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March 1, 2013

Engaged in several initiatives which focus on developing and implementing value-added learning tools and systems for today’s youth. Was actively involved in educational radio segment. Developed methodology and framework of NTS, a one of its kind of service providing testing solutions for competitive exams. Founder of

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results of which were announced on 28 February 2013? – Manik Sarkar (Left Front won 50 out of total 60 seats) 2) Which regional party of Nagaland retained its hold in the recently held assembly elections in Nagaland? – Naga People’s Front (NPF). South Africa and the U. known for his innovative “hole-in-the-wall” experiment to give computer education to slum .com is now on its way to become a truly comprehensive portal for knowledge www. Chidambaram on 28 February 2013 was his …………. Sugata Mitra (He is presently a professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education.budget? – 8th 7) What is the fiscal deficit for 2012-13 (FY 2013) as announced in the Union Budget 2013-14 presented on 28 February 2013? – 5. Germany. What is the name given to this submerged island by the scientists? – Mauritia 6) The Union Budget presented by Finance Minister P.65.297 crore 10) An NRI education pioneer. was awarded with the prestigious $1 million TED prize recently. 16. How many seats were won by Congress in this election? – 29 out of total 60 seats (Congress fought these elections under Chief Minister Mukul Sangma and scored an emphatic win. which is lower than the targeted fiscal deficit of 5. Former Lok Sabha speaker PA Sangma’s National People’s Party (NPP) managed to get just 2 seats 4) Who is the Mayor of New York. Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University.January 2013 March 1. 2013 learning seo from the experts 1) Who is going to become Chief Minister of Tripura for fifth consecutive term after his party CPM’s roaring fifth consecutive win in the recently held assembly elections. Rio is set to become state’s Chief Minister for the third time. who on 28 February 2013 pledged to donate $100 million to fund the global campaign against polio? – Michael Bloomberg. K.NIRDESHAK. as announced in the Union Budget of 2013-14? – Rs. NPF led by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio won 37 out of 59 seats and one seat each were won by its allies BJP and JD(U).Current Affairs .8% of the GDP 9) What is the total outlay for planned 08 www. This continent lies under Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and its broken chunks extend more than 1000 km northwards. What is the name of this pioneer in the field of imparting IT education through cost-effective models? – Dr. who is also a business magnate (He was apparently inspired by India’s success in eradicating polio) 5) A new submerged continent was discovered recently by scientists from Norway. nirdeshak.3% of GDP 8) What is the fiscal deficit for 2013-14 (FY 2014) as announced in the Union Budget 2013-14? – 4. UK) A knowledge portal delivering information in various formats which is indispensable for today’s era. Primarily focused to students belonging to India’s student fraternity preparing for competitive exams.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).NIRDESHAK. 3) Congress won highest number of seats in Meghalaya Assembly till now by leading the tally in the recently held assembly elections.

India’s national football championship? – Services and Kerala (The final will be played on 3 March 2013) 9) On 1 March 2013 who was appointed as the new chief UN nuclear inspector in charge of monitoring Iran’s disputed atomic programme? – Tero Varjoranta. rape and atrocities committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 independence war) 6) Chinese Govt. In this clarification it was mentioned that an investor from Mauritius putting money in Indian markets needed to only produce a certificate to claim the benefit of the double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA). Laos and Thailand respectively and nationality of the fourth person was undisclosed) 7) The CPM on 1 March 2013 flagged-off a march against Mamta Banerjee’s allegedly autocratic and misrule in West Bengal. These executions were done as sentences in which case? – Killing of 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River on 5 October 2011 by drug mafias (Three of the four persons which were executed belonged to Myanmar. In the budget it was said that TRC was no longer enough. Who is the Chairman of this PSC? – M Venkaiah Naidu (BJP Rajya Sabha member) 3) The price of petrol was raised by how much by public sector petroleum companies from midnight of 1 March 2013? – Rs. What is the name given to this march? – Sangharsh Sandesh Jattha 8) Which two teams reached the finals of Santosh Trophy. on 1 March 2013. 2013 1) Union Finance Ministry on 1 March 2013 issued a clarification about taxation on investments done through Mauritius. recommended that the President should not have power to grant clemency to convicts in such cases. The PSC also recommended that decisions on mercy petitions should be taken within three months and reasons for granting clemency should be made public.40/Liter 4) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 1 March 2013 in a newly issued notification asked banks to issue new debit and credit cards only for domestic usage unless international use is specifically sought by the customer.NIRDESHAK. following which over 40 people died in the ensuing riots? – Delwar Hossain Sayedee (He was convicted for mass killings.March 09 10 . This notification was issued in respect of which problem? – Misuse of these type of debit and credit cards (RBI directed banks that such cards enabling international usage will have to be essentially EMV Chip and Pin enabled by 30 June 2013. who is currently head of Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). 1. He replaces Herman Nackaerts as deputy director general for safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 10) The proposal of imposing 1% TDS on properties sold for over Rs 50 lakh as announced in the Union Budget of 2013-14 is to come into effect from which date? – 1 June 2013 www.NIRDESHAK. a day after Indian stock markets were spooked by a clause in the Union Budget 2013-14 that was interpreted as making incomes of investors using the Mauritius route taxable. Which certificate was mentioned in it? – Tax Residency Certificate (TRC). It also said that the banks should provide easier methods like SMSes for customers to block cards and get a confirmation to that effect after blocking the card) 5) Which leader of Jamaat-e-Islami was sentenced to death on 28 February 2013. proof was needed that the beneficial ownership of the investment too lay with the same person 2) The Parliamentary standing committee (PSC) on home affairs. which had examined amendments to be made in criminal law. on 1 March 2013 executed 4 foreigners at a jail in southwestern Yunnan province’s capital of Kunming. Senior Finnish nuclear official.

almost 16 years after he was thrown out of ministry following his father’s arrest in the telecom scam? – Anil Sharma 1) Which Bangladeshi opposition leader on 3 March 2013 announced cancelling her proposed meeting with Indian President Pranab Mukherjee.NIRDESHAK. Westland has recently paid Rs. was announced in the Railway Budget 2013-14 by Rail Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal.?.NIRDESHAK. who represents Chandigarh in Lok Sabha) www.33% (which would bring about Rs. leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (She cancelled her meeting in protest against Bangladesh Govt. Chidamabram will become first Finance Minister to directly answer queries and doubts of general public on the recently presented Union Budget 2013-14. They broke record for highest second-wicket partnership against Australia. What was this price increase per liter? – 94 paise / liter (This diesel price-hike is effective for bulk consumers like Railways. who defeated Kerala in the finals by 4-3 in penalty shootouts (Santosh Trophy is India National football championship 9) Which team won the championship title of Vijay Hazare Trophy 2013? – Delhi.January 2013 Current Affairs .January 2013 March 4. who is on his maiden state visit to any country after assuming charge? – Khaleda Zia. On the other hand.50 per cylinder) 5) What is the name of an advertising technology suit which was recently acquired by Facebook from Microsoft Corp. How much stake in MMTC is to be sold? – 9. which was released on 1 March 2013? – K.’s alleged leanings towards India in context of ongoing movement in the country in which protestors are demanding death sentences for war criminals of 1971 Bangla War) 2) In what is being touted as the biggest advance paid to an Indian author by an Indian publishing house. who defeated Assam by 75 runs in the finals on 3 March 2013 (The final was played at Vishakhapatnam. Natwar 11 12 www. who have not filed income tax returns despite having incomes over permissible limits.Atlas Advertiser Suite (This suit is used to measure the effectiveness of ads on web pages) 6) What is the name of former Union Telecom Minister Sukh Ram’s son who was given a cabinet berth in Himachal Pradesh on 2 March 2013. former Union Minister for External Affairs (The book was released by Vice President Hamid Ansari) 2) Union Finance Minister on 2 March 2013 announced that notices would be send from next week to tax assesses. 2013 Current Affairs . What is the name of this author? – Amish Tripathi (Tripathi’s earlier book.) 7) Indian batsmen Cheteswar Pujara and Murali Vijay on 3 March 2013 made a new record partnership for second wicket by having an unbeaten 294 runs partnership against Australia in the second test match at Hyderabad. 5 crore to author of the famous Shiva trilogy for his next series. as he will take part in an online video-chat to answer internet users from all over the world on 4 March 2013. price of open-market sale LPG cylinder was decreased by Rs. Which Indian duo held this record earlier? – Sunil Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath (who had scored 224 runs against Australia ay Sydney in 1986) 8) Which team won the championship title of Santosh Trophy 2013 on 3 March 2013? – Services. How many notices are to be served to such assesses from next week? – 35. 2013 1) Who is the author of the book titled “Walking with Lions : Tales from a Diplomatic Past”.March 3.000 (Income Tax department is sending these notices on basis of information it is having about people’s expenditure patterns and their financial transactions) 3) Who won the title at Zurich Chess Challenge which was held in Zurich (Switzerland) and in which India’s Vishwanathan Anand finished second? – Fabiano Caruana of Italy (This championship ended on 2 March 2013 and Anand finished second by defeating Vladimir Kramnik of Russia in his last match) 4) Oil companies on 1 March 2013 increased price of diesel for bulk consumers like Railways after firming up of international oil prices. defence forces and state road transport corporations. 37. AP) 10) First Anubhuti class coaches would be attached to which train as announced by Indian Railways recently? – Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi Express (Indian Railways’ new elite class – . This initiative would be carried out through which multi-person online video chat platform? – Google Hangout (The session would start at 8:00 pm IST) 6) According to latest reports the Union Govt. a mythological fantasy titled “The Oath of the Vayuputras” sold almost 5 lakh copies on the day of its release) 3) Which African country on 3 March 2013 claimed that its soldiers had killed Mokhtar Belmokhtar. the mastermind of the January 2013 seizure of an Algerian plant that left at least 37 foreign hostages killed? – Chad (Chad’s military claimed that its forces on mission in Mali (Algeria) carried out a huge operation in which Belmokhtar was killed) 4) Which company/corporation was chosen by pension fund regulator PFRDA as the default annuity service provider for subscriptions exiting from the New Pension System (NPS) and seeking withdrawal of accumulated pension wealth? – Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) 5) Indian Finance Minister P. 300 crore for the govt. will start offer-for-sale (OFS) for offloading its stake in Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation (MMTC) on 14 March 2013.

