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Technical Sanskrit to English Dictionary

Robert L. Peck 2007 Foreword: This dictionary contains the technical meanings of early Sanskrit words used to describe the inner nature and powers of individuals. Sanskrit is actually more complex than English in having many different meanings for one word. In English, for instance, the word potential has a technical meaning of a metaphysical force (such as voltage) as well as the common meaning of possibility. Technical Sanskrit can be compared to Ancient Greek which also has many similar meanings of words used to describe the creative powers and forces of individuals. Both languages describe the higher powers of creativity, strength, and vision as originating within individuals. These inner powers were described as allegorical gods who existed within the hearts of individuals and were fed, animated or vitalized by the internal secretion of an inner nectar. In assembling this dictionary and using modern terms, it was surprising how easy this task became since the words which described the characteristics of the inner vitalizing nectar as well as its production could be referenced to the modern science of endocrinology (meaning inner secretions). The non-technical or popular aspects of words arose in both Greek and Sanskrit languages when the inner powers of individuals were denied and argued to exist only remotely, either in heaven or within institutions. During this time, the heart was redefined from being deep within the bowels to being within the beating heart in the chest. The inner vitalizing nectar was redefined to come from some unknown plant or ritual and the words describing its inner generation were redefined to be external rituals done by priests on a sacred plant. The inner god-like nature of an individual was denied and forgotten, and the only power acknowledged to exist was that of the conditioned brain comparable to a programmed computer. The Sanskrit technical meanings were selected largely from the Monier-Williams Sanskrit to English Dictionary which has retained many of the technical meanings of words along with the various alterations over the past millennia. Where possible, modern scientific terms or viewpoints were added, if they did not distort the ancient meaning. The following dictionary uses Veda Type characters instead of the earlier Indo-Romanic letters first used in transliteration. This facilitates entering the letters into a type setting machine or computer. The following table lists the Indo-Romanic (IR) letters with the corresponding Veda (VT) letters directly underneath. The letters which are the same in both systems are not listed. The words follow the English alphabet sequence rather than the Vedic sequence.

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a: (as prefix) negation, not. abhaya: secure. abhi: towards over. abhi: towards, approach. abhigAta: striking against. abhigharshana: rubbing against, friction against. abhija: produced all around. abhinava: to approach new. abhya: towards. abhyam: attacking.

abhyas: reign over. abhyukS: sprinkling over, wetting. ac: towards, to. accha: clear, transparent. acchidhra: without a hole. acirat: not long. ad: consume. adhiSThAna: to stand over, overpower. Adi: beginning. AdIni: noble minded. Adita: the beginning. aditi: free. AdiyAga: primal giving. adqSTa: unseen. adqSTamaNDalo: unseen fluid. advaya: unique. adya: fit to be eaten, this. adyant: beginning and end. Agama: approaching, traditional concepts. Agan: to attain, arrive, reach. agatya: having arrived or come. Agatya: having arrived or come.

agni: An allegorical inner god as the foremost force of vitality experienced as rising heat or the tongue of agni. agnikArye: feeding the inner sacrificial fire. aham: I, self. AhAra: food. aifvara: supremacy. Aj: to drive towards, bring forth. ajya: clarified butter. AkhyAtam: made known. akin: AkIm: from. akta: at: go constantly. Akuxca: bending. alena: tube, vein, urethra. Am: quickly. amana: union. amara: immortal, dwelling place of indra ambiku: worthy, woman, mother. amfa: part. ampUrNaM: filled with. amqta: immortal aMSa: share. anAgAs: sinless.

ananta: unseen, unforeseen, invisible. anaSrita: detached, un-manifested. anena: blameless , sinless. aNga woman, soft delicate body. aNgana: a woman with rounded limbs, woman. aNgaNgibhava: interaction of elements of body etc. aNi: needle, to bring to. anta: end (in time), end of life, death. anta: inner part, limit, boundary, issue, event. antani: within. antar: inward. antargat: going between the entrance and interior. antI: in the presence of, near. aNu: small. anuttara: ultimate. ap: divine fluid, water, work, to arrive at one's aim or end , become filled. apAna: to breathe out. apasyavah: watery, melting, dispersing, not seeing, having thrown away. apatavat: illness. api: reaching to, uniting to. aptena: ap: work + tena: in that direction. Apti: connection, sexual intercourse.

