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Question Code: ED06 Topic: Socially Withdrawn Adolescents Scope of Discussion: Adolescents’ Developmental Trend, Socialisation Factors, Healthy

Lifestyle Data-response Question Consider the following information: Source 1 A survey involving more than one thousand adolescents reveals that 7% of the secondary school students interviewed spent as much as 6 hours or more every day to “hea” (spend time aimlessly) on a daily basis. Almost 40% of the adolescents admitted they would rate themselves 6 or higher out of 10 regarding their “hea” level, 15% of them even rate themselves 8. A social worker from the organisation conducting the survey said parents should not over-protect and spoil their children, otherwise they might be unwilling to pariticipate in society. Instead, parents should encourage them to set their goals and develop a positive lifestyle.
Adaped from Hong Kong Economic Times. (5 July 2010). 〈 4 〈〈〈〈〈〈 hea 〈 〈〈〈〈〈〈 .Hong Kong Economic Times, pp. A26.

Source 2 Chan Man Lei (assumed name) has not yet found a job he prefers since university graduation. He has also separated from his girlfriend recently. As a result, he stays at home every day spending most of the time playing online games in his room. He goes out only once a week to buy necessities and food from the supermarket for next week’s consumption, and he goes nowhere besides that. Although his parents and younger sister are unhappy with the situation, he is indifferent and has stopped meeting his friends. Even his speaking ability has declined.
Adapted from〈 Ming Pao. (19 July 2010).〈自閉兒外遊 〈〈〈〈〈〈. Ming Pao, pp. D05.


With reference to Source 1, identify the current phenomenon about adolescents as reflected by the survey.

and even become socially withdrawn adolescents who isolate themselves from the society  Explaining the factors contributing to Chan Man Lei’s developing of socially withdrawn adolescents’ traits. “self-concept”. Moreover. “setting parental examples” . such as “self-esteem problems”. students’ application of concepts such as “adolescents’ developmental trend”. Intention of Assessment Assessment Focus Through the analysis of the case of “socially withdrawn adolescents”. Are Parents To Blame?”. would be assessed. such as “life counselling course”. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. “socialisation factors” and so on. Expected Student Performance Knowledge  Identifying the research results which show some Hong Kong adolescents lack any objective in life. and more advanced analysis skills like comparing the socialisation functions of families and schools. students should be able to demonstrate basic skills like making effective use of numerical data. “healthy lifestyle”. linking information with concepts/knowledge.(b) (c) Why does Chan Man Lei lead a life as described in Source 2 after his graduation from university? “The responsibility lies more on the family than the school for helping the adolescent develop a positive lifestyle”. and the survey results from “40% Teenagers Admit They Often ‘Hea’. “parenting style”. “lack of certain life skills” and “parenting style”  Comparing the socialising functions of families and schools. “positive attitude towards life”. live an idle life.

print and duplicate this document for teaching purposes according to the needs of their students. please contact Liberal Studies Section.  No person is allowed to duplicate the contents of this document for commercial use.Skills  Giving appropriate responses with clear personal stance  Interpreting the core messages of the figures and texts.  For any enquires and comments. . Education Bureau via e-mail (ls-suggestion@hkedcity. as well as linking them up with relevant concepts/knowledge  Analysing the causes of the problem of socially withdrawn adolescents  Comparing the socialisation functions of the family and the school Important Note:  Schools may