as emotional responses as illustrated by the following list of some 24 common signs and symptoms of stress. Some people blush.

Project Report Stress Management 34 .

Frequent colds. Difficulty in making decisions. thoughts 15. confusion 17. itching. Stuttering or stammering 4. Frequent blushing. Neck ache. Frequent crying spells or suicidal 20. Increased frustration. Overreaction to petty annoyances Job stress is also very costly with the price estimated at over $300 billion annually as a result of:  Accidents  Absenteeism  Employee turnover  Diminished productivity  Direct medical. irritability. or worthlessness 21. feet tapping 23. Light headedness. dizziness 7. "goose bumps" Stress effect on business . disturbing racing dreams 14. buzzing or "popping sounds 8.Project Report Stress Management 1. feet 10. Forgetfulness. herpes sores 12. problems swallowing 11. Little interest punctuality 22. Cold or sweaty hands. Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed. Ringing. fidgeting. nightmares. disorganization. infections. Dry mouth. Gritting. hands 5. Trouble learning new information 16. and insurance costs  Workers' compensation awards as well as tort and FELA judgments 35 . Nervous habits. Frequent headaches. back pain. grinding teeth 3. muscle spasms 6. legal. 18. Difficulty concentrating. trembling of lips. hives. Rashes. thoughts Feelings of in loneliness appearance. Tremors. faintness. sweating 9.13 Insomnia. edginess 24. jaw clenching or pain 2. 19.

From nutritional advice to exercise programs and medical cover these programs look after diverse employee needs. #2 Work Place Morale Wellness Programs covers a broad range of healthcare initiatives.5 million to replace a top executive and that was two decades ago • • Replacing an average employee today costs between $3. Rising health costs meant employers were looking for a way to minimize the expense whilst maintaining healthy human resources. • Double digit increases in Workers' compensation premiums every year as a result of mental stress claims threaten to bankrupt the system in several states.000. The effectiveness of a Wellness Program in terms of the office environment is 36 . 60 to 80% of accidents on the job are stress related and some. The inception of Wellness Programs provided an effective solution.Project Report Stress Management Consider the following statistics: • • 40% of job turnover is due to stress. Wellness Programs significantly reduce the high company cost of employee health care. • Repetitive musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome have become the nation's leading workplace health cost and account for almost of all Workers' compensation awards. The concept of a Wellness Program was introduced initially for dual purposes. Xerox estimated that it cost them $1 to $1. like the Three Mile Island and Exxon Valdez disasters. can affect untold thousands many miles away.000 and $13. EMPLOYEES WELLNESS PROGRAM #1 Decreased Health Care Costs The implementation of Wellness Programs has proven effective in reducing company health care costs.

incentives and health care directed by the company and the Wellness Program. These could be minor infliction such as a cold or flu or major such as heart problems or obesity. They are also aware that the company is taking measures to ensure their health and wellbeing this breeds loyalty and responsibility. Any of these could result in the employee taking time off work. It is hard to quantify what you gain via increased morale. The benefit of a Wellness Program is that this time will be significantly reduced.Project Report Stress Management simple. Both quantifiable figures and intangible results highlight these. #3 Reduced Absenteeism There are many factors that influence a person’s health and well being. Through education. reduced absenteeism equals a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity. To further explore the cost of implementing a corporate wellness program please click on the link to receive quotes. It is proven that when an employee is healthy 37 . There are many small changes in lifestyle that can influence overall health and wellbeing. if not avoided all together. Employees are healthy therefore on the whole a lot happier. educates and implements them. For your company this is the bottom line. productivity and work performance however the reduced sick leave. #5 Increased Productivity The main aim of an Employee Wellness Program is to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. this equates to maximized performance. This is affected through education. #4 Reduced Overall Costs Employee Wellness Programs have a range of benefits for employers. For the company as a whole one of the most significant benefits is the reduction in overall company costs. A Wellness Program identifies these. absenteeism and lower health costs contribute to a sizable reduction in overall costs. training and professional health care a Wellness Program can greatly reduce absenteeism.