Apya: to be reached. Arabhet: Arabh: reach, attain. ardhan: half ardhanArI: ardhan: half + nArI: female. ardhanArISvara: ISvara as half male half female, see ISvara, artha: meaning object, thing, purpose, wealth. arti: pain. Asa: the lower part of the body, behind, posteriors. asabaM: sitting. asama: unequal. Asana: sitting. aSca; aScar: marvelous. asmAt: stone. asti: existence. astra: goad, throw out light rays. astu: dawning, place. at: roam, obtaining. ta: going. atha: now, then. atha-vA: or, rather, perhaps, is it not so? atka: at: go constantly. Atman: breath, life, spirit, vital principle identified with breath as is the Greek word

psuche and the Hebrew word nephesh. directed by the purusha. Atmana: the vital physical self. AtmanaH : instrument of the soul, being ones self. AtmAnaM: the Soul. atra: in this matter, in this respect. avadhuta: to shake off (opposing forces, blockages or sins) (see dadhyAsirA). avApti: avapti: attainment, obtaining. vA: like + Apti: connection, sexual intercourse. avApya: avapya: to be obtained. avidhi: no rule. Ayam: extend. baddh: clenched, joined. badh: drive away. badho: bestowing forcing. bala: possessing power. bandha: lock, to bind, to unite. bautika: anything elemental or material. bhadre: prosperity. bhAg: a part, portion, share. bhairavA: a form of fiva. bhaksa: to partake. bhaktyA: bhakta: engaged in. bhAra: heavy work, weight.

bharaNa: maintaining. bhav: becoming, existing state of. bhavati: state of being, being, present. bhaved: bhu: coming into existence. bhaven: becoming, being. bheda: expanding, blossoming, female pudendum. bhidyante: bid: to split. bhiH: bhid: to open, expand. bhira: inspiring fear, frightening. bhrama: to roam, whirl, flutter. bhramavega: to whirl, flutter with intense energy and rate. bhraraNa: maintaining. bhru: brow. bhrumadhya: between eye brows. bhuj: enjoy a meal, consume. bhUS: to seek. bhUSitAm: bhUs: to seek. bhutva: becoming. bhyam: tremble, fear. bhyas: fear, tremble. bibharat: bIbhate , to boast. bIjam: beginning, seed.

bindu: drop, spot, rapidly expanding like drop of oil on water. brahma: impersonal spirit. the highest god or creator. cA: and, both, also, moreover. ca: and. cakra: wheel. calana: shaking, moving, making. calitaM: shaking, deviate. calito: shaking, deviation. cara: motion, progression. caraNam: pasturing, tending. cat: hidden. caturda: cat: to go + Urd: to play. cay: to go. cayet: caya: a cover. cha: a fragment. chalana: slow vibration. chalattA: tremor (as of sudden relaxation). chandah: harmony. chandrA: - glittering , shining (as gold) , having the brilliancy or hue of light, the moon. chanti: chand: pleasing. charya: to be practiced or performed. ched: splitting off.

chedana: cutting asunder. cibukaM: tongs, like jaws, cid: to divide. codaka: direction. cubuka: chin. cumb: to touch closely or softly. cumbantI: cum: to kiss, touch. curNit: alert, aware. cyu: moving, falling. da: giving. dadhyAsirA: conduit of shaking down. see sirA. dafAn: dafA: condition or circumstance. dakSiNam: right, straightforward. daltus: phlegm, bile, urine, small part, practical art. danta: teeth, point. dasta: bitten. dat: da: producing. datvA: gift a giver. daya: giving. dAya: giving. deha: body, person, shape mold. dehi: body.