.com 13 14 www. Who has replaced him from third position in this elite annual list? – Spain’s Amancio Ortega.4 crore (Presently about 4 crore children in India are online) 6) In a startling development that could change the treatment procedure of HIV-infected newborns.5 billion.9 lakh (ex-Delhi) instead of Rs. Beneficiaries of Sikkim. Which state is slated to get the highest daily wage after this revision? – Haryana (Beneficiaries of Haryana will receive daily wage of Rs. What is the approximate size of Indian children to be online by 2017 as estimated by BCG? – 13. the number of children in India expected to be online would triple by year 2017 and the majority of the new children coming online will be from India by this year. doctors of a US university on 3 March 2013 announced that a baby born with HIV infection has been cured of the infection for the first time in history.S.NIRDESHAK. former Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court 4) Which Indian software company on 4 March 2013 claimed that it became the first Indian IT company to be valued at US$5 billion by Brand Finance. retail giant Wal-Mart would give its report in April 2013. Haryana (Harley Davidson announced that Harley-Davidson Fat Boy’s assembled-in-India unit will now be available at Rs 14. Mexico’s Carlos Slim maintained his top position in this list followed by Microsoft’s Bill Gates. 145 to Rs. 214 instead of the present Rs.45 lakh earlier) 10) For the first time since 2000. resigned from the state cabinet on 4 March 2013 in wake of allegations against him in the recent murder of a DSP in his constituency Pratapgarh. the co-founder of the Inditex fashion group with an estimated net worth of $57 billion (Ortega’s fortune increased $19. Baltimore (She was treated by a team led by Dr. Jharkhand.NIRDESHAK. Deborah Persaud) 7) Who won title of the Mexican Open Tennis on 3 March 2013? – Rafael Nadal (Spain). from the report in 2012. 6-2 (This win is more important for Nadal as this is first clay title for him after his comeback from knee injury) 8) Who is India’s new High Commissioner to Maldives? – Rajeev Shahare (He replaces DM Mulay. This baby was treated aggressively with antiretroviral drugs around 30 hours after birth and this 2 year old baby is now showing no signs of infection since a year. alias Raja Bhaiya. who defeated defending champion David Ferrer in the finals by 6-0. Tripura. Who is heading this committee? – Justice Mukul Mudgal. 2013 1) The beneficiaries of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) are going to earn more with the revision of wages coming into effect from 1 April 2013. Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway was not ranked among top three positions in the Forbes List of World’s Richest Persons. This baby was treated in which university? – John Hopkins University.) 3) The Union Govt. who has been appointed as India’s Consul General in New York) 9) Iconic American motorcycle brand Harley Davidson recently announced almost 25% discounts on some of its motorcycles as a result of assembling of these motorcycles in India.45 lakh charged for its imported unit.5 billion) www. 191. Mukesh Ambani of India was ranked at 22nd position with a wealth of 21. Similarly the Heritage Softail Classic model will be tagged at Rs 16. a minister in the UP govt. Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh will get the lowest daily wages in range of Rs. What ministry was he heading? – Ministry of Food and Supplies (Raja Bhaiya is an independent MLA from Kunda in Pratapgarh and has been supporting the Akhilesh Yadav govt. on 4 February 2013 told the Rajya Sabha that the one-man committee probing the alleged corruption charges against U.March 5. 170) 2) Raghuraj Pratap . 19. Nagaland. Harley Davidson’s assembling plant has been established at – Bawal.25 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) as against Rs 20. the biggest gain for any of the billionaires. an international brand valuation firm? – TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) TCS is now the most valued brand in the Tata Group 5) According to Boston Consultancy Group (BCG)’s latest report.

which mentions serious concerns over the implementation of Rs 52. 2013 1) The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India released a report on 5 March 2013.10 lakh from account. In which city AirAsia would establish its headquarters according to latest reports? – Chennai (AirAsia would concentrate on South India in its initial phase of operations) 7) What is the name of Microsoft’s new version of its popular office suit. 45 lakh compensation to an accountholder for bank’s inability to stop an illegal transfer of . appointed its India CEO on 5 March 2013.850 crore during 2011-12) 5) A 12-year-old Indian-origin girl Neha Ramu of UK came to limelight recently due to which reason? – Her IQ (intelligent quotient) stood at 162 in a recently conducted Mensa IQ Test. the Malaysian-based airline. scheme? – Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme (ADWDRS) 2008 under which 3. 10 lakh to file their returns electronically for which digital signatures are not necessary) www. which makes this case the largest compensation awarded in legal adjudication of a cyber crime dispute in India till now? – Punjab National Bank (PNB) – In this case A fraudster had transferred Rs 80. Last year in August.69 crore small and marginal farmers and 60 lakh other farmers were given debt relief to the extent of Rs 52. The order was passed by Maharashtra’s IT secretary Rajesh Aggarwal) 9) Who is the head of a 16-member panel constituted by SEBI on 5 March 2013 to review insider trading norms in a bid to strengthen the regulatory framework dealing with insider trading? – NK Sodhi (Retired Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court and former presiding officer of the State Appellate Tribunal (SAT)) 10) All the tax-payers having taxable income of more than _______ will now have to file their income tax returns electronically.NIRDESHAK. 80. which is more than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking 6) AirAsia Group. – Rs. which was launched on 4 March 2013 especially for Indian small businesses and enterprises? – Office 365 (Main feature of Office 365 is the cloud-based support for its users) 8) Which bank was recently ordered to pay Rs.516 crore 2) The US State Department on 4 March 2013 announced an award for the 23-year old paramedical student of Delhi. stating that in several cases ineligible farmers were given benefit while deserving ones were left out. This CAG report pertains to which govt.March 6. who was brutally raped by six men in a moving bus in south Delhi on 16 December 2012 and who later succumbed to her injuries in Singapore.000-crore farm debt waiver scheme. 5 Lakh (This move is aimed at reducing the interface between tax payers and the tax department.10 lakh from PNB account of Manmohan Singh Matharu. making it the biggest-loss making PSU in the country? – BSNL (BSNL’s losses stood at Rs. This award to be presented by the US First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry would be awarded posthumously on 8 March 2013 on the occasion of International Women’s Day. 8. the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) had made it mandatory for all individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) having annual income of more than Rs.122 crore during 2011-12 4) Which public sector enterprise was ranked last in a list of most profitable public sector undertakings released recently. 25.NIRDESHAK. What is the name of this award? – International Women of Courage Award (This award is to be presented for this girl for inspiring people to fight against gender-based violence) 3) Which public sector enterprise was ranked first in a list of most profitable public sector undertakings released recently? – ONGC – Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC’s net profits stood at 15 16 www. which is expected to start its operations in India by May-June 2013 subject to approval of its proposed airline project. MD of Pune-based firm Poona Auto Ancillaries after Matharu responded to a phishing email.

who passed away on 5 March 2013. His term will be for a period of 3 years and he will replace noted filmmaker Shyam Benegal) 5) The European Union (EU) on 6 March 2013 imposed a huge $731 million fine on Microsoft Corp. state education ministers. Rajya Sabha) and award for 2010 would be given to Arun Jaitley. a leading business ethics think-tank? – Wipro (Wipro was listed among top companies for the second year in a row. after death of President Hugo Chavez. HP. Haryana and Kerala in this list) 4) Which filmmaker was recently nominated as the member of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE). which will now be introduced from the coming 2013-14 academic 17 18 www. This common paper for mathematics and science will be introduced for which class from this academic year? – For class XI (This has been done to bridge the gap among different boards of the country) 7) Who is to be awarded the “Outstanding Parliamentarian Award” for 2012 as announced by the Executive Committee of the Indian Parliamentary Group on 6 March 2013? – Sharad Yadav. Hugo Chavez had preferred Maduro as his successor) 2) A new paper has been added to the Civil Services (Mains) exams according to a gazette notification issued on 6 March 2013 by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) on the changes about the test conducted by Union Public Service Commission. fighting a two-year battle against cancer? – Nicolas Maduro (Maduro is the Vice-President of Venezuela and is a staunch Chavez loyalist. advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics. The Ethisphere Institute is a leading international organisation dedicated to the creation.NIRDESHAK. the apex educational advisory body that includes the HRD minister. Which paper is this? – Ethics. Which two countries rank above India in this list? – US and China www..March 7. Bihar (Award for 2011 would be given to veteran Congress leader Karan Singh (MP. governance. in a move that will act as warning to other technology firms involved in antitrust disputes with the EU. integrity and aptitude will include questions to test the candidate’s attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity. Which new company has been incorporated for implementation of nation-wide electronic toll collection (ETC)? – Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) – The implementation of ETC will not only make traveling convenient but will also have a lot of other benefits and value-added services 9) Which Indian company was recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies for 2013 by the Ethisphere Institute. noted academicians and other eminent people? – Anurag Kashyap (He was named in a notification of the HRD Ministry dated 15 February 2013. anti-corruption and sustainability) 10) India was ranked third on the list of the countries distributing spam across the . What was main charge against Microsoft? – Microsoft didn’t gave choice of choosing browser to users of Windows 7 operating system (Users of Windows 7 had to use the default bundled Internet Explorer browser and had no choice of substitute browser) 6) A sub-committee set up by the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) in the country finalised the common design of the question paper in mathematics and science. probity in public life and his problem solving approach to various issues and conflicts faced by him in dealing with society) 3) Which state was ranked at the top in the recently released Well-Being Index (WBI) prepared by Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG)? – Punjab (Punjab was followed by Delhi. JD(U) Lok Sabha MP from Madhepura. Integrity and Aptitude (According to DoPT’s notification this new paper on ethics. which was released recently by TechNewsDaily. 2013 1) Who will take over as Venezuela’s interim President. Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha and BJP MP) 8) The Road Transport Ministry has recently announced plans to implement electronic toll collection on all tolled national highways.NIRDESHAK. in which all toll plazas would be computerized by April 2014.

Chennai and Kolkata) 6) Union Govt. i. Bangalore. . has an option for investing up to 50% of a subscriber’s corpus in equities) 8) Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was awarded a prison term by a court on 7 March 2013 over publication of a leaked wiretap connected to a banking scandal of 2006 in his family-owned newspaper. which was incorporated on 7 March 2013. passport. New Delhi (UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable permit or certificate representing the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or mass of any green house gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent) 10) Facebook 19 20 www. services like pensions and birth and death certificates. Jaipur. tennis. This new office complex would house officials of which ministry? – Ministry of External Affairs (JNB has been constructed at an approximate cost of Rs. introduced the biggest change in years to its social networking site. motorsports and golf.NIRDESHAK. Star Cricket HD. which has been set up for private citizens. 50. 2011 (This will be effective in providing time-bound delivery of govt. These new sanctions impose penalty on North Korean banking. Surat. These new sanctions have been imposed due to which event of February 2013? – North Korea’s conducting an underground nuclear test 5) Which city was declared as the Best Liveable City of India at the First ABP News-IPSOS Best City Survey and Awards 2013 on 6 March 2013? – Nagpur (20 most liveable city in the list were Nagpur.’s stake would be divested? – 10. Agra. Madurai. Varanasi. football. This change pertains to which section? – Newsfeed (Its very popular newsfeed section has now a new look and focuses on photos that is expected to make the social network more ad-friendly and may entice users to spend more time on the website) www.March 8. ESPN Star Sports already has five sports channels beaming into the Indian-subcontinent that includes Star Sports. What is the full name of this bill that lays down an obligation upon every public authority to publish citizen’s charter. Bhopal.000 against a government official failing to provide his or her duties. ESPN and ESPN HD) 4) The UN Security Council on 7 March 2013 approved a new regime of sanctions against North Korea by 15-0 votes.NIRDESHAK. Delhi. What is the prison term awarded to him? – One year 9) Which composting plant has recently become the first plant in India to receive UNFCCC’s carbon credits? – Okhla composting plant. stating therein the time within which specified goods shall be supplied and services be rendered? – Right of Citizens for Time-Bound Delivery of Goods and Services and Redressal of their Grievances Bill. Ahmedabad.. Patna. What was the investment regulation for NPS till now? – Till now fund managers of NPS could only invest in equities indirectly. 220 crore) 3) What is name of the new sports channel of ESPN Star Sports that will be launched on 11 March 2013? – Star Sports 2 (This new channel will broadcast live and non-live events across various sports like cricket.15% is also to be disinvested in the third week of March 2013) 7) The interim pension regulator PFRDA has recently allowed fund managers for the private sector National Pension System (NPS) to invest directly into equities. Pune.’s stake in NALCO worth 12.e. through mutual funds (NPS. etc. Mumbai. How much of govt. 2013 1) Union Cabinet on 7 February 2013 approved a bill that would provide Indian citizens right to time-bound services and which envisages penalty of up to Rs. Amritsar. Nashik. Kanpur. has recently been completed in New Delhi. Star Cricket. is expected to divest its stake in PSU steel giant SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) from 20 March 2013.82 % (Govt. travel and trade and further increases country’s international isolation. Rajkot.) 2) Construction of a new plush office complex named Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan (JNB).

