I've been depressed only as a result of debilatating physical pain. I've had chronic Migraines since I was young.

I recall having them as early as 3 years old. The symptoms from Thalassemia Minor aggrevated by violent communist, satanists resulted in my experiencing the excruciating pain of chronic migraines. I've had them last for as long as a week and the children they forced me to have can be considered nothing short of a murder attempt on my life because they deliberately sought to murder me in a way that wouldn't seem like a murder. How is it that they hadn't anticipated that I'd tell everyone about it because I don't have any established meaningful relationships with them? I have absolutely, and there are abosolutes, no reason to not continue to tell the truth about my life? I could never establish a meaningful relationship with anyone unless I'm honest about who I am. I'm honest with myself and with others. Their cloak and dagger double agent bullsh*t is dull. How is it that they think that their plausible deniability would not wear itself out. Force and more fore from the idiots. Childish apes that can't run anything correctly. Conceited non humans wanting to compete with humans. Non Whites mostly claim they want to compete with Whites. Most Blacks are losers who no one needs for anything because they usually have nothing to offer. Consuming more than they produce and it shows in their expanding no waist waistlines. The happiness factors in again regarding which group I think ought to win a race war. I think that Whites ought to win because of the simple fact that they seem to have the ability to be happy. It's my criteria for success and not conspicuous wealth. I need material comforts because of my blood disorder, but have managed to be happy despite the inconveniences of the Communists attempting to "ruin my adult life" like they did to the East Germans. Communism seems to murder masses of White populatons and perhaps they are not just the enemy of mankind, but of White people specifically. I think a White communist was a victim of their brainwashing and general stupidity. They like to place their useful idiots into positions of power and authority. The Universities and all institutions of learning were obviously affected. *more on the learing institutions and the Black radicals liberation movements exclusion of everyone except them. Particularly since it's been the eleventh hour for far too long and they seem to be stalling. They don't want to go to the next level of their lame master plan and world domination scheme. We know the drill, Yawn. The idiots takeover will come with increased violence and deaths because the idiots have nothing except the power to destroy. Not the power to build and grow and enjoy the fruits of ones labor, no they steal and are still unable to enjoy the fruits of their unlawful pillaging of others labor. The labor of our minds they can't mimic.

The abilities you can't punch into being or extort. Brain mapping won't replace the fair trade of free people. Giggling, sniggering dummies! Their sideways looks of connivance. Their obvious cowardice to sacrifice themselves like they never want to do when their time has come. They are trying to prolong the inevitable; failure. Failure to live and thrive as human beings with dignity. Failure to embrace reality instead of railing at perfection. With vigor they shake their deformed inbred fists at God for creating them as lesser, cursed, lazy and stupid. The idiots don't know how to wield power. Their idea of power is to ignorantly murder and incite the masses to hate them for good reason. Their disgusting mantras and cacophonous, third world, tribal screams. Communists are like prostitutes because both have to be sufficiently stupid and lazy to embrace those jobs by choice. Then they have the audacity to try and sell us on something with a club. Extortion is all it is and it will never be superiro to righteous killing in self defence once war has been declaired against a person. I'm not supposed to know the truth because it's too ugly? The truth is that they are murderous frauds and I of all people understood this at an early age. I suppose they were not as brilliant as they supposed. They are usurpers and their so called coup was not bloodless or worthy of any respect or admiration. It's biblical truths that are being realized and their deception only sets them up for the fall. The ones who are economically disadvantaged can't face the fact that they had to over throw the people they trusted and elected to govern them. I think they were initially too spineless and armed with the convenient mantras helping them nurture bitterness and forgiveness for heinous crimes against innocent humans. The communists ability to use these tecniques on people only speaks to the fact that only stupid people are receptive to embracing the excuses designed to destroy them. Only stupid peol e are elevated in their organization because they can control them. They ought to be smirked at and not me because they are and have never tricked me into believing anything other that they were operating and desperate for power. Lorraine said that "it's easier to do evil in this world" as some sort of a mystical excuse for her attacks on me. Inferior losers who try and disguise their petty jealousies with fake altruistic politics. Murderers and devils incarnate. They only degrade themselves because they have no idea how to force their beliefs into reality. They are retarded gangs and the mentally deficient have always been the greatest threat to humanity. If any type of hominoid can be given equal rights as a human then humanity ceases to be humane or human. People say they aren't into race mixing, but I say I'm not into inter-species interbreeding. The worse specimens have ganged up on the better specimens to force us to breed with people we are not normally interested in breeding with.

The retards have no right to commit genocide against White people by forcing the worse specimens onto White people only. I wasn't force bred with anyone like my White biological Father and this is enough evidence for me that the White gene pool is under attack. They always degrade themselves to murdering the insiders as they try and froce everyone to fear them because they are unlikeable. Unreasonable and think that social skills they lack as ridiculous because they fail to understand the reason why civilized people think and behave differently from them. This planet of the apes where the other idiots think they are superior to the boots on the ground idiots is a joke. They think they can get the people they fear, their natural and rightful leaders to submit willingly to being subjegated by them. Anyone who has any self respect would respectfully decline being part of the evil forces that are driving this world to it's final destruction. But for the coersive measures being imposed upon us (Mark of the Beast) more would have awakened sooner. Violent actions taken against our God ordained freedom of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. (Mark of the Beast). Also, Black people's obsession with other people's straight hair makes them #1 on the hit list of idiots to be culled. The females are the only people who hate everything about themselves. I love to see straight haired women and men grow and show off their locks as those Black bitches bitterly envy them. Gluing "their hair" to their heads can't be good for the Black female's already low self esteem as the losers try and buy their way into self love. Trying desperately to cover "their shame" as a result of the curses God put on them for having evil attitudes (Isaiah 3).

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