devi: devI: goddess, inner psyche or soul. deva: god. inner source of divine powers. devadevasya: god of gods, the realized but eternal self, the dark or hidden goddess or pure beauty and perfection. devefa: chief god. dhA: to put, place, direct the mind. dharnasim: holding, supporting. dhavati: to run, flow, stream, move, glide, swim. dhazya: bringing or bestowing wealth. dhva: two, both. dhvani: audible sound, vibrant resonances, implied meanings. dhvas: covered, extinguished. dhyAyat: imagining. difAm: direction. dih: increase. dIkSitaH : initiated. dine: day. dIpakah: illuminating. dita: proclaims teaches. doh: forearm. doha: yielding, offering. dohai: form.

dqDham: firm, strong. drst: bold, obtained, secured. dugdha: milked, juice. durdhara: irresistible. durlabhain: difficult to obtain. dvayam: two. dvitiyam: second love. ekaikaM: one by one. ena: it, this, that, thus. eS: to glide or hasten towards. et: come near. etad: this. etan: this. etat: etad: here. eti: approach. eva: as long as. evaM : thus. this. evam: in this way. (find words starting with f (sh) after r) ga: going, reaching, uniting gah: to roam, range, rove. to enter deeply into; gam: go, move, approach mentally, perceive.

gama: to go, approach, intercourse as sex. gaNa: a troop deity (esp. pl. the followers of fiva. gata: going. gavASirA: channel or power of seeking. ghataka: accomplishing. ghatt: to rub, touch, shake, cause to move. ghna: destroying. ghna: killing, murderer. gira: speech, voice. go: cow, rays of the sun or stars, spiritual or higher nature. gomamsa: cow flesh. manifested spiritual. gramani: chief. grantha: tie together, bind. granthi: knot. guhya: hidden, covered, pudendum. guhye: concealed, sexual organs. pudenda (perineum). guNi: guna: quality. gunita: filled with. gupta: protected, hidden, concealed. gurda: to praise. gurni: intense vibration with dizziness, intoxication. guru: heavy, important, teacher, to fall into the power, to become clear.

hA: to spring, to discharge, emit, to put away, take off hara: obtaining. receiving. hi: on account of, to stimulate, incite to hqd: heart, active energy center between the thighs. hqdaya: region of the heart, active energy center between the thighs. hqdayasthA: existing in the heart. hqdaye: center or heart. hqt: bringing. hrtah: taken. hva: calling, name. iccha: wish, desire, inclination, intention. If: to command, to rule, reign. ina: strong, able. indhanAni: fuel indra: ind: to drop. god of rain and sky, lord of rain hence tears and nasal drip, generous heroism, source of downward flow of energy of the body, opposite to tongue of agni. iS: intend, seek for. ISvara: IfvaraH: IS: lord + vara: choice; the personal inner god dwelling in the heart. itAm: ita: obtain.. itare: another, opposite. iyaM: this. jA: producing.

jAgarti: then, awakening. jahac: the root or point of issue of certain parts of the body (lip, hair, mouth, opening, nipple). jaghanA: pudenda or hips. jarA: praise, invoke, old age jAti: genus or class. jto: produced, born. jAyAte: conquers. jAyate: jA: prepared from + yate: strive after. jAyate: victorious. jayati: victory. ji: to conquer (the passions), overcome or remove desire or difficulties. jihvA: the tongue, tongue of agni, various forms of flame and inner energy. jihvarasa: fluid of the tongue. jza: to know. jZanam: knowledge. jzata: intelligence, awareness. jzAyate: to know. jZo: knowing. kaf : to go. kal: to incite. kalA, small part, practical art.