Kannagi Stree Shakti Award to Guramma H Sankina of Karnataka.NIRDESHAK. 310 crore through this disinvestment) 7) Financial sector regulators – The Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This visit drew the ire of the residents of Ajmer with as many as 250 lawyers threatening to wave black flags at Parvez Ashraf) 3) Which state govt. who made a memorable test debut on 8 March 2013 against England at Dunedin by scoring 171 runs? – Hamish Rutherford www. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). who on 8 March 2013 announced his decision to boycott the visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf to the shrine on 9 March 2013? – Zainul Abedin Ali Khan (Khan decided to boycott Pakistan PM’s visit to the shrine owing to the killing and mutilation of the bodies of the Indian soldiers by the Pakistani Army on the LoC. The Rani Rudramma Devi Stree Shakti Award was given to Assamese social worker Pranita Talukdar. What is the new proposed name of this airport by the Centre? – Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee Airport (An NGO named Rashtriya Sahns Mal Sansi Samaj Sangh had filed this challenge in the Supreme Court stating that the name is being changed as a result of some political motives.March 9. is expected to collect Rs. stake was disinvested through an offer for sale (OFS) of Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (RCF) on 8 March 2013. which had sought quashing of the centre’s decision to debar him from holding govt. posts for their alleged role in the Atrix-Devas deal) 2) What is the name of the spiritual head of the famous Ajmer Sharif shrine. mutual funds. on 8 March 2013 joined hands by signing an agreement under the auspices of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC). in which the OFS was oversubscribed by about 1. Mata Jijabai Stree Shakti Award to artist Sonika Agarwal. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). posts for his alleged role in the controversial Antrix-Devas deal. on 8 March 2013 released a draft of the State’s new Women’s policy. The Stree Shakti award was also given to 5 other women. on 8 March 2013 issued a notification to all states in the state.’s decision to bar him and three other scientists from holding govt. Sri Guru Ram Dass was the founder of Amritsar city) 5) The Maharashtra State 21 22 www. What is the name of this former ISRO chairman? – G Madhavan Nair (Nair had moved the CAT in March 2012. insurance and private equity) 8) Eight states have agreed to sign up for the centre’s debt revamp plan aimed at the financial restructuring of state-owned electricity distribution companies. 2013 1) The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) on 8 March 2013 dismissed the plea of a former ISRO chairman. this debt revamp plan is expected to roll over financially-stressed electricity distribution companies and will bring back a sense of bankability to India’s power distribution sector) 9) What is the name of the award given as a tribute to the Delhi gangrape victim by the Union Govt. Reciting of which part has been made compulsory in this notification? – The Preamble 6) How much Union Govt.3 times? – 12. which are engaged in varied financial activities like banking. Rani Gidinliu Zeliang Stree Shakti Award to Keralite social worker Omana T K and Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Stree Shakti Award to Olga D’Mello from Maharashtra) 10) What is the name of the former New Zealand batsman and Captain Ken Rutherford’s son. What are the main objectives of this move? – These regulators would monitor financial conglomerates (FCs) of the country as well as approve a national strategy for financial education (The term FC stands for financial conglomerates and applies to financial groups like ICICI. which would provide freedom to women and children of the state to use any surname of their choice? – Maharashtra (The draft states that the government will issue a directive to all the departments asking to respect the woman’s choice to use any name she wants) 4) The Supreme Court on 8 March 2013 rejected a challenge to the Centre’s decision to change the name of Amritsar’s Raja Sansi International Airport stating that such matters should be left to the discretion of the executive.5% (The Union Govt. SBI and . in which reciting of a part of constitution has been made compulsory so that school students have a better knowledge of Indian constitution. on 8 March 2013 on the occasion of the International Women’s Day? – Rani Laxmi Bai Stree Shakti Award (The award was given by President Pranab Mukherjee. challenging the govt. The deadline for states to opt for this package is going to end on – 31 March 2013 (Once ratified by all states.

who allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of 11 March 2013 while being in prison at the high-security Tihar Jail. Kenyatta is the Deputy Prime Minister of the country but is a controversial figure in Kenyan politics. that has recently launched an issue of tax-free bonds to raise up to Rs.Y.000 crore? – Ennore. Which convention pertaining to diplomatic relations was used by the UN in this expulsion? – The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (US used Article 9 and 23 in justifying this expulsion) 8) Who became the first Bangladesh cricketer to score a double hundred in test matches on 11 March 2013? – Mushfiqur Rahim (Rahim is the captain of Bangladesh team and he scored exactly 200 against Sri Lanka in the first test match played at Galle in Sri Lanka) www. He has been sought after by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of his alleged role in crimes against humanity in his country during elections of 2007-08) 4) Governors of which two states were swapped on 9 March 2013 by the President? – Tripura and Bihar (Governor of Tripura D. What is the proposed name of this new organisation to be set up soon? – National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA) 1) Uttar Pradesh Govt. Which company is supplying laptops for this mammoth order? – HP (The promise of distribution of laptop to every student passing out of an intermediate class in 2012 and moving to a higher class. the Kumbh Mela 2013 has concluded) 6) Viren J.January 2013 Current Affairs . is believed to be the major factor for overwhelming youth vote for Samajwadi Party in the last assembly elections of 2012.5 million laptops. Suu Kyi represents which party in her country? – National League for Democracy (NLD) 6) Pakistan and Iran on 11 March 2013 inaugurated the $7. Delhi? – Ram Singh (He allegedly committed suicide in his cell in Tihar Jail No. with distribution of ten thousand laptops in Lucknow. started its tremendously popular scheme of distributing laptops from 11 March 2013. when it quit the project citing costs and security issues) 7) Two Venezuelan diplomats were expelled by the United States on 11 March 2013 in retaliation to expulsion of two of its diplomats by Venezuela on 9 March 2013. Uttar Pradesh Govt. in which lakhs of devotees took part. This snan was held on which occasion? – Maha Shivaratri (The first holy snan of Mahakumbh was held on the occasion of Makar Shankranti on 14-15 January 2013. Tamil Nadu (Ennore is the first port in the country to be managed by a corporate set up – Ennore Port Limited (EPL)) 4) The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recently gave its nod to a formal name for the joint-venture between Tata Group and Malaysia-based Air 23 24 www. Maharashtra and Gujarat. 2013 Current Affairs .7% votes in the Presidential elections defeating his rival Prime Minister Raila Odinga in a closely fought election. who was CBI director from August 2008 to November 2010 (He was appointed as Governor of Nagaland on 9 March 2013) 2) Who was appointed as the new Governor of Odisha on 9 March 2013? – SC Jamir (He is a four time Chief Minister of Nagaland and has also served as Governor in Goa. 2013 March 11-12. Who defeated her in semi-finals? – Ratchanok Intanon (Thailand). which is set to launch its airline operations in India. which fell on 10 February 2013. With the snan of Maha Shivaratri. 21-19 on 9 March 2013) 8) Pakistan’s lower house – the National Assembly on 9 March 2013 passed a bill which paves way for establishment of a new anti-terror organisation in the country. who defeated Saina by 21-15. He replaces MC Bhandare) 3) Who won the recently held Presidential Elections of Kenya? – Uhuru Kenyatta (He got 50. This gas pipeline will connect which Iranian city. who passed on 9 March 2013 at Jordan.3) 3) Which is India’s first corporatised port. Her party is gearing up for the General Elections due in the country in 2015. Patil was appointed as the Governor of Bihar while Bihar Governor Devanand Konwar was sent to Tripura) 5) Last holy snan of Mahakumbh was held on 10 March 2013. which is claimed to be the largest order of its kind in the world. with Pakistan? – Chahbahar (India was also a partner in this project till 2009. has placed an order for supply of 1.March 10. was a former Governor of which Indian state? – West Bengal (Shah was Governor of West Bengal from 1999 to 2004.NIRDESHAK.5 billion gas pipeline despite the US threat of possible sanctions over this project. He was also a former member of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and was also renowned industrialist. Shah. while the occasion which drew highest number of devotees was Mauni Amavasya. belonging to the Mukund Group) 7) Indian ace badminton player Saina Nehwal’s hopes of winning the All England Championship were dashed again after her loss in the semi-finals.January 2013 1) Who became the first head of the CBI to have been appointed as Governor of an Indian state? – Ashwani Kumar. 1. distributed laptops at Lucknow) 2) What is the name of the prime accused of the infamous Delhi gangrape case of Dec 2012. situated on the Iran-Pak . What is the formal name of this joint-venture? – Air Asia (India) Private Limited (This name was registered in the state of Maharashtra) 5) Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was reappointed as the leader of opposition on 10 March 2013.NIRDESHAK. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav along with his wife and other ministers of his govt.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank of India.March 13. Bengaluru and Cochin) 7) Union govt. who away on 12 March 2013. Their suspension resulted in a major controversy in the team) 10) A currency swap agreement for $100 million was signed between India and Bhutan during March 2012. that do not emit any X-rays) 4) Ganesh Pyne. Mysore and Shimla) www. Kochi. which became an icon of high-tech warfare through CNN video footage during the 1991 Gulf War. which is the central bank of Bhutan? – Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMAB) 11) What is the name of the party formed by former Karnataka Chief Minister and rebel BJP leader. which caused heavy damage to the ruling BJP in the recently held local body elections in the state. Chennai. The agreement was signed between the two central banks of the country. which regulates security parameters at country’s airports. saying that X-rays passing through passengers’ bodies expose them to radiation and associated health risks. James Pattinson. Ahmedabad. Hyderabad. “Nirbhay” is a long-range (1. Mumbai. Who is the present Italian ambassador to India? – Daniele Mancini (India was taken by surprise by Italy’s refusal to send its two marines – Latore Massimiliano and Salvatore Girone. Who are the three members in this committee? – Shravan Garg. on 12 March 2013 announced plans to launch one billion currency notes made of plastic on a field trial in five Indian cities.NIRDESHAK. initially in Delhi and NCR. results of which were declared on 11 March 2013? – Karnataka Janatha Paksha (KJP – Congress emerged as the biggest party in these elections claiming more than 1800 wards seats. 2013 9) Which 4 players were suspended from the upcoming test match at Mohali by the Australian cricket team on 11 March 2013? – Shane Watson (vice captain).com 25 26 www. He passed way at Kolkata) 5) Markandey Katju. after Supreme Court permitted them to go to their country to take part in General Elections held during 24-25 February 2013. which aims to strengthen economic co-operation between the two countries. These currency notes would be of which denomination? – . Chairperson of the Press Council of India (PCI). Ujjwala Barve (This committee was constituted in wake of recent comments of Katju that absence of a proper eligibility criterion was affecting the quality of reportage in the country) 6) Nokia India recently announced partnership with which public sector general insurance company to safeguard Nokia’s consumers against risk of mobile handset loss and damage? – New India Assurance (The mobile insurance plan will be available 14 March onwards on all Nokia devices purchased through Nokia branded retail stores. India’s Supreme Court had in February 2013 given its permission to these two marines to go to Italy for which purpose? – For taking part in Italy’s General Elections (Italian govt.NIRDESHAK. He was once described as “an artist’s artist” and was known for his small tempera paintings. recently constituted a 3-member committee to recommend minimum qualification required to become a journalist. KJP won more than 250 ward seats) 12) Italy on 11 March 2013 refused to return two of its marines being tried in India for killing two fishermen while on duty aboard a merchant ship. subsonic cruise missile and is an Indian version of the US military’s Tomahawk cruise missile. Mitchell Johnson and Usman Khwaja (These players were suspended by captain Michael Clarke and coach Mickey Arthur. was associated with which field? – Painting (76 year old Pyne was a renowned painter and his career spanned over five decades. It is being developed by the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)) 2) Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on 12 March 2013 summoned Italian ambassador and the Indian Foreign Secretary Rajan Mathai told the that Italy must send its two marines within four weeks to stand in the trial here. justified its move refusing to honour an Indian Supreme Court order because according to it India had not responded to requests for a diplomatic solution to the case) 1) What is the name of India’s first indigenously developed subsonic cruise missile. JD(S) won 870 seats while ruling BJP plunged to third place with about 800+ ward seats. Rajeev Sabade and Dr. 10 (These plastic notes would be launched in Bhubhaneswar.000 km). The two marines are accused of killing two Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala) 3) The plans to install full body X-ray scanners at Indian airports were rejected by country’s nuclear safety regulator recently. Jaipur. whose maiden launch was terminated midway on 12 March 2013 as it deviated from its course? – “Nirbhay” (The launch of “Nirbhay” from Interim Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur (Odisha) was partially successful as it flew more than 200 km along the Odisha coast. This move caught India by surprise. which were rich in imagery and colours.000-2. BCAS is now planning to replace the backscatter technology scanners with scanners that use the millimeter wave technology. What is the name of India’s nuclear safety regulator which made these recommendations to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)? – Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) – AERB made these recommendations to BCAS. Jaipur.

