Block Party Handmade Boutique Artist Packet 2014

Confidential: do not disseminate. This packet contains confidential, trade-secret information and is shared only with the understanding that you will not share it’s contents or ideas with third parties without the express written consent of the plan author.

Block Party is an innovative new retail and community space for local artists and entrepreneurs. Block Party is a collaborative handmade boutique that operates on a micro rental space agreement. All items are handmade from local artists, and each artist will have a boutique space to merchandise and sell their work. As a cooperative business model, members work together to make the store successful by paying a fee for their space, and up to 8 hours of labor a month. In addition to having a retail space, artists have a shared studio space to use, an opportunity to teach classes in the studio, host shows and events in the retail space, as well as opportunities to take a larger role in the business expansion. The guiding concept is that by having a large collective of quality artists, each artist’s work will help benefit the whole, while improving the storefront, other artists’ business, and the community. Unlike typical retail arrangements, a co-op boutique is a wonderful opportunity to create a sustainable storefront while also providing an opportunity for the artist to be more connected to their products and audience. This offers a unique and engaging environment to the customer. Your fee includes: • Professional and vibrant storefront in a high traffic downtown Louisville location, surrounded by similar and established retailers • Advanced point of sale and inventory system • Display area fitted with hardware of shelving, racks, hooks, table space, etc. • Beautiful packaging for your wares • Advertising • Excellent customer service and professional business consulting • Collaborative and fun shared studio space • Opportunity to teach classes in the workshop • Additional storage for your work • Space to host events and meetings • Ability to participate in events and markets hosted by Block Party, as well as private trunk shows

What is Block Party Handmade Boutique?

Where is Block Party Handmade Boutique?
Block Party Handmade Boutique is located at 560 South Fourth Street (in between the historic Seelbach and Brown Hotels) in beautiful downtown Louisville, and is part of the new revitalization of the South Fourth Street district organized by Louisville Downtown Development Corporation. Market research exposed a great need for retail in this area. It will be a vibrant retail district for out of town visitors to purchase unique, one of a kind gifts made in KY, as well as an artistic and lively district for Louisvillians to support small, businesses and get involved with their community. Upon its completion in April 2012, the retail market study concluded that downtown Louisville currently averages $235 million in annual retail sales. The study also stated that given the existing downtown worker, residential, and visitor markets, the average annual retail sales potential for downtown Louisville is $448 million. In order to best take advantage of this potential opportunity in the marketplace, Village Solutions recommended creating a unique Downtown retail district along the 500 and 600 blocks of South Fourth Street. With historic ties to retail and commerce, South Fourth Street contains the remnants of a once thriving retail corridor. Mid-century modern storefronts continue to line both sides of the street and many contain recessed entrances with large display windows. Revitalization plans for South Fourth Street call for new and exciting retail concepts to blend with the existing mid-century modern

architectural heritage of the street. This integration will serve as the foundation for a Downtown retail district, which will also include new restaurants and entertainment venues. Block Party is surrounded by other unique retailers: Regalo, Les Filles, Gifthorse, the Leading Man, Craft(s) gallery, FAF gallery, and Art Eatables. Why is a strong, vibrant, creative downtown so important? “To compete in the 21st century, our community must be a stimulating and creative place to live and work — economically stimulating, socially stimulating, and intellectually stimulating. Entrepreneurs should want to live here because of the business opportunities. Artists should want to live here because of our rich, creative environment. Downtown Louisville sets the tone in these areas for our entire city. ville’s downtown should be our city’s most unique and stimulating environment — a place that epitomizes our city’s energy and pulse.” – Jerry Abramson .

Block Party offers an opportunity for a variety artists, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Block Party is seeking applications from designers and artists who have a unique handmade product, made by themselves or are involved in the design process or original concept. You will be required to submit an application form online. Acceptance into Block Party is juried on an individual basis. For the Hustling Artist/Crafter/Entrepreneur: If you are like me, you have been selling your wares at various craft shows throughout the years and are continuously scouting out the best shows to do and when. You may be looking for a more permanent storefront, but may not have the capital, investment potential, and inventory to fill up an entire store. Block Party gives you the opportunity to have more control over your merchandise at a small fraction of the price of owning your own store. You have the opportunity to make the most of your space by restocking often and testing the market with new products. You will have full access to your inventory and sales at any point, and have all of your products in one location with any promotional materials you would like to display. Your space will be as customized to market your brand as you would like. Block Party’s mission is to provide an intimate shopping experience for our guest, so you can have your space as personalized as you prefer. By being in the downtown market and having all of your marketing materials available, this is great advertising for your brand to get into new stores around the country. You can even host meetings with clients in the Block Party space. For the Newbie: Block Party offers an opportunity to test out the market intimately to see how your work will sell. You will also be in a collaborative environment full of professional artists and entrepreneurs who can inspire you and provide wisdom on how to succeed as an artist. For the Store Owner: Block Party offers a perfect opportunity to expand into a second location without having to add business partners or invest in an entire new storefront. Shoppers can have a tactile experience with your wares and be provided with all of the information to come visit your store to see more. This is an experience you cannot get just from typical advertising. For the Community Lover: Block Party will include a workshop area where you can apply to teach classes on your craft. This is an extra opportunity to earn more income and provide cultural enhancement to the area. You will also have access to a shared studio space where you can collaborate with other artists and grow the Louisville art community.

