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Faa Taraq "The Wa!J"
.. """ A.C. rn \1,-,\t Afi1:A -sou ""t.:;)
"trE W'yum(
are e9"all
The Revelatiolls
to the Nuwa-':T.i a lls
Faa T ara9 " I he Wa!:J"
Chapter r ort!;l-5lx
The Ac.cused
Faa Taham3
I. Nuwaupmns when It comes .xn.x.e>n:a T aham
and Accusations of ctnn
Faa Taham "The Acc.uscd
l. 5e careful ot each wo rd.
,. 5e careful of who !j0U listen to.
+. In Wu-Nuwauf'u both males and Females
and can report what the!:} saw with t heir own C!:JCS.
,. In Wu-Nuwaupu as Nuwaup,a"5, heanng 15 believ,",gt
and seemg 15 knOWing.
6. E>efore ;IOU accusc a person male or temale ot
evils o r wrong nct lon5 be sur e it or the.!) ;'lre bets.
7· Remember what 15 wrong to 90U ma9 not be wrong
8. Know that !jOU ac.c.use a person a violation Fan
T ara9 or an,Y eVil or wrong actions. You must have sect' It 110t
heard ,t from another.
9. It 15 not Nuwaupu to involve others In what ,YOU saw
that 15 slander and or gossip_
I O. You must bnng ,Your acc.usation or accusations be­
fore the E.lders; males and females. Not all 2+ must
,Your accusation but more than one and bothgenders must be
present when 90U make ,Your accusation.
I I. A complaint 15 not an accusation.
I 2.. You can complain to the E.lder for the actions or the
under-aged Nuwauptans.
I;. For 'yOU ma,Y see a child do a thinS,Y0u see as
and know their parents will not act on it because ,YOU attempt­
ed to mform them before and was rc:Jec.ted or abused or told
mind ,Your own business.
1+. All Nuwauplan children are all Nuwaupian5' children.
I ,. Yet, !Jou never touch or raise !Jour voice at
children onl9 !Jour own Resh and blood
I 6. Y ct, it !:;Iou witness our child another !:;IOU mil!)
Violence b!:;l tirst sa!:;l'ng It Ignore !J0U, ,YOU
ma!) hold hand prevent hurting another child.
17. never beat children not their own.
18. Nliwauplans never raise their voice at children
I 9. never ever use vulgant!J.
20. Vulgar speech 15 onl!) used b'y vulgar persons.
21. Never use vulgant,Y or teach children the same. It 90U
are around Non-Nuwauplans who use vulgarit!J it 15
right to depart trom the range ot their vOice.
22. It their culture allows vulgarit,y it's not !;lour nght to
them what the!) should not 5<'19 tor this can cause Violence
tween I .
2}. NUw3up'i""Ins do not ilccept the concept tum the
other cheek except to :mother NUwilupl.:m.
2+. NUW::IUp,3nS don't forget or forgive abuse against
Nuw<Jup,ans b'y non-Nuwaupians. I
2.5_ Nuw,'lupwns fear no human or devIl.
26. Nuwaup,::ms we defend another Nuw:lUp,an against

27. Nuwaup.ans will never ever s tnle another Nuwaup­
ian or fight or kill another
28. Nuwauplilns will protect and defend <tn!:.! and all Nu­
wauplans. NuwauE.lilns must Will out fear of the 5'ystem of
laws made 6!j the Canaamt e Heka-Khasutu or o ther races.
29· Nuwaup,ans know that man!) NegrOids have sold
their souls to the cursed seeds of Heb Khasutu or othec I
races and Will betra;! ,You, tum on !;lOU, hurt 'yOU or even kill
'yOU to prove the!) love other races over their own. Don' t
them, d on' t trust thcm, don't ever be the aggressor.
}O. f\ggresslon that leads t o VIolence 15 an evil act.
") I . Never be the aggressIve one.
.72. Nuwaupians do not other Nuwaupians.
.7"). do not kill other Nuwauplans.
}-1 . Nuwaupians do not hurt other Nuwauplans.
.7 5. Nuwauplans do not ;lbuse other Nuw.,up,ans.
")b. NUW;lIJp' ,H1S treat each o ther not ilS fnends but mlth- I
er as We are not a "ilbOI1. We ar'e a tribe, a .