This all women post office is situated at – Shastri Bhawan. where former Chief Minister Arjun Munda had resigned after his govt. As the Pope.000 crore for financial years 2006-07 and 2007-08. At present he is the archbishop of Buenos Aires) 2) Camp of which para-military force was attacked by fidayeen militants on 13 March 2013 at Srinagar.480) 9) UK Govt. The annual subscription will cost Rs 34. for alleged understatement of revenues of over Rs.NIRDESHAK.46 crore). President’s rule has been clamped how many times in Jharkhand since its formation in 2000? – 3 times 4) According to an announcement made by the union govt. Understated revenues of these companies were – Reliance Communications (3.490. This was the first such attack in Kashmir Valley in last 3 years) 3) The Parliament on 13 March 2013 approved proclamation of the President’s rule in Jharkhand. in which seven persons including five security personnel were killed? – CRPF (A camp of CRPF situated in Bemina area of Srinagar in Kashmir valley was attacked by fidayeen (suicide squads) militants.620 till April 30. Bharti Airtel (Rs 1.402. Tata Teleservices (Rs 3. which was launched on 13 March 2013? – APEX (Advanced Purchase Fare) – This scheme has been launched especially to lure train travellers travelling by AC classes.927. In this meeting age of consent for sex was retained at 16 and it was also agreed that the phrase “sexual assault” be replaced with the word “rape” in all laws.885 till April 30. after which the price will be Rs 48. five telecom companies were sent show cause notices by the govt. 2013 8) What is the name of Adobe’s new membership-based service which provides access to products and service through cloud. registration. Tata Teleservices. which was launched on 12 March 2013 in an effort to prevent use of pirated Adobe software in India? – Creative Cloud (Creative Cloud is a membership-based service that offers users access to download and install all Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications besides other Adobe software like Muse. Acrobat XI and Lightroom 4.NIRDESHAK. 10.156. with air-fares kept close to air-conditioned train fares) 7) India’s first post office employing all women employees was inaugurated recently by Kapil Sibbal. Who is heading this GoM? – P.040 per month. Bharti Airtel.92 crore). Union Minister for Communications and IT on the occasion of International Women’s .94 crore) and Idea (Rs 848. in Parliament on 13 March 2013. Vodafone (Rs 1.87 crore)) 5) Asia’s largest solar power plant was commissioned on 12 March 2013 at Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district by which company? – Welspun Energy (The 50 MW solar power plant is the largest photo-voltaic power plant of the country and is commissioned under the phase-1 of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission) 6) What is the acronym given to Air India’s 60-day advance ticket purchase scheme for vacation travellers. which uses UKBA’s mobile Biometric Enrolment System (BES) equipment to take biometric data) 10) What is the name of a new 4-seater electric car to be launched by Mahindra on 18 March 2013? – e2O (This car would replace Mahindra’s present Reva series of electric cars and would be manufactured at Mahindra’s new plant in Bangaluru) 1) Argentina’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as the 266th Pope of the Vatican on 13 March 2013. was reduced to a minority in January 2013. which would provide faster submission process of visa applications at an addition cost? – Goa (This is an initiative of UK Border Agency (UKBA). Which five companies are these? – Reliance Communications. launched its first ever Mobile Biometric Clinic (MBC) at which state of India on 12 March 2013. Creative Cloud’s monthly subscription will cost Rs 2. Vodafone and Idea. New Delhi (This post office has three counters — two offer multi-purpose services like booking of speed 27 28 www. following which it will be priced at Rs 4. booking of money-orders while one counter is for sale of stamps) 8) Differences within the Cabinet over the proposed amendments to rape-related laws were resolved on 13 March 2013 in the related Group of Ministers (GoM) meeting. sale of IPOs. Chidambaram.March 14.50 crore). Union Finance Minister www. Bergoglio would be known by which papal name? – Francis (Jorge Bergoglio became the first Pope from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium.

bowing to the demands of an organisation. who became the first Aboriginal leader of a provincial government in the country on 14 March 2013? – Adam Giles (Aboriginals are the original residents of Australia who suffered a lot from Western settlers. Another important provision of this bill is that only men can be charged under rape) 2) The Supreme Court on 14 March 2013 issued notice to the Italian Ambassador and restrained him from leaving the country without its permission in the case pertaining to two Italian marines. which may be extended to ‘natural life’ of the convict in jail (This bill also lowers the age of consent for sex from 18 to 16 years. Aboriginals still live in impoverished conditions and have almost insignificant political representation) www. Main demand of YRD was release of 50% of all the water impounded at Hathni Kund barrage in Haryana so that the Yamuna has its natural flow.NIRDESHAK. Axis Bank (Cobrapost. of being allegedly involved in widespread money laundering activities? – ICICI conducted numerous sting operations to vindicate its stand) 6) National Assembly or the lower house of Pakistan Parliament on 14 March 2013 passed a resolution condemning the hanging of Afzal Guru and demanded the return of his body to his family. which will provide homes to the rural poor and will be another entitlement-based legislation like the National Food Security Bill. who arrived from various countries like UK centuries ago. which will be discussed in inter-ministerial meeting and which will be circulated among ministries and states on 18 March 2013? – The draft National Right to Homestead Bill. who brought the issue before the Supreme Court 3) What is India’s rank in the Human Development Report . Norway tops the list while Niger ranks the lowest) 4) Union Govt. stalking and voyeurism as criminal offences. Most of the YRD protestors are from the Braj area) 5) Which three private sector banks were charged on 14 March 2013 by independent investigative journalist. which provides for stringent punishment for crimes against women. 2013. chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Rehman also heads a parliamentary panel on Kashmir) 7) What is the name of the new head of Australia’s Northern Territory. 2013 10) Which destination of Jammu and Kashmir was awarded the best ‘All Seasons Destination’ of the world by Pacific Asia Travel Writers Association (PATWA) at the recently concluded Berlin Tourism Fair? – Gulmarg 1) The Union Cabinet on 14 March 2013 cleared the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill. HDFC Bank. What is the name of this organisation? – Yamuna Rakshak Dal – YRD (YRD started protest march from Mathura and reached Delhi with its demands. is set to propose a new bill in the Parliament soon. The Attorney General of India.551 to 0. 2011. released on 14 March 2013 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)? – 136 out of 186 countries (India’s position is unchanged since last year (2011) but its HDI (Human Development Index) value has increased from last year’s 0. Aniruddha Bahal of 29 30 www. What is the name of the draft of this new on 13 March 2013 agreed to release additional 250 cusec water into the Yamuna river. What is the minimum jail-term for rape in this bill? – 20 years.March 15. Who had moved this resolution in the Pakistani house? – Maulana Fazlur Rehman. which started a movement to protect Yamuna from degradation and pollution.554. The average global HDI value for 2012 is 0. This order was passed on plea of whom? – G E Vahanvati. 2013 9) The UPA Govt. including rape. and also defines acid attack.

What is the system of calculation adopted by Indian oil companies for pricing of petroleum products? – Oil firms calculate the desired retail price on 1st and 16th of every month based on average imported oil price on the previous fortnight (Price of diesel remained unchanged. which was to formulate a new education policy in line with the massive changes in the field of education. which would give clear definitions to FDI and FII with an aim to remove ambiguity over the two types of foreign investments? – Arvind Mayaram (Secretary. who passed away on 15 March 2013. who defeated India by 2-0 9) World’s biggest biogas plant was inaugurated in which country on 12 March 2013. The pension scheme would be contributory in nature. which is the steepest reduction in petrol prices in last nine 31 32 www.March 16. stake in NALCO was disinvested? – 6% 6) Kerala Govt.0.60 per liter) 3) A 50-50 joint-venture between India’s public sector aeronautical company HAL and Britain’s Rolls Royce was set up recently. which was proposed by Kapil Sibbal when he was the HRD minister) 1) Dr. 1000 each annually per beneficiary. with both state and centre providing Rs.NIRDESHAK. those workers working in MGNREGA scheme would be provided pension. This price reduction was done in tune with ease in international price of crude oil. 0. Who is this noted sociologist. which opened its production facility on 15 March 2013. which was expected to be increased by Rs. 620 crore from stake sale in public sector aluminium producer NALCO on 15 March 2013. Germany. Anji Reddy. announced a new pension scheme in the state budget released on 15 March 2013.50 to Rs. K. How much govt. France. who was to head the SEC? – Andre Beteille (Beteille was reportedly hurt due to attempts of new HRD minister Pallam Raju’s attempt at recasting the SEC. 2013 8) India lost to which team in their penultimate round-robin match in the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament at Ipoh (Malaysia) on 14 March 2013 to crash out of the tournament? – New Zealand. 135 crore ($25 million) and is providing employment for 100 Indian engineers) 4) Who was appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) and CEO of Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) on 15 March 2013? – Kenichi Ayukawa (His appointment will be effective from 1 April 2013 and he will replace Shinzo Nakanishi) 5) Union Govt. Centre’s contribution would be through which scheme? – Swavalambhan Scheme 7) A recently released report has mentioned that “By 2020. Italy. who have completed 100 days of work in a year. which has a capacity to produce 140 megawatts of electricity from gasified biomass? – Finland (This plant is situated in Vaasa in Central Finland and would mainly use wood residue from Finland’s large forestry sector) 10) One of India’s most celebrated sociologists has recently dissociated himself from the proposed Second Education Commission (SEC). Reddy’s Laboratories (He was the Chairman of the company) 2) Petrol prices were reduced by Rs. raised Rs. Economic Affairs) www. This facility will manufacture Trent family of aero engines and compressor parts for marine and energy gas turbines. was the founder which famous pharmaceutical company of India? – Dr. the combined economic output of three leading developing countries alone – Brazil. Which report is this? – The 2013 Human Development Report (Released by the UNDP) 8) Who was awarded Asia’s most prestigious prize – the Man Asian Literary Prize for 2012 on 14 March 2013? – Tan Twan Eng of Malaysia for his novel “The Garden of Evening Mists” – This is the first Man Asian Literary Prize for a Malaysian writer (Celebrated Indian author Jeet Thayil’s book “Narcopolis” was also nominated for this prize) 9) Who is the head of a newly constituted 4-member panel. This newly unveiled manufacturing facility is located in which city? – Bangalore (This joint venture was formed with an investment of Rs. the United Kingdom and the United States”.com . 2 per liter from the midnight of 15 March 2013. Under this pension scheme.NIRDESHAK. China and India – will surpass the aggregate production of Canada.