kala: low tone, murmur. kAla: time, black, subtle. kalayogena: subtle connection. kalpan: fashioning or performing. kam: to wish for, desire. kAma: love. kAmin: desirous, loving, female. kamla: slightly acid. kampa: trembling. kampana: medium rate vibration. kanda: a bulb, bulbous swelling of the perineum. kANDa: a stalk, stem, branch. kandare: cave, cliff valley, love. kaNThabandha: throat lock. kapAla: bowl. kapalal: shell, cover, skull. kAra: create. made. kara: doer, action. kAram: a doer , maker , causer , doing , making , causing , producing. karaNa: doing, causing. karaNat: doing. karoTi: basin, skull.

karsanam: causing emaciation. kArya: work or business to be done, duty, an effect, result. katha: in what way. katha: what. katu: stimulating, pungent. kaula: union with the enlightened. kaulika: close relations, abode of a family, personal union. kaulika: kula. kaulikq: united relationship. kavih: knowing, enlightened, wise, sensible, prudent, skilful, cunning. kaylikI: united relationship. close relations. kena: by what, how. khala: a threshing-floor, granary. khalu: now, further khe: sky, cavity, cavity of body khecari siddhih: external powers of creation resulting from inner rising powers. khecari: khe: inner body, sky + cari: path. khecarI: sky path, inner path of rising energy within the body. khula: chief, assembly. kila: abode. kinchichalana: subtle unmanifested vibration. kizcit: doing anything.

kor: movable joint, bud, nipple. koSa: sheath, treasury, vulva. koTTa: a fort, stronghold. kq: to do, make, perform, accomplish, cause. kqS: to make less, to draw, pull to and fro kqt: effecting. kqtva: having done, producing, kqtya: action. krama: a step, going, course, approach by steps. kriya: doing. krtv: having done, causing. ksan: to hurt. ksarate: acrid. kshoba: kshubh: to tremble, to shake, agitated, stir up. kSIram: milky sap. kuca: breast. kucataTa: Nipple. kuhara: cavity. kula: abode, assemblage. kulInaM: shakti worshipper. kunc: to be curled, contracted. kuNDa: bowl shaped, bowl for coals, the lower abdomen,

kuNDalini: kuNDa + lina: pressed closely together, the inner creative energy. labhAmy: find. labhate: obtaining, to seize. lakSana: expressing indirectly. lalanA: to sport or play, tongue, caress or cherish, radiant or quivering. lalita: amorous, quivering, tremulous, languid gesture, lolling. lam: to delight in, enjoy sexually. lambi: hanging down, to be attached to. lambika: lambi + ka: fire, sun. lava: a section or piece. lesin small portions. lIlA: grace, charm, ease or facility in doing anything. liNge: liNga: the sign of gender. mA: display, to bestow, to measure out. mabhya: navel, opening. mad: to exhilarate, intoxicate, inflame, inspire. madh: sweet, honey. madhura: sweet. madhya: middle. madya: any intoxicating or inflaming drink or nectar. maha: great. mahAbalAH: great strength.

mahAbhAge: great fortune. mahefAnI: mahefna: great lady. maithuna: union, connected, coupled. mama: mine: mamqje: mamq: mortal. mamsa: flesh. man: dedication. manas: mind. mandala yoni: circle around the yoni mandalo: circular. manin: thinking, mind. mano: manas: mind. mantham: churning. mantra: thought. mantriNaH: wise. mantritAm: enchantments. manye: many: worthy, esteemed, neck. mara: passion. marat: immortal. mArge: proper course. mAsArdhena: half month. mata: considered.

mata: thought. matra: measure, element, small amount. mAtreNa: (with or by) measured quantity, qualities,: protection by true knowledge. matsya: like a fish, vital energy. matsyodari: pulsating like a fish. mava: nava: new. mAya: supernatural power, removal of that which does not belong to a given reality. meha: urine, inner fluid. menA: woman, a female. mita: fixed set up, founded, established, firm, strong. mocana: releasing from, discharging. mokSa: emancipation, liberation; from the undesired reality. mqta: dead, deathlike. mqtyu: death, disease. mu: a bond, final freedom. mudra: shutting, lock, sign, a chosen role to be played. mudraya to mark, print. mudrita: contracted, closed, sealed. muhUrtam: a moment. mukha: the nipple. mula root, source. muncati: to go, move.