.7 7· We " re one What hurts one of us, hurts us all.
}8. You ma!:t ask what was the purpose of religiOUS laws
as found In their E>lble and was to be VIolated 50
as to accuse mortals.
")9· It made peopl<": transgressors.
+0. Their laws were put Into b!:t eVil beings to C;luse
mortals to ... ,obte 50 that can beJudged, found ,gullt.tJ and
I coc,kc,d In Hell's Fire. Deception In religion.
For whoJudges the Judge?
Who accuses the accusers.
It's alWa!)5 t.hose who think themselves n
hteou5 who
who 15 the
All or who live In Right Knowledge 15 lIVIng ngh­
t t,cousness. So don't accuse o t her5 Without facts.
Look Inside first, not ror what !:Jou want known, but
!:Jou hide Inside about !Jour real self.
Let !Jour true self be your ownJudge first.
Don't I,c to others to deceive 'yourselF bec.ausc !;lOU
C3n't lie to !)ourselr about !;lOU.
You arc onl!) In truth when !;lOU arc alone.
Y ou ani.') speak the truth in ,Your thoughts.
50. Sm 15 deception. For what is 51n, but what onc thinks
I beFore the!) act.
; 1 . 50 no action 15 Sin. Thoughts are the s.ns before the
actions or Without the actual action.
52. You can't Sin before !.Iou think Sin. 50 the ad Sin 15
5)· When ;)nother accuses !:t0U ot sin, it is in tact after
!:t0U have trul!:t sinned In !:tour mind's heart.
5+. 50 no one can prevent true sin In the heart until It IS
acted upon.
55. Control Inner teelings, but know and accept
'6. 50 the whole world 15 a prisoner of the deception or
57. And all are deceIVed 6.1;1 the; laws ot re;llglons cre;ated
b!:t the ver!:t deVil and hiS seed to deceive !.Jou.
58. 51n 15 not what !.Jou do, It IS what !.Jou think to do.
59. So be carerul or what 'you ac.cuse others of. when In
tio. You can't see Inside them'Just .Yet.
61. You can't re;ld their nllnd'Just ,Yet.
62. Know what 'you see and know beneath what 'you see is
the truth revealed In these actions.
NuwaLlplans remember 'you all have }o vOices reach­
up to 'you tr;ting to control:Jour thoughts which controls
And remember Nuwauplans 'you have mixed ,Your
DNA With others who each have their own }O Inner vOices.
Some even have mixed seeds from their mother's
mother's mother and their father's tather's tather 03nd all who
mixed their DNA With. Lven cursed seeds of devils
h peak to ,Your thoughts and result In 'your actions.
Man,Y eVil actions, weaknesses, addictions that ,YOli
let control !:lour actions.
The strongest of .,11 IS pleasures trom sexual to
perversions. Like a disease, the!:l can overpower !:Iou.
YOli have to control !:lour Inner vOices b'y 'yOllr own.
I,v,,.ee, tindlng!:l0ur own tone llnd become one being inside out,
. ,e,ut"de in. Take control.
the truth of. Wu-Nuwaupu returned to 'you.
You all were held pnsoners b'y religious law Leviathan's rules
regulations as recorded '" their E>,bles and Quraans.
I"oto,,, laws, their laws of. Leviathan.
70. You were locked up b!:l faith, bel,et, tear at Hell's Fire
;lI1d illUSion created to make .t.J0U obe.t.J their Images of. their
• (joels" God, Loeds, Loed, Aal,haat, Allah.
I. Yet, now 'you have Wu-Nuwaupu returned to ,Y0ll
, ter 6,000,.Years of. their lies of law.
72. NothIng hate more IS to hear ;t0U Idon't ac.­
cept s."!Y, teach, preach or do. I don't trust 90U
at all
: 7}. Idon't accept :Jour religIons or faIths or beliefs.
, 7+ I don't :tour God, Lord, Chnst, Jesus, Al­
lah, Mi'lhd" Muhammad nor 5uddah, nor am I Indian or Ab­
OnglnaL I am Nuwaupian. That 15 O1!) race. I have no need
I of :Jour rel,&,ous laws or rules. I don't trust In the God !;lOll
claml !j0tl trust In. You arc: a liar. You are a hZltcr. YDU arc
a stealer. Yau nrc a bller 03nd cannot be trusted In
ThiS the;! h.:)te 1.0 hear from you.