com www. who was dropped after his indifferent form in first two test matches of the ongoing series) 4) HDFC Bank on 16 March 2013 announced appointment of a renowned audit firm to conduct an independent forensic inquiry into allegations of some of its officials facilitating money laundering activities. Andy Rubin was the architect of Android. Which three powerful offices have been transferred to the new President? – Party. who has been appointed as CEO of Google’s Android operating system in place of Andy Rubin. Army and State (Party means Communist Party of China. Dhawan broke record of which batsman by scoring this debut century? – Dwayne Smith of West Indies who had scored his debut century in 93 balls against South Africa in Cape Town in January 2004 (Delhi’s Shikhar Dhawan took place of Virendra Sehwag. which is being supported by almost all important political parties? – A) The draft of this new constitution curbs powers of the president and imposes a maximum of two 5-year terms for the President B) It gives more power to cabinet and the parliament C) Introduces partial devolution of power to provincial powers (The powers of Zimbabwean parliament and cabinet were weakened considerably during 33-year long tenure of former President Robert Mugabe. What is the name of this audit firm? – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India (HDFC Bank along with ICICI Bank and Axis Bank was charged of indulging money laundering activities by Aniruddha Bahal. when he scored a scintillating 85-ball century against Australia at PCA stadium at Mohali on 16 March 2013. an important ally of the UPA govt. which are due on – 21 June 2013 14) Web software giant Google’s recent announcement of closure of a popular service. Army means People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and State means the State of China) 12) Who took over as the new Prime Minister of China on 15 March 2013? – Li Keqiang (He took over the reins from Wen Jiabao) 13) Nepal’s Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was sworn in as country’s interim Prime Minister on 14 March 2013. on 16 March 2013 stated that it is seriously considering making its threat to quit the union cabinet and even the UPA on the issue of taking stringent stand against Sri Lanka at the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva. who stepped down from his post? – Sundar Pichai (Pichai was heading Google’s Chrome web browser as well as applications like Google Drive and 5) A noted Indian journalist was named as the new editor of TIME International magazine on 15 March 2013 and he has become the first non-American world editor in TIME’s history. in which all 5 commands and 33 squadrons of the IAF are taking part) 2) Which day has been declared as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. sparked a strong criticism by devoted fans and users of the service. What are the main provisions in the proposed new constitution. 2013 10) What is the name of an Indian-origin executive.March 17. He will discharge his duties as interim Prime Minister and under him the govt. DMK has been exerting pressure on the Centre to bring amendments to the resolution brought against Sri Lanka for its alleged human rights violations. at the Centre. will hold the elections in the country. which is now world’s top-selling mobile operating system) 11) China’s new Communist Party leader Xi Jinping completed his formal transition to power on 14 March 2013 by taking over the post of China’s President from Hu Jintao during a parliamentary meeting. What is the name of this service? – Google Reader (Google announced closure of Reader because it had been steadily losing users over the years as people switched to Facebook and Twitter to keep track of web updates) 1) What is the name of a month-long exercise started by the Indian Air Force (IAF) from 16 March 2013. What is his name? – Bobby Ghosh 6) DMK. who came out with sting of bank employees commissioned by cobrapost. Full-scale presidentialand parliamentary elections are slated in the country in July 2013) 34 www. especially of the Tamils.) 7) A one-day referendum was held in Zimbabwe on 16 March 2013 to take consent of citizens for a new 33 . on which India will award its first ever national awards for recognizing efforts in the field of prevention of drug Abuse and alcoholism? – 26 June (The national awards for pioneering initiatives in prevention and rehabilitation of drug abuse and alcoholism have been constituted by The Union ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment) 3) Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan scored the fastest test century by a batsman on his debut. which allowed users to easily follow updates from around the web. which is the largest exercise of its kind in a decade? – “Live Wire” (This exercise started at Rajasthan’s Chandhana firing range. Which country has moved this resolution at the ongoing UNHRC meet at Geneva? – The United States (DMK is seeking Indian intervention to amend the US draft to include the demand for an independent international investigation and prosecution into allegations of human rights violations and war crimes by Sri Lankan Govt.

What is it? – It was the first National Assembly in Pakistan’s 66 year old history to complete full term (This assembly was formed after Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) victory in the 2008 elections) 2) What was the name given to a rally organized by Janta Dal – United (JD(U)) under the leadership of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 17 March 2013. Singapore. Mumbai was listed at 16th spot) 8) India finished at which position at the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2013 held in Ipoh (Malaysia)? – Fifth (India defeated Pakistan 4-2 in the classification match for fifth-sixth positions on 17 March 2013) www.NIRDESHAK. Indian F1 team collected 10 points with its drivers Adrian Sutil (Germany) and Paul Di Resta (Britain) claiming 7th and 8th position respectively) 5) India’s largest bank the SBI recently announced plans to open how many branches spread all over the country in the next fiscal year? – 1200 (SBI also announced plans to open 8 overseas branches) 6) An independent study of over forty thousand ISPs (Internet Service Provider) conducted by Holland’s Giovane Cesar Moreira Moura has revealed that world’s almost half spam messages (unsolicited or junk messages) are sent through an Indian ISP.March 18. Paris. 2010 1) The term of National Assembly. where one square meter of residential space cost between $ 57. Which Indian ISP is this? – BSNL (This study revealed that majority of the phising attacks came from ISP’s based in the US whereas spammers tend to favour Asian ISPs. New York. .600 to 63. Sydney and Shanghai in this list. in which special status for Bihar was demanded by show of strength? – “Adhikar Rally” 3) A famous media and publication group based in Kerala celebrated its 125th anniversary on 16 March 2013.700 (Monaco was followed by Hong Kong. Moscow. Which group is this? – Malayala Manorama Group 4) Kimi Raikkonen of Finland on 17 March 2013 won the first Formula One Grand Prix race of 2013. Cyprus becomes the fifth euro zone member to receive a bail-out package for the European Union and the IMF since Greece was rescued in the wake the sovereign debt crisis in May. in which the President Pranab Mukherjee released a postage stamp on this group. 2013 8) How much financial assistance was given to debt-stricken Cyprus in the extraordinary meeting of euro zone finance ministers held in European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels on 15 March 2013? – $ 13 billion (10 billion Euros) – With this 35 36 www. London.NIRDESHAK. Raikkonen belongs to which F1 team? – Lotus (Spain’s Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) took second spot while two time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel of Germany (Red Bull) came third. the lower house of Pakistani Parliament ended on 16 March 2013. by delivering a breathtaking performance at the Australian F1 GP in Melbourne. With this the lower house made unique record in Pakistan’s democratic history. The study declared Nigeria’s Spectranet as the world’s most crime-ridden network with 62% of the criminal-intended spam originating from this network) 7) Which city was rated as the most expensive residential space in the world in the latest report of real estate consultancy Frank Knight? – Monaco.

India’s poor showing was mainly due to low sex ratio.NIRDESHAK.NIRDESHAK. Hyderabad. Mizoram. which was announced on 18 March 2013? – Irrfan Khan (for Hindi film “Pan Singh Tomar”) and Vikram Gokhale (for Marathi film “Anumati”) List of Prominent winners of 60th National Film Award. a real-life story of athlete-turned-dacoit by Tigmanshu Dhulia 7) Which two actors were jointly awarded the 60th National Film Award for Best Actor.March 19. This four-seater 2-door car can run for 100 km per charge and incorporates new generation lithium-ion batteries) 2) Union govt. Apart from the armies of the US and Nepal many other countries will also take part in this exercise. What are the new changes incorporated in the bill? – A) Age for consensual sex has been retained at 18 years against the earlier proposed 16 years B) The provisions on stalking and voyeurism in the proposed bill have been diluted (The criminal law ordinance was promulgated by the President on 3 February 2013 following the public outrage over the December 16 Delhi gangrape. Jammu and Kashmir. 2013. whose operations were suspended by the Nigerian authorities on 18 March? – Dana Air (Operations of this airline were suspended after Nigerian parliament complained of the airline’s shoddy manner of paying compensations to victims of a crash that left nearly 200 people dead last year) www. which seeks to strengthen laws to deal with sexual crimes against 37 38 www. Ahmedabad. Bangalore. Tripura. 2013 1) Mahindra Group launched its first electric car named “e2o” on 18 March 2013. How many Indian states are at present given special status? – Eleven (11) These states are – Arunachal Pradesh. on 18 March 2013 announced year-long celebrations for completion of 50 year of its Legislative Assembly? – Goa (First Legislative Assembly of the State was convened on 9 January 1964) 4) What is the name of a joint military exercise between the US and Nepal to be conducted from 25 March 2013 to 7 April 2013? – Shanti Prayas – II (This exercise would be held in Panchkhal. Uttarakhand and Meghalaya 6) Which film was adjudged the Best Feature Film in the 60th National Film Awards announced on 18 March 2013? – “Pan Singh Tomar”.com . on 18 March 2013 agreed to incorporate major changes in the proposed Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill. which was India’s first manufacturer of electric cars? – Reva (e2o was launched in Delhi and would also be launched in Mumbai. when it breaks for recess) 3) Which state govt. low women members in parliament and low percentage of women in India’s work-force 9) India’s Test win over Australia at Mohali on 18 March 2013 by 6 wickets made a unique distinction in India’s test history. which were announced on 18 March 2013 Best Feature Film : Pan Singh Tomar Best Director: Shivaji Lotan Patil for Dhag (Marathi) Best Actor : Irrfan Khan for Pan Singh Tomar (Hindi) and Vikram Gokhale for Anumati (Marathi) Best Actress: Usha Jadhav for Dhag (Marathi) Best Supporting Actor: Annu Kapoor for Vicky Donor Best Supporting Actress: Dolly Alhuwalia for Vicky Donor and Kalpana for Thanichallanjan (Malyalam) Indira Gandhi award for best debut film : Chittagong (By Bedabrata Pain) and Malayalam film 101 Chodiyangal (By Siddhartha Siva) Best Popular film providing wholesome entertainment : Hindi film Vicky Donor (Produced by John Abraham) Best Children’s film : Dekh India Circus 8) What was India’s rank in the Gender Inequality Index (GII) released by the UNDP in its Human Development Index 2013 report? – 132 (out of total 187 countries in the list) – Only Afghanistan was ranked lower than India among the countries from South-Asia in this list. Nagaland. Sikkim. in which several parties raised their oppositions to the provisions in the proposed bill. What distinction is this? – India has never before won more than 2 test matches against Australia in a test series in its 81-year test history (Shikhar Dhawan was awarded man of the match award for his brilliant 187 debut knock) 10) What is the name of an Indian-owned airline operated in Nigeria. This car is has been made after the group acquired which Bangalore-based car maker almost 3 years ago. Chandigarh and Kochi. which is about 50 km east of Nepalese capital Kathmandu. Himachal Pradesh. Pune. Manipur. These changes were cleared at a Cabinet meeting which followed an all party meeting on the issue. Assam. which is priced at about 6 lakh after state subsidy. The ordinance lapses on 4 April 2013 and Parliament has to pass the bill by 22 March 2013. Objective of this exercise is to increase regional peace in the Asia-Pacific region and improve peacekeeping capabilities of the participants) 5) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 17 March 2013 demanded special status for his state by conducting a massive rally title “Adhikar Rally.