mura: binding. mUrdha: the head, the first part of anything. mUrdhni: mUrdhan, the head, the first part of anything. mUrtau: solid body, material form. na: no, it is not so n: no, not so, negation. nAda: inner sound, tinnitus, sound of rising manifesting energy. nAddanta: directed nAda. nAdi tubular organ, Sound. nadi; tube, vein, artery. nAla: tube. nAm: name, appearance. naptat: daughter, often fingers as the ten daughters. nArI: death. nari: female attributes, woman. naribhaga: female portion or area. nasana: destroying. NAtha: protector. nava: new. nAyikA: mistress. ni: to bring into any state or condition. nibaddho: dependent, bound, covered.

nibha: resembling, inner radiance. nija: ones own, constant. nir: out, without. nirinano: niro: to loosen, separate from + nam: to turn towards , i.e. to aim at, yield or submit to. nirmala: pure, spotless. nirnijam: nir: without + nij: my own nispanda: no motion. niSpidya: to press or squeeze. nita: guided. nity :continual, ones own nityam: ones own, ordinary. nityaM: perpetual, eternal. nityayukta: always active. nivedayet: reporting or relating. niyojayet: leading and joining together. ni: lead + yojay: yojayitq: one who joins notpaditah: ungenerated. Nu: mu: praise. nuttaram: sent, ordered. nyAsaM: touch, initiate, placing, impress. ojas: bodily strength, vigor, energy. ojas precedes the fire of agni or the rain of indra. ola wet damp.

oli, suffix meaning activating power or fire. pAdika: comprising (only) one partition or division. padma: lotus. padmAni: pad: to stand fast. pafcd: pafct: afterwards. pafma: lotus. pAli: tip or lobe of ear, lap, bosom, protector, ruler. palita: old, fallow, expanded, blown. pAnam: drinking. parA: distant. para: distant. param: highest. paramAm: chief, highest, primary. paranmuka: turning the face or back upon. parayA: parayatta: overwhelmed by. pari to go, flow around move in a circle. pariS: to seek. pariSkq: prepare, make ready or perfect. pArSniM: heel. pataka: causing to fall. pathyam: suitable. patra: vessel water course.

pAvana: purifying, purification. pAyu: protecting power, perineal tensions. pazca: spread out. peNA: to embrace. phala: to bring to maturity. phalaM: benefit, enjoyment. phalita: bearing fruit, successful. phut: blowing, hissing. pi: swollen. pi: to move. pib: drinks. piplika: ant, like an ant, tingling. pra: before. pracoditAH: driven on. pradA: give, bestow. prafiSya: pupil of a pupil. pragharsa: rubbing. prakirt: to announce, reveal, to manifest. prakurvita: before acting or doing. prAna: vital breath, vitality. pranava: pranu to roar, reverberate, sacred sound of Om or nAda.; prapt: arrived.

prat: to go towards. prAtibhA: intuitive knowledge, intuition, divination. pratibimba: reflected image, a resemblance or counterpart of real forms. pratyaya: firm conviction. prav: to favor, help. prave: to cover over, pravesa: entering, pentration. praveso: entering. pravi: attentive. pravi: to go forth, enter. pravista: one who has initiated. prithi: priti: pleasure. pUja: to initiate, consecrate. pUjayet: pUjayAna: honoring. pumso: male, soul, spirit. puna: purified. punar: to restore, purify, repeat. puNya: auspicious. pUra: filling, swelling, woman. purA: swelling. purnam: filled. puruS: male, man.

puruSa: animating principle, spirit. puruspq: much desired. puS: to be nourished. puSpaistu: puspa: expanding. puSpeNA: puS: to fulfill (e.g. a wish). put: to rub together, to grind or pound. pUta: the buttocks. puTa: fold, two vessels joined together (sublimation of medicinal substances). pyayaM: approach. rA: to bestow. rahita: separated or free from. rAja: king. rajas: activated, energized. rajo: radiant. rakSa: preservative protection. rana: pleasure. ranam: rajan: soma as inner female power or goddess. rasA: juice: tongue (taste). rasa: sap or juice, a constituent fluid. rasana: tongue. ravata: roaring. reca: exhalation.

