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10/30/2012 Internet Hacking Articles (IHA) Shehab Imam

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If you can get hold of Linux. Linux gives you a graphical interface that makes it easy to use your computer. Well So First We Cover about Linux. What is Linux? Linux is a free Unix-type operating system for computer devices. . yet it still allows those with know-how to change settings by adjusting 0 to 1. The operating system is what makes the hardware work together with the software. But in a recent HDD crash I lost all the dat a. Linux is freely available to everyone. The OS is the interface that allows you to do the things you want with your computer.An Introduction to Linux (For Beginners) Now before we proceed to Backtrack we should have some Basic Idea of what is Backtrack. Sometimes Later We Will cover Backtrack Higher Versions. Fig 1 : A typical Linux Desktop 1. OS X and Windows are other widely used OS. Well I have tried to cover Backtrack 4 (ONLY). Backtrack is your Best Friend. Didn’t Use Backtrack 5 or Higher versions although I had downloaded and kept. which is pretty much the same as backtrack.

A file is an element of data storage in a file system.this is where you will be keeping all your documents./procSystem information stored in memory mirrored as files. Gentoo and Redhat are some of the many variants. links to your hardware devices like /dev/sound. “myfile” and “MyFile” are two different files. only used at system startup/devDevice files./var/var contains variable data files. Those who choose can gain full control of their system by manually adjusting the configuration files from foo=yes to foo=no in an editor. Any information that is host-specific or varies with time is stored elsewhere. These days most programs come with nice GUI (graphical user interface) like Mandrakes Control Center and Suses YAST that can smoothly guide you through most configuration. The lowest possible folder is root / where you will find the user homes called /home/. the rest of the OS are GNU tools. A package with the kernel and the needed tools make up a Linux distribution. A blank piece of paper is called a file in the world of computers. Almost everything you do on a computer involves one or more files stored locally or on a network. 2. including i386+ . Files are usually stored on harddrives. Computers use folders to sort your files in a hieratic system. /home/elvis/Documents /home/elvis/Music /home/elvis/Music/60s Files are case sensitive. Your text or drawing is called information. / /home/ /home/mom/ /home/dad/ Behind every configurable option there is a simple human-readable text file you can hand-edit to suit your needs. That means that /usr should be shareable between various FHS-compliant hosts and must not be written to. check out: 3. You can use this piece of paper to write a text or make a drawing.It is only the kernel that is named Linux. read-only data. GNU/Linux OS can be used on a large number of boxes. administrative and logging data. cdroms and other media. Your filesystems lowest folder root / contains the following folders: /binEssential user command binaries (for use by all users)/bootStatic files of the boot loader. A computer file is another way of storing your information. If you make many drawings then you will eventually want to sort them in different piles or make some other system that allows you to easily locate a given drawing. This includes spool directories and files. /usr is shareable. This is where you save your personal files/libEssential shared libraries and kernel modules/mntMount point for a temporarily mounted filesystem like /mnt/cdrom/optAdd-on application software packages/usr/usr is the second major section of the filesystem. The only folder a normal user needs to use is /home/you/ . PowerPC and Sparc. To organize our files into a system we use folders. Understanding users and permissions . and transient and temporary files. Understanding files and folders Linux is made with one thought in mind: Everything is a file. Alpha. /dev/input/js0 (joystick)/etcHost-specific system configuration/homeUser home directories. but may also be information stored in RAM or links to devices. For more details. Mandrake . SUSE Linux.

a search temporary become root and do the things you need. BACKTRACK What is Backtrack? BackTrack is a distribution based on the UbuntuGNU/Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics andpenetration testing use. allowing the group it belongs to to read it and at the same time all other users can’t even read the file. Every file belongs to a user and a group. Support for Live CD and Live USBfunctionality allows users to boot BackTrack directly from portable media without requiring installation. You can execute a command as root with: su -c 'command done as root' Gentoo Linux: Note that on Gentoo Linux only users that are member of the wheel group are allowed to su to root. Tools BackTrack provides users with easy access to a comprehensive and large collection of security-related tools ranging from port scanners to password crackers. BackTrack includes many well known security tools including:  Metasploit integration (Non-Working and Officially Unsupported ) . Who and what is root Linux has one special user called root (this is the user name). a security consultant. and has a set of given attributes (read. You should never log on as this user unless you actually need to do something that requires it! Use su . groups and all (everybody).Linux is based on the idea that everyone using a system has their own username and password. though permanent installation to hard disk is also an option. 4. this is not a regular user (LindowsOS don’t have any user management at all and uses root for everything. again: never log into your sytem as root! Root is only for system maintenance.The BackTrack distribution originated from the merger of two formerly competing distributions which focused on penetration testing. codenamed “Revolution and its Revision. This special user has the right to do anything. this is a very bad idea!). Earlier versions of WHAX were called Whoppix and were based on Knoppix. It is named afterbacktracking. The overlap with Auditor and WHAX in purpose and tools collection partly led to the merger. Root is the “system administrator” and has access to all files and folders. A file or folder can have permissions that only allows the user it belongs to to read and write to it. write and executable) for users.” WHAX: a Slax based Linux distribution developed by Mati Aharoni. The current version is BackTrack 5 R2. Auditor Security Collection: a Live CD based onKnoppix developed by Max Moser which included over 300 tools organized in a user-friendly hierarchy.

