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2010 List of Success & Happiness + daily routine The list 2010 1.

Read read read (nonfiction) & watch youtube lectures
knowledge is the first key to success and it fires up your brain. Learn something new every day . Get into new environments & thoughts (neuroplasticity & neurogenesis)

2. Record & play your own affirmations for the day 30 minutes mininum
Try to make them as visual as possible. The brain thinks in visualizations. Keep repeating them. The brain stores on quick repetitions and intensity of feeling. Your unconscious will align to your affirmations & visualizations and find its own path to lead you there. All thoughts originate within the unconscious before we become fully aware of them which means you dont have conscious control over the origin of your thoughts. With the manipulation of the unconscious brain you can come as close as possible. Most people are not able to deal with them in their conscious mind without years and years of training (buddhism)

3. Stop masturbating.
The energy in your body has a purpose and reason. The reason is not to engage in manipulating your body chemicals.

4. Stop watching TV, News, Computer games movies
Our brain sucks up information in a relaxed stayed directly into the unconscious. The auditory information is passed through the amygdala. The fight or flight response center. If you watch shit stuff you create your own traumas without being aware of it. Plus the time wasted will be used on something better in your life.

5. Listen to your heart & do something with love without wanting to receive (karma)
You might not consciously believe in karma but do you sometimes feel bad for something or someone from the heart? Thats the time to do something about it. Additionally, when your heart clearly tells you to not do something then dont do it even though your body wants to. But dont confuse it with false morals (social & religion). Your heart sends feelings and images to your brain. Sometimes often, sometimes none. The heart processes information at the same time or sometimes nanoseconds before your brain receives the real information. When you receive such images or feelings, act on them. Light traverses space at 300,000 km per second. Thoughts are as fast or much faster. There is a deep knowledge and wisdom in it. Learn to use it.

and read them *smile*) 12.6. Dancing classes also help. Doing anything can be very difficult with a chemical inbalance in your body. Imagine realigning your body energies until you are happy again Your happiness lies within you not outside of you. Listen to fate's queues/hints Fate has three ways to tell you you are on the right path. tank light Sunlight deprivation leads to depression. 10. These hints are what are called synchronicity by Carl Jung: Events which are unlikely to happen but still do. You can by consciousness and will realign your body energies. At least for the very moment you are in. 8. There is a theory that emotions arise in intensity from nowhere because they havent been completely experienced. Get active. Social integration is an important part of the need for security. get in the sun. If you feel its difficult by doing it consciously in meditation then try to do tai chi with a good instructor. 9. Live and experience them fully dont block them. Learn to calm it and feel your real you. The cycle is not complete. Through your heart. A good example is that you send a message or call somebody or want to go there and suddenly your car doesnt work although it has been working for years and somebody calls you and asks you to do something for them at the same time. breath deeply & eat well Your cells need fresh oxygen and perfect lungs. Look for the probability in the event of this really to happen. It must in essence „learn and relearn what is not dangerous“ 7. Stop smoking and start getting active. Read up on it to do it correctly. . You start this by quieting down your breating and focusing on a single point in your body. Watch comedy from time to time and/or meet with friends Our mirror neurons are there to learn from what they observe. As you keep repeating the emotion will become less intense over time as the body desensitizes your neural nervous system. Detoxify your body. If you feel unhappy. They tell you „you are not doing this right. Calm your mind most people have an overly active mind. To complete the cycle feel the emotion fully and let it slowly subside. The optimal platform from which to do anything is calmness and broad consciousness.. Stop doing this or do that instead“ When you feel you have received such a hint then ask your heart and you will know whether it was one. Buy books on alternative medicine (…. To avoid the last you will have to learn to hints. Do something to feel socially integrated. 11. Dont try to control your emotions. Become fully aware. get quiet & feel your body. by giving you hints and by creating a drastic situation which gets you back on the right path.

13. practice mental concentration.. I believe that you can also reach a supersensible realm or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) with enough mental concentration (read up on mental induction) Notes: Discipline arising out of desire and the attainment of knowledge is the key to all. Listen to intuition and premonition This is easier said then done.) Through practice you can increase the neuronal pathways and activity and sensitize yourself to feel energies more clearly. Its a tough road but are you a warrior or a pussy? :-D Passion is an absolute integral part of anything but dont beat yourself up on not being able to find a passion if you dont have it. Write down these rules in a yin yang format. It was scientifically confirmed that its an integral part of huge success. If you just write down A to C then you dont have the complete cycle. You can rewrite these rules in new times of wisdom. create rule sets to bypass emotions (yin-yang rule sets) Intuition is often good for decisions. 15. If A happens then i do B and it leads to C. the more you focus the more you feel it. To bypass this problem: When you have knowledge through reading and intuition. It will lead you on the correct path anyway. Some people have this more than others. There has research been done that the most successful people have a high sense of intuition and premonition. I assume that by gaining lots of knowledge your intuition and premonition will improve as your brain will seek answers and sensitize your body for receiving those answers. Emotions are horrible for decisions. i would just say listen to your heart. . When C happens then i do D and it leads to E. Only from understanding consciously you can start to understand all.. Focus on your whole body. Learn and use Astrology There is deep wisdom in astrology. 14. narrow focus/consciousness and wide consciousness There are a few things which clearly distinguish us from animals: A sense of self-awareness through the complexity which we are (like machines that become self-aware) and the ability to use part of our energy to observe itself in narrow or wide consciousness. Currently. We make decisions 85% out of emotions (we used to be cavemen where this was a good way to make decisions). (focus on your toe. The more you focus the more you feel your whole body etc. In the time of wisdom write down rules that you want to always obey. The easiest way is to listen to your heart. When you really start to understand it you can use it in relationships to understand the differences between people. wisdom is born. 16.

Breakfast 6. How's that for positive thinking :-) 2. 30 minutes or more affirmations and visualizations 7. . planning etc. Some cardio or HIIT (high intensive interval training) 4. make microgoals for the day 8. tank some sun etc. Another set of affirmations and visualizations Note: Avoid anything obviously negative to your health like too much red meat. call a friend.. Wake up (hopefully. Shower hot and cold alternating (hydrotheraphy) 5. smoking. Read books and learn new things if you cant do this in your work 12.The Daily Routine (kept as simple as possible) 1. calm down by meditation tai chi in the evening 11. you know the deal. meet or do anything fun or social. Active deep breathing 10 times in fresh oxygen 3. too much coffee. too much sugar. 10. should be included) 9. start working (goal setting.