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Jet Engine ( Feb 13 ) 1. Jet Engine operates on a) Otto cycle b) Close cycle c) Constant volume cycle d) Open cycle 2. Gas law is a) P1V1 = P2V2 b) PV = C


P 1V 1/T 1

P 2 V 2/ T 2

3. Identify diagram a ) Impulse B) Reaction C) Impulse-Reaction 4. Synthetic oil is used in GTE A) More viscous B) Can take high load C) Prevent coking and do not effect paint D) All 5. Compressor tip speed velocity formula a) V=D rpm b) V=D/rpm c)

V = D 2


6. Squeeze film bearing a) Dampens dynamic load b) Allows system to operate in dry condition 7. Annular duct a) Located in the front of fuselage b) Protudes in the lower side of fuselage 8. Rate of temperature rise detector a) Continous loop b) Thermocouple c) thermal switch 9. EGT is an indicator of a) TIT b) TOT 10. Which one have a variable area a) C-D b) Convergent c) divergent 11. Water injection in CC a)increase mass of air in whole engine b) decrease T and P in turbine and increase pressure in nozzle area 12. Wf = 700 gallons (6.5 lbs), Fn= 9000 lbs , find SFC? a) 0.5 lbs/hr b) 1 lbs/hr c) 2 lbs/hr 13. TSFC is a) directly proportional to efficiency b) directly proportional to compression ratio c) Inversely proportional to compression 14. Thrust reverser a) should give 70% of forward thrust b) Pre-exit is done by giving obstruction in exhaust c) Post-exit is done by a blocker door d) should prevent re-ingestion of gases through inlet 15. Oil quantity is increased( proofed by physical test) a) indicator defective b) FCOC leak, fuel into cooler


c) bearing failure 16. Oil through fan blades detected by a) star mark b) oil mark c) thicker blades in the lower portion 17. Thrust reverser reverses (in High bypass turbofan) a) primary airflow b) secondary airflow c) primary and secondary separately 18. Combustion chamber is cooled by a) secondary airflow throw CC liner b) holes and louvers in diffuser 19. MTCS a) duel entry impeller have smaller dia b) single entry efficiency is less than duel entry c) all 20. MTCS for centrifugal flow a) impeller collect air and accelerate it toward diffuser b) diffuser does not work upon air c) all 21. HP required to drive the compressor a) multiply the specific heat at a constant pressure by a temperature rise across compressor will give energy b)as in (a) the result is than multiplied by total weight of airflow through compressor c) weight of airflow divided by (a) 22. Caloric value a) heat energy per pound of fuel 23. Fire extinguisher is sprayed by a) Spray nozzle and perforated tube b) spray nozzle and calibrated nozzle 24. If methyl bromide is used as fire extinguisher a) Wash the affected area b) open the engine nacelle for drying and no wash required c) send the engine for overhaul 25. In turbo shaft engine if electric starter is used and carbon brush is worn out a) engine will not start 26. Stall is indicated by a) abnormal noise b) rpm fluctuate c) EGT rise d) all 27. To correct the front end low speed high speed stall condition a) use bleed valve b) use VIGV c) lower blade angle d) all 28. In beta range a) governor action is blocked out b) . 29. Duct pressure efficiency is a) convert KE into pressure energy in inlet 30. Disadvantage of shrouded turbine a) allows the turbine to operate at low temperature and low speed

b) allows the permit of using thin blades c) allows bending of blade due to gas load 31. Purpose of knife tip blade a) cut the air properly b) permits a wear fit blade to case tip clearance 32. Prime factor in comparing engine a) thermal efficiency b) propulsive efficiency c) volumetric efficiency 33. Lowest TSFC a) turbojet b) turboprop c) turbofan 34. Thrust in turbojet a) propulsive forces is the result of imbalance of forces in the engine b) long take-off roll c) largest specific weight d) all 35. MTCS a) radial loads are due to aircraft manouvering and rpm changes b) ball bearing takes axial and radial load c) roller bearing takes radial load only 36. Succeeding stages of turbine a) high gas velocity, pressure and low temp b) low velocity, pressure and temp c) low velocity, pressure and high temp d) high velocity, pressure and temp 37. Temperature datum valve a) located between fuel control and fuel manifold b) just before fuel outlet c) trim the fuel flow as temp requirement 38. Speed droop is counteracted by a) use of weaker spring b) decrease spring valve 39. MTCS a) paper type fiter before fuel pump b) screen disk after fuel pump c) screen type before pump d) all 40. Gerotor pump a) single element used in pressure line, multiple element in scavenge line b) multi element in pressure line, single in scavenge 41. Area of turbine nozzle a) total outlet area is sum of areas of cross section of passages btwn the vanes b) c) effects efficiengy of engine d) all 42. MTCS a) igniter have larger gap than spark plug b) (a) and operate in low pressure c) gap is more than spark plug d) + high pressuire 43. High capacitor ignition system is used


