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E-tools that create jobs & daily income.
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Ari C. Hinnant
Ari is on a mission. She is traveling around the country empowering people with jobs and peace of mind.
Ari created 30 eBiznesses that will create millions of jobs, raise confidence and save millions of street children.

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Ari's books are the stuff that dreams are made of; her books create
jobs, quick income and profound peace of mind.

For the last decade, Ari C. Hinnant has reached millions of people through her 30 books, radio network, speaking engagements, workshops, column, social networks and articles. Ari is a guest host on (Rumor Mill News Radio) that has over 1.2 million listeners and 17 million monthly visitors.

Ari is donating twenty five percent of every book to empower homeless street children. Yes, there are literally 150 million plus children
(Age 1 month to 18 years old) living on our global streets. Tonight while you are in your comfortable bed with a kitchen full of food,

there are millions of


children hungry, alone, exploited, sleeping in drainage ditches,
under ground in abandon railroad shafts and buildings. No adults, no food, no safety, no love and no future.

On September 21st 2008, Ari moved out of her dream house, gave away most of her belongings, and hit the road to inspire the world towards prosperity and kindness. "Life should be effortless, blissful, full of love and abundance." -Ari

Ari will be speaking everywhere! All events benefit street children and women around the world. All events will supports the following organizations: Global Angels, City of Joy Foundation, Oprah's Angel Network and Habitat for Humanity in empowering homeless women and street children. More programs>>

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9/20/2009 4:01 PM

Create a life that matters

My life purpose.
Ignite people to embrace a self actualized and sustaining lifestyle. Ari's journey includes creating eco-sustainable communities for homeless children around the world. Did you know that 150 million children (Ages 1 day to 18 years old) slept on the ground, in drainage pipes, abandoned buildings and under bridges last night? Some kids were cold, hungry, sick, abused and scared. Ari will donate a percentage of her after tax income to inspire children and women to become empowered and self-sustaining.

An Activist for Women and Children
As a life-long child activist, Ari is confident that changing the world is possible! Ari's mentor and hero, French author Dominique Lapierre has long chronicled the strength of the human spirit: The Lapierres have long supported the rescue of thousands of children from the slums of India, has raised the money to build and support three floating hospitals in the Ganges, continues to feed and educate millions monthly.

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9/20/2009 4:01 PM

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