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he thong cung cap dau ap luc




, 4.0MPa 46


Product feature

dac trung san pham

he thong cung cap dau ap luc cung cap nang luong ap luc du doi cho thiet bi nhu la

Oil pressure supply system provides the pressure energy wildly for the equipment such as governor system, unit control inlet valve and vacuum relief valve and so on. Oil pressure supply system is of combined-assemble structure,
he thong cung cap dau ap luc la

trong tram thuy dien va tram bom nuoc hoac van nuoc vao hoac van xa chan khong va nhieu nua

system in hydropower station and water pump station or water

he thong dieu toc, he thong dieu khien to may

cau truc lap rap ket hop,

which is consists of oil return tank and pressure tank. This structure is good for layout as well as convenient for
cau truc la tot cho thiet ke cung nhu tien loi cho lap dat

ma gom co thung dau tro ve (hoi`) va thung dau ap luc

installation. The system rated operating pressure is6.3 MPa, which contains main output oil pipes and stand-by oil pipes etc.
thiet bi tin hieu muc chat long hien thi tro ve , van khi mot chieu, thiet bi tu dong nap
ap suat hoat dong dinh muc cua he thong la 4,0 Mpa. ma chua

Magic return liquid level signal device, air no-return valve, auto
thiet bi dieu khien ap luc, dong ho ap luc

nhung duong ong ngo ra dau chinh va nhung duong ong dau du phong

admission device, pressure control device and pressure gauge, etc are set in pressure tank. Actuation medium is compressed air and turbine oil (L-TSA 46#).

va duoc cai dat trong thung dau ap luc .Moi truong van hanh la khi nen va dau tua bin

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Po=4.0MPa V=2.5m3 Vmax=3.375m3 Q=3.6L/s W=22kw Q345R T=+50C~500C


Main parameter thong so chinh Rated operation pressure Volume of pressure tank Max. volume of oil return tank Output of oil pump Capacity of motor Material of pressure tank Medium temperature Po=4.0 MPa ap suat lam viec dinh muc V=2.5m3 Q=3.6L/s W=22kW Q345R
the tich bon dau ap luc

Vmax=3.3 m3 the tich toi da cua binh dau hoi`

ngo ra cua bom dau
cong suat dong co

vat lieu bon dau ap luc

T=+5 50 nhiet do trung binh

3 Y0960A-01 , 86 5 (4)19

1/3 2/3 (13) 2112 10 7 (3) 1 (11) 3. Working theory for oil pressure supply system
ly thuyet lam viec cua he thong cung cap dau ap luc nguyen ly lam viec cua he thong cung cap dau ap luc duoc chi ra o ban ve

Oil pressure supply system work principle is shown as Draw No.Y0960A-01. Oil return tank sets two screw pumps. Oil from return tank pass by screw pump and stop valve into pressure tank after through filter mesh, and go to user equipment by output pipes. So a close oil circuit comes into are absorbed into the absorption pipe, and by motor (No.4) with coupling joint.
quy trinh hoat dong: dau sach trong binh dau hoi` (so 7)
Thung dau hoi lap' 2 pom truc vit.


so Y0960A-01

dau tu binh dau hoi` bo~ qua bom truc vit va van dong' di vao binh dau ap luc

sau khi xuyen qua luoi loc, va di den thiet bi nguoi dung` boi duong ong ngo ra

being. Operation procedure is :clear oil in oil return tank (No.7) pressure tank(No.18) by the screw pump(No.5), which driven Two oil pump are set in this system for reliability, one work while another stand by,. Two pumps should be periodically
du phong`
duoc hut vao duong ong hut' va` dua vao` binh dau ap luc (so 18 ) boi bom

into the

truc vit (so 5) duoc dieu khien boi dong co (so 4) voi khop' li hop

hai bom dau duoc lap' dat vao he thong cho tinh on dinh, mot lam viec trong khi cai khc

exchanged, and two pumps can work altogether within short time in special condition. 1/3 turbine oil and 2/3 compressed
trong dieu kien dac biet 1/3 dau tua bin va 2/3 khi nen

hai bom nen duoc thay doi luan phien dinh ki

va hai bom co the lam viec hoan` toan` ben trong khoang thoi gian ngan

air are filled normally in pressure tank, supply and relieve of compressed air ought to be done though auto-admission
may nen khi

la duoc bo sung binh thuong trong binh dau ap luc, cung cap va xa~ boi

device of no-return valve (No.21). Magic return liquid level signal meter(No.12) can directly indicate the oil level in pressure tank; pressure in

phai hoan thanh thong qua thiet bi tu dong nap cua van mot chieu (so 21) bo do tin hieu muc chat long chi thi tro ve (so 12)

co the truc tiep hien thi muc dau trong binh dau ap luc

pressure tank can be observed

by pressure gauge(No.19). Auto-admission device (No.21) for air no-return valve can match with pressure signalor with
voi tin hieu ap suat

ap luc trong binh dau ap luc co the quan sat duoc boi dong ho ap luc (so 19)
thiet bi tu dong nap (so 21) cho van khi mot chieu co the phu hop

magnetic memory switch, and used for draining the air while the pressure exceeding the rating. Such move in cycles.
ap suat dau co the
voi cong tac bo nho dien tu va duoc su dung cho xa~ khi tribg jgu