reta: fluid, nectar, semen flow. rI: release, flow. roma: cavity, hair. rudra: god, half male and half female. rudra: half male and half female. rudrayAmala: rudra + yA: moving. + mala: bodily excretion or secretion. (f = sh) fati: goodness. froN i: hips, loins. fAbhijA: with a principle or source. fA: bestowing. fabda: vibrations. fAkinI: mighty female. fakti: ability, power. faktiH: connecting power. faktya: fakti worshiper. fanaiH: (flowing) slowly. fAnta: joy. fAntaye: reducing passions. fati : goodness. fayaH: abiding. fikhAm: nipple.

fiSya: to be taught. fiva linga: protrusion of flesh from the middle of the perineum or kanda. fiva, auspicious. inner reproductive and creative power fiva: happy, fortunate, benign, creative, God as half male and female ArdhanArI fivojzeyah: consider as fiva. f roN i: hips, loins. fqNu: frI: illustrious. fuchiH shining, glowing. fuddham: purity. fUrpa: winning basket. sa: bestowing, giving, procuring. sA: giving, bestowing, granting, knowledge, together. sa: prefix meaning junction, conjunction, possession. sa: snake, air, wind, bird, knowledge, meditation. sabandhavah: having kindred or relations. sabd: invokes. sabha: congregation, eating house. sabhaksam: a messmate. sAdha: accomplishment, fulfillment. sAdhak: energizing, a skillful woman. sAdhayanti: controlled accomplishment. sAdhya: god of Love.

sadrqshI: suitable. sadyaH: to be obtained, be subdued, mastered, won or managed. sadyas: in the very moment. sadyo: sady: a form of fiva, safabdaM: SA: procuring. fabda: vibrations. saha: powerful. saIhitam: great effort to obtain anything. saindhava: relating to the sea. sakSArA: acrid pungent. salavi: right) sam: together with, along with, together, union of. saM: together. sama: same, smooth. samaj: collect together: sam + aj: to drive, propel. samAkhya: enumerate. samakuncya: akuncita bend, contracted lips. saman: to breathe. samana: union. sAmAnyo: in common, equal. samarcayet: samar: accompanied by the gods. samatAM: identify with. samayaM: to come together.

sambadho: to fasten together. sambhara: bringing together. sambhuta: uniting bringing forth. samesamacaret: to act perform. saMkhya: to be considered as. sam-prIt: completely satisfied or pleased, delighted. sampraptro: accomplished. sampUrNaM: filled with. sampuTI: a kind of coitus. saMstha: standing together, alliance, work together. samuccha: lofty. samucchad: to uncover destroy completely. samucchi: prominent. samucchin: accumulate. samucchinna; eradicated. samya: going together. sanmasam six months. san: gain, acquire, possess. sanaih: slowly, quietly. sandeho: without doubt. sandhay: samdha: to put bring together. sanyak: right, correct.

sap: caress. sapida: discharging water or fluid. saptadin: a week. saptaviMfa: sap: caress. ta: the breast. viM: vin: to bestow: caressing and stimulating the breast. sAra: course, motion to be strong. solid inner strength. sari: waterfall. sariram: ones body. sarpati: snake. sarva: all, whole, entire, everything. sarvadA: all bestowing. sarvago: all pervading , omnipresent, spirit , soul. sarvajzaH: knowing all. sasta: repeated. Sasto: recited praise Sastra: theory, instruction, command, precept: se: serving. seka: pouring out, the fluid itself . setsyanti: a bond, fetter. sevya: to be approached, followed, to be served or obeyed. sfnute: voracious. shabda: sound, the cognizing of artha.

