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Nursing Practice 1: Radiotherapy: Proper Time, Distance, & Shielding. Least protection from radiation: Gloves Blood Pressure Taking (Procedure) Drug Computations (IVF, Syrup, Tablets, etc) Retention Catheter: Procedure (When to change, Pros and Cons) Leadership and Management: Roles of a Leader/Manager (Authoritatiran, Democratic, etc) Appropriate Nursing Diagnosis Construction (Basic Nsg Dx) Transfer of patient from bed to wheel chair Left hemiparesis and angle of wheelchair (Management/Procedure) Medication Errors (How to report, record, etc) Bioethical Principles (Beneficence) Tracheostomy Care (Procedure, NCM) How to use a Trapeze (Health Teaching) Reason for changing from Meperidine HCl to Tylenol. Acetaminophen (Overdosage, action, etc) Therapeutic Communication, what to answer (Therapeutic or Non-therapeutic). Fire, Emergency Disaster Nursing, RACE Diet Modifications (Clear Liquid: SODA-Best) Nursing Practice 2: IMCI (Severe Pneumonia, Dehydration, etc) EntrepreNURSE (Goals, Objectives, etc) Nurse Clinic Essential Newborn Care: Milk Code, Breastfeeding and Rooming-in Acts. (Year, Goal, Procedures, etc) Proper Breastfeeding (Cleaning, positioning) Reproductive Health Maglayas Prioritization: Health Deficit, Health Threat, etc Requirements for taking Nurse Licensure Examination: Principles/Scopes RN Heals (Program) Computation in Maglaya: (Morbidity and Mortality rate) Normal Growth and Development (All Normal Development of a Child) OB Discomfort (Labor, Delivery and Puerperium) High Risk Cases Health Care Delivery System (Networks, System, etc) Epidemiology (Epidemic, Pandemic, etc) Research Works related to Lifestyle Diseases (EBN, All about elements of a Research) Nursing Practice 3-5: Gouty Arthritis (Nursing Care Management) Peptic Ulcer (Nursing Care Management) Myocardial Infarction & Angina Pectoris (ECG) Other term for Angina, etc Cardio Cases (Nursing Care Management) TURP(Nursing Care Management)

Cont. Bladder Irrigation (Procedure, Risks) Drugs: Tylenol, Naproxene, Warfarin, Heparin. (All about drugs) Propylthiouracil Graves Disease(Nursing Care Management) Hyperthyroidism (Nursing Care Management) Diabetes Mellitus 2 (Nursing Care Management) Blood Transfusion (Procedure, What to do) Drug Computations (From tests 1 to 5 except test 4) Research (EBN) TAHBSO(Nursing Care Management) Exploratory Laparotomy (Nursing Care Management) OR Procedures and Sterility Procedures-Sterile Supplies Sterile field Scrub Nurse (Scope) Circulating Nurse (Scope) Gloving (Procedure) Radioactiveiodine uptake Types of death Organ donation End of life care Safety: care of the elderly Quality Assurance Disaster Management Color Coding: Rainfall, triage, sutures, diet, food pyramid MOPP therapy in Leukemia Chemotherapy Cytoxan Insulin Acromegaly Hypophysectomy SCI, CVA Renal failure Tractions, casts Body mechanics and transferring patients Laryngectomy Colostomy Cancer warning signs and standard screening TB DOTS Leptospirosis Dengue Fever Blood transfusion Cardiac catheterization Parenteral nutrition Increased ICP Congenital heart anomalies ECG

CISD Critical incident stress debriefing Pain management: WHO ladder Schizophrenia Bipolar ECT OCD and somatoform disorders Dementia: alzheimers, organic brain syndrome Substance abuse Neuroleptics Anti-depressants ADHD PTSD