5% (This reduction in Repo Rate was announced in RBI’s mid-quarter monetary policy review. which was approved the Union Cabinet on 18 March 2013? – This bill mandates all central and state govt. seeks to amend which acts/codes of Indian criminal laws? – A) Indian Penal Code B) Code of Criminal Procedure C) Indian Evidence Act D) Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 3) DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). yellow would signify a medium risk. belonging to the eligible group of beneficiaries Other salient features of this proposed Food Security Bill are – 67% of Indian population would be covered under this plan Rice will be supplied at Rs. the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) remained unchanged at 4%. Yellow and Brown (A blue colour coded box would indicate low risk. 20. How many colours have been made available in this colour coding scheme? – Three colours – Blue.25%. was also reduced by 0. country’s largest bank. It should be noted that Government plans to infuse around Rs 14. 3 per kg to all beneficiaries Wheat will be supplied at Rs. 10 lakh and is conferred annually for literary works in any language included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. What is the new Repo Rate after this reduction? – 7. which selected the awardee) 8) How much money was recently infused into the State Bank of India (SBI). which means writings on the sand (Saraswati Samman carries a cash prize of Rs. Repo Rate is the interest rate at which banks borrow short-term cash from the RBI whereas Reverse Repo Rate is the rate at which banks provide short-term cash to the RBI) 5) What are the prime objectives of The Electronic Services Bill. How much food grain per person is proposed to be provided under this ambitious plan? – 5 Kg of food-grain per month per person. 3004 crore (With this fresh infusion Union govt. which will start from 1 April 2013) 9) Market regulator SEBI on 19 March 2013 issued guidelines pertaining to product labelling with colour coding of mutual fund products.000 crore in state-run banks this fiscal to boost their core capital ratios as they prepare to comply with the Basel-III guidelines. on 19 March 2013. However. also known as the so-called anti-rape Bill. which concluded on 17 March 2013? – Australia.000 crore will be accrued on the state exchequer on account of this plan Prices of food-grains provided under the plan to be revised after three years from the implementation of the act 2) The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill-2013.’s holding in SBI has increased from 61. by the union govt. who defeated hosts Malaysia by 3-2 in the finals (This cup was held in Ipoh Malaysia from 9 March to 17 March 2013. still above the required majority mark of 272) 4) Reserve Bank of India on 19 March 2013 reduced the Repo Rate by 0.31%. while brown would represent schemes with high risk. product labels carrying details about the schemes would be disclosed on the front page of initial offerings’ application forms) 10) Which team won the 22nd edition of Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Cup. popularly known as Reverse Repo Rate. recently. is not under any immediate danger as it enjoys outside support of SP (22 members in Lok Sabha) and BSP (21 members).58% to 62. the Union Govt. Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice RC Lahoti is the chairman of the 13-member jury. which would provide subsidized food grains to about two-third of country’s population. which is now 6. UPA’s claimed numbers in the Lok Sabha stood at 283. 2 per kg to all beneficiaries Coarse grains will be supplied at 39 40 www. after which expectations of lowering of lending rates by banks have arisen. Korea finished third in the tournament while India finished 5th) www. mutual investment and other areas C) India and China should strengthen cultural ties and constantly increase the mutually expanding friendship between the two countries D) The two countries should expand coordination and collaboration in multi-lateral fora to jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries and tackle global challenges E) Both countries should accommodate each other’s core concerns and properly handle problems and differences existing between the two countries 7) KK Birla Foundation’s prestigious Saraswati Samman 2012 has been conferred on which poetess recently? – Malayalam poetess Sugathakumari for her poetry collection titled “Manalezhuthu”. as part of its plan of recapitalization of state-run banks? – Rs. 2013 1) Union Cabinet on 19 March 2013 gave its approval to the revised Food Security Bill. After this 3 year’s extra time has been provided under the bill to initiate these services in the recommended format) 6) Chinese President Xi Jinping on 19 March 2013 unveiled how many point formula to improve ties with India? – 5-Point Formula Chinese President’s 5-point formula includes : A) China and India should maintain strategic communication and keep the bilateral relations on the right track B) Both countries should harness each other’s comparative strengths and expand win-win cooperation in infrastructure. to notify the services that would be provided through electric medium. The short term borrowing .March 20. 1 per kg to all beneficiaries About 2.5%. has how many members in the Lok Sabha? – 18 (DMK had 5 ministers in the Centre including one cabinet minister.NIRDESHAK.23 million tonnes in the proposed plan Extra burden of Rs. However. departments that offer public services to start providing all services to citizens through electronic medium within a span of 8 years (This bill is of directive nature and gives time of 5 years to central and state govt. As per the guidelines issued by the SEBI. which withdrew its support from the UPA led Union Govt. which will be effective from 1 July 2013.43 crore poorest of the poor families covered under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) scheme under PDS would get legal entitlement to 35 kg of food-grain per family per month Food-grains requirement is expected to be 61.NIRDESHAK. which was passed by the Lok Sabha on 19 March 2013.

All Indian cricketers including Mahendra Singh Dhoni. through which the bank successfully raised funds worth $500 million? – 3. The tenure of 224-member Karnataka Assembly is to expire on 3 June 2013) 6) Who was the President of Bangladesh. which was done through an offer for sale (OFS) during last week? – LIC (LIC picked up NALCO’s 5. which was released on 19 March 2013 in New Delhi? – “The Test of My Life” (This book co-authored by Nishant Arora and Sharda . with just one member in the Lok Sabha. which also withdrew its support from the UPA Govt. Sachin Tendulkar and Virendra Sehwag were present at the release ceremony) 3) What is the name of the Dravidian political party of Tamil Nadu. is an account of Yuvraj’s battle with cancer and his return to international cricket. This version of BrahMos has a range of 292-km and this was the first test firing of an underwater supersonic cruise missile anywhere in the world and the missile travelled its complete range of over 290 km. Indian Navy and the BrahMos team comprising of Indian and Russian defence scientists were involved in this test) 2) What is the name of cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s memoirs. Bangladesh Govt. Where in Bay of Bengal was this test conducted? – Near Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh (the test-fire was conducted from an underwater pontoon near Vishakhapatnam. which is expected to boost flow of overseas funds into Indian capital markets? – SEBI has permitted FIIs to offer 41 42 www. or one third of the 15. on 19 March 2013? – VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi) VCK’s only Lok Sabha member is Thol. Apple’s iPhone 5 was ranked fifth with 1596 points) 5) The Election Commission on 20 Mach 2013 declared the election schedule for Karnataka’s legislative assembly. who passed away on 20 March 2013 in a hospital in Singapore? – Zillur Rahman (84-year old Rehman was was a top leader of the ruling Awami League party before Parliament elected him President in 2009. while HTC One was at second spot with 2687 points.69 crore shares disinvested through OFS) 9) Which permission was granted by market regulator SEBI on 20 March 2013. securities and corporate bonds as collaterals for their cash and derivatives transactions on the stock exchanges 10) What is the coupon rate of five-year bonds sold by the state-run IDBI Bank recently in international markets. as announced by the President Asif Ali Zardari on 20 March 2013? – 11 May 2013 (Significance of this proposed election is that it would be first time in Pakistan’s troubled democratic history that will mark the first ever transfer of power from an elected govt. Thirumavalavan.75% (Main feature of this coupon rate is that this is the cheapest ever coupon rate for the bank) www. which was launched last week (S4 received a score of 3163. who is also Chairman of the VCK) 4) Which phone was rated as the “Fastest Smartphone Yet” in a research conducted recently by Primate Labs.NIRDESHAK.25 crore shares. makers of GeekBench? – Samsung’s Galaxy S4. to another) 8) Which financial institution has picked up largest share in the recently held disinvestment of PSU aluminium major NALCO. 2013 1) Indian defence research initiatives received a major boost on 20 March 2013 after India became the first country in the world to successfully test fired a submarine-launched version of a supersonic cruise missile (BrahMos) from the Bay of Bengal. DRDO.March 21.NIRDESHAK. declared three days of state mourning in the country) 7) What was the date set for Pakistan’s next General Elections. When the state would go to polls to elect members for the assembly? – 5 May 2013 (The results would be declared on 8 May 2013.

the former ally of UPA Govt. West Bengal. which took place on 12 March 1993) 5) How many countries voted in favour of the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Meet at Geneva on 21 March 2013? – 25 countries (India also voted in support of this resolution. on 22 March 2013.) 6) Which famous former footballer of India was appointed as the chairman of the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) technical committee recently? – Bhaichung Bhutia (Bhutia who retired from active football in 2011 has taken place of Mohammad Habib. while 8 countries abstained from voting.March . Tamil Nadu.82% (This stake-sale (disinvestment) would be done either through an offer for sale (OFS) or an auction) 9) A report on restructuring of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies). India was unable to make amendments in this resolution to make it harsher. former Judge of Supreme Court 2) The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill. which is of-late lagging in achieving its objective of promoting the industry. which was set up about two years ago. was passed by the Rajya Sabha on 21 March 2013. According to this report how many Indians live in slums? – About 43 44 www. What is the most important clause in this bill? – This bill for the first time defines stalking and voyeurism as non-bailable offences if repeated for the second time 3) Actor Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to 5-year prison by the Supreme Court on 21 March 2013 for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. which was voted-against by 13 countries. which was the primary demand of DMK. What was his crime? – Illegal possession of arms. Who is the Chairman of FSLRC? – Justice BN Shrikrishna. Who is the head of the committee which prepared this report? – NR Narayan Murthy (Chairman Emeritus Infosys) 10) What was the name of a summit organized by Google in New Delhi on 21 March 2013. IT service providers and BPO operators.NIRDESHAK. 2013 1) The Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC). Andhra Pradesh. which is the first such report on slum households by the RGI. in which Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt outlined his vision of making India a primary market for Google in the coming years? – Google Big Tent Activate Summit 2013 www. two days after it was passed by the lower house Lok Sabha on 19 March 2013. on 21 March 2013 released a census report on slum households prepared by the Registrar General of India (RGI). who was awarded death sentence by the Supreme Court on 21 March 2013? – Yakub Abdul Razak Memon (He is the brother of absconding accused Tiger Memon (257 people had died and over 700 were injured in Mumbai blasts.8 crore (It was reported that majority of slum-dwellers were located in 6 states of the country – Maharashtra. allegedly from the same consignment of ammunition used in carrying out the massacre that led to killing of 257 persons while leaving more than 700 others injured (Sanjay Dutt has already served around 18 months in custody) 4) Who is the sole convict of the 1993 Mumbai blast case. is to sell how much of its stake in public sector steel major SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) on 22 March 2013? – 5. submits its final report to the govt.NIRDESHAK. This report is expected to include a comprehensive review of the current financial sector regulatory architecture and legislation. India’s premier trade association of software companies. 2013. Bhutia was captain of India’s national soccer team for many years) 7) Union Govt. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh) 8) Union Govt. This report has mainly highlighted crisis in governance of NASSCOM. also popularly known as the anti-rape Bill. was released recently.

