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Improve responsiveness and productivity by bringing people, customers, and other crucial stakeholders closer together Reduce risk and costs by taking full advantage of proven, integrated joint solutions and technology Benefit from best-in-class, industryspecific experience and solutions

Two companies, one team, infinite solutions Since 1999, IBM® and Cisco® have helped organizations like yours use groundbreaking technologies to find better ways to connect people and share critical data across their businesses. This alliance integrates a broad range of industry-specific expertise and cutting-edge solutions, all based on respective core competencies in foundational technology architectures, software and services. And it’s ready now to help you overcome the constraints that time and distance traditionally impose on transforming your business — and, consequently, your profitability and competitiveness. Influencing this ability is the broad and deep relationship that

Count on the worldwide capabilities of a long-standing alliance between two industry leaders

IBM and Cisco have founded on complementary strengths, including those essential to any project aimed at improving business resiliency and competitiveness. IBM contributes significant industry-specific expertise in business processes and transformation, technology utilization, implementation, and operational services. Cisco leadership in networking and collaboration combines with IBM proficiency to deliver pretested, integrated solutions that help you transform where and how work is conducted throughout your enterprise. And both companies bring long-term continuity and commitment to

anywhere. including Cisco TelePresence ® can bring the parties together by combining Cisco video solutions ranging from desktop to immersive units with IBM business consulting and technology solutions. 2 . And since they are based on open standards. more secure networks Without a solid network foundation. by 2017. meet. which drives strategic and operational alignment and enables collaborative support and globally consistent delivery across the technology lifecycle. communicate. In addition. recognizing the trend Want to create in-person meeting experiences over any existing broadband IP network? Cisco Business Video. The ability to communicate in all technological forms — through advanced data. these solutions can enable you to take full advantage of IT and network investments. and collaborate — directly and instantly — using voice. setting the stage for even greater productivity. creativity. more productive collaboration People and organizations can interact so easily through networks today that the concept of “workplace” has changed beyond recognition from a few decades ago. towards mobility. the two companies are developing solutions that enable true enterprise-class functionality on mobile devices. Cisco and IBM also have a long-standing Global Services Alliance. burgeoning bandwidth demands and the need for easy. For example. video. many organizations are tapping the mobile revolution. easy integration between Cisco Unified Communications Manager technology and IBM Lotus Notes® can enable users or groups to detect presence. suppliers. and faster business decisions.their client relationships. with the ability to stay securely connected to the corporate world anytime. Faster. allowing organizations to connect anyone. enabling employees with the tools and resources to work without needing to be physically at their desks. personal interaction. Within our overall partnership. collaborative teamwork and close. including ongoing product support and sustained investments in research and development. voice. allied to help businesses like yours improve collaboration and achieve new gains in innovation. The increasing availability of wireless broadband is driving a new wave of transformation for mobile devices. data. stronger. and decision-making efficiency. The Cisco Borderless Network Architecture makes it possible. anytime. workers are expected to spend an estimated 80 percent of their time collaborating with each other and their partners. wide-ranging collaboration. These and our other offerings comprise an integrated suite of voice. anywhere. and customers. IBM and Cisco are at the epicenter of these exciting changes. enhanced productivity. helping save time and increase the value of your IT infrastructure. the advanced capabilities that will transform the way your business works cannot be fully realized. and on any device — more securely. IBM and Cisco provide Cisco Collaboration solutions running in an IBM smarter planet cloud environment for private enterprise clouds. Easier. It’s no wonder that. Far-flung workforces can dynamically form virtual teams. Nor can you most effectively meet the challenges of mobile workplaces. Today. and video solutions — helps enable true. reliably. and web meetings. and easily. and video offerings designed to provide richer collaboration.

