In the circuit 1 shown below, V1 = 10V, E = 30V and R1 = 5Ω, Find I & R2

Figure 1 (a) 2A, 5 ohms (b) 1A, 10 ohms (c) 2A, 2 ohms (d) 2A, 10 ohms 2. Droop across y Ω shown in figure 2 is

Figure 2 (a) 6.66V (b) 66.66V (c) 0.066V (d) 0.66V 3. A 330 Ω resistor is in series with the parallel combination of four 1KΩ resistors. A 100V source is connected to the circuit. Which resistor has the most current through it. (a) parallel combination of three 1KΩ resistor (b) parallel combination of two 1KΩ resistor (c) 330Ω resistor (d) 1KΩ resistor 4. A battery of emf 12V is connected to an external resistance of 20Ω and it is found to have a potential difference of 10V. Find its internal resistance (a) 400Ω (b) 4Ω (c) 0.4Ω (d) 40Ω 5. The A.C voltage across a 150Ω resistor is 39 sin (2Πtimes103 t)V At what value of “t” does the current through the resistor equal to -0.26A? (a) 7.5 m sec (b) 10 m sec (c) 0.75 m sec (d) 1.0 m sec 6. To 318 µ F capacitance, voltage of 230v, 50Hz is connected, what is the value capacitive reactance. (a) 6Ω (b) 12Ω (c) 8Ω (d) 10Ω 7. A coil having a resistance of 7 Ω and an inductance of 31.8 mH is connected to 230 v, 50Hz supply. What is the Inductive reactance of the coil? (a) 10 Ω (b) 25 Ω (c) 20 Ω (d) 15 Ω 8. A 10Ω resistor and 400 µF capacitor are connected in series to a 60 V sinusoidal supply. The circuit current is 5 A. What is the supply frequency (a) 55Hz (b) 60Hz (c) 65Hz (d) 50Hz 9. For resonant series circuit, for f < fr, the behavior of circuit is (a) circuit is R - L - C (b) circuit is capacitive (c) circuit is resistive (d) circuit is inductive 10. A balanced delta connected load of (2+j3) ohms per phase is connected to a balanced 3-phase 440V supply. The phase current is 10A. Find active power. (a) 10KW (b) 100KW (c) 50KW (d) 7.26KW 11. The part which converts alternating voltage to a direct voltage in a DC machine is (a) Poles (b) Commutator (c) Brushes (d) Armature 12. The terminal voltage of a dc shunt generator on loading (a) decreases sharply (b) remains constant (c) decrease slightly (d) increases slightly 13. No load speed of which of the following motor will be highest (a) Cumulative compound motor (b) Differentially compound motor. (c) Series motor (d) Shunt motor 14. A 3 point starter is considered as suitable for (a) Shunt as well as compound motors (b) All DC motors. (c) Shunt motors (d) Shunt, compound and series motors 15. While conducting short circuit test on a transformer the following side is short-circuited. (a) Primary side (b) Secondary side (c) Low voltage side (d) High voltage side 16. When a synchronous motor is started, the field winding initially: (a) short circuited (b) open circuited (c) excited by a a.c (d) excited by a d.c sources 17. The No. of slip rings on a squirrel case Induction motor is usually (a) Two (b) One (c) Zero (d) Three 18. The shape of the coil used in permanent magnet moving coil instruments is (a) Rectangular (b) Parabola (c) Circular (d) Elliptical 19. The function of shunt in an ammeter is to (a) bypass the voltage (b) increase the resistance of ammeter (c) increase the sensitivity of the ammeter (d) bypass the current 20. Watt hour meter is used to measure (a) Voltage (b) Current (c) Power (d) Energy