Frequently Asked Questions
How are the prices calculated for rental spaces? Block rentals were calculated from similar business models and then evaluated to create the most competitive rates available for artists while still being able to maintain the storefront. Professional financial advisors and accountants were consulted to prepare for a solid financial plan. We also added a few financial incentives and extra perks compared to other similar models. What is the process of applying? Each artist must fill out an application online and provide photos of their work. Based on need in the store, artists will then be asked to interview in person, and consult for a space that is perfect for them. Once you are accepted, you do not need to reapply. Will I have exclusivity in the store? Block Party’s model is that as a collective, we can work collaboratively to help each other be successful. The goal is to have several artists for each category. However, Block Party respects the artists and provides exclusivity for one of a kind work. Where will my space be? Artists nominate their area and position at time of application. Spaces are subject to availability. We will also offer our advice on this if you are unsure. Block Party will have approximate category sections in the store to provide an organized shopping experience for the guest. Block Party will also have incentives to be a spotlight artist and have front window space. What hours will I work? Block Party requests 8 hours a month from co-op members and it can be completed in one day or two four hour shifts based on your availability. Our hours are 10am-7pm. What advertising do you do for Block Party? Mary Margaret Sparks is the PR manager for Block Party. We advertise as a group with other South Fourth street merchants, collaborate with other local businesses, advertise with the Original Makers Club, offer tons of social media exposure, and have been featured in Today’s Woman, Pure Uncut Candy, the Voice Tribune, on WHAS 11 news, and much more! We are a partner with the visitor’s bureau, so we focus on marketing to both visitor’s and locals! Any other questions can be made to Mary Levinsky at Thank you for your interest!!

Block Party Staff
Block Party is managed and operated by Mary Levinsky. Mary was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and moved to Louisville in 2006. She received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and studio art from the University of Louisville in 2010. Mary has a professional background in graphic design, customer service, and social services. Mary participated in many juried art shows and joined her initial retail art fair in 2008. Being new to the retail environment, she initally struggled to find her niche. However, through participation in many art shows over the next few years, she realized she had

developed a talent for communicating with customers, discovering the customer’s needs, and found her passion evident in excelling at sales. Through her experiences, she understands the need for artists to learn more about marketing and selling their work, and she decided to focus on supporting other female artists. With an emphasis on community, Mary partnered with a booth neighbor from an art fair and created the Female Art Collective in 2009, with a mission to bring artists together and to encourage the female community to succeed in showcasing and selling their work. Mary is motivated by and committed to the collective and was inspired by immense community support to continue. Mary has created community events collaborating with and highlighting local businesses, artists, musicians, and non-profit organizations. As the business has grown, it became clear to Mary that the natural progression would be to expand the business and open a physical store and inspire others to build their careers utilizing their artistic talents. Mary loves to call Louisville home and is excited to be a part of a new, vibrant, downtown Louisville.

2014 Block Party Monthly Rental Rates
All rates add a 20% commission after rental amount is recouped. Working rate available to those who meet retail requirements.
Large Boutique Space (6’h x 5’w x 2.5’d ) Lease Length


Working Rate (8 hours a month)

Non-Working Rate

3 Month minimal Prices for: Large Non-Enclosed Shelving Tower (3.25’ w x 68” h x 15”d) or



3 Month minimal Medium Non Enclosed Shelving Unit (68”h x 20”w x 14”d) 3 Month 6 Month 3 Month minimal 1/2 of a large boutique space: 5’w x 2.5’ d table with total of 48” height 3 Month 6 Month 3 Month minimal 1/4 of a large boutique space 2.25’ x 3’

$175 $165 $145 $115 Or Freeform Wall space 2.5’ w x 7’ h $145 $137 $135

$215 $195 $175 $145 $175 $167 $165

3 Month minimal Prices for: Shelf on Large Tower (3.25’ W x 17”h x 15”d) or 2 Medium Shelves

$80 OR small table 22” x 22” total of 30” height


3 Month minimal Incredible Edibles 2.5’ x 12” shelf Shelf for handmade foods only

$60 $50

$80 $50

Scale drawing of spaces availabile within the “large boutique” space:

Large Boutique 6’ H 5’ Width 2.5’ Depth (Best Value!) Large Table 5’ L 2.5’ Width Freeform Wall Space 5’w 3’Height Freeform Wall Space 2.25w x 3 Height Medium Table Space 2.5’ square Small Shelf on Wall 2’ L 1.5’ H

Visuals of the spaces available:

Medium Non-Enclosed Shelving Unit

1/2 of a Large Boutique Space 2.5’ w x 7’ h

1/2 of a Large Boutique Space 5’w x 2.5’ deep table

Visuals of the spaces available:

Large Boutique Space

Large Shelving Unit

1/4 of a large boutique space

Two Medium Shelves

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