 Quypt (Terminal Emulator) (which is private software by Crimson Hacking group. fingerprint operating system. BackTrack arranges tools into 12 categories:             Information Gathering Vulnerability Assessment Exploitation Tools Privilege Escalation Maintaining Access Reverse Engineering RFID Tools Stress testing Forensics Reporting Tools Services Miscellaneous Why BackTrack? The purpose of creating Backtrack Was for information gathering: This category contains several tools that can be used to get information regarding a target DNS. . This information is gathered from the available information on the Internet. add-ons and scripts based on Firefox  Cisco OCS Mass Scanner A very reliable and fast scanner for Cisco routers with telnet/enable default password. routing. which has leaked to the Mainstream) Blackhat  A large collection of exploits as well as more commonplace software such as browsers. and also do port-scanning. without touching the target environment. websites.          RFMON Injection capable wireless drivers Aircrack-NG Kismet Nmap Ophcrack Ettercap Wireshark (formerly known as Ethereal) BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) Hydra OWASP Mantra Security Framework collection of hacking tools. application used by the target. mail server. e-mail address. and so on. • Network mapping: This category contains tools that can be used to check the live host.

You might need to get the highest privilege first before you can install tool to maintain access. • Penetration: This category contains tools that can be used to exploit the vulnerabilities found in the target machine. bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID). you may want to choose Start BackTrack Forensics in the booting menu. you can use the tools in this category. To use the tools provided in this category. you can use tools in this category to escalate your privilege to the highest privilege. carving files. BackTrack also contains tools that can be used for: • Digital forensics: In this category you can find several tools that can be used to do digital forensics such as acquiring hard disk image. • Reverse engineering: This category contains tools that can be used to debug a program or disassemble an executable file. • Radio network analysis: To audit wireless networks. . and analyzing hard disk image.• Vulnerability identification: In this category you can find tools to scan vulnerabilities (general) and in Cisco devices. • Voice Over IP (VOIP): To analyze VOIP you can utilize the tools in this category. It also contains tools to carry out fuzzing and analyze Server Message Block (SMB) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). • Maintaining access: Tools in this category will be able to help you in maintaining access to the target machine. Some practical forensic procedures require you to mount the internal hard disk and swap files in read-only mode to preserve evidence integrity. • Privilege escalation: After exploiting the vulnerabilities and gaining access to the target machine. • Web application analysis: This category contains tools that can be used in auditing web application.

. with more than 300 tools available for the task. with three options available. Fig 2 : Backtrack BootMenu The second option (Console no FB) stands for Console no Framebuffers. BackTrack. data recovery. system investigation and analysis. We’re going to check version 4 Beta. and other useful tasks. BackTrack works primarily as a live CD. It is also possible to install BackTrack. i.BACKTRACK 4 In the first parts. Lots of great stuff. Anyhow … The distro maintains its elegance by booting into the best-looking console I have seen. Thanks k finity! As to the third option. It is specially suited for penetration testing. we had an introduction to basic concepts on and some common tools. MSRAMDUMP. The boot menu is simple and elegant. Like both Helix and Protech. security auditing. with good hardware detection and low memory footprint. Sound quite interesting. security-oriented distribution. Introduction BackTrack is one of the more popular distributions in the white hat circles. but this produced an error and threw me back into the boot menu.e. the failsafe mode with minimal graphics that should work well on all hardware. should one desire. You can begin working instantly on the command-line or boot into GUI desktop by issuing startx command. incidence handling. intended to make it usable even on older machines. This means good stability and hardware detection and a whole lot of software that can be easily obtained. Linux distribution specially designed for penetration testing. Let’s see how it behaves.and definitely all forensics/securityoriented tools. BackTrack is based on Ubuntu. Like most Linux distros . I did try booting it. with stylish color gradients and mirror effects.