75. Accept !Jour own wa;t of life Wu-Nuwaupu.
76. Iam !Jour Warner Incarnated to 90U for you of !JOU a5
Faa MU'l.l:ul Na.zdur: Amunnub.Reakh.Ftah CZded""
Dled" ZdaHuh), Here for you.
7 j. What I S;1'y IS as long as the hew is an Incarnated one
and that makes me d.l1erent than others. None IS like me 111
thiS da'y ;:md time.
78 Yct, when m'y time IS full'y come I must return to ) n ­
irn..xnn..x Sabataat wu l-JnnTnn"x Saahaat and Into 11­
I'yuwn and onto R,.l.9. I would have: love:d to have taken 'you
With me. Yet, I must prepare: for those: who will make Ii. Few or
the man'y.
79. Many I"h,nk lhe:'y can or have deceived us. The,Y h.:lve
nolo w.ll be Lett behind.
80. M:ln'y I have no need to pray or chant and the'y
are nght; the,Y have no need bccausc thc'y are not '1eeded
to ch.:lnge the t.ones or those who link to ) nirn..xnn..x Sa­
8 I Thc'y arc subJcct to CV11 VOICCS from thcw own guard­
Ians whom the'y don't know are the trustce:; of their souls until
thc trme set by h,s own fathcr for h,s mother WIll rC:Jcd hlnl or
82.. I pleaded with 90U In this cil nn l . n ~ n ¢ Faa Tara,! ~
"The Wa!J" tl0urown H oi!) Scripture. 5ecome dean inside
out and outside In. 5top mixing 90ur DNA with others out
of lust. You are domg wrong to your ancestors. They cry
because you Impnson them to eVil specters of other's DNA
because of your lust, your greed, yourself about !JOU. The,Y
cry out. Yet you don't listen.
8}. Nuwauplans If a Nuwauplan is seen, that is caught in
disagreeable actions by your own e!Jes first warn them to re­
store them gently of the wrong actions you sec.
8+. Yet, watch !J0urself or !Jou Dlso wdl be tempted.
8,. Carr!) each o thers burdens and In thiS wa!J 'you Will
fulfill Wu-Nuwaupu. Yet, don't help hide what 'you saw.
86. Onl'y one person, female or m.:tle need to report what
the'y saw With their own eyes not what the!) heard trom an­
other that is slander and or gosSip.
87. Take In pm/ate before the Elders who Will speak to
the person or persons of Faa Tara9'
88. E:>e carerul of !Jour accusations, t hat IS what !J0U actu­
ally see not what !Jou think !)OUsec.
89. Each Nuwauplan IS t o be t rus ted until proveI' lIn­
90. If the accused claims thiS is not true and that person
is known for actmg upon Faa T ara'l' then the!) should be
trusted on their word.
9 I . Remember Nuwauplans !)our word IS !Jour bond and
bond IS !Jour word; don't let it bll !)OU.
92.. Tell the truth bec..'luse Faa Nazduru IS listening on.
9}. The 2.+ E.lders are to look mto each accusation and
look who IS the accuser and who IS being accused.
9+· They are to put how t hey rna!) feel about each person
aSide as the!:Jlh,nk On these accusabons.
95. There 15 to be no tavourbsm In their mind or hearts.
9b. The!) must have tacts. L!:Jc witness to claims, not
heard or hear
97. And once the,Y see how these accusations have
another Nuwaup,an or abused an!:! amount ot No,waup"'"'; orl
themselves, the l +Elders must c.omc to a reasonable acbon.
98. One c...')n be accused ot hurting or .:t6uslng thew
person b'y dnnktng. smoking, use of drugs and other
against their own person as a Nuwauf',an.
99. No child under ph! adulthood according to
Tara9 can be Judged b!:J other than their own parent s unb;s l
It Involves adurts.
100. The 2+ E.lders are not here to Judge others onl!:!
help keep the peace and Justice among Nuwaup,ans.
101. Respect thew deCISion over each case.
I 01. You c..,n alwa,Ys appeal 'your claIms or what you
been accused WIth r",c;ts.
10j. We do,,'t.llve by other's laws or rules.
10+. We don't respect other's relIgion as our own.
105· Nuwaupl"ns do not live by o ther's r eligions or natoonalll