Course Instructor: Farzan Mitu (FrM)

SummeR 2013
Lecture Hours: Monday & Wednesday Section: 6 01:00-2:30 pm Room: NAC 509 Section: 7 04:20-05:50 pm Room: NAC 501 Office : NAC 852 Office Hours : TBA Contact : Course Description:
Displays of marketing practice surround us. In the course of an ordinary day we encounter hundreds, even thousands of products brought to us by professional marketers and we are the targets of countless marketing communications campaigns. This course will introduce you to the concepts and techniques that practicing marketers use to develop these products and these campaigns. The marketers are working to bring about exchanges that will simultaneously satisfy our needs and the needs of their organizations. We will examine the evolution of marketing thought and the environment in which it operates. We will look closely at what constitutes a market and how a marketer identifies, segments and targets markets. We will uncover the ways in which marketers develop the elements of the Marketing Mix:  The actual product that will most exactly meet the market’s needs,  The price to charge for it,  The distribution strategy to get the product to the consumer, and  The communications strategy to persuade customers to demand the product.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course, you will be able to recognize the application of marketing principles in phenomena you see around you. You will be able to think analytically about these displays of marketing methods and understand the processes and probable objectives of the manager who made the marketing decisions that are behind them. The intention is that you will have a greater understanding of the marketing processes that you will encounter every day in your role as a potential consumer and a member of several target markets.

Text Book:
 Principles of Marketing, 13th edition, Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong, Prentice-Hall, 2008

Syllabus Midterm 1 : Ch 1 , 2, 3 and 5 Final: Ch 10, 11 , 14 , 15 and 16

Midterm 2 : Ch 7, 8 , 9 and 12

talking during lecture. Students will have to develop a marketing plan for a new marketing offer. Syllabus is subject to Change) Course Evaluation: 1. Mid-Term Exams (20% + 25%)………………………… Final Exam……………………………………………… Group Report & Presentation (10% + 5%)……………. Even if the student is allowed to sit for the makeup exam. Deadlines: Deadline for the marketing plan will be announced in the class.. Extreme situations may be “considered” by the instructor on the basis of documented illness or emergency situation for midterms... Class room Etiquette: Negative marking applies for inappropriate behavior in the class which primarily includes use of mobile phones.. Makeup Exam: There will be no make-ups for any missed quizzes/mid-terms/final exam. Students will be informed immediately if any changes are made** Peace Love Respect for all animal BIG and small  .. 3. There will be no make-ups for assignments and final exam. 10% 45% 30% 15% Grading Policy: University standard grading policies will be applied. The instructor reserves all rights to change anything in the course outline at any time. 2. Groups of 4-5 members should be formed to work for the term paper... Must be submitted via email. 4... They must be submitted during class time of the pre-assigned date and under no circumstances any excuse will be accepted.. Individual assignment…………………. and any form of cheating. there will be 15% penalty for that. Quizzes/Individual assignments As many as three IA will be taken and out of which best two will be counted.(Not Final Yet. Group Assignment: Guidelines will be given in the class for group assignment and presentation. Delayed submission is not an option..

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