This also makes for a more harmonious working environment. energy levels and output. This type of attitude within the work place is invaluable. 38 . It also ensures you are able to consistently perform at the desired level. An employee that feels like the company takes in interest in their wellbeing and health will take an interest in performing to the best of their ability. While it is common knowledge that these programs benefit employers. training regimes and lifestyle management these types of programs have considerably reduced the cost of sick leave. #7 Increased Company Loyalty Increased employee loyalty is another significant selling point for Employee Wellness Programs. they develop a level of responsibility associated with their work. Company loyalty means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover. the benefits are mutual. Increased productivity in the work place is a by-product of the success of Wellness Programs. #6 Increased Responsibility An Employee Wellness Program indicates to employees that the company cares about their well being. #8 Reduced Sick Leave Wellness Programs have had a lasting impact on the cost of sick leave.Project Report Stress Management they are more productive. A well taken care of employee feels an affiliation with the company. Being healthy increases concentration. This is one of those intangible benefits that you really can’t put a price on. Through education.

Employees who participate in these programs have noted a substantial improvement in work performance. Wellness Programs have shown incredible returns and remarkable results.Project Report Stress Management #9 Improved Work Performance Employee Wellness Programs cater for all manner of health and lifestyle problems. Health costs for those companies using Employee Wellness Programs are significantly reduce 39 . #10 Decreased Health Insurance Costs Health insurance premiums are rising exponentially every year. Lower medical costs are just the tip of the ice burg. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the amount of medical attention required. The cost is rapidly rising to the point where employers have to find new ways to reduce their health expenses.

lack of decision-making. I worked for it. it's a combination of unrealistic deadlines. or even life itself. depression in the workplace is the most disabling illness for workers around the world. to be all fun and games is not living in the real world. Anyone who expects a job. lack of clear instructions. uncertainty of job status. the pace of globalization in nearly every business. overwork and job insecurity.Project Report Stress Management KEEP YOUR STRESS UNDER CONTROL The overwhelming wave of information from technological advances. and dominating managers. And. And the higher you climb up the ladder of success. After heart disease. Predictions are mental and neurological disorders could pass highway accidents. Have you seen the sign that reads: "It's mind. Let's face it..." That sounds funny but it's become shockingly true. futurists also say women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression at work. plus the chaotic dysfunction of company politics have brought about tremendous stress in the workplace. What's the cause of all that stress? There isn't one single cause . a leadership position. aggressive salesperson? Let's look at some remedies to help reduce the stress in your life: 40 . I deserve it! As soon as I find time. While some companies are trying to improve their management strategies by putting greater emphasis on family and life issues with stress reduction programs. workplace surveillance. who would you say suffers most often from stress? The harddriving boss who's always fuming? The overly-achieving. When you look around you. There are always going to be tough times. I'll have my nervous breakdown. the tougher things become. isolated working conditions. it still becomes the responsibility of an individual to control stress. AIDS and violence as a primary cause of work years lost from early death or disability in the next 20 years if nothing is done.

Project Report

Stress Management

1. Prepare for problems. We don't plan to die next week but we still pay our life insurance premiums each month ... just in case. You don't plan to have a flat tire, but you always have a spare in the trunk, right? The same with problems in your life. One of the best lifelines you can have is the understanding and courage to handle problems that occur. Many problems are simply opportunities hiding behind the mask of trouble. When you have the courage to confront problems head-on, your chances of avoiding a crisis or emergency increase greatly. When you recognize dangerous situations in advance, actions can be taken to avert a catastrophe and avoid a heap of stress. 2. Understand the problem. Many times, we don't take time to understand the true nature of a problem. "Bill just jumped up from his chair and ran out the door," an excited employee said to the boss. "You taught us that it was unsafe to run through the office." "Did you try to stop him?" the boss asked. "Yes, but he kept on running," the employee replied. "His pants were on fire." Always get to the root cause of the problem. You might discover that what was perceived, as the problem is only a symptom of the real problem. 3. Probe the problem. Edwards Deming, the American credited with starting the total quality movement in Japan after World War II, taught that problem solvers need to ask seven "why" questions to get to the root cause of a problem. I've found that to be very helpful in my work. As a business consultant, I'm often confronted with problems within a client's organization. When I ask "Why does this problem exist?" and follow with another "why" question, then another and another until the seventh one does the real cause of the problem become clear. Don't jump to conclusions without seeing the complete picture. The solution should be in fixing the problem, not focusing the blame. 4. Use the fishbone. Another Deming technique from total quality management to solve problems is the Ishikawa fishbone method. To disclose the causes to the problem, draw a