Pressure oil can be exported to all consume area though the main oil output pipe (No.11), Return oil be sent to dirty area of return tank though the stop valve (No.9), then filtrated and flow pressure tank.
boi luoi loc (so 6)

ap suat vuot qua sinh muc

nhu di chuyen trong chu ky`

duoc dua den tat ca khu vuc tieu thu thong qua ngo ra duong ong dau chinh (so 11) . Dau ve duoc goi den khu vuc ban cua thung dau hoi`

into clean area by filter mesh (No.6), then absorbed into Oil level signal device is set in oil return tank, and it will send out the signal if the oil level exceeds the max. or min. level.
van~ cai dat van dung` (so 1) cho xa~ dau trong bon dau` hoi`

thong qua van chan./dung` (so 9). Sau do loc va chay den khu vuc sach

Sau do duoc hut vao binh dau ap luc

thiet bi tin hieu muc dau duoc cai dat tren thung dau hoi` va se~ goi tin hieu ra neu muc dau
vuot qua qia tri muc dau lon nhat hoac nho nhat

Still set stop valve (No1) for release oil in oil return tank.

4.1 16MnR 4.2


4.3 4.4 , 4.4Mpa 5.0Mpa


Structure cau truc'

lap rap/ to hop binh dau ap luc

4.1 Pressure tank assembly

binh dau ap luc voi vat lieu 16MnR la bao gom`ong hinh tru va

Pressure tank with the material 16MnR is consisted of cylinder tubular and ellipse seal steel, good welding quality should be
va vong dem kin hinh elip bang thep, chat luong moi han tot nen

duoc thong qua thung` chua chiu luc cao, sau do thuc hiem thu nghiem ap luc nuoc

adopted for high bearing container, then doing pressure water test and detect flaws examination. The tank will be fixed on the
va phat hien
kiem tra khe ho

foundation ring of the oil return tank.

cua bon dau` hoi`

bon dau se duoc co dinh vao vong` de'

4.2 Return tank assembly lap rap/ to hop binh dau ho` Rectangle shape return tank is the joint of the return oil system as well as the original of the clear oil, which is made of the welded steel plate.
binh` dau hoi hinh chu nhat se duoc noi vao he thong dau hoi`

cung~ nhu ban dau cua dau sach, ma duoc lam tu nhung tam thep duoc han` lai

nap tren cua binh dau hoi la khung chac cha duoc han voi thep chu U

Return tank upper cover is a strong frame welded with U steel, which set directly or fixed on the floor.
ma duoc lap rap truc tiep hoac co dinh tren san`

4.3 Screw pump bom truc vit

Vertical screw pump should be adopted in this system, compare with horizontal pump, it has simple structure, plain
tuong dong voi bom theo chieu ngang, no co cau truc don gian khu vuc lap dat nho~. tien loi cho kiem tra dau ri~ trong than bom,vv

bom truc vit theo chieu doc nen duoc thong qua trong he thong

installation area small, convenient inspection, leakage oil in pump body, etc. virtues. It has high efficiency, even flow and long life, and can service steadily and start instantaneously.
nhieu uu diem No co hieu suat cao, tham chi dong chay va thoi gian lau.

4.4 Union valve van ket hop

va co the hoat dong on dinh va khoi dong ngay lap tuc

Union valve consist of safety valve relief valve no-return valveby-pass valveetc. Among the safety valve can prevent pressure tank from over-pressure to keep pressure within
neu ap luc vuot qua pham vi cho phep

van ket hop gom co van an toan`, van xa tai, van mot chieu van chuyen huong,v,.v

giua cac van an toan co the ngan ngua binh dau ap luc

permission range. If pressure exceeds the permission range,

van an toan nen mo tu dong va xa dau de giu ap luc khong tang nua

do qua ap luc de giu ap luc ben trong gioi han cho phep

safety valve should open automatically, and drain the oil to keep the pressure not device rising with more. spring This reset is a and mechanical-hydraulic

non-electrical signal terminal. Relief valve is used for drain the

van xa tai duoc dung cho xa~

do la mot thiet bi thuy luc-co khi voi loxo cai dat lai va tin hieu dau cuc khong dien

dau day` khi pom dau lam viec va toc do dong co chua the dap ung duoc toc do dinh muc

oil full when the oil pump start and the motor speed cant meet the rated speed yet. After the motor speed meet the rated
sau khi toc do dong co dap ung tot do dinh muc