Si: auspiciousness, good fortune. SI: recline, rest, repose. SID: to turn out well, have success. siddhAH: perfected , become perfect. siddhAngANa: feminine perfected powers. siddhi: accomplishment, fulfillment, powers siddhidam: conferring beatitude. siddhiH: attainment. siddhiM: accomplished, fulfilled. siddhya: success. sindhor: sindhu: flood, waters, moisture. sirA: stream, vein or conduit for inner energies, bulb. sma: ever. smara chakra: smara chandra: a kind of sexual union). smara: love. the god of love, K?ma. smaran: act of love or union. smarate: loving recollection love. snigdha: slippery viscous oily smooth soft, snu: emit fluid, soma: nectar, amrita, inner fuel (indhana), hormones, somasUrya: sun-moon. spanda: quivering, throbbing as of life.

spandana: fast rate vibration. sphota: bursting forth, creative sounds. sphur: to spring, tremble, throb, break forth, to live. sphuTam: appear suddenly, to expand. spq: to release, give. sprs: to touch, convey to. sqSTiM : emission, creation. sravat: streaming, flowing, sweating. SriSti: emission, creation. srita: going, running. sta: to stand firm. stai: to put on. stAm: sthaman: place seat, strength. stan: the female breast. stana: breast, nipple. stanabhoga: fullness of breast, gynomastia. stanacUcuka: nipple. stanakoti: nipple of the breast. stanavqnta: breast stalk, nipple. sten: perfume. stena: of a small amount of accumulation. stha: stand.

sthAn: standing, position. sthaNDile: bare ground. sthiro: stands firm. sthitaH: standing. su: pressing out soma juice. su: set in motion, urge, create, produce, to impel, to bestow. Su: sU to bestow. subhro: subhra: radiant, shining, beautiful, splendid. suf roN i: su: pressing out + sroNi: hips and thighs, buttocks. sugandhi: fragrance. Sukra: bright, clear fluid. sUkSma: subtle, minute. suptA: sleep. surefa: goddess of gods, the inner god durga. sUrya: sun, fire. suvrata: virtuous. svacchas: pure. svadehA: ones body. svar: world. svAra, svara: sound. svayambhu: svaya: self created + bhu: becoming, self made. svayambhulinga: self made linga.

svAyatanah: being under one's own control. sya: fUrpa: winning basket, motion of the abdomen. syAda: driving, rapid motion. syandin: discharge. syat: perhaps. ta: breast, womb, jewel, nipple. tA: inaccessible. tac: tad: that. tad: that, therefore. tadA: at that time, then. taksaka: a cutter. tAla: measure, control. talu: palate. taluni: talu + uni lower palate. tam: stop breathing. tAm: to become immovable. tam: to stop. tama: ascending mode. tamaham: groping in darkness. tanva: woven, spun. tapas: heat, fire, fervor, quickening. taraH: carrying across.

tasya: throwing. tat: thus. tata: extended, then. taTa: point. tataH: protracted, spread, diffused. tataH: that. tatha: in that manner, so be it thus. tathA: in this manner tathaiva: in like manner. tatI: many, ceremony. tato: tas: fade away, perish, cast upwards, throw down, throwing. tato: that, afterwards, later. tatra: therein, under those circumstances. tattva: truth or true reality. tattvataH : true or real state. tena: in that manner. thA: a protector, sign of danger. tha: protector, preservation. tiksna, pungeant. tithI: titha: love, fire. toya: fluid. tqpta: satisfied with.

tqpti: fulfillment. tqtIya: the third. tra: protecting, three. trada: one who opens. traya: triple. trayam: trai: to protect. treNa: trai: to protect. tripath: where three roads meet. tu: strong, able, to have power. tulya: similar to. tur: to hurry, press forwards. tvA: the state of being. ubdha: jump. ucch: high, lofty, prominent. ucyate: to be active in taking pleasure. udhAna: upward flowing breath of energy. udIrana: act of throwing, exciting, stirring. uni: lessor. unmanA: mental excitement, perplexity, facing the unknown. Upya: sown, scattered. uras: breast, chest. urda: Urdhava: rising.