Project Report

Stress Management

horizontal arrow that points toward a written statement of the problem. Just a simple sentence will do. Now, start brainstorming all the possible causes of the problem. Draw lines resembling fishbone from the horizontal arrow to represent the various categories of possible causes. For example, suppose the problem is telephone order-takers in your sales department are getting a lot of incorrect purchase order numbers from customers. What are some of the causes? Maybe it's the method of taking orders: the order-taker didn't repeat the number. Or it could be the order-takers who have had an increase in overtime and they didn't take time to ask for the number. Perhaps they work in a noisy environment or there's no separate number on the computer keypad. It could be they are rewarded on the number of orders taken, not on accuracy. Most problems have five contributing categories: people, method, environment, equipment and measurement. The fishbone will provide a wide range of causes. Now, you are ready to start analyzing and prioritizing those causes to take corrective action. 5. See the solution. What will the situation look like when the problem is solved? Have that picture in your mind as you begin to analyze the various causes to the problem. Then, start prioritizing the reasonable choices open to you. Don't settle on one without considering all the actions available. And, discuss the problem and your choices with someone whose judgment you value before making your decision. 6. Take action. As Nike's slogan says: "Just do it." Don't ponder or delay. Take action and start implementing your decision. Good leaders move forward. Consultant and author Tom Peters says we need to fail forward faster. It's usually best to act and make a mistake than to do nothing or to postpone action. I like Mark Twain's words: "You'll get run over if you just sit there."


Project Report

Stress Management

FOCUS OF THE PROBLEM Today Indian Steal industry there is more competition in this sector due to privatization. Every Company wants to more and more profit. This time Steel industries is not in Good position so the government is also help the steal sector. In this report the main focus is on the employee stress in different steel companies Some main focused contents in this project are:  To study the level of stress in JSL steal company.  To study the strategies to cope with stress in JSL


Project Report Stress Management Objective of study: Main objective of our study is to understand level of stress among workers so that we can find out ways to reduce stress and to improve efficiency. • To measure stress level among employees • To curb stress among employees • To know causes of stress inside and outside the organization • To suggest JSL on stress Management • To study the stress management strategies 44 .

Project Report Stress Management RESEARCH DESIGN Collection of the Data Organizing the Data Presentation Of Data Analysis of Data Interpretation of Data 45 .

(1) Collection of the Data:This is the first in the process. Summarizing the data. it is ready for presentation. The main objective is to put collected data into researches then has to proceed towards conclusion by the logical inferences:(a) (b) (c) By bringing the raw data to measure data. recording analyzing. 46 . thus obtained is the educated. classified and put via tabulated forms to make it understandable. The data. Research is common parlance refers to search for knowledge and new facts. (2) Organizing:The information data collected during data collection process are organized and presented in a compressible sequence to make them understandable. personal interviews and from the support of was collected through questionnaires.Project Report Stress Management RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Organizing survey and doing research has become a part of life in the modern era. Applying analytical method to manipulate the data and that their interrelationship and quantitative measuring become evident. It consists of systematic collection. Analysis of Data:After the data has been properly organized. It forms the formation of whole data source . interpretation and reporting of information. It consists of various sequences of steps to be adopted by the researcher I studying the problem with certain objective in view.

Strongly agree 75% Strongly disagree 10% Somewhat agree 15% 47 . I can't honestly say what I really think or get things off my chest at work.Project Report Stress Management Analysis pattern 1.

Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 75%employees JLS were strongly agree that they. really think or get things off my chest at work • The above table and diagram shows that 10%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they really think or get things off my chest at work. 48 .

Project Report Stress Management • The above table and diagram shows that 15%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they really think or get things off my chest at work. My job has a lot of responsibility. 2. but I don't have very much authority Strongly agree 75% Strongly disagree 25% Somewhat agree 5% 49 .

Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 75%employees JLS were strongly agree that they don't have very much authority 50 .

Project Report Stress Management • • The above table and diagram shows that 10%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they don't have very much authority The above table and diagram shows that 15%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they don't have very much authority 3. I could usually do a much better job if I were given more time. 51 .

Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree 65% Strongly disagree 10% Somewhat agree 25% Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree 52 .

Project Report Stress Management Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 65%employees JLS were strongly agree that they don't have very much authority • The above table and diagram shows that 10%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they were given more time. • The above table and diagram shows that 25%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they were given more time. 53 .

Project Report Stress Management 4. Strongly agree 95% Strongly disagree 3% Somewhat agree 2% Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree 54 . I seldom receive adequate acknowledgment or appreciation when my work is really good.

Project Report Stress Management Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 95%employees JLS were strongly agree that the work is really good. • The above table and diagram shows that 3%employees JLS were strongly disagree that the work is really good. • The above table and diagram shows that 2%employees JLS were somewhat agree that the work is really good. 55 .

Project Report Stress Management 5. In general. I am not particularly proud or satisfied with my job Strongly agree 5% Strongly disagree 85% Somewhat agree 10% 56 .

Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 5%employees JLS were strongly agree that they were not particularly proud or satisfied with my job. • The above table and diagram shows that 85%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they were not particularly proud or satisfied with my job. • The above table and diagram shows that 10%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they were not particularly proud or satisfied with my job. 57 .

Strongly agree 30% Strongly disagree 25% Somewhat agree 45% 58 .Project Report Stress Management 6. I have the impression that I am repeatedly picked on or discriminated against at work.

Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree Interpretation 59 .

. 60 . 7.Project Report Stress Management • The above table and diagram shows that 30%employees JLS were strongly agree that they were repeatedly picked on or discriminated against at work. My workplace environment is not very pleasant or particularly safe. • The above table and diagram shows that 25%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they were repeatedly picked on or discriminated against at work. • The above table and diagram shows that 45%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they were repeatedly picked on or discriminated against at work.

Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree 15% Strongly disagree 80% Somewhat agree 5% Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree 61 .

• The above table and diagram shows that 80%employees JLS were strongly disagree that the workplace environment is not very pleasant or particularly safe. • . 62 .Project Report Stress Management Interpretation The above table and diagram shows that 15%employees JLS were strongly agree that the workplace environment is not very pleasant or particularly safe. • The above table and diagram shows that 5%employees JLS were somewhat agree that workplace that the environment is not very pleasant or particularly safe.

My job often interferes with my family and social obligations or personal needs Strongly agree 45% Strongly disagree 15% Somewhat agree 40% Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree 63 .Project Report Stress Management 8.

The above table and diagram shows that 40%mployees JLS were strongly agree that they were interferes threr and social obligations or personal needs 64 .Project Report Stress Management Interpretation The above table and diagram shows that 45%employees JLS were strongly agree that they were interferes threr and social obligations or personal needs The above table and diagram shows that 15%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they were with threr and social obligations or personal needs .

coworkers or customers.Project Report Stress Management 9. Strongly agree 40% Strongly disagree 55% Somewhat agree 5% Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree 65 . I tend to have frequent arguments with superiors.

Project Report Stress Management Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 40%employees JLS were strongly agree that they had frequent arguments with superiors. coworkers or customers. • The above table and diagram shows that 55%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they had frequent arguments with superiors. coworkers or customers. 66 . coworkers or customers. • The above table and diagram shows that 5%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they had frequent arguments with superiors.

Strongly agree 60% Strongly disagree 16% Somewhat agree 14% 67 .Project Report Stress Management 10. Most of the time I feel that I have very little control over my life at work.

• The above table and diagram shows that 16%employees JLS were strongly disagree that they had very little control over their lives at work. • The above table and diagram shows that 14%employees JLS were somewhat agree that they had very little control over their lives at work.Project Report Stress Management Strongly agree Strongly disagree Somewhat agree Interpretation • The above table and diagram shows that 60%employees JLS were strongly agree that they had very little control over their lives at work. 68 .

terpretation:Interpretation comes to bring out the meaning of data. questionnaire. 69 . Personal interview has also been conducted.Project Report Stress Management 3.e. METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION The study is essentially primary based which is collected through a closed ended questionnaire. • Primary data has been collected by means of surveys i. From the analysis of data the various conclusions are drawn on the basic of logic.

