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Chinese Valve Industry

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Research Report of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009

Research Report of


Research Report of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009

Description The valves are devices used to make the medium (liquid, gas and powder) in the pipes or equipments flow, stop and enable to control the flow volumes, indispensable fluid control devices in the national economic departments, such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various low temperature engineering, space navigation and marine oil. America is the largest valve provider in the world. According to the statistics from Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry, there are more than 110 valves enterprises with the annual output values exceeding 4 billion USD. With the intensification of the globalization of American enterprises, American valve enterprises begin to merge the local and other enterprises in the world so as to expand the market shares and strengthen the competitiveness. Due to the increasing acquisitions among the enterprises, American valve enterprises have been a part of some large multinational company. In recent years, with the fiercer and fiercer competitions in the global valve market, many international outstanding valve manufacturers have closed down their factories in North America, Europe and Japan and shifted their factories to China, India, South Korea and Middle Europe with the purposes of cutting down the manufacturing costs and gaining more sales profits. With the intensification of the exploitation and utilization of the oil and gas in China, Chinese valve market will be increased sharply, making most valve manufacturers set up the factories in China and the speed-up of the demands for the valves in China. Recently, China is striving to narrow the gap with the US. With several years of development, the number of the value enterprises in China stands the first place in the world, which is about 6000 large and small valve enterprises, enabling to provide 3,500 varieties in 40 thousand specifications. In 2008, the scale of Chinese valve market reached 7 billion USD. With the influences of international financial crisis, the growth speed of the valve market was cut down, but still up by 10% compared with is predicted that China is expected to surpass America and become the largest valve market in the world in 2010. From the aspect of the products, Chinese valve industry have had the ability of producing more than a dozen category products, such as gate valves, cut-off valves, ball valves, adjusting valves, safety valves, check valves, throttle valves, plug valves, pressure release valves, diaphragm valves, draining valves and emergency cut-off valves etc with the highest and lowest temperatures between 570℃ and -196℃, at the highest pressure of 600 Mpa and in the largest latus rectum of 5.35 thousand millimeters. As a whole, mass high-end valves in the domestic market still depend on imports, and most domestic produced valves belong to low added value and labor-intensive products and few has the international advanced technical level. At present, various valves produced by Chinese manufacturers have the shortcomings of inner or external leak, inferior quality in the externals, short in performance, inflexible in operation and unreliable in the electric and pneumatic devices etc, partial; of which are only equivalent to the international level in the beginning of 1980s. Some


Research Report of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009

valves, used in the high temperature or pressure devices or crucial devices need importing. Besides, there are still large gaps between Chinese and foreign valve industry in the fields of industry structures, industry chains and professional level. The major reasons that cause Chinese local valves are in inferior quality lie in: sharp expansion of the market scale, weak in mass technical strengths, numerous small manufacturing enterprises in poor equipments, imitation products and short of corn technologies etc. China needs to import more than 1 billion USD of the valves so as to meet the market demands. Taking transmitting the natural gas from the western areas to East China for example, mass valves used in the main lines are monopolized by the foreign funded enterprises. In the branch line bidding, only the local enterprises, including Chengdu Chengfeng Valve Co., Ltd and Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd win the bidding. At present, Chinese valve market is rapid expansion and has huge market potential. First, the procurement amounts of the valves reach over 100 billion USD for China's South-North Water Diversion Project only from the suburb to the urban district about 70 kilometers, the whole length of which reach thousand of kilometers. The demands for the valves can be imagined. Besides, many other projects also have huge demands for the valves, such as the transmitting the natural gas from the western areas to East China, reforms of the old industrial bases, pipeline constructions in the cities, disposal of the polluted water and agricultural water conservancy constructions etc. there is a promising perspective for Chinese valve market, which attracts massive investors’ attentions at home and abroad. More following information can be obtained in this report: - Present Development Situation of Chinese Valve Industry - Present Development Situation of the Sub-0products of Chinese Valves - Overview on Chinese Valve industry Chains - Factors affecting the Development of Chinese Valve Industry - Major Local Enterprises and Their Operations of Chinese Valve Industry - Distributions and Operations of the Foreign Funded Valve Enterprises - Competition Situation of Chinese Valve Market - Imports and Exports of Chinese Valve Industry - Investment Opportunities in Chinese Valve Industry - Prediction on the Development of Chinese Valve Industry To get more details, please visit