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Hello everyone, We have come to the middle of year 2009… And that also marks my one year as your editor. WOW time flies…when you are enjoying what you are doing best. For all the pass issues….you can all log on to Upcoming quarter Launch on page 9 Make sure we make our self present for the launch and especially no “ponteng” for the tuitions. It’s a compulsory. For tuition registration and dates refer to On the health tip section, we take a look at the pelvic muscles, the core of our body and how it helps in the strengthening of our back. Also some pictures of last months (May) theme class. More pictures in next month’s issue or log on to

Some House Rules


1. Team Teaching / Shadowing Make sure the instructor already informed the head teacher and the instructor to team teach / shadow with. 24 Hours notice is needed for GXC approval. 2. Pre Planned Replacements Any other pre plan replacements instructors need to give 1 week notice. If in any case GXC did not reply, instructor involve must reconfirm with GXC again. 3. Last Minute Replacements Instructors need to voice call GXCs. (No SMSing) If GXCs are having class/meeting and cannot attend to the call, call AGXM Last choice is to call the admin/front desk of the respective club Have admin to put up notice at front counter. 4. Class will be removed/on penalty of 3 months if instructors do not adhere to the above rules, no valid reason or MIA. Exceptions would be accidents and mother nature callings, last minute company calls for meetings. 5. Who will be called for replacements GXCs and AGXM are in charge of calling instructors for replacement classes or new classes. GXCs and AGXM decision making is based on few criteria:i. Commitment to class/GX related events/True Fitness ii. Good performance; ie good class number iii. Good attitude 6. 1 month notice is needed if instructor wants to drop class and vice versa. We can understand on unforeseen circumstances where instructor needs to drop class ASAP. Or when GXCs are unable to give an exact 1 month notice. So case to case basis. 7. Instructors are not allowed to cancel class without first “voice call” the club GXC. If the GXC is not reachable “voice call” AGXM, other club GXC or inform the front desk to call operations 8. I.D Card and Privilege Only instructor with permanent class be given an I.D card and may use the facilities of the club except the Swimming Pool in Jaya 33. Instructors without I.D card are not allowed to use the facilities unless they have a replacement class on that day itself. Yoga- instructor with ID card can enjoy. Bikram – freelancer only can have 1 trial. Power plate needs to seeks Personal Trainer’s approval 9. Waiting time for instructors if no members 1 hour and 45 mins class – 15 mins waiting time Cardio wave – 10 minutes waiting time for taipan and 5 minutes waiting time for jaya Also note that the class needs to be conducted even if there is only 1 member.

Some House Rules


10. To save guard ourselves, if members do ask for advice regarding health conditions, instructors should always ask them to seek their doctor’s advice first besides giving them the lower options in class. 11. Instructors must role model a good physical body. 12. Instructors are responsible for the equipments used in the studio. This includes Audio System Aeromic and Aeromic pouch Batteries If any of these items are found missing or not in proper condition, instructors’ will be held responsible if caught in the act. 13. Aeromic – Getting it on right The right fit The Aeromic headset microphone for wireless systems is designed to sit at the side of your face about 2 finger’s width away from the corner of your mouth, not in front as with most head worn singers’ microphones. This helps avoid amplifying breath noises or blowing spit into the cartridge as you teach. That's why "DO NOT BEND" is written on the yellow Aeromic arm - you will not only sound bad but risk damaging the expensive microphone capsule as well. The head frame may be gently molded to vary the size to suit narrower or larger heads using constant even pressure. The right test If you need to confirm that the Aeromic is working after you have turned on the transmitter and checked that the mixer and sound system are all set to go then, whatever you do, DON’T BLOW INTO THE MICROPHONE TO TEST IT Blowing hard into the delicate microphone capsule is the easiest way to damage it. A simple "test - one - two" is all you need to say (or "four more" if you prefer!) and you won't risk being the cause of expensive, unnecessary repairs. The right sound Feedback (that squealing or howling sound) occurs when the microphone is too loud, or the music is too loud for the microphone or you are too close to the speakers. In most cases turning the microphone level down or moving away from the speakers will stop the howling so just adjust the levels to get the right mix of voice over music without the howls. After Use After use, Aeromic's steel cable is kept as straight as possible. Do not coil or kink the Aeromic cable

Some House Rules
13. Aeromic pouch Compulsory to wear - to prevent sweat from going into the transmitter When there is no next class in 15 min, instructor is responsible to keep the pouch and lock the studio door. Where to keep : –
HARTAMAS Fit Dept Audio Cabinet Rack GX Mic Spin Mic GX Pouch Spin Pouch TAIPAN Fit Dept Audio Cabinet Rack JAYA33 Fit Dept Audio Cabinet Rack PAVILION Fit Dept Audio Cabinet Rack

14. Step board Rules

Instructors please educate your members by following the guide line above.

Amended 17 May 2009





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