a) high voltage+ high amperage b) high voltage + high operating life c) high voltage + high heat intensity d) all 44. Igniter.??? 45. MTCS a)Propeller pitch is difference between effective pitch and geometric pitch b) propeller efficiency depends on slip 46. Hung start a) Turbine damage b) compressor damage c) fuel malfunction d) all 47. Engine rumbles a) P & D malfunction b) fuel nozzle malfunction c) cracked air duct d) all 48.Motorles mass flow indicator a) vane is deflected by its restrained spring b) transmitter rotor is flowed by synchronous motor c) two electrical signals are generated, indicates mass flow 49. Phase angle is measured by a) magnetic pick up b)photo cell c)Both 51. APU MTCS a) load control v/v repaired after shutdown b) pressure control v/v works in conjunction witj load control v/v c)fuel trim clockwise increase d) all 52. Turbofan trimming. 53. AME wants to restart after shut off v/v close a) cooling time must be provided 53. Torque meter indicator a) measure HP on the gage b) fluctuates in oil pressure 54. CDP fails a) surge b) flame out c) deaccelerate to idle 55. Modern vibration monitoring system a) consist of pick up signal conditioner display b)later generation employ pizzoelectric accelerometer c)later generation employ velocity pick up d) both (a) and (C) 56. Single element fenwall detector a) use eutectic salt that increase in resistance with overheat b) auto reset when overheat condition slows c) does not auto reset 57. Automatic FCU senses a) CDP b)CIT

c)EGT d) inlet temp + all 58. MTCS a) pressure differential constant across metering v/v , vary orifice area 59. Entrained water is detected by a) hazzy appearance b) hydro-kit c) both 60. Additives are used for a) Fungicide b) de-icing c) corrosion- resistant d) all mandatory 61. Material of centrifugal compressor a) Al forging alloy b) titanium cast c) titanium-cd alloy 62. Advantage of can type combustion chanber a) easy removal b) easy to control airflow c) d) all 63. MTCS a) Annular chamber has less surface to volume ratio- less cooling reqd b) Can type uses available space 64. Auto relight ignition system senses a) loss of CDP b) auto bypass starter connection when power loss occur c) relight in air/starting d) all 65. Excessive air in the direction of tailpipe a) high TDP b) (a) + low trim c) low TDP d) (a) + high trim 66. Wet thrust a) take off power when water injection is used b) take off power when water injection is not used 67. High automization of air is achieved by a) simplex nozzle b) duplex nozzle c) dual line d) both (b) and (c) 68. MTCS a) modern fuel nozzle utilize pressure atomizing type b) swirl nozzle handle large volume of air c) multiple nozzle helps in rapid burning d) all 69. Advantage of reverse flow combustion chamber a) pre heating of air b) complete combustion c) shorter length d) all


70. Flat rated engine a) works on conservative part throttle b) gives full thrust at lower throttle movement c) for temp above 15 c thrust can be achieved by additional throttle movement d) all 71. Turbine cooling a) convection b) impingment c) transpiration d) all 72. Which factor affects thrust decrease a) rpm b) temp c) airspeed d) (b) and (c) 73. In turboshaft , free turbine a) Speed of free turbine is always greater than gas generator turbine b) on load variation gas generetoe turbine varies keeping free turbine constant c) fuel governor controls free turbine 74. NTS failure, negative torque is prevented by a) safety coupling b) propeller brake c) spur gear 75. TSS is used a) auto feather during during flight 76. High temp, fatigue resistance of turbine is achieved by a) soil construction b) single crystal 77. Can type burner, fuel flow malfunction causes a) turbine blade cracks b) combustion chamber damage c) NGV distortion 78. If engine is shut down without cooling a) cracks in CC b) cracks in turbine leading and trailing edges c) turbine will squeal and seize 79. EPR is a) Thrust indicating system b) independent of a/c electrical system c) 3 phase AC and synchronous motor driven 80. Advantage of centrifugal compressor a) high pressure rise per stage b) 800% efficiency by 6 or 7 to 1 c) d) all 81. To avoid shock wavecompressor blade tip speed a) 1 mach b) 0.85 mach c) 0.7 mach 82. MTCS a) propeller is of regular waveform 83. MTCS a) Impulse type turbine blade converts P.E. to K.E.

b) Impulse blade have inlet and outlet same and converts P.E. to K.E. 84. Rate of temp. across turbine is a) same as temp rise in all stages of the compressor b) about same as temp rise in compressor 85. Highest pressure in turbine engine a) combustion chamber b) compressor outlet c) turbine 86. In imulse-reaction turbine a) reaction at base and impulse at tip b) impulse at base and reaction at tip 87. Function of NGV is a) convert pressure energy into KE b) strike the gases at proper angle to the blades c) both 88. What identification should be stenciled in the area of oil tank filter a) oil b) quantity and grade of oil c) oil tank filter 89. If high pressure in the bearing chamber exista and relief v/v spring stucks open then a) decrease in oil flow through the oil jets 90. Fuel control unit, sensing unit is a)fuel pump b) fuel manifold c) governor d) (a) + (b)