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- Oddi Ká Ebóin Layé (...) I. Primordial Energy is the energy of God the Creator and Sustainer II. Primordial Energy exists in a form not known, before it is manifested. Because before the manifest Primordial Energy, already existed in unmanifested form. Manifested Because Primordial Energy is energy, and energy does not come of Nothing III. Primordial Power Manifested No, nothing is known. It has no name. It has no form. You have no known past or future shown. And all its essence and its reason for being, remain hidden in the mystery of the Great Darkness before all Creation, where no records no memory outside the known limits of time, consciousness and energy IV. Nobody can handle the Primal Energy Manifested not. No one can move, or predict, or understand, or profetizarla, nor find, nor summon even imagine. Only know that it is not Manifested Primal Energy. Only God calls, God only perceived, and only understand God is near. This is the Primal Energy, before being manifested Ax.1. Primordial Energy Manifested not only manifested when God makes Primordial Energy Manifested (I, 1V) Ax.2. Only God can turn the Power Primordial Primordial Energy Manifested No Manifested (I, IV, Ax.1) V. Ashe is Manifested Primordial Energy, which is the Primordial Energy, which was manifested Ax.3.'s Site Source Primordial Energy Manifested Ashe or is in any place where is the Divine Presence of God, and anywhere you choose to manifest His Will (Ax.2) VI. When the Primal Energy Manifested It is manifested at birth to the manifestation as Ashe or Primordial Energy Manifested from its site of origin in all spills directions and in all dimensions of all universes and all the kingdoms of Creation VII. In its motion, the Primal Energy Manifested Ashe or recognizes no limits, beyond the limits contained in the divine purposes with which was scheduled to rally

Page 2 VIII. Sacred Site From its origin, the Primal Energy Manifested Ashe or penetrates all spaces, and through all time IX. In its movement and its manifestations, the Primal Energy Manifested Ashe or were expresses and manifests as an intelligent, programmed to generate evolutions and to solutions X. The Manifested Ashe or Primordial Energy, is a complex system of energy in motion, permanently connected to the global memory of the Universe, and permanently set

's Ashe or Primordial Energy Manifested. to sustain all Ashe in the hold.12. Because the Ashe contains levels of hierarchies (XV. To keep alive the current fed to Ashe from Astral XXI. To keep alive the current supplying the Ashe from the Astral use all information recorded in the memory of the universe. and everything depends of Ashe Ax. in heaven and on earth.11.13.'s Ashe or Manifested Primal Energy is directly transferable.8. The Manifested Ashe or Primordial Energy is the First Cause of all manifestation.'s Ashe is transferable through ceremonies and rituals (XVIII) Ax. What guarantees the fluid at all times. and their numbers remain constant and qualities XVIII. contains in essence the power to transform spiritual reality in physical reality. in the Realm of Gods and men Plane (X . XVII) Ax.'s Ashe or Primordial Energy Manifested is depositable. reducible. and is not transferable directly (XVIII) Ax.'s Ashe can be delivered directly by the gods. Ashe transfer may be progressive. is manifested by the power and grace contained in the Ashe or Primordial Energy Manifested XII.5. The Primal Energy Manifested Ashe or not eternal. and has power to transform physical reality spiritual reality XV. XVIII) Ax. The Manifested Ashe or Primordial Energy is invisible energy that can be programmed Ax. The Ashe is delivered and received.'s Ashe contains qualities and powers. transferable.4. and renewable. and can be delivered by the men in the name of the gods XX.'s Ashe contains qualities and powers.6.'s Ashe is transferable through the Astral (XVIII) Ax.4) XIX. determined by their level of hierarchy. in all universes. Because energy is modifiable. has the ability to create all possible XIII. and can be instantaneous (XVIII) Ax. and consumables.'s Ashe contains qualities and powers. Ax. Because manifests everything in heaven and on earth. combined.14. to apply to their own developments XI. determined by their original (XVI) Page 3 Ax.'s Ashe or Manifested Primal Energy is energy that can be used with purpose. must be delivered only to those who conquer by sacrifices. and generates creative developments and processors in the world of the dead and the living world XVI.'s Ashe was received by consecration ceremonies and must be delivered only through ceremonies and consecrations.'s Ashe or Primordial Energy Manifested. determined by its purity (XVI. The Manifested Ashe or Primordial Energy has the property of transforming all creation XIV.'s Ashe was conquered by sacrifices.XVI) XVII. Ashe transfer is accompanied by transfer of the qualities in Ashe scheduled (XVI. is conquered and lost. wearable.7.9.'s Ashe is transferable through the word (XVIII) Ax.'s Ashe is transferable through physical matter (XVIII) Ax.

so you do not squander (XVII) Ax.. 14) Ax. making the sacrifices assuming appropriate and expected commitments (XIX. so it is not stolen. For Ashe who distribute among the living.18. 15) XXVI. it can be removed XXV.12.. must return to the Creation from whom you received it. sought and claimed. XXI) XIX. And for Ashe original endowment was received. and according to the merit (XIX. as personal wills.14. who quietly deposited inside the pumpkin sacred space divine lies within each woman. supplying the fluid around the time.'s Ashe is delivered by those who lead the destinies of all creation. Ax. must be shown. and there deposited. deposited Ashe expected there time his Grand Guardian will make waking. be multiplied XXIII.'s Ashe waiver may be removed by staff.'s Ashe was delivered..6-11. with a life purpose XXVII. the Ashe sleeps the sleep of generations. 13) Ax.. XVII.'s Ashe was delivered.. For transformation of disbelief in faith...'s Ashe can always be asked.15. and disloyalty to the covenant or covenants granted and support to Ashe (XXIV.. and can be removed by the gods to through men Ax.'s Ashe can be multiplied. XXV. loss of merit. Ax.17..'s Ashe must be protected. Because Ashe can be usurped (Ax.'s Ashe must be protected to prevent contamination of (XVI. to demonstrate the fruit of the womb. And joy of believers Ax.'s Ashe must be protected.. And no matter the years or the lives necessary. To the praise of the Powers of Creation.. XX..) .XXII. male or female..'s Ashe (. the Divine Grace of Oshun. Ax.) (. in some way.15) Ax. Taken from personal works protected by international law Copyright .16.19.20.'s Ashe was received.'s Ashe can be removed directly by the gods.

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