Another interesting element is the Run box embedded in the panel. In fact. a relatively new filesystem. This is something that is probably solved in future releases. You get a simple wallpaper with dragon-like theme. with the Ext4 root partition. the system I booted BackTrack on hosts a Jaunty install. Desktop The desktop is simple and functional. which is formatted with Ext4. running a lightweight KDE3 manager. which allows you to run applications without invoking a terminal first. . The network is not enabled by default and you’ll have to fire it up manually.Fig 3 : this is where you enter the GUI mode One thing worth noting in the screenshot above is the mounting error on hda1.

Fig4: Backtrack Desktop .

not show you how to use them. with menu items a link to the console with the relevant tool running inside it. and without the right amount of respect.Tools:BackTrack is all about lots and lots of hacking tools. do not deploy them in a production environment without the explicit approval from system administrators and INFOSEC people. you may cause more harm than good. arranged into sub-categories. Fig5 : backtrack Tools . I’m only going to present the tools. These tools are all double-edged swords. Most of the tools are command-line utilities. skill and integrity. let alone mastering them. Once again. The collection is long and rich and it will take you a long time pouring over all of them. The tools can all be found under Backtrack in the menu. Furthermore.

Fig6: Backtrack Tools 2 Fig 7 : Backtrack Tools 3 .

Hydra and hping3: Fig8: Backtrack Tool Hydra (password Cracker) Fig9: Backtrack Tool Nmap .A few practical examples. there’s the venerable nmap.

Fig10: Backtrack Tool hping3 (network scanner) Then. Fig11: Backtrack Tool GDB (analyze crash dumps) . there’s the gdb (GNU Debugger) for analyzing crash dumps and memory cores.

already configured to use the exceptional Noscript extension.Last But not the Least WIRESHARK (formerly ethereal . You get:1. which makes software management easy and pleasant: Fig13 : Synaptics . Firefox. however it also has a reasonable assortment of “normal” programs. 2.) Fig12: Backtrack Wireshark Other programs:BackTrack is mainly loaded with security applications. Synaptic.

Fig14: Backtrack Tool WINE (for windows softwares) . Also comes with WINE for windows Softwares.3.

BlueSmash shows up as blue-smash on the command line. which I expect will be solved soon. both Lynx text browser and QtParted partitioning software refused to work. BackTrack 4 was not the most stable distro. but it was nothing major. with stylish touches that add to the overall feel of the distribution. although the expiration has been in effect since August 2008. with both lowercase and uppercase Ts. The Beta version did throw a few errors here and there. even faster than most installed distributions. Most importantly. BackTrack itself also comes in two flavors. Overall. Small consistency issues also arise. at last when this article was written. Documentation needs to be improved. For example. Nevertheless. This is not something you expect to see on a site catering to the security-conscious audience. It’s secure site. there were no big issues. there were some other problems.Errors:Being a beta. etc. For example. well balanced and overall quite impressive. and there’s the lack of support for Ext4. there’s the small issue of inconsistency when it comes to application names. It runs very fast in the live mode. Conclusion BackTrack is a powerful hacking suite. starting with the website SSL certificate and continuing with lots of questions regarding the general usage. for security professionals looking for a complete testing package that has all . Fig15: Backtrack beta version error Other things One thing that may bother you is the issue with the documentation section on the official site. except for the occasional application errors. hping3 has a capital H in the menus. It is well made. the array of tool is rich. self-signed with an expired certified. In addition to the Ext4 error during the boot. Furthermore.

Backtrack 5 2. How to Hack Windows Password In Backtrack using Ophcrack 2. Cracking WPA2 PSK with Backtrack 4. BackTrack is an excellent candidate for their work THE END -: MORE LINKS:1. Backtrack Forum VISIT US LIKE US ASK US JOIN US . Backtrack Wiki 3. on top of a stable. aircrack-ng and John The Ripper -: OFFICIAL LINKS:1. Hacking Wireless Networks (Part 1) (Part 2) 3.their favorite gadgets neatly arrayed. popular distribution and with Synaptic package management for easy replenishment of any missing bits.

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