Emor – Speak: Leviticus 21:1–24:23. Wow!

This is an exciting yet sobering title: Emor – Speak, #559, translated, ‫אמר‬ 'amar, to say or to speak. Our first encounter with this word back in BereshitGenesis, gives us a frame of reference to understand its’ latent power, linking it forever with the ‘speaking’ that releases YHVH’s word or light into creation. Every subsequent use is thus somehow connected to Gen. 1: 3: And Yah said, let there be light and there was light. It is up to us to find that common thread.


‫וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים יְהִי אֹור וַֽיְהִי־אֹֽור׃‬
If we note the gematria of this entire verse, it is 803, the same as the phrase;

‫הַיֹּובֵל שְׁנַת‬, shanat hayovel, the year of jubilee! Ironically, because of the
chaos that transpires between verses one and two, the interjection of His Word – His Light here releases creation from the curse of the Luciferic Rebellion! From this time forward, the introduction of His Light becomes synonymous with the introduction of His word and it dispels darkness forcing a separation, thus setting us free from its’ clutches. *See Ps. 119: 130, which falls within the category or Stanza associated with the Hebrew letter PEY – the mouth, that which is spoken! There is an interesting side-trail here! If you count the number of letters in the Pey stanza (Ps. 119: 129 – 136, 8 verses) there is a total of 198, which is the gematria of #6711,

‫ צחק‬tsachaq, which is translated, to laugh, have joy, it carries strong sexual overtones, and forms the root of Abraham’s son’s name – Isaac, #3327, ‫יצחק‬

Yitschaq, the Yod prefix indicates the 3rd person tense and shows action. He was, is, and will be, doing something. This forms the intent of YHVH’s name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – I AM THAT I AM! As we’ve discussed before, this Light – Word or Speech of YHVH is given a Body and becomes visible in the natural realm. We see this again in Gen. 2: 7 where YHVH breathes – Emor – speaks into Adam causing Adam to become a living Soul, #5315, ‫ נפש‬nephesh, that which (also breathes – speaks) lives, and has its seat or origin in the blood. Lev. 17:11. Blood contains tiny living particles called Somatids which are light particles that are virtually indestructible; impervious to heat radiation, etc. and continue to live after we die. These particles I believe represent

the basic building blocks of Creation, the Spoken Word of the Creator – the AlefBet! Adam is given an incorruptible fleshly body and instructed to never contact – eat the fruit, of the Carnal Tree, lest he die. In this Parsha Israel has been given a Body after leaving Egypt and told to not be defiled, #2930, ‫ טמא‬tame', to become unclean, to defile oneself, to become impure (sexually) for, because of, the dead, #5315, ‫ נפש‬nephesh, translated dead. Here, the word Nephesh - dead, pictures Adam who lost the Light Covering is now contrasted with the Nephesh – Yahshua, the light which lives. This sentence would read better like this: Don’t defile yourself. (Why?) Because of the LIGHT which lives! Adam, like Israel, were vessels that carry the light and thus in consideration of that light, should be careful where, what and whom they encounter! As in Gen. 3 we know a future manifestation of the Serpent will again occur, namely, the Anti-Messiah, who will represent the Carnal Tree and like the Serpent he will understand dark sayings. Incidentally, Amar also has a gematria of 241, the same as #758, ‫' ארם‬Aram - an ancient name for Assyria. The common gematria links the two words together and thus, we’re reminded of the Assyrian – The AntiMessiah who will speak - Amar, words against the Most High and set himself on the Altar reserved for the Lamb! He will be the final incarnation of the Serpents Seed who initiated false speech in the garden. It is this Assyrian who will set himself up in the Most Holy Place to be worshipped, just as the Serpent in Gen. 3! Incidentally, the first verse of our Parsha – Lev. 21:1 has a total of 56 letters which is the gematria of Nadab, to incite, to impel – the one that like the Anti-Messiah – brought strange fire into the Most Holy Place and is consumed by the Fire of YHVH. The Anti-Messiah is thrown into the Lake of Fire. Gen. 3: 1 has 23 letters which connect us to Strong’s # 2421, ‫ חיה‬chayah, to live, to be alive. It is used in the genealogies of Gen. 5 which reveals the lineage of Seth. In each case, the individual mentioned LIVED – chayah, while the mirror or counterfeit genealogy of Gen. 4 never mentions any of Cain’s serpent seed descendants as having LIVED – chayah! Why? There was NO light – no Emor – the Spoken words of YHVH in them! Furthermore the human ova and sperm each contain 23 chromosomes. These two sets of chromosomes (46) must pair up before a new human being can be created in the womb. For this reason, it is also seen as a number of regeneration and eternity. This reconnects us to the Shanat Hayovel again, the Year of Jubilee!

Let’s look at that 2nd Son of Adam, Seth, #8352, ‫ שת‬Sheth, means to appoint, to replace (Abel). It is the root of siyt, #7896, which is the word used in Gen. 3: 15, ‘I will put – siyt, enmity between the seed lines. It can also mean a garment. Thus, Seth, the Garment of Light became a picture of Yahshua who replaces Abel, #1893, Havel, breath of life, killed by Cain – the Serpent seed. Havel is also translated, empty, vain, and represents the frail condition of what remains of that Life without the atoning work of Messiah who destroys the power of death. The Holy Convocations. II. This number 23 innocuously shows up in the chapter division of Lev. 23 which specifically connects the Emor – speaking of YHVH with the Moedim, #4150, ‫מועד‬ mow`ed, the appointed time, place, season, the place of meeting. These are Holy convocations, ‫ מקרא‬miqra', from qara, to call, summons, in order to speak, declare, or read what has been declared! This just happens to include Yom Kippur, which was also the Shanat Hayovel, the Year of Jubilee! And each of the Holy Festivals are aligned in the calendar according to the gestational cycle of the female, effectively creating a NEW MAN when the Bride with her 23 chromosomes & her Husband with his, show up at these opportunities and become Isaaced - Tsachaq – to be Joyously, filled with laughter at the intimate encounter! Because the barren womb has become fruitful!