Urdhva: rising. urmi: undulating. uru: thigh. uttarasyA: belonging to the superior. va: strong, powerful. vadhra: thong, leather strap. vahan: end, issue. vahni: the flow of inner fire. vaji stimulating, vitalizing. vajra: lightning, hard, sudden stimulation. vajroli: vajra + oli: to burn vajrolI: vajra: thunderbolt of indra. vaksye: vakSas: chest. vaktre: vaktra: mouth, beginning, the initial or first term of a progression. valI: fold of skin. vama: ejecting. emitting. vAma: female breast, left. vamasta: standing on the left. van: to conquer, win, become master of. vantave: to like, love, wish. vardayiter: vardhayitr: one who causes to increase. varga: state.

varjita: excluded, avoided. varti: a swelling or protuberance, subsistence. varuna: a god of inner space and fluid, water. vAruni: spirituous liquor, varuna's female energy. varyo: the god of love. vas: to bestow. vasa: a dwelling, residence. vasa: shining. vasana: devoted to. vasatha: a house. vaSavartini; having power over. vasta: a dwelling, residence. vatU: river of heaven, truth. vayati: to weave, attach to. vAyu: wind, air, languid breathing. vedh: to tremble, quake. vedha: pious, faithful, penetration, piercing. vefA: entrance. vepa: vibrating (voice). vetti: vid: to be strong. vi: implies negation. vi: to set in motion, arouse, excite.

vi: two parts. vid: to know, teach. vidhAna: ordinance, rule prescription. vidhiH: law, prescribed act or rite. vifuddham: completely purified. vifuvat: vi-fu + vat: to surround, equinox, center of forces. vifva: all, entire, whole. vighna: removal of obstacles. vijza: discern, know, understand. vikasa: extend, increase, to open, expand. viM: vin: bestow. vina: discipline. vinA: to reach. vinda: acquires. vipa: learned man. viparita: reversed. vIraH: hero or an intoxicating beverage (soma). vire: purge. vIrefvaraH: chief of heroes. visam: poisonous. visarga: emission, expansion, more. vitam: to manifest.

vivaram: dilation, expansion. vivasvatah: shining forth, diffusing light. vizatamAtreNa: only by the right knowledge. vraj: obtained, to go towards. vrajat: movement. vyA: a coverer. vyAdhinAm: to pierce, open. vyavasthiti: perseverance in. vyom: air, heaven. ya: yA: going, moving, a goer or mover, joining, strong. yac: yad: which. yacit: asked for. yadA: when, then. yadah: at that time. yadhi: because. yadi: consequent clause of the conditional sentence. yadi: whether, who, which etc. yadvA: perception, mind, intelligence. yaga: offering. yaH : ever flowing. yah: swift. yajanam: the act of performing a sacrifice.

yajed: yaj: consecrate. yaka: who, which. yakSa: a living supernatural being. yama: restraint. yAmi: path. yan: restrain. yAnyAn: going going. yasa: beautiful. yasta: entrusted, deposited. yasya: endeavored. yat: strive after. yat: unite. yate: goer. yate: strive after. yate: ya: pudendum. yathA: in which manner. yathAfaktyA: according to power or ability. yatkiZcid: whatever. yatna: will, effort. yAva: warding off. yavad: as far as. yen: by means of, which, because.

yo: yos: welfare, health, happiness. yogaM: union. yogavit: knowing right. yogI: female yogi. yogin : female yogi. yojayet: to unite. yomashto: heavenly. yoni: womb, source, female organs, active center of perineum in men and women, source of kanda. yoniH: source of generation, center of perineum. yuja: to make ready, prepare, arrange, fit out, set to work, use. yuta: united. yuva: young, youthful, adult, strong, good, healthy. zad: to be superior. zana: quiet, calm, soft. zati: spice. zra: to heat.