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13-04-29 I.D.B. Bankruptcy (36681-04-13) in the Tel Aviv District Court - online public records in Net HaMishpat– remote terminal The case is not sealed, but the public is denied access to any records – even the names of the parties in the case. Corruption of the courts and corruption of banking system go hand in hand!
The default of Tycoon Nochi Dankner and his pyramid scheme – I.D.B. Pituach – are quickly developing into a landmark case in the arrival of the global financial crisis to Israel. It started as an attempt by the banks to provide Dankner with a “haircut”, waiving huge loans, on which Dankner is defaulting, to the determinant of shareholders and retirement funds. The total sum of the loans, which were given by all major Israeli banks with no adequate collaterals, is still unknown, covered up by the pyramid scheme. The sum was initially estimated at NIS 4 billions, then NIS 8-9 billions. (today USD 1.00 ~NIS3.5) a huge sum in comparison with the Israeli national economy. Public outrage stopped the effort to end the case with a “haircut”. Now, with the case in its first day in court, it appears that all sides – I.D.B., the banks, and the court, are eager to close the case with no adequate public transparency. During the opening proceeding, yesterday, the judge called for a settlement within 2 days, before any discovery has even started. Corruption of the courts and financial institutions go hand in hand in the global financial crisis... The Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission was incorporated into the 2013 Universal Periodic Review report of the United Nations with a note referring to “Lack of integrity in the electronic records of the Supreme Court, the district courts, and the detainees courts in Israel”

[1] 13-04-29 Judge Gives Dankner's IDB Development Two Days to Settle With Creditors _ Haaretz


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