and maintain an integrated and cost-effective solution geared to your specific needs and opportunities. Data center solutions are a traditional IBM strength. inter-agency collaboration. transportation systems and other critical facilities. employees and assets turn to IBM and Cisco for solutions that can improve situational awareness. innovative selfservice offerings.” Most of the banks in the Global Fortune 500 are IBM customers. Cisco and IBM can help you develop a highly secure. robust back-office solutions. That’s what IBM and Cisco give you: enhanced value that is more than the sum of its parts. Banking Decades of experience in the financial sector give us the insight you need when charting a course for a “bank of the future. business video. access and resiliency through interoperability and integration. And video automatically archived by the system can be invaluable in the judicial process. highly secure. Our combined services and products optimize data center utilization. and both IBM and Cisco have worked with hundreds of financial services organizations worldwide to provide innovative retail banking and insurance solutions. their individual members and their constituencies closer together. real-time. responsiveness.IBM and Cisco work together to help clients modernize aging network infrastructures. and comprehensive. open solutions with a long lifespan. 3 . IBM and Cisco can propose a roadmap based on best practices and offerings that leads to resilient. IBM and Cisco can provide a wealth of client-centric solutions. and much more. Meanwhile. Integrated with the IBM Intelligent Operations Center. including enhanced customer care and contact centers. collaboration. services and solutions. with Cisco TelePresence feeding video to a wide-ranging variety of device formats. IBM video analytics can automatically alert officials of suspicious activities. our offerings can be readily scaled to improve protections for citizens as well as borders. You need partners with a proven track record of working together and deep familiarity with each other’s offerings. crisis management. the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System coordinates incident response between dispatchers and responders and fosters collaboration by helping to enable teams to set up virtual talk groups. Unified communications offerings integrate communications into your business processes. design. Thanks to years of experience working together to build complementary communications. IBM can help you plan. unified network and virtualization for your retail banking portfolio that integrates multiple contact channels and serves as a cost-saving foundation for additional applications. training and guiding future responses. rather than providing “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Our Remote Expert and anywhere. IBM and Cisco have spent years working together to help clients bolster their data center capabilities while reducing risk and time to value in those initiatives. anytime banking solutions provide innovative ways to serve customers across multiple channels. Financing options are available to help you time payments to the flow of financial benefits. Thanks to our combined offerings. implement. Sharing extensive industry expertise We know that your needs are distinct and require technology partners who truly understand your industry. coordination and surveillance solutions. senior officials can view the status of all public safety functions. One primary offering combines the Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and the IBM Video Correlation Analysis Suite to create a “force multiplier” that can improve situational awareness and emergency decision-making. while the network — and the services that operate over the network — are a core competency of Cisco. What’s more. All told. The Cisco Borderless Network Architecture provides the foundation for bringing organizations. banking and insurance institutions have been able to transform the client experience through robust integrated multichannel solutions. Public Safety Agencies striving for more holistic approaches to protecting citizens.

registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. ensure better integration of distributed renewable energy resources. you get performance. In addition. backed by deep energy industry expertise.cisco. of critical foundational elements that include robust core networking. wheelchairs and other medical equipment so they can be quickly found and deployed as needed. IBM and Cisco are ready to extend to you the benefits they’ve brought to organizations worldwide. The result is a set The pressure for new gains in productivity and profits will only continue. substation communications.com/go/trademarks. regulation and new distributed generation and distribution models are all gaining new importance.com/legal/copytrade.cisco. these symbols indicate U.com/go/ibm ® International Business Machines Corporation New Orchard Road Armonk. And combined IBM and Cisco video offerings can improve healthcare access and treatment for a growing patient base. Other mobility solutions track costly. and help focus value-added services to the energy consumer. together with an underlying IT and communications infrastructure combined with application intelligence and analytics. Visit us at: ibm. For more information To learn more about how IBM and Cisco can help improve your organization’s creativity.com/cisco © Copyright IBM Corporation 2011 Produced in the United States of America November 2011 All Rights Reserved IBM. other countries. contact your IBM or Cisco representative. environmental concerns. utilities are facing an unprecedented array of challenges. particularly people needing chronic disease management or follow-up exams. security. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. New York 10504 www. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™). Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U. our mobility solutions help enable doctors and nurses to obtain vital information about the patient and his or her condition without leaving the patient’s bedside. pre-tested and easily integrated technologies can help you overcome today’s most challenging business problems. the IBM logo. professional job satisfaction and.com/go/ibm Cisco Systems. Looking forward. enhancing clinician productivity and protecting patient privacy.com.com/cisco cisco. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” at ibm. With increasing demand. Third party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. patient-centered care. The result: business transformation for energy participants that yields significant competitive advantage. ibm. most importantly. Our mobility for healthcare and video for healthcare solutions are core to modern healthcare. network management. rising costs. 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose. and continuing advances you can count on for years to come to help your organization grow and prosper. And with IBM and Cisco. CSS03019-USEN-00 . or both. Other company. IBM and Cisco have teamed to provide targeted networking solutions for utilities that blend powerful technology from Cisco with IBM leadership in communication services. increase operational efficiencies. or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. product support. Our combined expertise and technology gives healthcare institutions quantifiable improvements in operations. critical assets such as infusion pumps.S. and other countries. Such insights can translate into valuable input to reduce outages. Inc. network security and service management. in the more than 10 years they have spent working together. The team you need for tomorrow’s challenges — and beyond Energy and Utilities Today. agility and competiveness. CA 95134-1706 www. grid capacity is being stretched to the limit at precisely the same time that aging infrastructures are starting to become a real issue. To view a list of Cisco trademarks.ibm. Let us show you how. IBM analytics capabilities can generate valuable insights from streams of data as they are collected and transferred over Cisco IP network products. end-to-end data communications solution.shtml. Their complementary. go to this URL: www. information management and analytics. Global Business Services and Lotus Notes are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States. product. For instance.Healthcare IBM and Cisco work together helping healthcare institutions and professionals improve outcomes while lowering the cost of care. The combined capabilities of Cisco network infrastructure with IBM Global Business Services® and IBM Global Technology Services expertise in business transformation and solution design provide a holistic. To address these challenges. security. utilities need to have an enhanced monitoring of the state of their networks through instrumentation and devices like sensors and smart meters.S. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.