Uttarakhand Police on 22 March 2013 registered an FIR on base of this report but did not named anyone) www. if the country doesn’t agrees to Euro Zone’s bail-out package by 25 March 2013) 10) Bhatti Commission recently submitted its report pertaining to irregularities done in Uttarakhand between 2007 and 2012. LIC had also acquired highest shares in recent divestment of public sector aluminium company NALCO) 6) Which state.NIRDESHAK. Pallam Raju on 22 March 2013? – National Testing Agency – NTA (Pallam Raju said the proposal to set up the agency will be discussed in the upcoming Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) meeting and final decision will be taken after discussions with the states) 9) The Parliament of debt-stricken Cyprus had recently rejected the $10 billion bail-out package offered by the Euro Zone. who arrived in this country on 22 March 2013? – Russia (Xinping arrived in Moscow for his first trip abroad as China’s new President. His prominent literary works include “Things Fall Apart”. during March 2013. through which the union govt. What has been proposed by FIH in place of extra-time? – The match would directly go into penalty shoot-outs (FIH announced this decision at body’s Executive Board Meet held in Kuala Lumpur. “Anthills of the Savannah” and “The Trouble with Nigeria”) 5) Which state-owned corporation purchased almost 40% shares in the stake sale of public sector steel major SAIL. This commission’s report deals with which company / corporation of the state govt. While he has sought to mark himself as different from his predecessor Hu Jintao on domestic issues. 1. He was citizen of which country? – Nigeria (Achebe served as a bridge between Africa and the West as a writer. passed away at the age of 82 recently. became the first Indian state to implement electronic General Provident Fund (e-GPF) facility for state’s GPF holders and pensioners? – Arunachal Pradesh (A newly redesigned website – www. who was sworn-in at a special ceremony at the India Centre in Cardiff on 20 March 2013? – Raj Aggarwal (Aggarwal is Chairman of Aggarwal Group. Who was Italian Prime Minister’s special representative on this matter.500 crore. with the European Central Bank (ECB) warning of stopping cash supplies to Cyprus. diluted 5. widely seen as “The Grandfather of Modern African Literature”. which angered Euro Zone countries? – Russia (Euro Zone countries warned of dire consequences to Cyprus. in a surprising move. Cyprus. was launched recently by Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Nabam Tuki. 600 crore out of SAIL’s total stake sale of over Rs. which was held on 22 March 2013 through an offer for sale (OFS)? – LIC (LIC bid for about Rs. 2013 1) Two Italian marines Latore Massimiliano and Salvatore Girone. accused of killing two Kerala 45 46 www.M. which has business interests in south Wales include a chain of pharmacies. he continues Hu’s example of wooing Russia for diplomatic support and energy supplies) 3) Who was recently appointed as India’s first diplomat in Wales. FIH has been under pressure to make hockey more spectator friendly and less complicated after it nearly got the axe from the 2020 Olympics) 8) What is the proposed name of a proposed new agency which would be assigned the task of conducting NET (National Eligibility Test) and GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) tentatively from 2014. The commission in its report claimed that then Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhariyal illegally appointed Hemant Dwivedi as Chairman of USTDC in February 2010. broadcaster and lecturer and is considered as a yardstick against which generations of African writers have been judged ever He will act as India’s representative on behalf of the Indian High Commission in the UK) 4) Novelist and poet Chinua Achebe. stating that the conditions attached with the package are tough and unpractical.? – Uttarakhand Seeds and Tarai Development Corporation – USTDC (Bhatti Commission tabled its report in the Uttarakhand Assembly on 19 March 2013. who escorted the two marines? – Staffan de Mistura (He is also Italy’s deputy foreign minister) 2) Which was the first country visited by the newly appointed Chinese President Xi .NIRDESHAK. on 21 March 2013 announced to do away with the concept of extra-time to decide the outcome of a tied-match. This site would provide online information access to accountholders and has many interactive features) 7) In a major change in international hockey rules.March 23. FIH – the game’s governing body. as announced by Union HRD Minister M. had shown interest to package offered by which country. returned to India on 22 March 2013 after India assured Italy that the two soldiers would not be arrested on their return or face death penalty in their case.82% of its holding in SAIL.arunachalfinance.

India is likely to have to bear almost the entire burden of construction. who served as the head of National Security Guard (NSG). which disrupted game’s flow. norms for whom were issued recently by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry? – National Manufacturing and Investment Zones (NMIZs) The main objective for establishment of NMIZs is to increase the share of manufacturing in the GDP to 25% from the current 16% and help create about 10 crore jobs from this sector by 2025. He is a former IPS officer. Iran. months after the same assignment awarded to India’s reality company GMR Group was cancelled. Justice T. with thousands of cities and towns and their citizen putting off lights between 8.H Farooq in January 2012) 3) Which are the three states where High Courts were established on 23 March 2013. which led to worsening of diplomatic relations between India and Maldives recently? – Lagan Construction of United Kingdom 6) How many seats have been increased in the flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM) course of Institute of Rural Management.NIRDESHAK. Meenakumari (Meghalaya) and Justice Deepak Gupta (Tripura) 5) Which company was recently awarded the project to build an international airport in Male. after he was sworn-in on 23 March 2013? – Nikhil Kumar (He served as Governor of Nagaland till now. Australia but many cities appreciated Sydney’s initiative and began signing for next year’s Earth Hour in 2008. The space cooperation would be primarily between NASA and India’s ISRO) 8) What is the name given to a new series of investment and manufacturing zones proposed to be set up in India for promotion of manufacturing industry in the . moving a cabinet note on investing over $100 million in the expansion of an Iranian port. on the other hand. NMIZs are conceptualized as integrated industrial townships of at least 5.March 24.O. since death of M. through which China literally took over the running and management of Gwadar port in Pakistan. which is just 70 km away from 47 48 www. When was the first Earth Day observed in the world? – On 31 March 2007 at Sydney (World’s first Earth Hour was observed in Sydney.NIRDESHAK. announced recently by hockey’s supreme body – the FIH recently? – 45 seconds (FIH officials observed that teams took far too long in doing this. Anand (IRMA) recently by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)? – 60 (With this PGDRM seats have now reached 180 from the earlier 120. The fact that Iran and Pakistan have decided to go ahead with their gas pipeline project despite US warnings has put India on alert about Iran’s other options. an agreement on which was finalized at the fourth US-India Civil Space Joint Working Group meeting held at Washington on 22 March 2013? – The Moon and Mars (This agreement was done in background of NASA’s collaboration in India’s highly successful Chandrayan-1 lunar mission in 2008. Which port is this? – Chabahar (India and Iran have agreed to draw up a transit pact for transporting goods to Afghanistan. The decision was taken at FIH’s Executive Board Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur recently) www. has prepared the road connecting Chabahar to Zaranj on the Iran-Afghan border) 10) Which is the newly imposed time limit to take penalty corners in international hockey matches. who were sworn in on 23 March 2013? – Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre (Manipur). The campaign is against climate change and to raise awareness about carbon pollution) 2) Who is the new Governor of Kerala. Meghalaya and Tripura (Announcement about establishment of these three new high courts was made on 25 January 2013) 4) Who are the Chief Justices of the three newly constituted High Courts of Manipur. the capital of Maldives. resulted in Indian govt.30 pm to 9:30 pm on this day. The increase in seats comes into effect from June 2013) 7) India and the United States are to cooperate on mission to which two space bodies. Meghalaya and Tripura. The additional charge of Kerala’s Governor was held by Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj till now. with which the number of high courts in India increased from 21 to 24? – Manipur. 2013 1) Earth Hour 2013 was observed in more than 150 countries on 23 March 2013.000 hectares with state-of-the-art infrastructure and at least 30% of the total land area would have to be devoted to manufacturing units 9) The recent Sino-Pak agreement.

After how many years Australia lost a test series by 0 – 4 to be completely whitewashed? – 43 years (Australia had lost by similar margin to South Africa during 1969-70 under captaincy of Bill Lawry. political and legal challenges that lay ahead to take part in the coming General Elections. which was what exactly done on 25 March 2013. that saw intense clashes between officers and jawans in May 2012.March 25.8% Senior Citizen’s Saving Scheme (SCSS) : Annual rate of interest reduced from 9. etc.000 lakh cubic feet of natural gas) 1) The Union govt. face disciplinary action and court martial proceedings.6% to 8. which has become oversized. is dedicated to production of natural gas and is expected to achieve daily production of about 50. Leader of Opposition and a bipartisan parliamentary committee) 2) Former Pakistan President Parvez Musharraf returned to his country on 24 March 2013 after more than four years of self-imposed exile.NIRDESHAK. NSC.9% to 8. who are collectively called as Euro Zone nations) www. implemented recommendations of which committee some time ago? – Shyamala Gopinath Committee (This committee had suggested that returns should be in sync with market rates determined by the returns offered by other securities. This decision was taken into effect after govt.January 2013 Current Affairs .NIRDESHAK. Malaysian Grand Prix is held at the Sepang Circuit and is the second Formula One GP of the year) 5) Aishwarya oil field is located in which state of India.5% to 8. The change in interest rates would come into effect from 1 April 2013) Impact on major tools of Small Savings : PPF (Public Provident Fund) : Annual rate of interest reduced from 8. named Rageshwari.January 2013 March 26. on 25 March 2013 announced reduction in interest rates offered under several small savings schemes like PPF. Hence the govt.3% to 9. Another oil well nearby.5% NSC (National Savings Certificate 10 yr) : Annual rate of interest reduced from .8% to 8. the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) of Patiala House Court.000 barrel.’s decision last year to link the small savings returns with the market rate. unprofitable and uneconomical B) It has to cut its fiscal budget and cut-away wasteful expenditures C) It has to start the process of privatization of its state assets D) Cyprus has to implement comprehensive set of structural reforms in the country (Cyprus has been shut out of international markets for almost two years. This reduction in interest rates was announced following govt.2% Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) of 5 years maturity : Annual rate of interest reduced from 8. The bailout-package has been provided by a group of 17 European countries. under whom the upcoming General Elections would be conducted? – Justice Mir Hazar Khan Khoso (He is a retired judge known for his honesty and his name was cleared by the Election Commission after being selected by Prime Minister. 2013 1) Who was appointed as the caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan on 24 March 2013.4% Savings Deposit Scheme : Unchanged at 4% 2) Which judge was designated by the Delhi High Court on 25 March 2013 to hold the trial of two Italian marines accused for killing two Indian fishermen? – Justice Amit Bansal. This was the first time that India won a test series by 4-0 in its 81 year old test history.7% NSC (National Savings Certificate 5 yr) : Annual rate of interest reduced from 8. post office savings. which Cyprus was earlier unrelenting to undertake? A) Cyprus has to drastically shrink its banking sector. Musharraf is the founder of which political party which he will represent in the elections? – All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) 3) Indian team created history by whitewashing Australia 4-0 after India defeated Australia by 6 wickets in the final test of the test series at Delhi’ Feroze Shah Kotla on 24 March 2013. With this series win India clinched the Border-Gavaskar Trophy from Australia) 4) Who won the Malaysian Grand Prix for Formula One on 24 March 2013? – Germany’s Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull (His teammate Mark Webber (Australia) was at second spot whereas UK’s Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes was third. as many as 168 personnel of a Ladakh-based artillery unit. from where Cairn India commenced commercial oil production and sales on 23 March 2013? – Rajasthan (Aishwarya oil field is located in Barmer district of Rajasthan bordering Pakistan. This oil field is expected to achieve daily production of about 25. has to announce new interest rates at the beginning of the financial year. This incident involved which unit of the Army? – 226 Field Regiment (The incident took place at Nyoma in Ladakh where the unit was on field firing training) 4) Debt-ridden Mediterranean island country Cyprus on 25 March 2013 finally secured the $13 billion (10 billion Euro) bailout-package offered by the Euro Zone and thus avoided the country from a banking system collapse and bankruptcy that could have destabilized the entire euro area. 2013 Current Affairs . What are the important terms that Cyprus has to implement in return for this 49 50 www. Delhi (The Centre had on 23 March 2013 asked the high court to set up a special court to try the two Italian marines Massimiliano Lattore and Salvatore Girone) 3) In one of the largest ever actions against an Army unit. Musharraf landed in Karachi and is expected to face the security.