speed, close relief valve and open the no-return valve to send oil to pressure tank; The pressure signal operate and oil pump stop rotation when oil pressure approach the normal level, and returning. By-pass valve ought to be opened to drain the oil
van re~ huong phai mo~ de xa~ dau`

dong van xa tai~ va mo van mot chieu de goi dau den binh dau ap luc tin hieu ap luc hoat dong va bom dau dung quay khi

ap luc dau dat den muc binh thuong close no-return valve to prevent the oil in pressure tank from va dong van mot chieu de ngan chan dau trong binh dau ap luc tu binh dau hoi

and decrease the pressure to normal level if the oil pressure exceeds the normal work pressure. 5.0MPa. 5 Safety valve opening pressure:4.4MPa, full opening pressure:

va giam ap luc den muc binh thuong neu ap luc dau vuot qua ap luc lam viec binh thuong

van an toan mo ap luc 4,4MPa, Mo haon toan ap luc 5.0MPa


5.1 1 2 5.2 (1)HU-46 (2) 0.5Mpa 0.7Mpa,

Installation and regulation

lap dat va hieu chinh

tat ca nhung phan du phong cho lap dat dau ap luc nen duoc tach roi phu hop voi ban ve lien quan

All of spare parts for oil pressure installation must be site, first closely clean by kerosene, then blowdry all of

disconnected according to related drawing before erection at pipeline by compressed air, then lubricate by 46# turbine oil, and assembly according to diagram requirement. While
va lap rap phu hop voi yeu cau ban ve

truoc khi lap rap o cong truong`

truoc tien lam sach can than bang dau hoa, dau do thoi kho toan bo duong ong bang khi nen
sau do boi tron bang dau tua bin 46#

trong khi lau chui`, duy nhat dung to soi hoac gac tham, khong lau chui nhung phan` boi~ nhung bo bong

cleaning, only apply silk or gauzedont wipe parts by cotton yarn and others slipping of hair article. Installation notice chu y lap dat


5.1.1 Turn the screw pump gently by hand, and it ought to be turned flexibly, and there isnt choke after the screw pump is connected with electric machine by the couple joint,
bang su noi doi

quay pom truc bit nhe nhang bang tay va phai duoc quay mot cach linh hoat
va khong cho khong khi vao sau khi pom truc vit duoc ket noi voi may dien

5.1.2 Connect tightly the screw pump and oil suction pipe, and with
ket noi sit sao bom truc vit va duoc ong dau hut, va voi dem kin tot

well seal, permit of no any air suction.


The first time start-up after erection khoi dong dau tien sau khi lap dat First of all, confirm the oil mass. Fill enough HU - 46 turbine oil dau tien, xac dinh khoi luong dau to oil return tank Full open the valve from screw pump to pressure tank; start-up screw pump in motor-driven way,
khoi dong bom truc vit do dong co dieu khien

cho phep khong co bat ki su hut khong khi

Dien day du dau tua bin (Hu-46) vao binh dau hoi`

mo hoan taon van dien tu tu bom truc vit toi binh dau ap luc

inspect the rotation direction of electric machine, and it ought to va no phai cung huong
kiem tra chieu quay cua may dien

be the same direction of arrow on the screw pump; start-up oil

mui~ ten cua bom truc vit

pump and send the oil (towards the pressure oil tank) to 0.5MPa oil pressurethen manual control the oil pump and
sau do dieu khien bang tay bom dau

khoi dong bom dau

va dua dau

(theo huong binh dau ap luc)

den ap suat dau 0,5MPa

va dua dau (theo huong binh dau ap luc) den muc dau dinh muc kiem tra muc dau cua dan dau binh dau hoi de cai dat gia tri kiem tra

send the oil (towards the pressure oil tank) to rating oil level inspect and lead oil return tank 'oil level to set value inspect whether the nozzle at the lower part of the suction pipe is just flush with oil level in oil return tank; if it isnt flush, then regulate its nozzle height till conform with the request.
voi` den phu hop voi yeu cau`

voi o phan thap cua duong ong hut va ngang bang voi muc dau trong thung dau hoi. neu khong bang` sau do dieu chinh chieu cao

6.1 GB-11120 46 10 50 6.2 6.3

6.1 6.2

chat luong dau la dau tua bin 46# theo tieu chuan GB-11120 , pham vi nhiet do dau la ben trong

Maintenance of the oil pressure device bao duong thiet bi dau ap luc Oiliness quality is of 46# turbine oil on GB - 11120, oil

temerature scope is within 1050.

After oil pressure device first put into operation one monthit oil before use again.

ought to be done that changed the clean oil or filtrated the old 6.3 Oil filter mesh in oil return tank ought to be periodically

sau khi thiet bi dau ap luc dau tien duoc dua vao hoat dong mot thang, no phai

duoc thuc hien de thay doi dau sach hoac loc dau cu~ truoc khi su dung lai

cleaned or changed.

luoi loc dau trong thung dau ho phai duoc lam sach mot cach dinh ki hoac thay thoi