and in general way the unit of similar characteristics.Project Report Stress Management • Secondary data were collected from different sources. The first consideration in the questionnaire design was to include all relevant questions required to obtain the necessary information. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The study on this project as been done with full efforts and uttermost care. • Another limitation if the study is that the number of the workers in the sample is some what small considering the total of worker force. the conclusions and inferences drawn are specifically applicable to that particular organization. Questionnaire: The data has been collected with the help of a well-structured closed questionnaire. 70 . Also the demographic and personal profile of the respondents was recorded. various journals of the company and companies websites. Some limitations may be as follows: • It being a care study of only one organization. Special care was taken not to include any unnecessary question to avoid contamination by useless information. Analysis and interpretation of data Keeping in view the specific objectives of the study. It was collected from company‘s support. Apart from personal information the questions from different aspects relating to wage and salary are included in the questionnaire. But still there may be some limitations beyond control which might make the findings and conclusions in this study prove the some deviations from actual results. the data collected through questionnaire has bee analyzed and interpreted with the help of statistical tabulation method by using simple percentage and using bar graphs.

these following points were founded: The basic facilities like. housing. • Another limitation of study was scarcity of time because time duration was very sort for the project work. however.accommodation. 71 . they feel. A great deal of hesitation among the respondent while giving information.  Workers are getting rewards in accordance with the work done. Hence only limited survey could be done.Project Report Stress Management • The only justification for this is the lack of the time and resources and the disposal of researcher on various counts the information business cannot be ruled out. medical etc is being given to workers. FINDINGS Based on the research conducted regarding wage and salary.they could be compensated with additional perks  Majority of workers are viewing policies and practices of management as fair. Respondents might have not disclosed their actual views because of keeping it secret. • • • Responses from respondents may be different from actual views. Their was difficulty in data collection.

SUGGESTIONS Based on the findings following suggestions are recommended:-   The policies and procedures of the management. should be made more transparent Rewards should be provided to the workers according to their capabilities and open up opportunities to enhance their potential 72 .Project Report Stress Management  Most of the workers are satisfied with the promotion policy but still there are workers who are not satisfied with it.

Find out the untapped areas where SS can be used Reduce the input cost Organization of the study The project entitled “stress management” 73 .Project Report Stress Management     Company should avoid wastages and be cost competitive Promotion policy should be made fairer.

 The chapter third includes research methodology that what kind of research is this.  The chapter fifth deals with the annexure and bibliography. objectives. focus of the problem. and what are the findings of previous studies related to this study.General Profile Name: ________________________ Age (in years): 74 .Project Report Stress Management  The Chapter first deals with the introduction of the study where the author highlighted what are its significance. how the data has bee collected what is the sample size and analysis pattern.  The chapter forth includes the theoretical analysis ad the interpretation of the study so that we can deduce the results from the data which have been collected for this purpose.  The chapter second includes the description of the industry for which the study is related and the company profile of the company where the study has been done. QUESTIONNAIRE 1.

I seldom receive adequate acknowledgment or appreciation when my work is really good. 5. 3. 10. My job has a lot of responsibility. 6. 7. 9. 4. I am not particularly proud or satisfied with my job. My workplace environment is not very pleasant or particularly safe. I can't honestly say what I really think or get things off my chest at work. Most of the time I feel that I have very little control over my life at work. In general. I have the impression that I am repeatedly picked on or discriminated against at work. coworkers or customers. I tend to have frequent arguments with superiors. 75 . I could usually do a much better job if I were given more time. My job often interferes with my family and social obligations or personal needs. 2.Project Report Stress Management 21-30 41-50 Sex:   Male  31-40  50-60  Female  Qualification: Below metric Graduate Experience: 0-10  10-20  20-30  Marital status: Married  Unmarried    Metric Post graduate   1. but I don't have very much authority. 8.

Pearson Education (Twelfth edition) Ramaswamy . New Delhi. (third edition) Steel and You Annual Report of JSL www. Sunil Kumar.Stress management 76 . HR Management.Project Report Stress Management BIBLIOGRAPHY • • • • • • • K. Macmillan India Ltd. “Human resource management”.Aswathappa and V. RAO. New Delhi.Jindal Stainless Limited www. Mr.S.

I can't honestly say what I really think or get things off my chest at work. 77 .Project Report Stress Management 1.