This announcement was made in context of popular antipathy and anger in Tamil Nadu against the actions of the Government of Sri Lanka.NIRDESHAK.March 27. The census is conducted every two years at KNP. High levels of lead. due to very high level of water contamination in the region? – Peru (The emergency was declared in the Pastaza River basin near the Ecuador border.NIRDESHAK. ratings and rankings for 79 financial centres worldwide in which top position was given to London (London was followed by New York (2nd). Singapore (4th). whether player. Generali Group and Kishore Biyani promoted Future Group to merge L&T General Insurance with Future Generali India Insurance. official. ITC and Infosys and Wipro. barium and chromium as well as petroleum-related compounds were found in region’s water bodies) 5) What was Mumbai’s rank in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) released on 26 March 2013? – 66 (out of a total of 79 cities) GFCI provides profiles. Jayalalithaa on 26 March 2013 barred players and officials of which country from featuring in IPL matches slated to be held in Tamil Nadu? – Sri Lanka (She announced that her Govt. Oil excavation operations are currently operated by Argentina-based Pluspetrol. which were placed at a joint fifth place. After the merger L&T will hold 51% in the merged entity while Generali Group and Future Group would hold 26% and 23% stake in the new entity) www. Hindustan Unilever Limited. 1 spot in PGA rankings after he won his third PGA Tour Title on 25 March 2013. Hong Kong (3rd). which replaced Tata Motors from the first place in this list (Tata Motors was placed second in this list followed by Life Insurance of India (LIC). Reliance Industries. Tata Steel and State Bank of India were also in top 10 places) 6) Who won the title of 50th Pond’s Femina Miss India 51 52 www. umpire. Zurich (5th). 58 spot in November 2011 and was witnessing an indifferent form from where his return to top looked almost impossible) 2) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Assam as per the census conducted in the park from 24 -26 March 2013? – 2. Geneva (7th). Seoul (9th) and Frankfurt (10th). Tokyo (6th). whose membership of the league was suspended in 2011 as a punishment for President Bashar Assad’s crackdown of the opposition) 4) Which South American country on 25 March 2013 declared an environmental emergency in a remote Amazon region. Qatar (The main highlight of this summit was the participation of Syria’s opposition representatives in place of Syria. which company had the best corporate image in the country during 2012? – Aditya Birla Group (ABG). Mumbai was ranked at 63rd position in last year’s index) 6) What is the latest head-count of rhinos in Kaziranga National Park (KNP). the IPL Governing Council also decided to not field any Sri Lankan in any fixture at Chennai) 3) The 2013 Summit Meet of the Arab League started on 26 March 2013 at – Doha. After this announcement. which is country’s most productive oil fields. held at Mumbai on 24 March 2013? – Navneet Kaur Dhillon (Punjab) – Sobhita Dhulipala was the first runner up while Zoya Afroz was the second runner-up 1) Ace golfer Tiger Woods regained his world no. would not permit IPL matches to be held in her state if they feature any Sri Lankan.290 (There is an increase of 39 rhinos in KNP despite numerous cases of poaching reported from the park. as announced in an agreement on 26 March 2013? – Future Generali India Insurance (An agreement was entered into by Larson & Toubro (L&T). Boston (8th). Florida (Woods replaced Rory McIlroy from the top spot in PGA rankings. which lists country’s firms in terms of their reputation. 645 adult males and 684 adult females besides sub-adults and cubs were counted in this census) 7) L&T General Insurance is to be merged with which insurance . 2013 5) As per Nielsen’s Corporate Image Monitor 2012-13. Woods had dropped to no. Which title is this? – The Arnold Palmer Invitation at Orlando. or support staff.

She has since became a global celebrity for standing against Taliban’s oppressive policies against girl child) 6) What is the name of an upcoming Australian pacer of Indian origin. BRICS was earlier known as BRIC.NIRDESHAK. Musharraf will contest from which place? – Chitral in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province March 29. Ravindra H. This ship has been named after an island in the Lakshadweep) 4) A British court on 27 March 2013 rejected an appeal filed by Ravi Shankaran against his extradition to India. Russia.4% in Q2 (July-September) to a record high of 6. South Africa is to contribute the remaining $5 billion to the corpus of CRA. The decision to set up BRICS Development Bank (BDB) was also endorsed at the summit but the members failed to reach an understanding on the capitalisation of the new bank with China insisting on a $100 billion corpus while countries such as India were more comfortable with $50 billion) 3) Indian Navy on 26 March 2013 launched a new anti-submarine ship under its Project 28 series. First BRIC summit was held in Yekaterinburg. What was India’s CAD for the October-December 2012 quarter as announced by the RBI on 28 March 2013? – 6. who was awarded the prestigious Steve Waugh Medal as the best New South Wales cricketer for the year 2012-13 on 28 March 2013? – Gurinder Sandhu (He is the first Australian of Indian origin to represent the country in cricket at the international level.N. Sanya (China 2011) and New Delhi (India 2013). which suggested measures to lower the high costs of Air India’s operations and improve utilization of its . driven mainly by large trade deficit) 2) A 5-member committee. pushing the two nations into further coldness as far as bilateral relations are concerned. 2.7% (The CAD.7 per cent of GDP in Q3. Russia and Brazil would contribute $18 billion each. Three later summits were held in Brasilia (Brazil 2010). Shankaran is an accused in which case? – Navy war-room leak case (He is a key accused in the case of leaking classified information from the Indian naval war-room to arms dealers..NIRDESHAK. What is the name of this new ship. for which a $3million deal was struck recently? – “I am Malala” (Malala. What was this last diplomatic link between the two Koreas? – Military Hotline between the two countries. who work at an industrial complex in the North to cross the heavily armed border (North Korea recently also cut a Red Cross hotline with South Korea and another with the U. He has been absconding since the case was registered by the CBI in March 2006. while India. the first cycle of BRICS summits was completed and BRICS summits have now been held in every member nation.S. China and South Africa. Russia in 2009.led U. resulting in major success for the CBI. command at the border between the Koreas) 7) Former Pakistani President Perevz Musharraf on 27 March 2013 filed his nomination papers for contesting in the upcoming general election in Pakistan. Five members of BRICS are Brazil.March 28. who announced his resignation on 26 March 2013 in protest of his government’s decision to send two Italian marines? – Giulio Terzi 6) Last diplomatic link between South Korea and North Korea was severed on 27 March 2013. Who is heading this committee? – Prof. widened from 5. which was later stayed by the Delhi High Court? – Nokia (It was alleged that the company evaded taxes of over $500 million) 4) Which city of India has the most number of households living in slums as per the recently released first ever slum survey conducted by the Registrar General of India under the Census of India? – Vishakhapatnam 5) What is the name of an upcoming memoir of Malala Yousafzai. Dholakia of IIM Ahmedabad 3) A fine of Rs. 2013 1) India’s current account deficit (CAD) touched a record high according to RBI’s Balance of Payments Report. Sandhu won the medal with 146 votes and thus toppled veteran wicketkeeper Brad Haddin who received 143 votes) 7) Which New Zealand cricketer was seriously injured in a late-night assault outside a bar in Christchurch on 28 March 2013 and who went in coma with critical injuries in skull and lungs? – Jessie Ryder (Ryder was to play for Delhi Daredevils in the upcoming IPL 2013 and was to leave for India in a day) www. Shankaran is a relative of former Navy Chief Admiral Arun Prakash) 5) Who was the Italian Foreign Minister. dedicated mainly to arrange for South Koreans.000 crore was imposed by Indian tax authorities on which famous mobile phone manufacture on charges of tax evasion. half stage of Project 28 has been reached as a total of 6 ships are to be inducted by 2016 under the 53 54 www. submitted its report to Union Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh on 28 March 2013. 2013 1) 5th BRICS Summit was held between 26 and 27 March 2013 at – Durban (South Africa) With this summit. which is the difference between inflow and outflow of foreign currency. India. Which country would be the largest contributor to the CRA? – China (China would contribute $41 billion to CRA. the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by Talibani orthodox militants in October 2012 and who later recuperated in Britain. BRIC was renamed as BRICS in 2010 after entry of South Africa 2) A decision to set up a contingency relief arrangement (CRA) worth $100 billion was taken at the 5th BRICS Summit on 27 March 2013. which is the third vessel belonging to the Kamorta Class? – INS Kiltan (With this induction.

which is the last major symbol of inter-Korean cooperation. 2013 1) What is the name of a new labour law implemented by the Saudi Government.NIRDESHAK.NIRDESHAK. order for which was passed by the commission on 20 March 2013. which seeks to reserve 10% jobs in Saudi Arabia for locals. it was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan carrying three new crew members. and deadline for whose implementation ended on 28 March 2013? – Nitaqat Law (This law is to be implemented mostly in small and medium industrial establishments and a majority of migrant workers including those from India are tight-lipped about the impact of this new law) 2) The Parliamentary Panel on Agriculture has recently suggested changes to an amendment bill to ensure agri-business firms do not misuse funds of National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) in the garb of producer companies. as announced by the insurance regulator IRDA recently? – 20% (However. which is slated to play limited over one-day series against Bangladesh starting 2 April 2013? – Harmanpreet Kaur (Opener Poonam Raut was named as vice-captain of the team while the experienced Mithali Raj was not named in the 15-member squad) 4) Which three eminent photographers were conferred with the Life-Time Achievement Awards for the 2nd National Photo Awards 2013? – T. southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (The miners worked for a subsidiary of the China National Gold Group Corp. Who is the head of this parliamentary panel on Agriculture? – Basudeb Acharia. the Republican Congressman from Illinois 3) 83 workers were buried in a huge landslide at a gold mining site in China on 29 March 2013. Perumal (The awards were given by Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar on 28 March 2013 at Vigyan Bhawan.S. 2013 1) The Election Commission recently de-recognized one of the oldest regional political parties of India. who at 59 years old became the oldest professional person ever to fly on the ISS) 6) North Korea on 30 March 2013 warned Seoul that the Korean Peninsula was entering a “state of war” and threatened to shut down a factory complex. MP (The National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) advances loans and subsidies to state governments for financing cooperative societies and for employment of staff for implementing programmes of cooperative development) 3) Who replaced Mithali Raj as the new captain of Indian women’s cricket team. the party was derecognized as none of its candidate had won the last State Assembly election in 2012 and Lok Sabha election in 2009 2) Recently a US delegation of lawmakers and businessmen visited Gujarat and praised Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts in building a lasting and sustainable economy in Gujarat.N.March 30. Pranlal Patel and T. a state-owned enterprise and the country’s largest gold producer) 4) How much was India’s total international financial liability at the end of December 2012 as reported in RBI’s International Investment Position (IIP) Report recently? – US $723. in 2010 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Photo Division. Which 4 stocks are these? – Essar Oil. National Photo Awards were established by the Union Govt. Which political party is this? – Manipur People’s Party (MPP) – This party was formed in 1968 by some dissident Congress members. It ruled the state for two terms. The delegation even invited Modi to visit the US despite earlier rejection of his visa application by the US.9 billion (IIP is a statistical statement that shows the value and the composition of financial assets of residents of an economy and liabilities of residents of an economy to non-residents) 5) What was the name of the Russian spacecraft that performed a fast-tracked rendezvous to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) in a record time of just 6 hours on 28 March 2013? – Soyuz TMA-08M (This spacecraft is also known by its US designation of 34S. Soyuz TMA-08M was commanded by veteran Russian cosmonaut Pavel 55 56 www. This accident took place in which area? – In Maizhokunggar County of Lhasa. However. Educomp and CORE Education (The price band will be applicable for trading in the four stocks with effect from 2 April 2013) March . Suzlon Energy. these rates are way below the hike proposed in the exposure draft floated in February 2013) 6) A price band of 10% was imposed on 4 stocks by the BSE and NSE on 29 March 2013 as part of preventive surveillance measures. Which factory complex is this? – The Kaesong Industrial Park (This complex is run with North Korean labour and South Korean known-how and has been operating normally despite strained relations between the two Koreas) www.A.. which is the media unit of the Information & Broadcasting Ministry) 5) Premium for motor insurance is to be increased by an average of how much from 1 April 2013. Who was the leader of this delegation? – Aaron Schock. Nagarajan.

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